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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 72


TL: Airsblue

ED: Super Banana

TLC: greujnik

Arc 9: Inheritance of Babylon.

Chapter 72: Rings and Paruteno silver coin

「Hmmm~ What should I do from now on. Won't I be troubled in various way if I don't have money? 」

End wondered while gulping down the rest of the crepe. While also stuffing my cheeks with crepe, both of us were sitting in front of the fountain in the plaza watching people come and go.

「I guess that's true. It seems there's no choice but to find some work and earn money. 」

「What sort of job does Touya do? 」

「Me? 」

Work... Work. I never considered it really, but what is my job? An adventurer? The reward from the guild is tentatively my main source.

「I handle guild jobs and receive money for it. Jobs like defeating demonic beasts, or escorting merchants」

「Ah, I see. Then perhaps, I might do that too」

He says so easily. Well, he could maybe do some beginner quests if he is careful enough.

「You're going to register with the guild? But will you be alright without a weapon? Tentatively, I think you should go with gathering quests」

「I don't need a weapon. It's not like I'm going to slay a dragon.」

Eager to do it barehanded? I wonder if he is the same fighter type as Elsie. Or perhaps he is a magic user? Rather, since he says he can slay a dragon if he uses a weapon, that's some amazing confidence.

「Well, in any case I will guide you to the guild. Since I also have some business there.」


We put the crepe wrapping paper in the wastebasket after eating, and then we started walking towards the guild. I have to withdraw money to buy the rings.

End is a little taller than me. Around 173 centimeters. His looks are feminine, he is what you'd call an Ikemen. Kuu, it's not like I'm envious...

Still, that white muffler is so long that it make me wonder if it can touch the ground. But, why is he wearing such a muffler even though it's not winter?

「This is a present from a friend, you know.」

When I tried asking him, he answered with a smile. It's not like I wanted to hear about it, but I wonder if there was some reason? Well, it's not my policy to poke my nose in other people's business.

The guild signboard soon came to view. When I went inside, the front board was crowded as usual.

I pulled End towards the reception lady, and asked about registration procedures. While End was going through the registration explanation, from the next counter I withdrew money. Because it's a once in a lifetime (is what I want to believe), I'm going to splurge.

When I had the money, End was next to me with his Black Guild card.

「You done with the registration?」

「Un, thanks to you. All that left is to just complete a quest. I am saved because the guild can somehow be found all over the world. Because I can't stay in one place for too long.」

Really? For a traveler, he seems lightly dressed. I mean, he is really capable to be able to travel here without any money. Somehow though, it's like he's naive maybe a prince of some country...

... I had many questions, but it had nothing to do with me. Each person has their own circumstance.

「Then, this is it for me. Do simple quests at the beginning. Don't push yourself.」

「Un, got it. Thank you Touya. Moreover, we should meet again next time.’’

「Ah, next time.」

I part with End, then leave the guild. He was strange fellow.

Now, I should go back to my original goal the jewelry store.

The four sit upright happily looking at the shining ring in each of their left ring finger. It was just a platinum ring with a simple diamond, for a reasonable price. Honestly, since I didn't know the market price, I entrusted it to the store Onee-san, and it's possible I got overcharged. After I decided on the design, I said [Four of this one then], and everyone there around me stared in amazement.

Looks like it was given a magical effect, the ring would resize to fit the finger naturally. Furthermore, I also put some magic on them as well.

I put [Accelerator], [Transfer], and [Storage] on the rings using [Enchant] and [Program].

[Accelerator] for battle, [Transfer] is to make the ring a spare magic tank, they would be able to draw out magic from there if they run out. [Storage] would be used as private warehouse.

「Thank you very much, Touya-san.」

Yumina softly warps the ring on her left hand with her right, smiling radiantly.

Then I, from my chest pocket take out a thin chain accessory made of Mithril.

「T... this is for Elsie.」

「For me?」

Elsie accepts it looking curious.

「You wouldn't be able to put the gauntlet on if you wear the ring, right? This way you can wear the ring on you neck.」

「Is that so. Thank you, Touya. I'm happy.」

Elsie hangs the chain with the ring around her neck and display it. Good, this also suits her well. It shouldn't break since it is Mithril, and the magic bestowed on it can be used when worn.

Suddenly, I remembered the silver coins in my pocket that I got from End, and I put it on the table.

「What's this?」

「I got it from End, a strange guy I met today. It looks like a coin from a country somewhere, you recognize it?」

Lindsey picks up one coin from the table with great interest, and begins to view it before her eyes.

「... I have never seen this before... The carved seal is done very elaborately. It might be worth a lot...」

Hmmm, assuming that, it kinda looks like I overcharged him which kinda make me look bad. Wouldn't it have been better if I took him to an exchange counter? Or maybe a pawnshop, it might have been worth at least a silver.

When I also pick up one piece from the table, turning both sides, wanting to take a good look at it, I hear knocking sound on the door, and Rene comes into the living room. Holding the door open, Shizuka comes in next carrying cups and a pot with black tea.

「I brought the tea.」

Shizuka lines up the cups, and pours tea from the pot. While I am looking at her doing that, Rene came over beside me. Looking restless for some reason. What?

「Umm well, Touya-Ani-cha... Master. I have a favor to ask...desu, but...」

「Lime-san is not even here, you can talk normally, Rene. What's wrong?’’

「You see, I'd like to ride the bicycle as well...」

Bicycle? Well, Rene is at the age where it is not a problem to start practicing. Rather I'm slightly worried if she rides it into town, unless someone was accompanying her.

「I want to practice, but my feet can't reach the ground. I wanted to ask for a small bicycle like the one Touya-anchan made for Suu-neechan before...」

Ah, that's right. The ones in our house are adult sized. It is unreasonable for Rene to get on them. I didn't think that far.

「Got it, I will make one exclusively for Rene. What color would you like?」

「Really!? Then, then red is good!」

「No problem.」

「Ya~y! Thanks!」

From across the sofa, Rene came to hug me. Hey, Lime-san would get angry if he was here. Well, it's not bad to be this delighted.

While I'm smiling wryly to Rene embracing me, my eyes meet with Shizuka's before me.

「... lo*ic*n.」

「Oii! Wait a minute!?」

Don't say anything else, Robochild-san! Because I am always worrying about this when I am with Yumina, don't say unnecessary things!

Shizuka who was judging me with strange eyes for a while, finally finished pouring the tea into the cups like nothing happened. And then, she notices the silver coins on the table, tilting her neck a little to the side.

「Is this currency still being used in this county?」

「Still... Shizuka, do you know anything about this money?」

「Yes. It is Paruteno silver coin. It was cast for the first time 5284 years ago, and was being used around here. I am surprised that it is still being used till now.」

5284 years ago!? I stare at the silver coins in my hand after hearing Shizuka's words. It doesn't look like such a long time has passed. It is still in mint condition. Why did End have such old money?

... Wait? That guy back then, what did he say?

『I was able to purchase using this before』

Before? What did he mean by before? Is there a place where you can spend currency used by an ancient kingdom?

Don't tell me...... It is a ridiculous idea, but right now I think End is a human being who came from the past. Or perhaps, he is similar to Shizuka, possibly a person built by Professor Babylon.

「Shizuka, between the people created by Professor Babylon like you, was there a boy?」

「A boy...? No, there was none. Professor didn't make a male type. There was a few [boyish] characters though.」

[Boyish]? End has a neutral feature. And I didn't check whether he was a boy or not. I didn't want to think it is possible but...

Shizuka is staring at me strangely who was lost in my thoughts. What?

[... Bi]

「Oii! Like I said, wait a minute, Robochild-san!?」

I didn't want to hear that! Because I don't have such hobby! I am normal after all! I love girls!

「Whatever master's hobby is, I will follow... Should I wear short pants?」

「What you're wearing is fine!」

Good grief, why does this fellow have such extensive useless knowledge. Like father like son, is that it? Look. Isn't everyone dumbfounded from being unable to understand anything?

... Aree, why is it only that Lindsey's face is deep red...?


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