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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 62


Beach Paradise and Ruins on the bottom the ocean

For now, after changing into my swimsuit, I do warm-up exercises on the beach. That`s what I say, but because I don't know what kind of exercises are good to do, I do similar radio calisthenics. (

Facing towards the sea, one-two-three, one-two-three, while I am doing that, I suddenly hear the voice from behind.

[What sort of dance are you doing?]

Turning my face around Elsie who had changed into swimsuit was there, standing. Behind that sister, there was also Lindsey.

Both people wore matching bikinis, but Elsie`s which had red on top and bottom with white borders, and Lindsey`s which had blue on top and bottom with white borders, were contrastive in color. Low rised bottom is fixed with the strings on the sides.

Looking at Lindsey, she looks embarrassed, on top she is wearing a pastel blue colored longish jacket. It is needless to say, both of them have a good style, honestly, I'm troubled where to place my gaze. But still, I confirmed that the younger sister is slightly bigger.

[It is not a dance, you know, it is warm-up exercises. Abruptly coming to the sea, if the foot cramps it would be terrible, don't you agree?]

[I see, well, Let's leave that kind of thing for later]

It is not how it is supposed to be, you know. Before my glaring, Elsie lightly rotated her wrists and ankles, stretched legs tendons, again and again, and started to enter the sea.

[Oh, Elsie-dono is the first to arrive degozaru. Then, I will also]

Yae, who came across before one knows it, laughs enjoyably. She was wearing light purple bikini, which halterneck and sides are tied with a string. It is a secret, that I thought of things like sarashi and red fundoshi in the corner of my mind.If thinking properly about this, because it has an appearance of an underwear, it is impossible.

(TL: - Sarashi, - Fundoshi)

However, looking again and, it is huge. Because it is always being restrained by sarashi, the gap between now and the usual time bewilders me.

Without paying attention to me and my thoughts, Yae too starts running facing towards the sea.

[Lindsey will not go swimming?]

[Ah, because I`m not good at swimming, I will rest in the shade]

Lindsey, who said so, starts going to under sunshade. Nn, because Lindsey feels that her body is not healthy, she wants to be careful about heatstroke.



Ah, this time, it is little ojou-san and others that appear.

Suu wears a yellow one-piece furnished with frill, that flutter on the chest, Rene wears a red one-piece with white dot pattern and something like a frilled skirt attached on a waist.

Simply cute. Without being flurried, you can put a companion at ease. Suu is carrying a swimming ring, and Rene is carrying beach ball.

[Be sure not go very far into open sea. It is shallow here, but take care not to be separated from others]

[I understand. It is all right-ja. Let`s go, Rene!]

[Yes, Suu-nee-chan]

Pulling Rene`s arm, Suu starts running to foreshore. Surprisingly, they got along well.

Looking at Rene, because she is small, It feels as though Suu is acting as an older sister.

[They are on good terms,aren't they~]


Due to abruptly raised Cecil-san`s voice, I stepped back reflexively. Do me a favor and stop approaching from behind and killing your presence! It is a professional disease !

Cecil-san is in emerald green bikini, on waist the same colored pareo is skirting. That one, on normal swimsuit there are no dangerous places or anything else.

It is just that, the volume exceeding Yae`s, is swimming before my eyes. I thought that the ones from before were big, but passing over <gigantic>, wouldn't it be <explosive>I think. As one would expect of senior, the adult charm (?) is fully loaded.

[Suu-sama~, Rene-chan~. I will also participate~]

Before my eyes, Cecil-san starts running. ...tayuntayun. ..tayuntayun. Because it is important, I said it twice.

[If it is big, will it really float...]

[What will ?]


Behind me Lapis-san was standing with wondering face. Again, isn't it ! That`s why I said don't kill your presence!

[What is floating?]

[Fuee!? Ah, aah, swimming ring! It really started floating, didn't it !?]

[.... It seems all right]

[Yeah, right!]

Lapis-san, who gazed at Suu and others being merry on the beach, was navy blue tube top and short pants type of swimsuit. She was holding in her hand for some reason a silver tray.

[What is that?]

[Tentatively, I`m not at work. These are beverages for madam]

In the direction Lapis-san`s eyes point to, (wearing) parasol at the bottom, relaxing in the beach chairs were queen-sama and duchess. On the table, which stood between the two people, Lapis-san placed what I think are tropical drinks, which she was holding.

[But even so, it is fine for Lapis-san to go play]

[Because we will take turns with Cecil to enjoy ourselves properly, so don't worry]

Lapis-san walks towards the [Gate], which connects with the residence, while smiling. A model of a maid, isn't she. As you would expect from the one belonging to the maid guild. N?

When I thought that something was noisy, from the rocky place, His Majesty The King jumped into the sea !? Hey, Are you okay !? Ah, he surfaced and was floating. It appears, that it is deep over there. Continuing, His Majesty the Duke and General Leon also jump. And then, everyone were swimming in a race, what are they doing, these old men. I think they are too much in high spirits.


Before me, who was amazed by the King and company, Yumina turned up. Her cute white bikini is nicely matching with frills on the back and chest. Coming here and spinning around, she turned her glance to me.

[What do you think?]

[It suits you nicely. Cute]

[ehehe. Thank you]

If it is Yumina, words of praise come smoothly, is it because I think that she is still a child, I wonder. Certainly I`m not flurried as similarly as with other girls yet. It is still some way to go before it is likely to be captured by Yumina.

[Touya-san, let's swim together over there?]

Yumina is tightly embracing my arm. Well, being touched is, but. Is it on purpose or unconsciously, my judgement is troubled. I didn't notice it but, Acting in accordance to your age, that in itself is growing up, isn't it...

Getting embarrassed unintentionally because of soft sensation, I'm getting flustered, am i not. It is not as if there is still some time before (I) can be captured, It isn`t, you know! It is already dangerous.

[Ya, tentatively, we have to examine historic ruins. When it is over, I will keep you company, you know]

Gently, Yumina`s restraint is released, and the promise is made. She seems to be also dissatisfied slightly, but it appears she somehow understands.

[Then, when it is over, please come by all means]

Yumina, saying so with a smiling face, leaves and starts running towards Suu and others on sand.

It was dangerous.. . My defences are in danger. No, it is nothing unpleasant, but... it isn`t ?

Yumina is cute. About that, I have no doubt. If talking about liking or not liking, I like her. However, I don't understand well enough whether it is a love interest.

Nn, supposing that If a man which Yumina likes appears, and if it happens so that person marries her, then... Are ? Somehow... Annoying.

It makes me feel sad. It feels wrong somehow. .. It is jealousy, is what it is, I wonder. No, I don't know for sure what do you call a person of some doubtful origin, who can entrust an important child, who is like a little sister, to some fellow, paternal instinct, it ts, I think. Probably.

[I wonder, what are you making that difficult face for?]

Turning around, there was, though wrapping oneself in adult black colored bikini arranged with white laces, Rin standing, who was raising a black parasol for some reason. Despite that if you don't want to be burned in the sun, it would be okay to change into the swimsuit, is that I thought, but, somehow I have a feeling that I will lose if I meddle too deep in it. However, what is with this bold low-rise swimsuit, having the sides being tied with the string, on this infant figure.

Apart from that being on my mind, there is a stuffed bear, wearing swimsuit with red and white borders like that of Taisho era, which is doing warm-up exercises.

[By no means, are you swimming too, Pola ?]

What`s right boy-ya ! Pola, who looked like she said this, hit herself in the chest. Will you be all right? Rin turns towards me and disdainfully snorts.

[ [Protection] is not applied just for show. Because even waterproof is perfectly applied]

[Protection] is amazing. Afterwards, I will also apply it on smartphone. Ah, Kohaku is in the middle of resting in the tent for luggage, in which smartphone in placed.

[Then, for starters, I'll try to dive underwater]

I start walking, facing towards the sea, making unsteady steps, Pola is also following me. Will you really be all righ...

Pola enters the sea, and is toppled over by the wave, while rolling towards the beach she is being pushed back. standing up, she again try to run to the sea. And again, being pushed by the wave, she rolls towards the beach... It is infinite loop, isn't it?

For the time being, I will leave her alone, and starts going into the open sea. Before long, legs are become unable to touch the floor, and as it is, I proceed forward with breaststroke.

If I am not mistaken, it was somewhere around here. I inhale breath deeply and dive at once.

Highly transparent sea clearly displayed to me the thing below.

It is certainly the historic ruins. What looked like stone circle of various megalith groups is lined up, in its center is a small building, which looks like the temple. diving further, and peeking through the building`s entrance, there were stairs, leading towards the basement.

It is dark ahead, I don`t grasp anything, but it isn't a considerably long staircase, I think. Now, because the breath is not gonna last anymore, I return to the sea surface.

Puhaa, taking in an oxygen, one more time, I dive. This time, immediately I descend to the stone staircase, but it became difficult on the way, and I returned. It is impossible ! There is simply no way the breath will last. For me, 1 minute is the limit.

There is something beyond that staircase, I think. I want to make sure, but at this point, that is the limit. I could not get much results but because there is nothing that can be done, I decide to return.

Coming back to sandy beach, there was Pola, confronting the wave, saying [It isn`t done so easily...] and looking like wiping the blood (of course there is nothing of that sort there) off the mouth by hand.

I convey, what I saw to Rin, and lie down on the sandy beach.

[Perfectly at the bottom of the sea, isn't it... . Well, what shall we do... I wonder if I have no choice but also bring Marion along]


[Chief of aquatic tribe, you know. My friend. If it is that child, because marion is capable also of acting underwater, I think it will be fine, but... That child, doesn`t appear in front of people...]

(TL: because the gender of Marion is not explicitly said atm, I will use his(her) name as pointer)

Hmm, folding arms, Rin is brooding.

If it aquatic tribe, it is not that as if it has to be that child specifically, I think, but, not appearing before people, how should i put it, not interfering very much with land people, seeming that it is an aquatic tribe policy, it also seems difficult to bring along other people.

[Like that, it is good, that I managed to cooperate with the founding nation of Misumido]

[About that, it was my art of negotiation. Not being a difficult child, having been friends for hundred years, you reach a point where you can also read companion`s way of thinking]

A hundred years... Rin`s story, going through it again, the scale is so enormous I don't quite get it.

[Well, let's leave it at that for today.It would be nice if you can come play later. If I hog you to myself for any longer, I will be resented by everyone]

Leaving with saying that, Rin went in Pola`s direction. By everyone ?

And, out of nowhere, came the good smell of roasted meat. Standing up, I look in the windward direction. Over there, before the established big iron plate, in orange bikini and wearing an apron Mika-san and in similar bikini with black and white border wearing an apron Clair-san were energetically showing their skills. Because both of the them are chefs, they sort of managed to become friends.

Next to them, wearing a one-piece with flower pattern, is Aeru-san, passing frozen metallic container to Lindsey. Is it an ice-cream. A dessert is for after meal, isn't it?

Now and then coming from the [Gate], connected to the mansion, Clair-san`s husband Julio-san was bringing the foodstuff in succession. As usual, he was wearing a straw hat.

To help (them) with anything, I started walking towards everybody, but, I turned scornful eyes to the people who were present on midway.

[What are you doing?]

There were, in this hot weather, wearing deep black dress with white gloves, looking into opera glasses, two people.

[We are doing observation of Suu-sama`s safety]

[Similarly, in case of princess-sama, we are observing her safety]

No way, Isn`t this an overprotection? What is with these brothers. Reimu-san`s master is His Highness The Duke, Lyme-san`s master is me. Our safety is disregarded.

Maa, even if I said it, there is nothing I can do about it, so leaving them alone, for the sake of satisfying hunger, I start walking.

I`m so hungry.


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