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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 64


Transfer Formation and Sky Garden

『Don't make... fun of me... you, goraaaaa!!』

The black serpent roars louder while rolling around. Its tone is different from before. As I thought, is that guy an Okama?

From the cracked open mouth of the serpent, a water bullet is fired. He did that while tumbling though, so it completely flew in the wrong direction and hit the barrier of the magic formation.

That was dangerous. Everyone else was safe outside the magic formation but if that one hit me that would be bad, wouldn't it? Aiming at the little bit of time being in the air while slipping, this time the tortoise opened its big mouth.

『Eat this! 』

The compressed water flew like a laser. Well, this flew in the wrong direction too. Was it similar to Lindsey's [Aqua Cutter]? That's troubling.

Considering that you'll slip if you move even if it was just a single millimeter and you'll keep slipping, you would never be able to stand still. It would make aiming hard, but there's still a possibility of me getting hit.

「Can't be helped. I will have you fall over some more.」


I take out two bullets from the pouch again, apply enchant and load it into the gun, but this time I fire it directly at the serpent and tortoise instead of the ground.



The two begin to slip worse than before giving them no time to do ranged attacks. Turning around and around like having been thrown into a washing machine, they keep turning and falling and falling and falling and falling.

「Hey, what on earth are you doing!?」

「Hm? I only fired acceleration magic at them.」


No-attribute magic [Accelerate]. It is a magic which accelerates the body of the caster, but it can also be bestowed on another person. I could also enchant the barrier for an area of effect, but I decided to leave that for now... Uhm, why are you guys looking at me like that?

Except for Kohaku who was rolling with laughter, everyone had a stiff smile.

...I may have overdone it... maybe.

『Uaaa... Uoeeu... turn-, turning, the world is turning around... 』

『Sto-, Stop please... this is very unpleasant... I don't want this anymore... 』

I overdid it. The black serpent fainted with its eyes wide open, and the tortoise has been weeping for a while now.

「Aa, Forgive me somehow. I overdid it. So I apologize.」

I could feel everyone's painful stare on my back. I cancelled [Slip] once Genbu admitted defeat and agreed to do the contract but I struggled to soothe the girls after that.

『Aa, that was a painful experience... The Master whom Byakko recognized, we too accept... 』

While muttering, the serpent is still staggering from dizziness. The tortoise had finally stopped weeping, and firmly turned its eyes in my direction. I apologized again while caressing the tortoise's head. The tortoise casts down its eyes and lowers its body.

『Mochizuki Touya-sama. You are a person worthy of being our master. Please, establish a master-servant contract with us.』

Saying so, the tortoise and serpent both deeply bowed their heads.

「Etto, If I am not mistaken I have to give you names? 」

『That is so. Please choose a lovely name, Goshujin-sama. 』

『For guys like this [Serpent] and [Tortoise] is enough. 』

『Wait, what? You, be silent! Please don't. 』

The serpent menacingly bares its fangs at Kohaku`s proposal. The acid is dripping, the acid is dripping!

I was also thinking of [Serpent] and [Tortoise]. That was very dangerous. Names like Hebiko or Kameko are no good, I think...

(TL: Hebiko - snake-child, Kameko - tortoise-child)

Genbu... Black and Water.

「Then, how about Kokuyou and Sango? 」

『Kokuyou? 』 (TL: means 'obsidian')

『Sango? 』 (TL: means 'coral')

Kohaku is named after a jewel, so it's only appropriate. Those are also reminiscent of black and water. The serpent will be [Kokuyou] while the tortoise will be [Sango].

(TL: Kohaku means 'amber', for those that forgot)

「How about it?」

『I will receive the name of [Kokuyou] with pleasure』

『Then, this one will also from now on call thyself [Sango] with gratitude.』

It was good that they liked the names. Summoned beasts who have been given names are able to go out of magic formation. Sluggishly, Sango starts coming out of the magic barrier.

『Wait a minute, Genbu... No, Sango. We are able to manifest constantly due to Master's magical power. However, with that figure, you will only cause trouble for Master. Change your appearance. 』

『... Is that so? 』

『Byakko... It would be better if I became as small as Kohaku-chan? Then in that case... ne! 』

With a pop, Kokuyou and Sango changed their figures change into small ones.

On the black shelled 30 centimeter long tortoise was a regular sized black snake coiled up. They looked normal, but they were drifting in the air.

「You can fly? 」

『In this form we can. But we can't move fast...』

Sango effortlessly swims in the air. It is certainly not fast. Almost just as fast as walking. However, the figure of a land tortoise flying is surreal.

Well, with that size we'd be able to walk with them.

「Nice you meet you, Kokuyou, Sango.」

I gently stroke Kokuyou and Sango's head with my finger who were on my shoulder.

『This Kokuyou, will show its usefulness.』

『I, too, will be helpful, you know.』

Then shall I have you be useful immediately?

『Would it be fine to make you be able to breathe underwater? 』

「Yes, can you do that? 」

『No problem. No one rivals us in terms of defense. 』

Even if he says so, it might still be dangerous. For now only I will try to go and activate all the magic stones. Since it's me, I can activate all attributes by myself. Afterwards I will try to use [Gate] so the others can come.

「If something happens, please come back immediately with [Gate]. 」

While receiving Elsie's worries, I place Kokuyou and Sango on my shoulder, and try to enter the sea with my clothes on. Ooh, it really isn't getting wet. There seems to be a magical barrier separating the water approximately 1 centimeter from my body. This is their ability, isn't it?

Splashing, I went deeper into the sea. Soon the water level reaches to my neck and then finally my whole body is submerged.

However, it's not difficult. I can breathe normally. I don't even feel the unpleasant water pressure either.

「Now then, how strong is this? 」

『Well. If it's a physical attack, not even a blow from a dragon is enough, but if it's magic, it would depend on the opponent's abilities. 』

Kokuyou says, while shaking its head.

『Our barriers are strong, but it has its limits. If a magic was used to erase the barrier itself, even we can do nothing about it.』

I listen to Kokuyou`s explanation, who is close to my ears. Well, you can't have everything, can you?

I keep walking on the bottom of the sea. Aree, that reminds me, is buoyancy also negated? My body isn't floating but if I stroke my hands and kick with my legs I could do it.

While doing that, I saw a group of large stones. In the center was a building with stairs. I use magic for illumination and make my way underground.

Soon I arrived in the big hall with the magic formation. Then I see the six magic stone stands surrounding the magic formation I saw when I was using [Long Sense].

I approach the one with a red stone, and try to pour the fire attribute magical power on the installed magic stone.

As soon as I did that, the stand with the magic stone starts glowing dimly in red. It activated, I think.

I start activating the other stands in a similar manner one by one. With five lights revived, I pour the magical power on the last stand with the water stone and then the magic formation in the center began to shine quietly.

「With this the transfer formation is activated, right? 」

I timidly try to get up on the magic formation. ...... Nothing is happening. Are ?

Now what? All six stands are shining properly. That should have been everythi... Aa...

Possibly, it's the no-attribute.

Come to think of it, [Gate] is also no-attribute. If this transfer formation is similar to that then...

Standing in the center of magic formation, I send out no-attribute magical power. A burst of bright light suddenly shine from the magic formation, and I am transferred from here.

When I opened my eyes slowly after being dazzled, there was a garden. With flowers blooming all over, small birds flying about, and a narrow canal with flowing water.

Below my feet was a magic formation similar to the one at the bottom of the ocean, but there were no magic stone stands to activate. It seems to be one-way.

『Goshujin-sama......Where are we, I wonder? 』

「Who knows......」

After stepping off the magic formation, I look around the garden and see someone walking in my direction. Is that... a girl?

Gradually, the figure becomes clearer. When it does, I quickly avert my eyes!

The jade-green short trimmed hair, the porcelain-white skin, a pair of golden eyes. It was a maiden with a mysterious atmosphere. Her age looks to be around Elsie's and the others, I think. That's good.

A large light pink ribbon on a sleeveless black jacket. White knee-high socks with black enamel shoes. So far so good.

So far so good. So far sooo good!

「Pleased to meet you. I am [Francesca]. I am a control terminal for the [Babylon Sky Garden].」

Sky Garden? Terminal? I have plenty of questions, but I have to something more important to ask right now!

「Say... Well 」

「Yes. What is it? 」

「Why... under... you not wearing...? 」

I'm averting my eyes, but even with just a glimpse it's obvious that she's definitely not wearing any skirt or pants.

There is only a small white piece of clothing, but that's it... Her pantsu are completely in plain sight.

I don't understand. What the heck is going on here!

... But you have my gratitude!


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