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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 7


Translator Kirihito

Editor Clueless Panda 

Hi guys, kiri here. Some of you may or may not have noticed that the first two chapters I posted has some really broken sentences and doesn’t flow very well, that is because I translated it exactly as it would be in Japanese and this author really likes his commas. I don’t know how it is with other raws, but that’s the case here. From here onwards there will be less commas(I’ll try). The first paragraph alone had 4 commas and panda took care of a few. And another thing is the speech endings. E.g. if a naruto comes along, I will add dattebayo at the end of every speech. you will see why later. it’s better than having to add [&^%$$] –Touya, Everytime. Their speech shows the speaker’s personally, hence why English dubs sounds so bland to me. Sorry for this long chunk of stuff.

#7 The first battle and the first reward

The east forest is a distance of two hours on foot from the town of Rifflet. I hoped we could ride a carriage if they passed through but unfortunately not one carriage passed by. Exactly two hours later, we arrived at the east forest

We advance towards the dense forest while carefully checking the surroundings. Each of us were startled when we suddenly hear the cry of birds and notice the presence of small animals shaking the trees inside the forest.. I was secretly scared at first, but before long, I became aware of a mysterious feeling.

It’s only vaguely but….I know there are signs of presence in our surroundings. Where, what kind of creature there is and what kind of emotion is being projected at us, I can feel them. I wonder what this feeling is. Sixth sense….or what else you would call it. This might be one of the presents that God gave me.

The moment I was thinking about it, I feel killing intent from our right hand side. Clearly filled with hostility.

[Be careful. There’s something here.]

Both of them halt immediately from my words. When I point to the depths of the forest with my gaze, they shift to a combat stance. While waiting for any sign of movement, a black shadow jumps out from the forest and attacks us.


I twist my body in a hurry and evade it. Safe!. I’m able to see the movement. Grey hair with a horn extending from the forehead. Although it’s approximately the size of a large breed of a dog, it’s not the size of the dog that’s ferocious. So this is the horned wolf.

When I confront the one wolf that jumped out, I see a second one spring out from another direction aiming at Elsie.

Elsie rushes to face it from the front and drives a full body blow into the snout of the wolf. It eats a gauntlet fist, straight after it falls to the ground just like that and finally doesn’t move shortly after. Surely a one-hit kill.

While I was admiring Elsie’s battle, aiming for this chance, the wolf in front of me bares its fangs and rushes again.

I read the wolf’s movement calmly, matching its movement. I also unsheathe the katana on my waist. We cross each other in a flash. At that moment, the wolf’s neck flies in the air and rolls vigorously on the ground.

Killing a creature for the first time, some feeling of guilt and disgust floats in my mind. However, while we were immersed in the battle, four new wolves appear in a group. Of the mentioned four, two of them move towards to my direction.

[Come forth, flaming red stone. Ignis Fire.]

At the same time of hearing that voice, one of the wolves that rushed in to attack me is suddenly engulfed in flames. It appears Lindsey who retreated behind me supported with fire magic. Shoot! I missed the chance to see magic before my very eyes for the first time after coming to this world! Gununu.

I slash at the last remaining wolf while dodging its attacks. The wolf falls down immediately and stops moving.

When I turn my gaze to Elsie, the leaping wolf receives a roundhouse kick in the stomach and is blown away. The last wolf that was nearby is also burnt by flames. Uuaa, I missed the magic again…..

[Finally finished. The task was to subdue five, but we killed one more didn’t we?]

While saying so, Elsie pounds her gauntlet, making ringing sounds. Six in total because we took down two each. I think that was a good performance considering it was our first battle. Ah, or was the first timer only me?

Now then, as proof for the subjugation, it’s necessary for the wolves’horns to be brought back. I cut off the horns of the six wolves and put them in the pouch. After that, we just need to notify the guild for finishing the task and then it’s ‘Mission Complete’.

The tension I’ve been feeling since going into the forest is instantly lifted as we come out. It feels like being liberated from a suffocating place.

We are lucky on the way back because a carriage happens to pass by and give us a ride. ‘Lucky’.

We travel to the town much earlier than walking. When we arrive, we step foot into the guild. I hand the completed task and the horns to the onee-san at the reception desk. We decided to keep the last one in commemoration of today.

[Yes, I have certainly received the horns of five horned wolves. Then please present your guild card.]

When we hold out the card, the receptionist pushes something like a stamp above it and a mark that looks like a magic formation floats on the card for an instant before disappearing immediately. Through the story I hear later, the stamp used seems to be different according to the rank of the request.

By the way, ours is black for the beginner rank. The ranking is from black >purple >green >blue >red >silver >gold.

[Well then, here is 18 copper coins for the reward. With this, the task is complete. Thank you for your hard work.]

We split the 18 copper at once when I receive them from the receptionist onee-san. With this, I have three days worth of stay in the inn. I have a feeling that I’ll be able to somehow manage to live in this world.

[Ne, ne, why don’t we go somewhere to eat to celebrate our first success?]

Elsie suggests this when we leave the guild. It’s slightly still early for dinner, but we haven’t had lunch when I think about it. Perhaps this is a good time. I have a small favor to ask.

We decide to enter the coffee shop in the town.

I order a hot sandwich and milk, Elsie’s is a meat pie and orange juice. Lindsey’s is pancakes and tea. I begin to talk when the waiter leaves.

[Say, I have a request for the both of you.]


[Yea, I want you to teach me reading and writing. After all, it’s really inconvenient not being able to read the characters. It’s going to be hard to get by from now on.]

[Ah. Surely, you won’t know the contents of the tasks.]

Uhuh, Elsie nods in agreement. Lindsey nods the same way and at the same time too. Around here, there’s no doubt that they are twins.

[If that’s the case, then have Lindsey teach you. This child has a good head and she is good at teaching.]

[Th…that’s not….true…if you’re fine with me then.]

[Thank you. You’ve saved me.]

Alright, with this, the prospect of being able to read and write is in sight. All that remains is to study afterwards. It’s a good thing I found a good teacher….ah.

[Oh right, Lindsey. If we have the opportunity, can you teach me magic too? I also want to use magic.]


These two at the same time. What? Did I say something strange?


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