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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 78


Arc 10: Everyday Life #2

Chapter 78: The Mirage, and The Screening Party

「Hmm~ So it doesn't change into 3D after all?」

I wracked my brain looking at the projected image. When it is being invoked as it is, it surely becomes 3D.

It's my newly acquired non-attribute magic [Mirage]. Simply speaking it is a magic that creates illusions.

I tried to make an illusion of Kohaku as an experiment, it looked exactly like Kohaku when looking at it from every direction. I can also move it freely, but I can't touch it because it's just an illusion. It would look really scary if I made illusions of ghosts. It'd really be surprising if they suddenly came straight out of the walls.

I thought that if I enchanted my smartphone playback app with [Mirage] it would become 3D, so I tried it.

「But I don't see any problem looking at it from the front」

An anime is being projected by the smartphone in the big screen on the opposite side of the room. But, the picture is flat when I try to look from the side. It's only functioning as a projector. Well, just being able to project in by itself in the air is also amazing.

「Mummm... So it can't follow the whole data image after all? I guess I can only use it as a projector」

And then, while I was thinking I hear a fast and strong knock on the door.

「Touya-anchan, it's lunch time... Wow, what is that!?」

Rene who entered the room stared widely at the anime projected in the air. Kohaku who came in together with her was also surprised to see the picture. Well, it's because there's no such entertainment here.

「Ne, ne, Touya-anchan, what is that!?」

「Mmm, something like a moving picture story show. I am projecting it with magic」


Rene's sparkling eyes are glued on the picture. The anime content is about animals chasing each other, it is a considerably old foreign animated cartoon. There is almost no dialogue, and since it is simple it is easy to understand. [TN: cartoon maybe tom and jerry?]

Rene sits on a chair, watching it in trance. This is a posture where she will not move anymore. It is short, ending in 10 minutes so I guess it is fine. When I noticed it Kohaku was watching it in trance too. What a strange tiger. However, things like vacuum cleaner or refrigerator, for people who don't know about such things, they won't mind it too much when they see it. Though they may interpret them as a [Magic Tool] category items.

Before long when it seemed like it was about to reach the end, there was knocking on the door again. Ah, I have a bad feeling.

「Danna-samaa~? Is Rene-chan here... Wow, what is that~! That~!」

Cecil-san who opened the door sees the picture, and comes rushing in. This is a bad flow. Just as I thought, Cecil-san sits beside Rene as well and begins watching the cartoon as well.

After one episode ended, because Kohaku and let alone the two made faces saying [Next?], reluctantly I set it up for continuous playback, and left the room to get lunch. Even if I leave the smartphone like that, because I put [Program] in it, it will come back to my hand whenever I summon it. Using [Aport] and [Gate]. More or less, it is a theft countermeasure.

Everyone had already begun their meal in the terrace. Today's lunch is clubhouse sandwiches and onion soup, and vegetable salad with cheese.

(TLC: now I want to eat)

When I take my seat, after putting my hands together saying 'itadakimasu', I take one clubhouse sandwich in my hand and stuff my cheeks. Un, delicious. Gotta love the juiciness of chicken and tomatoes.

「What are Rene and Cecil doing?」

While pouring fruit juice into my glass, Lapis-san frowns at the two people who didn't come at all. Since it seems like she will get angry at the two people who didn't come as it is, let's have Lapis-san fall in the same hole as well.

「I had them help a little with my magic. Since we are good here, Lapis-san should go to my room as well」


Lapis-san heads inside the mansion from the terrace with a face saying she doesn't understand. She won't be able to move for a while once she sees that, I think.

「What will Touya be doing this afternoon?」

Elise cuts in and asks while sipping black tea after the meal.

「Today Yae's sword will be completed so I am going to Ishen. That reminds me, I should pay respect to Omohue-san and Nanae-san. Oh, I also have to visit Elsie and Lindsey's Uncle」

「It is fine to postpone visiting our house. If they knew we were getting married to the same house as the princess of Belfast, uncle and auntie would likely faint」

Elsie and Lindsey's place of origin, the kingdom next to Belfast, Rifuruzu Empire to the west. Those two are from the east of that country, a small town near the border to Belfast, and they were raised by their uncle and his wife who ran a plantation at Collet. It seems that their parents died from some sickness when they were younger...

「Still we must pay them a visit. Should we also visit your parent's grave, I wonder?」

「...Thank you, Touya-san」

Lindsey sitting at the opposite side smiles happily.

「Now, how about checking the status of the maids?」

When the meal was over, everybody went to my room, and as expected, all three people became absorbed from watching the anime. Kohaku was also excitedly watching the images while sitting on Rene's lap.

Elsie and the girls' eyes became glued to the video as well, and then I closed the application at the point where everyone finished one part together. Well, this had to end.

Everyone complained and showed incessant grumbling, but by promising to show it after dinner again, I somehow managed to dissolve it.

As ever I think the people in this world are starving for something like entertainment. They never ’’play’’ as much when they become adults, I wonder. [TL: like playing how kids play outside, well I doubt current generation do though :p]

Well, in a world like this, there are a lot of things you need to do in order to live, so perhaps they might not have a margin to do it.


I take Yae and move to the swordsmith in Ishen where I requested the production.

「Excuse me, We are here to pick up katana」

「Oh, you came. It has been completed as promised」

From the back of the store holding two katanas, long and short one, in red coated sheaths, the master appears in the storefront.

Yae who received the swords smoothly pulled them out on the spot, and checked the blade. On the dazzling silver blade, I could see a beautiful pattern.

「It is a light-degozaru. As expected of mithril」

Hyun hyun, after two, three swings to check, Yae sheathes the sword. Wearing it to the side with the wakizashi on her waist, she lowers her center of gravity and quickly draws the sword once more like an Iai strike. So fast.

「There's no problem. It's a good sword-degozaru」

「Thank you」

The chief grins happily and laughs at Yae's compliment. It looks like he was truly skilled.

I open [Storage], then I take out the mithril for payment. It is twice the amount of mithril that was entrusted in the beginning for making the katana. As I handed that over, the master looked at me with surprise.

「Oi oi, don't you think this is too much?」

「I don't mind. I might rely on you again, so please treat me well at that time as well」

「...I see. Well, in that case I will take it」

Receiving the lump of mithril in his hand, the master laughs. This is like a prior investment. He could be useful in the future in various ways if he is that skilled.

We bid farewell to the master, and left the blacksmith.


Everyone was rushing me after dinner was over, and for the time being I promised them 3 hours only before starting the video application.

I turn off the light in the room so it would be easier to see the video displayed on the large screen. It is similar to the anime from before, but this time it is about 1 hour long. The content is not modern drama, because it is a fantasy story, it will be easier to be accepted by the people of this world.

Inside the room were Elsie, Lindsey, Yae with Yumina, also maids Lapis-san, Cecil-san, Rene, Shizuka, the married couple Julio-san and Claire-san, and even Lime-san. Kohaku, Sango, and Kuroyou, the trio summoned beasts were also here. Pretty much like a small cinema. Because the gatekeeper has to work, I am sorry for Hack-san being left out.

However, everyone was enthusiastically watching. I thought this world had little entertainment but there might not even be any sports like baseball or soccer. Also something like games or manga, and things such as theaters as well. That reminds me, I have never seen things like novels as well. I have a feeling that I saw things like biographical writings though.

Aree? When i think about it If there are no sports, then are there no athletic meets either? Since something like a [Race] is done by the town's children, it exists but, are there any other games, I wonder? Mock cavalry battles, Bread-eating contests, and obstacle courses. Oh, Relay races too. It would be fun if the town could organize it. dividing teams into red and white.

While thinking about such things, I watched everyone who was engrossed at anime on the screen.


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