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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 74


Arc 10: Everyday Life #2

Chapter 74: The Fall, and The Mithril Collection

After arriving at Merishia Mountains we went a little to the north, and I let the sky garden rest above Steer Mine. The mining quarry could be seen below, so I opened a [Gate] and go to ground. Shizuka is house-sitting in the garden.

When I got down to ground, the vicinity was rather quiet, with a very weird atmosphere.

「Is there no one here?」

「Well, no one would approach the golem territory. It seems it has the nature to remove the people who invades it is own territory as well. Probably, once it notices us it will come here」

While listening to the conversation between Yumina and Elsie, I searched for [Mithril Golem] using my map application. Ah, it's there. It's moving slowly inside the tunnel. It seems it is coming toward us.

「I'm grateful it's coming out here because of the risk of a cave-in. Should I use [Slip] and make it fall down endlessly once it comes out?」

『That is severe... 』

『I don't ever want to taste that again... 』

Kuroyou and Sango mutter dejectedly at my words.

『But if you do it like that, won't you not be able to defeat it? I can't imagine the golem crying and begging for mercy like these guys』

『Bastard, I dare you to say it again!』

『Kohaku... You bastard, are you picking a fight with us?』

I soothe the dangerous atmosphere between the three, and I think about it for a moment.

Mmm, that's true, even if I consider the fall damage from Slip it would still be difficult. Back when it was against Kuroyou and Sango there was a time limit till sunset, I used that method but...

Hmm, other methods... I thought this up some time ago, but maybe I should give that a try.

「Wait, I am going make some preparation」

I told everybody and opened [Gate], then I went to Shizuka's location in Sky Garden.

I finished preparing and went back to quarry, *thud*, I heard a thud. Seems like the golem has apparently arrived.

「Where were you! There's no time anymore!?」

「Sorry, it took a while」

While apologizing to Elsie's words, I give about 50 bullets with [Explosion] to Yumina and Lindsey. Just in case I hand over the bullets and the new model army to Yae since this time her katana would not be useful.

If everything proceeds according to plan, it may not be necessary, but I don't know what will happen. It is better to be careful, I think.

*Thud*, *thud* the footsteps are getting closer. It's finally coming out. I stare at the entrance of the large cave. But the tunnel here is really large... By any chance, did the golem dig through later and expanded it? If we assume that then maybe the golem's size is at the height of this tunnel.

At any rate...Those footsteps, aren't they strange? One is closer and one is farther, like there were two...

「It is here -degozaru!」

The silver body illuminated by sunlight appears at the tunnel entrance.

The rugged rock-like body, but emitting a metal luster, its size is probably 6 meters. The legs are short, but the arms are long and large. Apart from the expressionless face, you can see a black hole where the eyes are supposed to be. Inside is an eerie red shine,and it is definitely staring at us.

「T-touya-san, that!!」

Yumina points at one more golem that slowly appeared at the tunnel entrance. His body was also illuminated with silver color from here, giving off a dazzling light.

Two Mithril golems. What the hell! So that's why there were two vibrations. I didn't notice it when I looked at the map app earlier. Did it seem both bodies were piled up? Don't tell me they were a married couple?

Muu, despite that I would have found out there were two in advance if I enlarged it... Don't tell me in addition, another kid golem will come out?

Without caring about my feelings, the golem lifts the large rock near it, and threw it toward here. Oops, that's dangerous!

Everyone spread out to avoid it. It crashed into the ground, the rock smashed into pieces and scattered in all directions.

「Oh Water Come forth, Impact the surface, Bubble bomb」

When Lindsey chants a spell, several orb-like bubbles appear, and lightly floats towards one of the golems. And the moment it came to contact with the golem, a chain reaction of explosions started, dodon dodon!! And explosions echo in the area.

A fog-like smoke was left after the explosion, but from within the golem emerged and seemed unscathed.

「No effect...?」

Wait, was it an attribute problem? Definitely, earth attribute should have been stronger than water.

With Dan-Dan, Yumina rapid-fired the M1860 Army. The shoulder part was hit with the effects of [Explosion]. However, not even a crack could be seen.

Damn it, with this there's no other way. It's sink or swim, I will try that since it has come to this.

「There is something I want to try for a moment, everyone fall back」

Everyone was puzzled at my words, but they immediately withdrew like I said. The golems are coming straight toward us. As expected, since it's made of mithril it's walking surprisingly fast. Well, it's not like they are light like a balloon, I think there is some weight but...

Well, if it's useless now then it's useless.


I use acceleration magic, and in an instant dive into the golems' bust. I held out my hand over the ground where the golems was standing, and invoked the magic which would be the decisive factor.


With a great light a large gate appeared on the ground, the golems fell into the water, vanishing into the ground. Yes, it worked.

「T-touya-san!? This is...?」

「Hm? Ah, I transferred them using [Gate]. Apparently it is not just vertical in space, seems it can open horizontally」

Yumina rush here, because she asked me I explain it simply. I just thought it was a possibility, but I'm glad it worked smoothly.

「Transferred them, where -degozaru?」

To Yae's question, I just point my finger up and laugh.

「Right above here. 10,000 meters up in the sky」


Despite everyone who got dumbfounded with open mouths, I verify the golems location using the Map app. I can't see the altitude, but it did slip slightly from here after all. Well, it can still happen because of air resistance. I would be troubled if it fell straight down.

There is a mining town south from here, but there is no problem I think since they are not moving that way.

I asked Shizuka to go to 10,000 meters up in the sky a while ago in order to confirm the gate exit. But now that I think about it, 10,000 meters probably was not necessary.

If I'm not mistaken, height becomes irrelevant when a falling object reaches the constant velocity allowed by the air resistance. Terminal Velocity, was it?

Well, I was just extremely careful and raised it, let's just leave it at that.

With a long high-pitched sound kiiiiiin, two tremendous crashing sounds came from west of the mine. They fell. Though I didn't think they would fall straight here, they slipped off far enough.

Using [Accel] we rush to the locations where the golems dropped. Everyone else was using [Accel] granted in their rings, similarly accelerating with me.

「Umm, still moving」

There was a large crater with a thick cloud of dust, the two golems eagerly stood up although their bodies were full of cracks. There was less damage than I thought. Is Mithril really that light?

「Oh Water Come forth, Impact the surface, Bubble bomb」

On this side Lindsey fired magic that exploded on the chest of the golem. The body full of cracks receives the impact, and the mithril chest collapses with a rattle. I see a darkish silver ball with a dull sparkle inside. Possibly that is the center core.

「Accel Boost!」

Elsie uses physical enhancement and acceleration magic together, and burst towards the golem's chest like a shooting arrow. The moving right gauntlet emitted red light to indicate charge completion.

On the other side, Dan Dan Dan Dan!! The gunshot echoed, followed by Do gaga gaga!! And this time explosion sounds roared around. To the other golem, Yae attacked it using my new model army.

Just like the previous golem, the chest explodes and crumbles, and the central core was revealed.

「Pierce with lightning, halberd of a hundred thunderclaps, Lightning Javelin!!」

As if they were waiting for this, from Yumina's palm several bolts directly hit the center core. Along with PAKIN!! sound, the core broke into two halves and fell.

With the core smashed, this golem also collapsed facing up and stopped moving.

Both bodies completely silent, the area is full of dust and broken Mithril pieces. Oh, in the end, I didn't do anything.

『It was magnificent』

「Well, in the end all I did was open a [Gate]」

I answer to Kohaku's words with a bitter smile.

Elsie smashed a portion of the center core, but Yae cut the center core into two halves. That volleyball-like core, rather than silver like its body, it was darkish dull silver.

「We got the subjugation part, with this the request is completed」

Elsie smiles while carrying the center core. Definitely the request is complete with this, but aside from the golems' main body, it's going to be troublesome collecting all the small mithril pieces... Or not, I can just collect everything by using [Storage] to recover only Mithril. Ok, I'll do that.

「Storage: IN/ Mithril」

I invoke storage magic, magic formation floats on the ground, in front of our eyes the golems sink into the ground as it disappear. I examined the ground where the golem disappeared, but I couldn't find one piece of mithril. Un, looks good.

In the same way I collect the other golem inside [Storage]. [Storage] capacity depends on the magical power, this body size can't be stored if it was someone else besides me.

「Alright, shall we go home then?」

It will be fine to report to the guild tomorrow. We also recovered the golem body, I don't need to hurry.

I open [Gate] and come out in the house garden, Rene is practicing riding bicycle with Cecil-san. Rene wasn't in her usual maid clothes, it was a boyish attire of a shirt and trousers with suspenders. She must have been falling down, I can see stains here and there. If I am not mistaken, today was Rene's day off, so she might have aligned her practice during Cecil-san break.

「Ah~ Welcome back, Master~」

「I am back, Cecil-san」

Rene who noticed us because of Cecil-san's voice, turned the bicycle and headed here. She stops in front of us using the brakes. She is already at the point where she can ride it by herself. Isn't she faster than the Duke? Must be youth.

「Welcome home, Touya-niichan!」

「I am home, Rene. You are able to ride it now」


I pat Rene who is laughing happily. I'm really glad I made it seeing as it pleases her that much.

Okay, let's take a bath first to clean off the dust and sand. Rene should also enter together with everyone. As for me, I will take my time afterwards.


Looking at us as we were about to enter the mansion, while sitting astride on the bicycle, Rene looks puzzled. Was something wrong?

Looking at us as we were about to enter the mansion, while sitting astride on the bicycle, Rene looks puzzled. Was something wrong?

「What about Shizuka Onee-chan?」


... Oh crap. I forgot.


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