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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 60


Jammerg55 here, I won’t be posting any more blurbs until something important comes up. Anyways Enjoy!

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Chapter 60: Immortal Jewel, and a Prayer

After destroying the jizou barrier, I searched for demon soldiers on the smartphone map screen. Alright, it worked, I could search for them. Just like that I locked on to all of the masked soldiers.

「O- oi, what is that……!?」

Suspended in the night sky there were「Multiple」small magic circles and Yamagata-ossan guys look amazed. While looking at that Rin asks.

「You’re going to do that?」 「I think it would be best to get rid of those nuisances right? It would be a bother to be surrounded the moment we transport there.」

I held my hand up in the sky and concentrated magic and activated the 「multiple」magic circles all at once.

「Drill of Light, sacred shining spear, Shining Javelin」

Rain of light fell. It shined beautifully in the darkness, it was like a shower of meteors. However, I never thought it would cause the kind of impact and vibration that was now occurring on the scene where they fell. Spears of light fell all around the mansion and the demon soldiers crumbled. Whether it was inside or outside, the light poured down regardless. That’s bad……I didn’t think about that. Before long after the rain of light subsided there were yells of 「Attack, an attack!」from the enemy soldiers that could be heard, and also like that I targeted 「Hostile Takeda soldiers」and used 「paralyze」 on them and it quickly quieted down.

「Alright, shall we go?」 「Oi…… Was all of that you?」

Turning his head slowly, Baba-jiisan opens and closes his mouth like a galloping horse. The other two had their mouths open but weren’t able to say anything, but before long they finally began to squeeze a voice out.

「That was……completely unexpected……」 「Oioi, didn’t you take Kanjo out with this as well?」

Because I had tentatively selected 「Hostile Takeda Soldiers」 that Kanjo might have been in the results. But I was convinced that he was probably safe. I used 「Paralyze」 on them but it doesn’t really work on those with high magic ability.

「Kanjou is probably safe. Now then, let’s finish this」

I opened a 「gate」into the inner district where Kanjo was. I exited the gate of light into a wide garden on the estate, and there was the one eyed person standing. Takeda’s soldiers were on the ground unable to move. In the vicinity was a bonfire where the shadow moves around of the man who wore the eye patch staring at us who suddenly appeared.

「I see. I wondered who it was that did this and it turned out to be the four kings huh? Well, this was a surprise. Just how on earth did you accomplish this?」 「Bastard, we don’t have any obligation to tell you that. Drop dead!」

Setting up the large sword, and suddenly Yamagata lunges at Kanjo aiming to stab at him. Wai- he’s quick, that person! He’s exactly how he looks? It looked like Yamagata Masakage’s attack went to take the head of the Takeda’s commander Kanjo’s head. However, there was a warrior in armor nearby that dived in and deflected the blow.


It was from the person with the white disheveled hair under the helmet wrapped in red armor who deflected the blow with all their strength. It had a demon mask. He was about 2 meters tall, bristling with muscles that seemed fit to burst. This person…… maybe this is…….


A voice, originating from Baba-jiisan strains, I thought so, as I look back at the red armored warrior. That’s Takeda Shigen. Takeda’s former lord. Now he’s a muppet?

「Kanjo, you bastard! You’re using Oyakata-sama as your shield?!」 「A shield, etc. Oyakata-sama just wishes to protect me is all. However, it seems his arm is failing so I apologize. Let’s call for a replacement shall we」

Kanjo gathers magic around him and a large magic circle appears in the center of the garden. This is……dark attribute magic, a summoning?!

「Come forth darkness, become the warrior I desire, skeleton warrior」

From the circle appears a skeleton equipped with a curved sword on his right hand and a round shield on his left. He’s a specialized, completely undead figure.

「Blade mode」

I put it out and shot the gun blade Brynhild, the next moment it transformed to a long blade. Just like that I attacked and cut the spine of the skeleton in two knocking it down. However, the skeleton that should have been cut down slowly began to move, the body duplicated. The spine that should have been broken closed up and it they stood up to attack. Uo!?

「Come forth light, Bright shining duet, Light Arrow」

From somewhere Rin’s voice calls out and the light from her spell hits the skeleton. That moment, the skeleton rattled and fell apart, just like that didn’t move any more, it didn’t regenerate itself either.

「You know undead are weak against light attribute right? Cutting a dark cloud is a waste of time」

Oh that’s right. I returned Brynhild to gun mode and reloaded the bullets, of course I loaded it with light bullets. Then the dazzling light of with the report of the gun, the skeleton’s head became particles of dust, and stopped moving. I looked around and Tsubaki-san, Baba-Jiisan and Naito-san were mowing the skeletons one after another, but it seems that no matter how many they knock down they just keep duplicating.

「What a pain. I’m going to take them all out」

Rin releases magic, and a magic formation appears under her feet. It expands until it encloses the entire garden before long.

「Come forth light, shine the light of exile, Banish」

As Rin’s spell ended, the skeletons in the garden dissolved into light and disappeared. What is that, as expected of the fairy family who excel in magic?

「Ku, light purification magic huh? Well done. But」

The red warror in armor blocks the way and defends Kanjo. Yamagata-ossan’s katana is restrained in the face of him.

「Oyakata-sama! Please move!」 「Fufufu, it’s no use. Oyakata-sama is defending me. You won’t be able to bear your blades upon me with that kind of kindness with Oyakata-sama in the way. In other words-」

Kanjou’s words were interrupted, Bakin! And Shingen’s mask cracks. It seemed like a bother so I shot it with the gun.


Kanjo gave a look of astonishment, he glanced from the collapsed Shingen to Brynhild and myself.

「Youngin’ you……」 「Well, I don’t want something like a favor」 「Well yeah but… think about our feelings……」

Baba-jiisan and Natou-san look at me with amazed eyes, but even if you say something like that it troubles me.

「Fu, fufufu, that was pretty good wasn’t it. But, I still have this!」

Kanjo removes the patch from his left eye. There was a bright red eye, no, orb laid there. It gave off a sinister light and shined eerily as if it was pulsing. Could that thing be the 「Jewel」?

「As long as I have this 「Gem of Immortality」I can never die! Even if I were to be beheaded I would regenerate in no time!」 「That gem is what gives the demon mask soldiers the power to be immortal?」 「Exactly. The difficult part is they can only accept simple instructions over a long distance but it’s a wonderful artifact that gives the owner full magic and immortality!」

Kanjo answered Rin’s question full of pride. That’s the cause of everything after all?


Yamagata cleaved his sword through Kanjo’s body he lowers it. The blow splendedly went through the whole body and took off the guy’s right arm, the arm that fell turned into gray fog and scattered, a new arm appeared on Kanjo’s shoulder.

「Na……!」 「It’s usless! No matter how much you cut it will always reproduce. As long as I have this gem!」 「Aport」

I pulled the round object toward myself. In other words, if there is no gem there is on reproduction. It flys away from Kanjo like a shining red orb and flying over toward me, I catch it.


Kanjo fell down on his own and touches his hand to his left eye. Of course there was no gem there. Now that I think about it, it was buried there. It fells kind of nasty.

「Bastard, when did you!?」 「Cleptomania is bad you know, is that a no attribute magic?」 「Ah, 「Aport」is something that can draw small objects toward yourself. It’s really useful at times like this」

Rin suddenly picks up and looks at the gem in my hand, her eyes narrow and watch it. She looks at it even harder and stares at it. That’s dirty you know.

「Hmph, this is no good. It absorbs the negative energy and curses the owner’s heart to become impure. It’s similar to having a curse put on you. This is the reason he became so strange. A clear heart is a hindrance for controlling the undead, if you think about it it’s rather rational」 「You understand it that much huh?」 「Don’t underestimate the fairy family」

Fufun and Rin puffs up her thin chest with pride. As expected of the fairy tribe chief. I sometimes forget it.

「Artifacts are magic ingredients of the ancient civilizations. It’s a very valuable item, but as it passed from person to person it absorbed the malice and it became a misfortune. It would be best to destroy it」

After she says that the girl grasps the gem in her right hand and winds up toward the wall.

「What are you doing!? Stop that!!」 「No way」

Kanjo raises his voice in desperation and Rin responds with the smile of a villain. This person really loves to do what others hate…… She throws it at the stone wall as hard as she could and it was smashed to pieces.


Kanjo screams as he vomits a fountain of blood and crumbles. Although he suffers and writhes for a little while, he stops moving before long, and dries up like a mummy.

「Tha- nk………」

At the end as the dust blew into the sky and disappeared a voice went along with it.

「This……what happened?」 「The human Yamamoto Kanjo was probably already dead to begin with. Magic, energy, physical strength, all of it had been sucked up by the gem, definitely」

Kanjo disappeares and Rin answers lightly as the remains of Yamagata’s clothes were seen. In other words, when the gem had been destroyed, it became impossible to maintain the body. It had already become that of the undead.

「Aa, Oyakata-sama is……!」

To Tsubaki-san’s small voice we turned around and saw Shingen and the other demon soldiers turn to dust just as Kanjo had, then as the wind blew they disappeared into the night sky. It would be good if they could rest in peace. The four kings and Tsubaki-san put their hands together and prayed for the dead. Is it because I’m Japanese? I naturally put my hands together and did the same.


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