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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 73


Arc 10: Everyday Life #2

Chapter 73: The Mithril Golem, and The Spiciness

 The next day, I went to the guild with everyone. I was thinking perhaps I could meet End, but I thought it was also time to raise my guild rank as well.

Right now, Yumina is green rank and everyone else was blue. The rank increases from Black ▷ Purple ▷ Green ▷ Blue ▷ Red ▷ Silver ▷ Gold, and to be called something like a first rank adventurer I wanted to hit Red rank.

In the first place we defeated a black dragon but, if that was a subjugation target for a request, it would have been equivalent to a Red rank. In other words, it means that we actually have substantial ability.

For the time being if we handle requests and increase our rank, request reward will also increase as well. I don't know well yet what I want to do, but whatever I decide to do, I guess the money will be needed. For the sake of my fiancées who are relying on me.

Behind us with a pitter-patter the already well-known Kohaku was following, but Kuroyou and Sango, who were lightly floating in the air, considerably attracted a lot of attention.

《Because both of you stands out, you should've just quietly stayed at home》

《I refuse. Where master goes, we go as well》

《That's right. Besides even Kohaku stands out, isn't it》

The three of them are talking telepathically since we are in town, but I can clearly hear everything. Rather, the reason why Kuroyou and Sango are standing out is because they are floating, I think they'd probably not stand out as much if I held them between my arms. But it was rejected clearly when I offered that.

Both of them said their pride would not allow them to be carried like that in town. In any case, I decided to say ’’It's magic’’ if someone asked why they were floating.

When I finally arrived at the guild I looked around, the hall was crowded and noisy, but I couldn't see End's figure. Had he already moved to another town?

Everyone went to the board to look at the requests, but I caught the receptionist-oneesan that was in charge of End yesterday, and tried to ask about him.

「Ah, that gentleman with the muffler? That's right, he completed the subjugation request for one-horned wolf yesterday, and received the request fee」

One-horned wolf. If that's the case then he took the proper Black rank request then. I also had to subjugate one-horned wolves in the beginning too.


「? Was there something else?」

While forcing a wry smile, the Onee-san was hesitating. I wonder if End did something?

「The request for the one-horned wolf subjugation, the subjugation was for 5, but he hunted more than that...」

「The subjugation part is the horn, right? How many did he bring?」

「More than 50 if I am not mistaken.」

「More than 50!?」

What's with that number!? He hunted too much.

「Because subjugation request was only for 5, he only got the fixed reward amount, but the rest of horns were bought at market price. He was very pleased, you know」

Nevertheless, more than 50...That reminds me, that guy shouldn't have had any weapon. Was he a magician after all? I can agree on that number if that was the case...

...Well, there's no point in thinking about it. Moreover it's not right to pry into someone too much.

I went back to the four girls who had been stuck for a while now looking at the request board.

「So? Found anything good?」

「Ah, Touya-san. There is this one, though...」

Yumina points at a red request posted on the requests board. Hmm? We are only allowed to accept requests up to blue. But this board is for one rank above us.

In any case, let's try reading the request Yumina pointed at.

「Mithril...Golem? Is it a golem made of mithril? Located at the base of Merishia Mountains, and the reward is 5 white gold coins...It is rather cheap considering it is red rank...」

「Definity it is cheap, but the opponent is Mithril Golem. Its body can be traded at special price as a material. It can fetch great amount of money depending on its size, you know」

I see. In itself it is something like a treasure. That makes for a delicious story. However, we can't take that request... hm?

「In addition, if the person has grade A title, the rank for this quest doesn't matter...?」

Title, you say? Like the [Dragon Slayer] title we got the other day? If I am not mistaken, there are others besides it, like [Griffon Buster]? Or [Demon Killer]?

「[Dragon Slayer] is a grade A title. Therefore...」

「Eh? Then this request, even we can take it?」

I tear off the request paper, and carry it to the reception desk. While we have the [Dragon Slayer] title, Yumina doesn't. In that case, I wonder if we are still be able to receive this request?

「Yes, there is no problem if the majority of the party are title holders. Do you wish to hear more details?」

「Yes, please.」

The subject of the request is at Merishia Mountain feet, the Steer Mine Quarry operations stopped because a Mithril Golem settled in, and it seems the excavations at the mine became completely impossible.

Anyway the opponent is not completely solid. Moreover the golem's movement seems quick due to mithril characteristics. Light and hard, that's mithril after all. It seems many people went to the mine and fell victim to it already.

Those guys (tlc: golems) would not allow the invasion of their territory. For that reason, there are also magicians that use golems to guard their treasures.

「Those are the details for the Mithril Golem subjugation request. Should we take this?」

I confirm this with everyone again, and decided to take the request. The subjugation part is the golem central core. Apparently, the golem will stop moving if that part is destroyed.

「Like before, would it not be an easy victory if Touya pulled the core with [Aport]?」

Elsie asked this when we got out of the guild. Definitely it would've been easy if it were possible to do so, but at that time the Fureizu was transparent and the nucleus was exposed. It will not work on the Golem. It seems Lindsey shared the same thought, and denied her onee-chan's idea.

「...In addition, when it comes to the golem's core, the size should be this big. [Aport] can't pull something like that, right?」

While saying that Lindsey shows the size of a volleyball with both of her hands. Definitely. [Aport] is limited to sizes that can be grasped with one hand. It would probably be impossible with that size.

Then, there's no choice but direct confrontation... Naturally it would be hard. Up till now the Fureizu had been the hardest opponent I've had, but maybe no longer. Still, I'd prefer a golem over something that has the ability to regenerate.

Lindsey's explosive magic like [Explosion] or [Bubble Bomb] would be effective, or maybe Yumina's Earth attribute [Rock Crush].

Elsie may be able to cause damage to some degree using her Gauntlet and increase damage with her right hand. The problem is Yae. For someone who slashes with her Katana, she is incompatible with solid opponents.

「I, will act as decoy this time -degozaru」

Once we complete this request, first of all I will have to make a Katana for Yae from the mithril lump.

「So how do we get to Merishia Mountain? Do we rent a carriage again? Or maybe we should buy it already?」

Definitely as Elsie said, going on carriage is much more comfortable, but let's try going with different method this time. Let's use it since I spent too much effort to obtain it.

「Then, we are departing. Please don't leave your seats」

「There are no seats」

「...It is an issue of feelings. Please read the mood here, Master」

Hanging for how many days, the Sky Garden has been sent to the Royal Capital of Belfast. With this we should reach our destination in a few hours.

We are flying at a 200 meter altitude right now. It is an altitude even lower than Tokyo Tower height, but it is sufficient because there are no tall buildings or mountains. Nobody is looking our way thanks to the stealth function. I don't really understand, but this function is great, not even the shadows appear. How does this work? Is this the power of the ancient magic, too?

「Estimated to arrive in 1 hour」

In front of the control unit in the center of the Sky Garden, Shizuka said so. In a glance, the control system only looks like a big black slate. A monolith so to speak. Displayed before me is a simple map and some language I can't read. The moving light might be the Sky Garden.

Leaving Shizuka and the Monolith, a sheet is laid out in a corner of the garden, and I come back to everyone having a tea party.

’’It seems we will arrive in approximately another hour」

Yae passed me sandwich while I sat down between her and Yumina. It is a simple ham and cheese sandwich, but I took a bite, and looked puzzled.

「So-something wrong de gozaru?」

「No... but the taste is different than usual... how should I say. It's delicious」

「Really -degozaru?」

Yae strokes her chest in relief. For something Clair-san made, I felt there was too much salt and pepper... Ah, maybe.

「This is Yae's?」

「R-right -degozaru. Not only with the sword, but also as Touya-dono's w...w..wife, to be also able to make one dish too, and...Clair-dono teachings...」

I see. I'm glad I didn't say careless words. I ate the sandwich heartily, and said thank you to Yae.

「I also made this one. Try it」

「Huh. Elsie also? Then I won't hold back」

「Ah, that......」

Fried chicken meat was held out. Lindsey was trying to say something, but before that I had already stuck the fork with it in my mouth.

「A... 」

「How is it? Delicious?」

「Ho t!? Spicy, and painful!! Spicy? It is painful!? Yaaa -h!!?」

I gulped the water I received from Yumina, but it wasn't enough. But because Lindsey took out a basketball shaped ice with magic, I put my tongue on it and somehow escaped the crisis.

「...How can you feed such thing...such thing...」

The lines like from a merchant of Kyoto came out unintentionally, but these flowing tears implied something else. What is this extremely spicy chicken!?

「Eh~ is it really so hot?」

Nom, nom, nom, Elsie casually pops one into her mouth and eats it. She's okay!? Lindsey starts apologizing next to me.

「...Onee-chan, has an abnormal resilience to pungency. When cooking she tends to make anything spicy, so we never allowed her to stand in the kitchen in our house」

I wish you had said that earlier. I did not think I would feel a sense of defeat before fighting the golem.

Anyway, Elsie is now forbidden from cooking in our house. This is a matter of life and death.

Uu, my tongue is still painful...


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