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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 61


The Sea and a Vacation

Three days had passed from then.

There was a bit of a frenzy but somehow Takeda's territory regains their peace of mind, a new lord was decided as well. The sole king of Takeda's for kings that sent the rescue request to us, it was he who had originally given the orphan Kanjo shelter.

Although it was known that Shingen had a son that Kanjo knew about, although he manipulated the parents, there's no problem point that out?

There is no mistake that it was Kanjo that was the perpetrator of this incident, and it is still in doubt that we fought with his true intent. His heart had been taken over by the artifact, even still he still wasn't able to lay his hands on the diseased lord's orphan...maybe I was just thing about it too much.

At any rate, that son, Takeda Katsuyoriyuki would be the next lord, the four kings would assist him.

They tentatively told Oda they wouldn't be picking a fight. Well it's not as if this world and my former world's history was synchronized but its better safe than sorry. I want to be spared reports of Takeda being ruined in a few years.

The 「Ruins of Niruya」were a little off of an island the furthest island south in Ishen's territory. Fortunately when Baba-jiisan was younger he had been there, so I was allowed to retrieve the memory from him. Honestly, holding hands and touching the forehead of a rough old man seemed like a punishment game.

「Now then, father mother, and elder brother and Ayane too. We will be going」

「Aa, take care」

「Touya-san, please take care of my daughter」

As we separated from Yae's parent's house in Oedo to start off on our journey once again Nanae-san bowed deeply. Not knowing what to say in reply, I bowed similarly. Nearby were Shigetaro-san and Ayane-san laughing at us.

「Next time, we should spend more time getting to know each other. I'll invite you to my home in Belfast」

「I look forward to it」

I shake hands with Shigetaro-san and open a「gate」to the ruins.

While waving at Yae's family, we pass through the gate of light out on to a sandy beach.

There was a white sand beach spreading from the sea to as far as the eye could see. In the far distance a small forest and a rock could be seen but, there was nothing else.

Looking at the map, apparently this is a completely isolated small island. Well even if you say isolated, if you were to swim about 200 meters you'd reach land.

The sun glitters in the emerald green sea, glittering lights dance off the surface. With pure white sand there certainly was coral and small shells laying all around which were also white.

「Uwaaa, it's so beautiful-」

While Yumina walks around on the white beach, her eyes were stolen by the sea that stretches out before her. Kohaku was walking painfully besides her while the teddy was frolicking around. What is really going on, with it's 「Program」

Its master had opened a black parasol, from who knows where, and walked gracefully on the sandy beach.

「It's been a while since we've been to the sea」

「That's right, Onee-chan」

The twin sisters were also walking along the sandy beach while feeling the sea breeze.

Yae follows along afterward, part way through she loses her sandals and runs on the sand barefoot.

「Hot! Hot! Hoooot!」

Well of course it's hot. There's that sunlight after all. There's still a lot of day light left, the dazzling sun is hanging in the blue heavens. Compared to that the sands are a scorching hell.

Dancing a strange dance, she kept jumping from foot to foot as she ran toward the swa to escape the heat.

This is what they would call the perfect southern resort, there was absolutely no one with any desire to examine the ruins.

That reminds me, Omohue-san said it was at the「bottom of the sea」Could they really be undersea ruins?

I searced the map for 「Ruins」And it hit. Seriously? They really are at the bottom.

They seem to be about 100 meters offshore, but I can't see anything...... Do I have to dive to see them?

「Rin. Isn't there any magic that you can use for going under the water?」

「There's magic for doing things above the water but. I certainly did hear about some no attribute magic that could use in the water, but I wasn't interested so I don't remember it」

That's the most important part there.......

For the time being, should I dive and check out the ruins? If there was a swimsuit I would change into it but there's nothing like that in this world. Swimming in a single pair of underwear is a little embarrassing.

Walking along the beach edge Elsie, Lindsey, Yae, and Yumina were all barefooted, playing against the waves. As the waves rose and splashed they frolicked enjoying it.

「It's cold and feels good. If I there were a swimsuit I could swim」

「.........wait a moment. Um? Swimsuit?」

I froze at that word that came out of Elsie's mouth. I was convinced that there weren't any of those in this world.

「...? You could buy them if you went to a shop, I think. There have been several types being sold in the provinces recently, I heard」

Lindsey answered my question. I see...they're there normally huh, swimsuit?

「Well, seeing as we've come out to the sea, we can't not enjoy this situation」

If it has to do with clothes, it has to be there, we transported to Zanack's shop in Leaflet.

After our reunion after such a long time, we hurriedly talked about what we came here for, apparently it was going to get hot soon and he had gotten a large shipment of swimsuits. What good timing!

Even though there's no sea nearby, I voiced by doubt about the swimsuit demand but apparently they swim in the river and if you travel about half a day there's a lake. There also seem to be pools at rich people's houses.

For the time being the girls went and picked out their swimsuits and went back home for a little bit. Because everyone looks like they're having so much fun, it would be sad if they were left out.

「The sea?」

「Uwaa~ that's nice~」

「Cecil-neesan, what's the sea?」

When I returned to the house I broached the subject with the three maids. Well I didn't think there would be any opposition so Lapis-san, Cecil-san, and Rene went through 「Gate」to Zanack's shop.

Afterwards I went to the kitchen and invited Clair-san, as well as Julio san from the garden to come as well.

I can't really leave the house unguarded so I couldn't take Tom and Huck huh? Well I'll get them something nice.

Lyme-san wasn't going to swim so I took him and went straight to Duke Orutorinde's house. I knew if I didn't invite them then they'd be noisy.

「Ishen's sea!? Nice! Let's go!」

「Father! I was the one that was invited!」

Like I said, is this country that free? Why is the duke the one that's the most rearing to go......? His wife Ellen-san laughs as her husband frolics.

For the time being, with the duke's household including the butler Reimu-san I opened the「gate」to Zanack-san's shop and then suddenly the duke said something completely unexpected.

「Let's invite elder brother and them too」he said.

「Hohou, Ishen's sea? That Al, he really is attentive isn't he?」

「I thought you'd want to feel the sea breeze after such a long time」

「Are the state of affairs so relaxed?」

His majesty, the king, and Queen Yueru were in high spirits.


「The schedule for this afternoon just opened up. I thought about calling over Al for some Shogi anyway. So there should be no problem」

I wonder if it's really good or bad timing. So because the couple were wearing something that stood out too much I had them change into plain clothes. If Zanack-san were to see that crown on his head he'd fall down.

I went over to General Leon's place to see about getting some guards assigned but the general said he would go personally. Seriously? (you underestimate the power of the sea)

「What would happen if His majesty didn't take me along for his vacation!? I'll also be enjoying myself along the way!」

He says in a loud voice while beating my back. I said that hurts!

By the way, I invited Charlotte-san, but once she knew that Rin was going she refused. Is she that bad with her......?

After changing into plain (although they still looked pretty expensive to me) looking clothing, I took the group with the King and returned to Zanack's place with 「Gate」Ou, there seem to be quite a few people huh.

Huh? Why are 「Silver Moon」's Mika-san and 「Parent」's Aeru-san here?

「Long time no see-. Have you been well?」

「We were invited by Elise-chan. We're going to the sea so you should come too she said」

Elsie invited them? Well it's fine. The people that had swimsuits were transported to the beach. It's really annoying so I fixed the「Gate」so it would stay open.

On the beach, from「Storage」I took out some iron wire and used 「Modeling」to make pipes to make a simple tent so that they could change clothes. The girls' site was wide, while the men's was small. The girls went immediately to change and Elsie waved me away. Don't treat me like a dog.

After that, should I make some beach chairs and parasols to relax? And I made something like a fairly big sunshade. Heatstroke is terrible after all. I guess I could also make some life buoys as well as a beach ball from the rubber?

The people came out one by one after they finished changing on to the beach. There really are a lot of them....

Um, Me, Elsie, Lindsey, Yae, Yumina, Rin, Lapis-san, Cecil-san, Rene, Clare-san, Julio-san, Lyme-san, the duke, Ellen-san, Suu, Reimu-san, The king, Queen Yuela, General Leon, as well as Mika-san and Aeru-san. (plus 2)......21 people. And 1/3 of the group is royalty. Well in the 1/3 of the male group is ’’that’’.

Now then, everyone had purchased a swimsuit and was here... so close the 「gate」...... hey, I didn't buy myself one......?

I picked out a random adjustable pair of trunks. They're black. These aren't nylon or polyester? They look like it...... The materials are good plus it's perfect for swimming. I heard from Zanack-san that its string made from the cocoon of an insect called the Aqua butterfly. They seem to be used for expensive umbrellas as well.

I thanked Zanack-san and returned to my house living room in Belfast and fixed the connection point for the 「Gate」. It would be bad if they couldn't use the bathroom. Food to, maybe we should have a barbeque? I prepared charcoal for a fire and an iron plate for later. There should be quite a few things in the storehouse like meat and vegetables. I also want something to drink. Should I use ice magic and make some ice to cool fruit juice down? After that...... huh?

......From a while ago it seems that I'm the only one doing all the work, it must be my imagination. Isn't it my imagination that I'm the only one working, is it? (not just a repeat)

Why you, I have to play as hard as I can!

Wait? Why did we come here in the first place again?


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