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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 84


Arc 11: Desert's incident

Chapter 84: The [Workshop], And The Babylon Linking

[ Has it stopped?]


The nosebleed has finally stopped. It appears, I could successfully evade the stupid way to die, which is said to be from the excessive nosebleed.

Incidentally, I got Rosetta to change into a normal piece of clothing. There is no excuse for my current mental state. I'm saying this but isn't it because I don't see where it is supposed to be worn, among other things?

Though I say, a while ago I couldn't keep a straight face!

[Now then, I will guide you to the 「Workshop」]

Rosetta began to walk briskly after saying so while sending glances over here. What is it?

[Do you also want to see what I changed into? ]

[I didn't see it and don't want to see it. Enough already, just guide me!]

[I understand. By the way, Master, do you prefer big breasts or small ones?]

[Just guide me!]

[Yes, Master]

What is this fellow even saying!? If the parent is like that, then the child is also like that? Please just spare me.

Steadily following Rosetta's pace, we gradually approach a dice-like building. Since they call it a [Workshop], then I think this should be a place to make things.

The white building's side is approximately 50 meters in length. Surely it is similar to that Arc de Triomphe in France which is 50 meters in height. I get the impression of its appearance like that of a die. A square cube. Moreover, is there nothing like windows at all? No, on the contrary there are no doors either?

When we come by the building, Rosetta suddenly reach towards the wall with a hand.

Next moment, on the wall before our eyes , multiple fibers start forming, then, in a flash, they rearrange to become a small cube, and then they reconstructed towards the gaping wide open door.

Is that building, by any chance, an assembly of small cubes ? Small cubes are gathered, make form of this building, and by Rosetta`s command, transform to similar form, or something like that.

This is amazing technology......

Going through seemingly built door, there are stairs leading up. After ascending several floors, the vast area could immediately be seen. What the heck......

There was a pure white room. There's nothing in it. Really nothing. Just, white walls, white floor, and white ceiling. It's even wide. Too wide.

[What is this?]

[It is the [Workshop]. As envisioned, all the crafting tools are created here, as well as a workbench, and production support, it's an all-purpose workshop, you know]

While saying that, Rosetta touches the floor with her hand, and before our eyes a white table instantly appears, with an arm with various tools protruding from the table.

I see. By manipulating the small blocks which form this building itself, you can make any tools and instruments.

[Only master and I can operate the [Workshop]. Also, if an original product is made, it is possible to reproduce it. Assuming the raw materials are available, of course]

I see. Honestly speaking, if it is about making things I already have [Modelling], but to be able to mass produce things is another matter. For example I can mass produce bicycles and sell them...... To earn some income.

As for complex things like smartphones, it might be impossible because I don't know what materials are needed. Maybe I can make it if it's just the form, including the contents. But for example, since it's made of iron it won't function like a smartphone.

But a [Workshop] like that is better named as [Production Factory].

As an experiment I remove Brunhild from the waist, and asked her to reproduce it. I also take out a lump of mithril from [Storage] and give Rosetta the materials.

Rosetta puts Brunhild on the white table, places her hand above the table from this side and recites a command.


The bottom of the set-up table emits green light for an instant. When it disappears, she removes Brunhild from the table and places a lump of mithril on it.


A light knock is heard, and mithril falls into the hole made by the table, which then closes shut. Some kind of green light shines again. And then, the lid opens, and completed thing rises up.

The excess mithril fragments are scattered by the side, and before me lies a completely identical Brunhild. This one shines with silver.

Taking it in my hand, I tried pulling the trigger, then I also tried extending it to sword blade but it didn't extend. Fumu. It appears [Program] cannot be copied.

I redo all the [Programs] like reloading, etc., while I put the original away in storage.

[If you also have in mind the number of desired copies, they will automatically be kept manufacturing afterward]

[I see. That is convenient]

I have no plans to mass produce right now, but it may become necessary in the future. Oh, that's right.

[Rosetta, Shizuka mentioned this, was there something that could oppose the Fureizu?]

The [Framegear] ~dearimasu. It can certainly be produced here. I also assisted the professor.

As I thought. It can be developed in the [Workshop], and put in the [Hangar] when completed. All that's left......

[Rosetta, can you make a [Framegear]?]

[It's impossible for me ~dearimasu. Currently, only equipment type at most can be made. I need blueprints. Those may be found in the [Warehouse]]

Ununu. We should search for the [Hangar], or the [Warehouse] and ask Rosetta to make it. Either way there's no other choice for now.

[I'll call everyone for the time being. Shizuka will also want to meet Rosetta after all]

[I`m looking forward to it].

Thinking about it I left them behind in the desert. I hurriedly open a [Gate] to the place where everyone is.

[So this is the [Workshop]~...... ]

[... I am somewhat irritated] (Rosetta)

Rin, who murmured disappointment without hiding it, was given a menacing sidelong glance from Rosetta.

[It is much more useful than the [Garden] which is simply for admiration]

[Otto, the [Garden] is a healing garden, a place for healing, for peace of mind, and provides moral support for master. That's a severe misunderstanding]

Standing between the two people, I separate them, while they keep glaring at each other.

[Apart from that, is it possible to link [Garden] and [Workshop]?]

[Yes. Now that the ownership is transferred to master, it is a good idea]

[Because the barrier`s level was lowered, the link with [Garden] can be made. It can even be operated from there, you know]

Standing in the corner of the [Workshop], was a terminal monolith similar to the one in the [Garden], which Rosetta turns over to Shizuka.

[What shall I do, master ? ]

[Let's bring the [Garden] to Belfast. The [Workshop] will also depart for Belfast. We will be docking there]

[ [ Docking ] ] ?

? Both of them stared at me. Did I say something strange?

[ [How unpleasant] ]

[Just do it already!]

Look at that, troublesome people increased by one. It is because of that, that I didn`t want to search for Babylon, you know. Thinking about it, these fellows thinking pattern is absolutely like of that professor.

《Master. Why has the [Garden] has begun to move suddenly?》

The telepathic message came from Kuroyou. Oops, greetings will have to wait.

《There is no problem. It is being manipulated to go towards Belfast from here. We found the [Workshop]》

After I opened the [Gate], everyone moved to [Garden]. Because it looks like that automatic manipulation of [Workshop] and [Garden] to go towards the Belfast is working, I picked up Kuroyou and Sango and transferred to the garden at home.

Passing the terrace, when we entered the living room, Rebekka-san, Logan-san, and the boy Will, who noticed us, jumped from the chairs and begun to kneel on the floor.

[Hey, stop that! This is too much! ]

[No ! We heard from Cecil-dono! Please accept our rudeness to His Majesty the next king...!]

Aaa... She said too much, didn't she? Our maid-san. When I saw her I glared at her, she was sticking her tongue out! She gave me that look. Did you think everything was permitted here?

[Anyway, please do not worry so much. We are also bad at formalities]


The three people stand up, while feeling hesitant. I let them sit on the chairs and somehow calm down.

[We will go take a bath]

Elsie and girls together went to their own rooms. It seems Rin also returned to the palace with Pola with the news about the Fureizu and other things. Tentatively I reminded her that it was forbidden to speak about [Babylon].

Shisuka took Rosetta and went towards my room. Are? Which reminds me, will Rosetta become our maid too?

[And where are everyone else?]

[They were tired... I guess, they're sleeping like logs... ~dearimasu]

(She changes her speech from casual to polite)

[You don't need to strain yourself by using polite speech, you know? I'm not really a noble]

Rebekka-san, who is stressed because of not being accustomed to using polite speech, while showing a bitter smile, drinks the water which Rene brought.

[Is that so? Then please let me do that]

[Wait a minute, is that ok? ]

[The person himself said so. Do not mind it.]

Disregarding Logan-san's remark, Rebecca grins broadly. Ma, a person like that will come around eventually.

[Well then, what're does everyone gonna do now? You three can live off working for the guild, but where would the girls sleep?]

[How do I say this, because these girls are originally from a village, they don't possess special skills or are useful in battle. Until we find some work in the capital, we will not abandon them, I think... ]

[Maa, that's good too...]

Work huh. I certainly thought about mass producing the bicycles in the [Workshop] and ask the girls to sell them, but it would be difficult... I want to conceal the [Workshop], so I could sell them myself, or ask some professional how. The trader from Misumido, or something. Or the fox man, Olga-san's father.

Aside from that, what other jobs are there... something like a food cart? I could make the stand myself, with the necessary ingredients expenses, will it be enough to support 7 people?

No, good ideas don't come out. Trade business is difficult, you know.

Well, what to do.


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