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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 76


Arc 10: Everyday Life #2

Chapter 76: The Electric Fan, and The Scuffle.

「What is this? Danna-sama? 」

Looking at [This] which I constructed with [Modelling], Lapis-san asks me out of curiosity.

Inside of the protective cover there is a propeller fan with three fan blades. It is attached to a pole with a base.

When thinking of summer, the electric fan comes to mind. But unfortunately I could not make it with plastic. However, building it with mithril, it would be light and can be handled in the same way.

「Program start/

Invoke condition:Invoking each of the phases with a switch /

Invoke content:Rotate the fan with power of each phase /

Program end」

I press the switch marked [Weak] installed on the base. The blades of the electric fan are rotating slowly, and the breeze starts to flow quietly in the room.

「A tool that produces wind. Amazing. 」

「U~n... 」

Lapis-san expresses feelings of admiration, but deep inside, there is dissatisfaction or perhaps discontent in me.

At first I thought I could make a car with it. However, the engine was too complex and I could not build one. It would be different if I had a real one in front of me but, with only photos or illustrations from the net I couldn't quite understand it.

Well, although I can understand the cycle of things like inhalation, compression, explosion, exhaustion, with photos and the like I have no inkling as to what the small parts are for. In any case, because it was too much of a hassle I gave up. To begin with, machines themselves are not my strong point. I was completely into liberal arts.

(tl: now I'm sad, give man a google and he will forget how to do stuff)

Since there were also no things like gasoline, I considered something like steam engine, but I still abandoned it in the end.

The next thing I thought of was the motor. In this case the engine is not that complex, I felt like I could make it. However, I suddenly realized it. Couldn't I simply use [Program] to do it? Hm.

Therefore as a test I made something with the outward appearance of an electric fan while leaving the interior empty, and tried using [Program]... It's turning... I guess [Program] is too omnipotent.

I wonder if science and the like are powerless in front of the magic?

It is not a thing that [Anyone can make]. Rather, a thing which [Anyone can use]. There is no problem, but.... What is with this, this emptiness.

As one would expect attaching only the wheels to the carriage, [Program] would not be able to carry people. However, I feel like [Enchant] might be able to do so. It won't make noise like an engine, it won't vibrate like a motor, it will be like an empty toy car.

Maa, because I have somehow completely lost the motivation, I have stopped after making an electric fan. At any cost a car isn't necessary anyway.

Entrusting the electric fan I made to Lapis-san, I decided that she can use it as she likes. Aah, it might also be good to make a ceiling fan for the indoor ceiling.

「Touya-san, isn't it about time that we go? 」

When I came to the garden from the terrace, Yumina called out to me and said so. Aah, it is that time already.

After this I will go to meet with King and Queen, to convey the intention of marriage with Yumina. Although it was already recognized, well, more or less.

However, for such a thing to have become in less than one year after Yumina intruded... The outlook was optimistic. But I have no regrets.

「I have come to a resolution to accept the marriage with Yumina, but... If that's how it is, will I really be made a king? 」

「U~n, in current circumstances, that is the most possible outcome. If it happens so that I will have a younger brother or a boy will be born in Uncle-sama's place, that would be a different case. 」

「If say, Suu has a groom, will that man become a king? 」

As for the considered method, should it be left for later? When marrying the person, who was born from the blood of the royalty, that pattern also has a place to be, I think. With how it looks like I'm pushing the troubles onto him somehow, I will apologize to that person.

「That way certainly does exist. However, I think it is unreasonable. 」

「How so? 」

「That is because Suu also likes Touya-san very much. She is the fifth candidate. 」

「Eh? 」

I unintentionally harden at the words said with no hesitation. Firth candidate... No, that can't be true. It can't, can it?

「Maa, Right now, it doesn't seem like there are feelings going that far yet. But in 3, 4 years..... It might be earlier than that, but it is better to be prepared beforehand. 」

「No, you are thinking too much about it. Because Suu has no siblings, I think she is just bearing an Onii-chan-like feelings towards me, you know? 」

「..........It seems like there will be various troubles from now on, for me also」

Breathing a sigh with a 'Fuu', Yumina said it with amazement. Eh, what is with this reaction?

「After that if my child is a boy, that child will become the next king, and then... 」

Stopping in mid-sentence, Yumina shuts her mouth. When she looks my way, her face gradually becomes red. This is dangerous. My face is also now becoming red. It is because you were speaking about children!

「We, we should go, shouldn't we! 」

「Ah, Yes. Yes we should. 」

While awkwardly talking, we came out to the garden, and I opened the [Gate].

-Scene-change -

「Ho-ho, is that so, is that so! Yumina finally conquered Touya-dono! This is a joyous occasion! 」

The kings leans his body forward laughing in high spirits. Queen Yuella too is holding Yumina's hand and smiling at her daughter.

「You have done well, Yumina. From now on more than ever, will you devote yourself to Touya-san, and continue to support him as his wife? 」

「Hai, Okaa-sama! 」

King stands up from the chair, claps his hand on my shoulder and displays a refreshing smile. The tension is high.

「After this, I want to see the face of my grandchild as soon as possible! Being married to four people might be a bit difficult, but please do your best? 」

What is this. I wished you wouldn't put that much pressure on me.

「Well, we will certainly marry, but right now is... Please wait until I become 18 years old, postpone it until then. 」

「You can conceive a child even before the marriage, right? Yumina is still innocent~, gufuu!?」

Yumina closes the gap instantly and splendidly placed her fist into His Majesty the King's solar plexus. She used [Accel] just now, didn't she...

「Father has no delicacy at all! 」

Yumina's was breathing heavily with her face bright red, while the most celebrated person in this country is cowering with a blue face. Well, he got what he deserved. Even if she is his daughter, se*ual harassment remarks are still inexcusable.

「Please forgive him, this person gets carried away when he too becomes happy. 」

Queen Yuella was smiling while looking troubled. Being delighted is not a bad intention, but I have a feeling he made a mistake with how he somewhat showed it.

「But what are we going to do. We already know how splendid a person you are, but if we officially announce that Touya-san is Yumina's fiancee, there might be various troubles. 」

「What do you mean? 」

「To start with, I guess you will be made an enemy in the eyes of the nobles, who were aiming to marry Yumina. Conversely I think that people who will try to curry favor from you will also show up. As for the rest, there will also be obstinate people, who won't recognize Touya-san as Yumina's partner, if you don't show some achievements. 」

I see, that is troublesome. Marrying the princess is definitely no laughing matter.

However, even if you said achievements... To be useful to the country, is it something that raises great benefits?

「Maa, let's leave it and hide it for a short while longer. Rather than drawing troubles by announcing it ahead of time, it might be better to press for the marriage later. 」

Let's leave that area to them. Until then, I also will have to become recognized as Yumina's fiancé.

-Scene-change -

Leaving Yumina at His Majesty the King and Queen's place, I went towards the direction of the training field. Because I thought Elsie might possibly be there, but it seems my hope was misplaced, her figure was nowhere be seen.

All over the training field the mock battle is unfolding, it was sufficient to just enjoy seeing it too. It became the feeling of watching the sports game. Right now, there are many knights there.

「Hey you, what are you doing in this place」

(tl: degenerative tone used, with 'kisama')

When I turned my face to the raised voice, young knights about ten in numbers looked over here. Their ages are not much different from mine, I guess. However, one or two might be older. I'm wondering if they are knights of some noble.

「You have an unfamiliar face. Whose servant are you? This is not a place the likes of you can come to! 」

「Aah, well, I thought whether an acquaintance was here. I was just taking a look. 」

The young knight with the cut short blond hair, who was standing at the head, declared to me so. He did it with the small irritation and his way of talking was similar to looking down in some respects, but there was nothing to make a fuss about too. Should I make an adequate reply and disperse?

「And who is this acquaintance? 」

「Oi, isn't it that fellow? That melee fighter woman who has been accompanying General Leon lately. 」

The redhead in the back answers to the dubious reaction of the blond-haired guy. When it comes to the melee fighter with the General Leon 8-9 cases out of 10 that would be Elsie.

「Aah, that woman? Hahaa, you are also a clever one to curry up to the General Leon, aren't you. Really, the people of low birth have no integrity. 」

The one that reacted to the words of redhead, wasn't a blond haired fellow, it was the brown-haired one. An unpleasant smile was clinging to his face.

「That person is also trying to enter the army. With that woman's connections. 」

「Because the army doesn't put its numbers in order it will never shape up. It would be better if it had no commoners. We the select few of the Knight Order, are different because of our honor 」

Saying so the knights were amused and burst into boisterous laughter, and because I was fed up with their attitude, I turned around to leave this place.

「Oi you, are you by any chance that woman's man? 」

「....... If that is so, what of it? 」

While getting irritated I reply to the brown-haired guy, who called out to me stopping me from leaving. That foolish laughter is excessively getting on my nerves.

「If you are looking for that woman, you need to search in the general's bed. About this time, she should be raising a nice voice and, gufuuuu!? 」

Without waiting for that person to finish his words, I drove my fist into the brown-haired guy's face. Having broken his tooth, I gave a kick to his side for a final blow while he was tumbling on the ground with a nosebleed.

「Agee! What~, what is the meaning of this!? 」

「This is a beat down. Does this need an explanation? 」

Holding his sides at my feet, I was standing over the brown-haired guy who spoke out while rolling on the ground. I land a kick once again.

If it was about me I would have let it go. But I won't stay silent if it is someone important to me. Jii-san taught me that when it is time to strike you must do it without hesitation.

「You bastard! That person is the second son of the viscount of House Barrow! If you still intend to hit then... 」

「Shut up. What does having a relation to the house and the like have to do with this? It is not like you yourselves are distinguished... Are you typical foolish sons with just a pedigree? 」

「What did you say! 」

The knights of that young person are surrounding me. Extracting their swords and taking a stance, I understood that their thirst for blood is pointed at me.

「Since you have pulled out your swords and aimed them at the opponent, it is expected that you are prepared to be killed? Do you guys understand that? 」

「Be silent! 」

One person comes forward with a slash, but it was a complete failure. I thought it was good for nothing example of fencing.

「Safety Mode 」

Matching my words, the unsheathed gun sword Brunhild's blade extends. However, there is no edge on it. This is the most recently bestowed new third form [Safety Mode]. Although if it was swung seriously it could still break bones, it was doubtful whether that can be called [Safety].

With Brunhild, I strike at the torso and overtake the dull swordsman.


The opponent staggers and quickly collapses to the ground. He was full of openings as well.

When they thought that their comrade was cut down, the rest of those guys got cold feet. What a miserable bunch they are.

「Start cutting all at once! Attack simultaneously! 」

The blond-haired one shouts. It seems like that one is the leader. But, he is too stupid. Who the hell shouts out the details of their strategy?

I attack them before their side could take any action. Dodging the trajectory of the obvious sword streaks, I hit their abdomen, shoulder, and chest, rendering three people powerless.

With just that, the others were shaking making their movements dull. This is absurd.

Soon after that, with just a simple swing of the sword they all fell down one by one. All that was left was the blond-haired guy.

「Uu, uwaaaaaaa! 」

The blond-hair starts running away at full speed screaming at the top of his lungs. Deserting his fallen comrades in a battlefield, I'm astonished that this person was chosen for his honor.

「Gun mode 」

Returning to the gun form, I pull the trigger with a 'Pon'.

「Hagea!? 」

Because it was too troublesome to run after him, I shot him with a paralysis bullet. The blond-hair abruptly collapses, and stops moving. Now then.


Only the brown-haired guy who I struck first was still conscious. I can't forgive this one who insulted Elsie.

「Would you leave it at just that? 」

When I turned to the abruptly raised voice, two knights were standing. One was a forty year old knight with silver hair, the other one was the person whom I knew.

「Lyon-san... 」

「Yaa, Touya-dono. It has been a while. 」

The young man with golden hair lightly raises his hand with a smile. The son of General Leon, Lyon-san whom we traveled together with to Misumido.

「Fu, Vice-commander! This~, this fellow, this fellow all of sudden! 」

The brown-haired guy points at me, and raises a complaint at the silver-haired knight standing beside Lyon-san. Vice-commander?

「... Because of your outrageous behavior towards the townspeople, were you still thinking that I did not know about the troubles you caused? 」

A deep cold voice was directed at the brown-haired guy. First his body became stiff, then it became completely silent. It seems like that attitude coming from those fellows is a common thing. Certainly, they were doing as they pleased. Annoying.

「It seems that until now you skillfully used the family name to cover up, but this time it won't go so well, you know. Attacking one person with a group, and being beaten in the end. In addition to that shame, the person, who abandoned his comrades and ran away, will be dealt with. By no means can any of you be called a knight」

Lyon-san also speaks strict words. Surely these fellows being knights of this country is the most shameful thing.

「You will be later notified of your punishments. Convey that to the collapsed fellows. I'll say it in advance, you better not be thinking of things like revenge. If you raise your hands at him, it won't become just your problem alone, your houses will suffer too. This is no joke」

Disregarding the brown-haired guy whose eyes went round, vice-commander-san turns his eyes in my direction, and very deeply hangs his head.

「I apologize for the troubles caused. I want you to understand that not all people of the Knight Order are like these guys」

「... No, I also went too far. Please do not worry about that」

When I try to calm down, I certainly overdid it. It was not necessary to knock them down. There were plentiful of magic, capable of rendering them powerless. But when he started talking about Elsie, I completely lost my cool. I still lack sufficient training...

「It helps a lot when you said it like that. Kingdom Knight Order Vice Commander, Neil Sulliman」

「Mochizuki Touya. It is good to know you. 」

「I know you. Because you are a famous celebrity」

With complex feelings, I lightly grasped the presented hand with a smile.


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