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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 83


Chapter 83: The Investigation, And The Nosebleed.

[Too suspicious]

Rin crossed her arms and made the conclusion. Nope, that's what I thought as well.

After that we returned to the [Garden], I told everyone my conversation with End.

[Having 5000-year-old currency, defeating a monster in one hit that we couldn't even put a dent. Furthermore, he also knows well about the monster, and wears a muffler in this heat like an idiot. Even the huge explosion was suspicious, I think]

I don't think the last one was irrelevant though, but well, it doesn't change the fact that he's suspicious. Who the heck is that guy......

[That crystal monster... the Fureizu. In the end, what are they?]

Elsie says the main problem. It surely is not a mere monster. After all, 5000 years ago, they are the fellows that started destroying the world. However, only Shizuka and I know about this, and I'm still wondering whether I should tell everyone about it.

Even though I kept silent because I was thinking it will raise everyone's anxiety, but it is hard to say now that it becomes the opposite way. I did not think it was a good idea to thoughtlessly worry everybody, and adversely it has become difficult to bring up.


Ulp. It's been a while since Yumina has started attacking me with her gaze. My eyes swim unintentionally. This is bad. I have a feeling it'll be impossible to lie to Yumina after we get married.

[Touya-san, do you know something?]


Yumina easily sees through my suspicious behavior, then I was made to confess the message from the professor to everyone.

[Why did you keep silent about such an important thing!?]

[Well, I thought about mentioning it sooner or later but...]

As Rin pressed me on, I utter lame excuses.

[An invasion of 10 thousand Fureizu...... It was the cause of the ancient civilization's ruin. Well, 5,000 years ago there were so many, but now there is hardly any sighting information...... And now it has begun to appear. I wonder what on earth changed......]

[... Survivors, or, did the sealed ones start coming out?]

Lindsey expresses the thoughts Rin was distressing. Actually, the cricket type we first encountered was in a suspended state. That idea is certainly possible but...

[That kid End mentioned being obstructed by [Barrier] or something...... The Fureizu I encountered seemed to emerge from a tear in space. It's possible that the Fureizu are sealed somewhere in another dimension...]

[And maybe someone is trying to break that...... Or something like that -degozaru?]

[There is no conclusive evidence though]

Un-un, at Rin's feet Paula crosses its arms and nods. Did this guy really understand?

Leaving that aside, what's really bothering me, is that there's no way to oppose the Fureizu. End called it [Middle Class Kind]. Which means there is a [Lower Class Kind] and an [Upper Class Kind] as well.

Most likely the cricket type and the snake type Fureizu are [Lower Class Kind]. We couldn't even manage a [Middle Class Kind]. If, an [Upper Class Kind] appears......

It seems I seriously need to start searching for [Babylon].

[Shizuka. Was there any fighting between the humans and the Fureizu 5000 years ago?]

Shizuka who is standing in front of the monolith, turned to face me at my words.

[Well, there was fighting. The situation of the war was considerably bad though. The professor also developed weapons for the final battle, but when she completed it, the Fureizu was already gone and nothing remained]

[Final battle weapons?]

[The weapons the professor created were man-piloted weapons. She named them Framegear]

Man-piloted weapons!? Isn't that a huge robot!? That professor, she even made something like that!

Certainly if she can build a robochild like Shizuka, then it's not strange that she can make a huge robot......

[And what happened to it afterwards?]

[If I am not mistaken it is stored in Babylon [Hangar]]

Shizuka answers Elsie's question. In other words, if the ruins we are headed to has the transfer point for the [Hangar], we can procure it.

Damn, I got excited for a bit. Because it's a robot you know? It's a robot a person can pilot you know? If you're a boy you can understand this feeling right!? Although there are only girls here.

『Master, it seems we have arrived at our destination, however』

『It doesn't look like there is anything here?』

『It doesn't look like there's anything buried under the sand』

Kohaku and the others report while looking at the monolith screen. The coordinates are good, but nothing could be seen but the desert reach alone.

[How about we get off for now?]

I leave Kuroyou and Sango in the [Garden] in case something happens, and go to the ground using [Gate]. It's just the desert reach as far as I can see, nothing else. Just in case I take out my smartphone and try searching for [Ruins], then a pin fell into this place on the screen.

[It is here after all. Further down......]

Now, how to deal with this? Although I could say we should dig here. But I don't know how long it would take if we started digging with a shovel.

[I will blow the sand off with wind magic. Move away a little bit]

Rin takes a step in front of me while I was thinking of a way to dig. No one objected, so we move away as we were told.

[Wind whirl, the whirlwind of storm, Cyclone Storm]

The raised tornado steadily sucks up the sand, and soars up into the sky. The sand is placed downwind from where we were, and instantly the part of the desert in front of us became a mortar.

Eventually, the hemispheric ruin begun to appear. [That] was a dome-shape about the size of a house, but I'm not sure whether the material was stone or concrete. There's a door that looked like the entrance. It's not a double-door, just a single-door.

We go down the mortar after the tornado stopped. There's nothing on the door that resembles a knob. Is it an automatic door? I stand in front of the door. There's no reaction. And there's nothing that resembles a sensor either, so how can I open this?

When I casually touched the door there was no response, so I went through it.



I just almost fell down, when I stepped in, and entered inside into the ruin. There are six stone pillars and a transfer formation dimly lit.

I touched the door again, but this time I feel a solid and cold sensation. I tried to use [Gate] to go outside, but the magic doesn't invoke. What? Was I trapped?

『Master!? Are you alright!?』

『Kohaku? Ah, I am alright. I am uninjured. There is a transfer formation inside. I will go and try it for a moment, tell everyone no need to worry』

『I understand. Take care』

The transfer formation is probably not destroyed, and perhaps there's some trick related to the door. Like only someone with all attribute can pass, or something. I don't know why I can't go out though. I'm a little weary because the professor implicitly said she [Doesn't miss] anything.

It can't be helped. Either way if the transfer formation doesn't work I can't come out.

I pour the respective magic attribute in turns. After I finished pouring the six magic attributes, I stand in the shining transfer formation in the middle. It'd be nice if if was the [Hangar], is what I was thinking when I was pouring the no-attribute magic, then I got transferred.

Scene Change

When the whirlpool of dazzling brilliance settled down, in front of me was a scene similar to the [Garden]. There's only one difference, a large building can be seen in front of me. A pure white cube-like building was built.

As I was about to start walking on the road toward the building, a girl jumped out suddenly as if to block the way.

[Stop there ~dearimasu!]

She held her right arm up, to stop me from leaving. There was a girl with orange hair and a dumpling on both sides, held together in a chignon cover with a ribbon. She had white skin and golden eyes which shows she is the same as Shizuka. She's probably the manager here. She looks younger than Shizuka. Maybe because she is shorter.

Welcome, to the Babylon [Workshop]. I am the management terminal here, High Rosetta ~dearimasu. I would be grateful if you give me the favor of calling me Rosetta ~arimasu.

As I thought? However, I have a feeling she refers to herself as a boy. Isn't she a girl? She is wearing a skirt ...... Isn't she!? I mustn't, it is that professor! I mustn't trust her! She is not [A girl boy], right!?

[Etto, Rosetta? You, are girl... right?]

[? I don't understand the intention behind the question, but I am as it appears ~dearimasu?]

I know, right! I am relieved. That reminds me, Shizuka said that [No male type was made].

However, a [Workshop]? It isn't the [Library] that Rin desires, and not the [Hangar] that I want either.

[Here is the [Workshop] centre ~dearimasu. Entry is currently prohibited except for the [Compatible person] ~arimasu!]

[Pretty much, I am the [Compatible person] according to Shizuka though......]

I bring up the name of our Robokid-san since they are probably sisters.

[Shizuka...... You mean Francesca ~dearimasu? I see, you have already obtained the [Sky Garden]. In that case this talk will be quick. Whether you have the qualification as the [Compatible person] or not, I will test it out right now ~dearimasu]

Test... What on earth are you going to test me with?

[Without moving one step from there, try to guess the color of my pantsu ~arimusu!]

[Are you stupid────────!!]

No good after all, these guys! They are made by that professor, so of course she is like that! Definitely, she is laughing! That person!

Instead of thinking like a fool about the answer for the test. Isn't it white even without lifting the skirt up?

[You can only answer once. The time limit is 5 minutes. So come on, what is the color ~dearimasu?]

Ku! This fellow is in such high spirits! The time is running out while I was worrying about what to do. Grr, it's annoying but I should just do what she wants!

[The wind blow, the whirlwind soar, Whirlwind!]

The wind whirls at Rosetta's feet, the breast ribbon and bangs dances in the air. However, the skirt doesn't shake. What the heck!?

[This skirt can resist wind magic ~arimasu]

Rosetta grins and laughs. Mumu. It's not going to be simple. Then I'll erase the skirt itself.

[Flame burns, Breath of incineration, Fire Breath!]

I used fire magic to burn only the skirt, but the fire doesn't spread to the skirt. What!?

[Similar to wind, it can withstand fire magic ~arimasu]

What is with this strongest skirt!? It is a waste of high technology!

Ku, don't get carried away. If I got serious, I could peep at pantsu at anytime!...... Um, strange. I don't understand why I'm getting so desperate.

Enough. I'll just peep directly. I will transfer my sight inside the skirt and peek a little, that should be good. It can't be helped. There's no other way.

......I wonder why all the excuses, me......

[Long Sense]

I hurl only my vision inside the skirt, and open my eyes. It's dim but I can clearly see it...... However......

....................................... Butsu.

I crouch in place, then tremble while holding red liquid flowing from my nose that taste like iron in my hand. That thing!? Is it that!?

[So, what is the color ~dearimasu!?]

[............ Colorless............ transparent.........]

[Correct answer ~dearimasu! You have been acknowledged as the compatible person, and right now number 27, with individual name [High Rosetta], will transfer the ownership rights to you ~dearimasu. Please take care of me forever ~dearimasu!]

After Rosetta said that, she strikes a pose by snapping a salute, but to be honest it didn't matter. It wasn't on the level of see-through, it was panties made from food wraps but...... in front of my eyes...... Doesn't this fellow have any sense of shame!? Such transparency......

Botatatatatsu ...... Are? But my nosebleed has not stopped.......


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