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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 59


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Chapter 59: The Four Kings and the Rescue

West of the mansion, inside of a building resided the dungeon. Even with her permit, Tsubaki-san wouldn’t be allowed to enter, Rin made her 「Invisible」(although Rin refused to call it transparent) as well and the three of us snuck inside. Inside stood a guard who was on watch and there were a set of stone stairs that lead underground. There was a jail room made of wood and stone there sat an elderly person with his eyes closed in a meditation posture. He was elderly with a giant long grey beard with many wrinkles on his face.

「Who is it?」

From his zen meditation suddenly came his voice. We stopped in surprise. Although we weren’t visible, apparently he could feel our presence.

「Baba-sama, it’s Tsubaki. I’ve come to rescue you. Where are Yamagata-sama and Naitou-sama?」 「Kousaka’s…? F~un, that guy is pretending to be in league with Kanjou. He’s so incorrigible」

The edges of his mouth lifted and one of Takeda’s four kings laughed with a broad grin.

「Naito and Yamagata are further in. But besides that, won’t you show me your appearance already?」

Rin releases the enchantment and Baba raises one eyebrow, it’s probably the fact that we also came into view.

「Who are those two? I have not seen them before」 「These are the guests of Tokugawa-dono, Mochidzuki Touya-dono and Rin-dono. Mochidzuki-dono alone defeated Tokugawa’s 15000, demon influenced soldiers」 「What did you say!?」

Old man Baba stared at me wide eyed. I mean, there were 15000 of them? No wonder the map was full of them. The old man gives off the feeling of not believing me but, for the time being I need to do something about this jail cell. I could blow it off with magic but that would most certainly be exposed right? It can’t be helped.


I transformed the rectangular lumber of the jail cell lattice and made it so that a person could leave. It took about 1 minute to complete and Baba-Jiisan walked out of the cell.

「You can do some quite strange things, youngin’」

Youngin’ you say. Well I certainly am considerably younger than you. I wouldn’t dare to say but the fairy girl beside you is much older than both of us combined. We bring along the bad mouthing jiisan and advance further inward and move to another room with cells on the right and left. In the jail cell on the right was a gentle faced watchmen or businessman on the verge of retirement and on the left was an old man with the sharp look of a hero with scratches all over.

「Oo, Baba-dono. You look well」

The window-sided salary man called out cheerfully. (I guess it’s the guy on the right)

「It seems to be getting interesting doesn’t it, Baba-dono. If you’re going to go wild let me in on it」

Scar (for lack of a better name) looks over at us happily and stands near the lattice. Seeing these two, Baba-jiisan lets out a sigh of exasperation.

「Naito. You really should have a bit more tension in that face. You’re always smiling loosely. Yamagata, on the other hand. You need to think a bit more. Not everything means a fight」

Fuun. The salary man by the window is Naitou Masatoyo, Scar is Yamagata Masakage?

「Youngin’, sorry but could you get these guys out?」 「I don’t mind. Could you stop with the youngin’?」

I requested the correction with a frowning face, Rin opened her mouth and spoke at the jiisan.

「This boy is tentatively a candidate for king of Belfast, I would take care of how I spoke if I were you?」

At these words not only the Jiisan but the other two went speechless. Well, there is no mistake in what Rin said but, the way she said it bugs me a little. It hasn’t been approved, tentatively.

「Is that so? U-mu, but changing it now seems to be a unbecoming…… Youngin’ is fine isn’t it?」

At Baba-jiisan’s sentence Rin laughed and shrugged her shoulders. It’s useless. He’s the “won’t listen if told” type

「Please allow me to call you Touya-dono」 「Well then, I’ll go with Touya」

Naitou-ossan and Yamagata-ossan says with ever they feel like. Is Takeda full of free guys like that? I’d like to meet the ones that taught them the rules, seriously. With 「Modeling」I liberated the two men just as I had before. After that Rin cast 「Invisible」on everyone, everyone went up the stairs, slipped past the guard and escaped the dungeon.

「And, what do you intend to do now, soon to be King?」

Naito-san calls out with an amused smile. Cut that name out. I told them what I tentatively had in mind.

「After we let you out of the Mansion, we intend on catching Kanjo」 「Oioi, no go. Take me along Touya. I need to thank that bastard for what he gave us」

Yamagata-ossan popped his knuckles as he expressed a fearless smile. When he says that with a scared face like that, it’s scary in several ways.

「There are hardened demon soldiers surrounding Kanjo, he also practices strange magic. That guy’s not even human Can you beat him?」

Baba-jiisan says something strange. What do you mean? As I opened my mouth to ask Naito-san gives the answer.

「Once Yamamoto Kanjo served as an army strategist. He was smart and a person of the highest caliber, he was more than satisfactory as a strategist. But one time, he obtained a gem called a 「Treasure Jewel」with demonic power」Ever since then he began to grow strange. He would kill cats and dogs to test something, and before long he turned on humans. Then after they died he would manipulate them with the 「Demon’s mask」a strong power he had obtained. We were unable to stop him. That 「Treasure Jewel’s power is something we can’t stand against……」

Yamamoto Kanjo became strange because of that 「Treasure Jewel」gem? A demonic power was born……right. Could that possibly be an 《Artifact》that controls the dead?

「What do you think Rin?」

「There is no mistake that there is something strange coming from that gem. It’s an artifact that is too strong, it could be that there is a grudge that is attached to it as well. The producers grudge, something like that might dwell in it」

Grudge… then it’s just like a cursed item isn’t it? But if it’s like that then it’s easy to understand. Takeda’s strategist Yamamoto Kanjo’s consciousness being over taken by the charm of the broken gem. If the gem is destroyed I wonder what will happen. I ask Tsubaki-san who is beside me.

「Where is Kanjo now?」 「He is probably in the inner district of the residence I believe……」

I took out my smartphone and searched for Yamamoto Kanjo to see if there was a hit. Nn? He’s not here? Wait, no. I checked to see if I could locate Rin, but there was not hit for that either. It’s because of the barrier? It prevents「Search」of things. It’s an unexpected pain.

「Tsubaki-san, where is the inner district?」 「Etto…It’s that way」

I used 「long sense」in the direction that was indicated. I thought that this would be influenced but nothing happened to it. I wonder if it’s because it is magic used directly on myself? It came out into a wide garden, and at the time I was going to look around the inside of the residence, a single man came out into the garden from the residence. He was wearing a black formal kimono and hakama, he has dark tanned skin and an eye-patch over his left eye. Is this that Kanjo guy? I returned my vision and asked Rin about how to break the barrier. We’ve already rescued the four kings, so the moment it’s discovered we can transport over to Kanjo so there’s no problem.

「Probably there’s a charm on each of the four corners of the mansion. You only need to destroy one of them」 「I know where they are. This way」

Yamagata-ossan guided as we followed. Because we all had 「Invisible」cast on us, we were able to advance to that location without being noticed. On a corner of a wall there was a small space, there was a small stone jizo. About the height of Pola? (TN: Jizo is a Buddhist statue that watches out for foreigners and travelers on the road)

「There’s no mistake. The Jizo itself is one of the seals」

I had imagined it was going to be one of those paper talismans, but I was mistaken. This statue had the meaning of honorable protection, in reality the shape was not important.

「Then, destroy this and we can immediately transport over to Kanjo’s place?」 「No wait, youngin’. Even for us, being without any weapons would be pretty hard. Don’t you have any weapons?」

Even if you say something like that. What Baba-jiisan says is justifiable, the only weapons I have on hand are the gun blade Brynhild and the New Model Army gun. But I can’t loan either of these out……

「It can’t be helped. I’ll make some」 「「「Make them??」」」

I ignored the “What is this guy saying” glances I took out a bundle of wrapped steel left over from making the bicycles.

「Is a spear fine? Or are there any requests?」 「A? Aa, That’s fine for me, Naito uses 2 daggers, and Yamagata uses a large sword……」 「Aiyo」

Using 「Modeling」I transformed the steel. First making the twin daggers was easy, next was the large sword and last was the spear. The three received their weapons and waved them around.

「They were made in such a short time…… That’s amazing, Touya-san is」 「Even the body is made of steel so I thought it would be heavy…but it’s lighter than what I thought, this spear. The balance is a little off though」

To make it lighter, I made an air gap in the middle. It’s something like a steel pipe. Because it’s made from one piece of steel, I think it should be quite durable but, I can’t guarantee the blade cut.

「Well then are we ready?」

Everyone gave a small nod in confirmation. I pulled my new model army from my waist pocket and reloaded it with (small) explosion rounds. I aimed at the Jizou with my gun. I wonder if there’s going to be any punishment for this, I hope I’m spared from that. While thinking of that I pulled the trigger and the stone fragments scattered into dust.


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