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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 80


Arc 11: Desert's incident

Chapter 80: The Vacant House Remodelling, And The Survivors

「I have found it. The place is to the southeast of Sandora Kingdom, in Rabbi Desert! 」

While we were calmly eating breakfast, the dining room door suddenly opens, and Rin and Pola came flying in. A smile which was saying [I did it!] was clinging on her face.

「In olden days, at the ancient historic ruins in the desert, similar to the Niruya ruins, it appears that stone pillars with embedded six magic stones have been encountered. Now, the ruin seems to be swallowed up by the sand in the desert however! 」

「Fu~n, that's nice. 」

While chewing on the breakfast toast, I have Lapis-san pour the fruit juice. Breakfast is the source of energy for the day. Have to properly eat it. There is no such thing as spare time early in the morning to hear such a troublesome talk.

「...... Lewd underwear. 」

「Let's hear the story. Rabbi desert? 」

Kuu, she remembered it, didn't she. I have a feeling that the temperature in everyone's eyes who was sitting at the table has considerably fallen, but should I react to it, it would be my defeat. I have no choice but to feign ignorance and get it over with.

「To the south of Misumido, crossing over beyond the sea of trees there is a scorching country, the Sandora Kingdom. Rabbi desert is to the southeast of it. 」

「First was an ocean, now it is a desert... That professor, I wonder if she is harassing me that way...? 」

Because it appears that she can peek into the future, there is a possibility that she is peeking into the current time too. I glare into nothing in the ceiling.

Maa, if 5000 years has passed there should be a change in the terrain too, and she won't go to that extent just to harass me, will she... Despite that I want to think so, somehow I cannot accept that. It's because the professor's grinning laughter is floating in my mind.

「And, you're saying let's go to those ruins? 」

「That's right. To discover the legacy of an ancient civilization. It would be nice if it would be the [Library] however. 」

Rin is raring to go. Me, I'm reluctant to be honest. I turn a fleeting gaze towards Shisuka, who is waiting nearby.

「What is it? 」

「Well, I thought whether the number of people like you would increase by one... 」

「A sumptuous feast, it will be exhilarating. 」

「Enough already, be silent. 」

The headache has come...

I wonder what I should do. Coming this far, isn't it fine to not obtain it, is what my motive is. However, that cannot be done, there is also the promise to Rin, and there is that message left behind by the professor about the downfall of an ancient kingdom due to Fureizu... It's because I'm caught up in all of that.

When I think too much about it there won't be problems, but when push comes to shove, it is also possible that the power of [Babylon] will become necessary. I don't want to have any regrets if that time ever came...

「Alright, then let's go. Shisuka, prepare the [Garden]. 」

「Yes, Master」

While Rin and Pola are delighted, everyone else was too, and they stood up from their seats. I guess they are going back to their rooms to prepare. .

That reminds me, right now in the [Garden] there was an unoccupied house that was moved there from Leaflet. I thought about using it as a holiday house, but there is a need for some repairs. The house itself is not damaged, since it is big by itself there is plenty of levels to use however.

Ma, should I work on it a little while we are moving.

-Scene-Change -

The [Garden] departs from Belfast, towards the south of Misumido, to the Sandora Kingdom.

The speed of the [Garden] is perhaps the same as an airplane I think. Although I say that, I've never boarded a plane since I was born. I don't have something like a fear of heights, I'm just saying I really did not have an opportunity to merely get on one.

「It will take roughly four hours until we reach the place」

I can't judge whether it is fast or slow, but it is not a considerable time. Then, should I tidy up the vacant house at once?

I open the lock of the unoccupied house, which was moved to the corner of the garden and enter inside. Un, the state is not bad. For the time being, if I make it clean and beautiful that will be enough.

「Then, I will clean the second floor」

「... I will do the kitchen surroundings and dining hall」

「Myself will put things in order around the living room on the first floor -degozaru」

「Then, I will do the entry way and corridor. Touya-san, please, repair the broken parts and improve the 'wet areas' and light and so forth」

(TL: by wet areas the kitchen, bathroom, etc are implied)

Everyone quickly decides on each of their duties and proceed. Being called out by Yumina, I am, Aah, I clap my hands. That's it, there's no water here as well. Eh? Wait a minute, if I remember correctly there is a water canal flowing through the garden. Otherwise the plants around here would have certainly withered a long time ago.

I go towards the monolith controlling the [Garden], and when I ask about it from Shisuka, it seems there is an artifact created by the professor which brings forth the water.

When I'm being guided, there is a small fountain, the water gushes out from it, flowing through the water canal, and is spreading throughout the garden. That water is being purified, and returns to the fountain again, or something like that.

...... Isn't that a perpetual motion....? No, let's stop thinking about it. The laws of physics are meaningless in face of magic.

「Is the amount of water decided upon? 」

「No, since there is also evaporation. If the amount of water decreases, the amount at the source will be increased, so that it returns to the origin amount. 」

Saying this, there won't be problems even if the water is pulled from here, right?

「Is it safe to drink? 」

「There won't be any harm to the human body. 」

In that case, I can use this. With the same method I used at [Silver Moon] hot spring, I install a short pipe at the fountain. Just in case let's install the drainage pipe at the final spot, which returns the water from the [Garden] water canal. Because it seems the purification is being done here.

Shortly after I go towards the kitchen surroundings where Lindsey is cleaning, take the cask outside to save water, and make a sink with [Modelling]. The sink dazzlingly shines simply because it is made from mithril. Additionally, I install a faucet and connect it to the water fountain with [Gate]. Of course, the drainage hole is connected to drainage pipe as well.

When I turned the faucet, the water came out. Lindsey was surprised at first, but before long opening and closing the faucet by herself, it appears she learned how to use it.

While I'm at it, I will make a toilet as well in advance. The one with a flushing mechanism. Can't cut corners with that. Of course the drainage hole won't be here, but it will be connected to the toilet at home.

And then the bath will be made too. As well as a shower to complete it. It will be good, won't it.

After that, lighting effects are left. If I leave a [Light] enchantment in advance, it will glow for a few hours according the magical power drained from user, I think. [Light] itself is not a magic, which consumes that much magical power.

For the time being, will that do? Which reminds me, I don't see the figures of Rin and Pola, where did they go?

When I tried searching for those two, the figures of Rin and Pola, as well as Kohaku, Sango, Kuroyou and Shisuka were together in front of the monolith. Everyone was watching steadily at the screen projected by the monolith.

「What are you doing? 」

「 A troublesome thing was discovered, you know. Probably survivors. We are before the Sandora Kingdom, already in the desert area. Although no one should be passing through this place and yet. 」

The ground is being projected on the screen. Within the desert, leading the camel carrying the luggage, there are several people wearing tattered sunshade mantles on their bodies and walking feebly and unsteadily. Are there about ten people? Moreover I have a feeling that there is too little luggage however.

「If they are survivors, won't it be unpleasant if we don't help them? 」

「In what way? Will you reveal the existence of [Babylon]? To the passing survivors. If they are bad or wanted people, then what? It is not normal to advance through this kind of place. I'm saying that this is a difficult situation, you know」

I see. It is certainly a difficult situation, isn't it. Maa, I think it is possible to judge whether they are bad people or not with Yumina's magic eye, but that doesn't mean all of them are good people. However, say that just one of them is a bad person, only that fellow will be left behind in the desert.

「At any rate let's help them. Even if we bring them to the [Garden], it will also be possible to send them to Misumido or Belfast with [Gate]. 」

But, how should we make contact. They'll just be suspicious of me if I suddenly appear in front of them.

「It might be better to hurry up, you know. 」

「Eh? 」

On the screen, which Shisuka was pointing at, the monster has appeared from within the sand in front of the survivors.

What is that!? An insect!? Perhaps it's a gigantic hornworm or perhaps an earthworm. The head part is all mouth, inside of it there are sharp fangs growing closely packed in 360 degrees.

「Sand crawler. A magic beast, which swallows the sand together with its game. 」

Rin mutters about the monster's nature while glaring at the screen. On the image three people among the survivors brandished swords and axes, and turned towards the monster, but their situation seemed bad. It appears they also don't have a wizard, and it isn't possible to say if their skills are also very high. I guess it's only a matter of time before they will suffer damage.

「I'm off! 」

I opened the [Gate], and hopped inside to the ground.

Appearing from the skies above the Sandcrawler, I rain down bullets from Brunhild. These are no ordinary bullets. These are bombshells, bestowed with [Explosion]. While scattering weird body fluids, Sandcrawler distorts its body.

When I land on the desert, I concentrate magical power in my right hand and chant the magic, as directed by Lindsey.

(tl: implies that he learned the chant from Lindsey)

「Come forth water, cool and clear katana blade, Aqua Cutter」

A fired water pressured blade was sent flying towards the Sandcrawler's head(?). I surely overdid it, gross...

While from the cut section white, green disgusting liquids are being scattered, and very slowly fell down to the desert. Even so without immediately dying, it was repeatedly disgustingly crawling in zigzag, but before long it stopped moving.

Uhee..... It is said that even if an eel or something loses its head, it continues living for a short while, but that typical image is out. When defeating it this time, let's thoroughly burn it until it is well-done.

When I was putting away Brunhild into the holster on my waist and looking at the dead body of Sandcrawler and frowning, one of the survivors walked up this way. Holding a longsword in his hand, his face is hidden with him wearing a sunshade hood of the mantle. But, it appears to be a woman.

「.......You are? 」

「I'm called Mochizuki Touya. It was unexpected coming across you guys, but since I judged that it was dangerous, I arbitrarily decided to intervene in the battle. 」

「Well, I'm grateful. We are saved thanks to you. I am Rebecca. An adventurer. 」

Removing the hood, the face is exposed under the sun. On sunburned brown skin was an ash colored short hair, reaching the shoulders.

「You are incredible. To defeat a magic beast just like that. 」

Behind Rebecca was a man holding a battleaxe coming closer while removing his hood. It was a tall sturdy man in his early twenties wearing a stubbly beard. Beside him was a boy who appeared to be younger than me and holding a sword, panting heavily.

With just a fleeting glance, I have a feeling that that weapon does not suit him very well. Either the child was too small, or the sword was too big.

And, while I was thinking about such things, the boy threw away the sword, came running this way and got on his knees at my feet.

「Ah, Ano! The magic earlier, it was a water attribute magic, wasn't it!? If it was, could you produce some water!? 」

I flinched for a moment at the sudden request, but I immediately understood. They have no water. It was suicidal deciding to cross over the desert in this state.

「I beg your pardon. If it's alright with you, please give us some water. We have no money right now, but we will certainly return the favor. So... 」

When I did not answer immediately, Rebecca-san cuts in while I was brooding.

「No, it's not really a problem. I was thinking what container would do. Well, I think I'll just make one. 」

「Eh? 」

Taking out a palm-sized iron lump from [Storage], I make a big metal basin with [Modelling]. Inside of it I make several fist-sized ice lumps with water attribute magic, then I summoned the water.

「Ooh! 」

Hearing the sound of water, other people simultaneously turned this way and started approaching. With the remaining iron, I produced simple glasses and passed them over to some people.

Extending their hands striving to be the first, they started gulping down the water. They really were very thirsty.

Eventually, I noticed something very strange. There were ten survivors in all. Aside from the boy earlier and the axe-wielding man, all were women. Furthermore, excluding Rebecca, the other seven women had something in common. On their necks there were big black luster necklaces. Could it be...

When she noticed me puzzled staring at the necklaces, Rebecca-san seriously tells me.

「That's right. Those girls are slaves. We snatched them away from a slave trader. 」

....... Are? Rin's prediction was on mark? Did I just help some people who were thieves?


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