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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 67


Arc 9: Inheritance of Babylon.

Chapter 67: Wife's Anger and the Second Person

After Lindsey's confession. We took Shisuka with us to the mansion after that without clearing things up.

With my mind panicking, I entrusted Shisuka to Lime-san, hastily went back to my room, and collapsed on the bed holding my head in my arms. What the heck is going on?

Lindsey likes me? Is it not a 'Like' kind, but 'Love' kind of thing?

(TL: as we all know, japanese 好き carries a big emotional specter, ranging from child-like love to mature love. Thus MC not sure what kind it is...)

Ununuu..... . Argh, should I not worry about it?

Lindsey is certainly cute. She is a graceful, quiet girl considerate of others. Though a little shy in front of strangers, she is a hard-working person. If I make her my girlfriend, she'd be the perfect woman, I think.

But, tentatively, I am Yumina's fiance.

Speaking about Yumina, she is cute, her age does not match her composure, and she's dependable. Lately I've been occasionally surprised of her display of behavior befitting her age. Is this 'gap-moe'? Hm? Despite being appropriate, it is a gap?

Aaah, what should I do...

While burying my face in my pillow and sighing, knock-knock, I heard a knocking sound on the room's door.

「Touya-san, it is Yumina... 」

「Eh!? 」

Opening the door Yumina was standing there wearing casual clothes. For some reason, it feels awkward. No, I don't mean anything particularly bad. Is this the feeling of a wife exposing her husband's affair? No, before being a wife, we're not even married so there wouldn't be an affair!

After Yumina entered, she sat down on the sofa placed in the middle of the room. I casually sit down in front of her, but for some reason my glance keeps swimming around. I wonder if it is because I feel guilty.





Uu. It has been a while since the last gaze attack of the heterochromic eyes. It is mentally intense, you know...


「Ha, Hai」

「I, I am angry, you know? 」

No, saying such a thing... Even as a joke, from Yumina's standpoint as a fiancée, me being confessed to by the other girls is by no means amusing, I think.

Before my eyes her brows furrow and her cheeks swell, which is kind of cute but in this situation it by no means can be softened without reason.

「Even though I have not been kissed yet, for it to be snatched away earlier by two people! 」

「That was...!? 」

In a sense that may be so. However! That's already been done, and I didn't do it! But I don't want to sound like I'm making excuses.

「Are you not angry about Lindsey's confession? 」

「What do you mean? If you take a look at Lindsey-san, you will somewhat understand that she likes Touya-san」

Excuse me, even if I looked at her I did not know that... I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.

「On this occasion I would like to say in advance, I won't have any complaints if Touya-san has ten or twenty mistresses unless you those girls unhappy. I believe that to be a measure of a man's dependability」

... Is that so? It is said that polygamy is not unusual in this world but as far as permission goes, it is still scary...

「However! Ho-we-ver! Despite me being the legal wife, I have yet to do it and you are too careless about being kissed! You are full of openings! Please defend it! Please completely defend it!」

「Well, but」

「Excuses are prohibited!」


I think her getting angry at this point may be different, but it seems that it is quite considerably important for her for some reason.

「Then, for example, had Yumina done it earlier, would it have been a problem?」

「Although I would still somewhat burn with jealousy a little bit. But it won't be no good. If you take care of me properly」

I wonder if this child is really 12 years old. She might be overdoing it with the farsightedness. Or she might not like me to that extent...

「...... Just now you were thinking of something rude, weren't you? 」


I wonder why the only women around me are those with such a sharp perception. Yumina determinedly came around the table and sat down facing me on the sofa I was sitting on.

「Touya-san. I have resolved myself to live with you as husband and wife. It is because I love you. And because I love you to such extent that I won't lose even to Lindsey-san. That much, you should not doubt. 」

「... Forgive me. 」

Meekly, apologetic words came out. To doubt her that much would be rude to her feelings. Because she is better than me who is bad at making decisions.

「... Really, forgive me」

「... If you hold me close and give me a kiss I will forgive you」

Hey! That is too high a degree of difficulty, Yumina-san!

But still, the atmosphere does not allow me to escape from this situation. Nervously reaching my hand out to her shoulder, I draw her small body close. I tightly hugged her, and moved her head close at the chin. Her tender body and the sweet aroma of her hair made my heart beat fast.

Aa-well, I guess I have no choice but to recognize them, my own feelings.

Yumina raised her small body from inside of my arms, turned to face me and quietly closed her eyes. They are closed! Is it impossible to escape anymore!? I can't, you know!! I get it already!!

Resolving myself, I kiss Yumina's small lips. Just lightly touching them, it is a modest kiss. When we part our lips, she opened her eyes, smiled radiantly, and strongly clung to me once again.

「Ehehe. I have received it! The first to receive a kiss from Touya-san is me! isn't that right!? 」

「Eh? Aa... is that so, is that how it is... 」

Certainly, I have received it twice, but, for the first time I did it myself... Is it possible that that was the objective!? I have a feeling that somehow it was all calculated, but it's scary so I won't think too deeply about it.

What about the world where a 16-year-old man kisses a 12-year-old girl... I don't know in this world but if in the previous world, a senior high schooler guy kissing a sixth grade girl... It smells of crime, absolutely. Talking about age, it's only a 4 year difference.

「What does Touya-san think of Lindsey-san?」

「What I think... I think she's cute, I was honestly happy of her confession, you know. However, despite not being able to come to the decision about Yumina yet, when I think about Lindsey, I don't know know what the best thing do is. It's a miserable story」

「If you had to say, do you like or dislike her?」

「Of course, I like her. That's for certain. She's important to me, you know」

In my arms, Yumina laughs with a sneer. What? What is this ’’just as planned’’-like laughter?

「That is how it is, Lindsey-san」

「Eh!? 」

Yumina turns to the corner of the room and calls out to someone. Then Lindsey's figure emerged, face dimly red-hot and looking down. Hey, what is the meaning of this?

「I requested Rin-san to cast the transparency magic. I had to do it this way, because it looked like Lindsey-san also was not convinced」

「Invisible」was it! By any chance she was in the room all along!? If I assume so then the entire conversation earlier was also heard... Uwa, how embarrassing!

「Touya-san, you are evil, you know? Not giving any answer, you completely secluded yourself in your room. Because she thought you disliked her Lindsey kept crying all this time. A bit longer and Elsie would come here and hit you」

「Aa... about that, I'm sorry」

Is that so, I didn't even think to consider that. I'm useless, really.

「Th-, that-, that time, I'm sorry. When I saw Shisuka's kiss, not wanting to lose, I realized... I didn't consider it, to do such a thing... Without also considering Touya-san's feeling, please forgive me」

I approached Lindsey who was tightly grasping her skirt and shedding large teardrops, and gently took her hand.


「Although I think I was heard earlier, I do not dislike Lindsey. I think that you are cute, I think I like you. Though I don't know what to do, I think of you as important」


Lindsey gave me a little smile. Yeah, as I thought, this girl looks way better when smiling. For making her cry like that, me getting hit by Elsie is something I can't complain about.

「Having understood each other feelings, how about it. That is, will you take Lindsey-san too as your bride? 」

「Eh!? 」

Yumina just proposed the unthinkable without any hesitation. Lindsey.... As a bride, you say? When I look in Lindsey's direction, she is once again restlessly looking down with her face bright red.

「For royalty, nobles or wealthy merchants, taking two, three or more spouses is normal. After that, it's all about Touya-san's dependability, you know. Nobody will complain as long as we are supported properly. Does Lindsey-san have any problem? 」

「I-, I also, Touya-san's bride, want to become... 」

Are you serious? No, even though I am glad, apart from it, earlier various anxieties are drawing near.

「... Is it no good? 」

Lindsey's face looks like it will burst into tears any minute. No, as I thought I want this girl to keep having that smiling face from before. I cannot let her cry. Right, it has already come to that, I think!

「Becoming like a second wife, Lindsey, are you okay with that?」

「... I think that I can get along well with Yumina. Coming to love the same person, if we can both become happy, then it won't be bad」

「... I understand. If Yumina and Lindsey say that it is okay. I will make sure your wishes come true」

Just as a smile spilled out from Lindsey's face, she strongly embraced me. When the usually obedient Lindsey does something like that, it honestly completely bewilders me. After Yumina stood up, in a similar manner she jumped at us. Hey, this situation is somehow embarrassing!

「With this, Lindsey-san will also be a fiancée together with me」

Yumina says it delightfully while smiling. Looking at Lindsey, her face is red once again, but at every word she nodded happily.

It is already late at night. Once I told both of them to return to their rooms, I was pressed for a goodnight kiss. As one would expect I still did not have that much courage yet, but somehow, they forgave me in exchange for a kiss on their foreheads (which still felt strange). Yumina was delighted while Lindsey looked embarrassed.

I gave a long sigh when I was alone in the room. Too many various things happened today. I want to sort out my feelings. Once again, I fall down on the bed.

First of all, what should I do... More or less, there's money if it's just to support two people, there is also a house. Aren't there any problems? Aah, I also have to go greet Lindsey's parents...

After that all that left is my resolution, I think. Resolution to spend my whole life with these two people. I have to think positive as much as possible. I want to make both of them happy and... well...

While i was thinking about such things, I fell asleep.

DOBAN! At the sound of knocking at the door as if it was breaking, I sprang up unintentionally. What what!?

In my room it was already bright, the morning has come. When I looked around the vicinity while still half-asleep, basking in the morning sun was a silhouette looking down on me with arms crossed beside the bed.

「We have something to talk about for a bit」

Standing there was the older sister, whose face looked like two peas in a pod with the girl who said that she would become my bride yesterday.

Illuminated by the morning sun, on the waist the gauntlets vividly shine.

Uhm, somehow I have a bad feeling about this. By any chance am I in a pinch this morning?


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