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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 58


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Chapter 58: Takeda’s Circumstances and Infiltration

「What did you say…!?」

Omohue-san is at a loss for words. According to rumor, it looks like Takeda`s Army is already being controlled by the dark strategist Yamamoto Kanjo, it seems.

「If Shingen-dono had already died, All of Takeda`s 4 kings, with the exception of Kousaka, could be imprisoned, it seems. Something has to be done to stop that strategist and save Takeda.」 「Kousaka is pretending to obey the strategist, while thinking about how to rescue Takeda.」

The self-named kunoichi Tsubaki supplemented. Apparently, the strategist is hiding Shingen-dono`s death, and therefore it seems by manipulating these corpses the Takeda is in his control. The 4 Kings, who noticed this, have been imprisoned. Only Kousaka, who followed the strategist`s ideas, (is what I think) is able to move though his subordinates… or something like that.

「Honestly speaking, Tokugawa has no obligation to do anything for Takeda’s, but, as it is now, Kanjo`s manipulated masked soldiers will be able for sure to destroy Tokugawa. It really is a miserable story but, the fates of Tokugawa and Takeda, all the decisions lie with guests who came from Belfast, you know.」

Uchitake-san, while saying so, looks in our direction. It seems like it is finally time to seems that infiltrate Tsutsujigasaki, to do something about strategist Yamamoto guy, one way or another.

「What will we do, Touya-san?」

Even though she knows the answer, Yumina asks for my instructions by pretending to look in my direction.

「I will do it. We will infiltrate Tsutsujigasaki. Because I want to go to ruins of Niruya with a peace of mind.」 「You have my gratitude.」

Kunoichi-san… Tsubaki-san lowered her head.

「So, because we cannot infiltrate with these so many people, Myself, Tsubaki-san and Rin will go.」

With Tsubaki, who is well-acquainted with the inside of Takeda`s castle, and Rin, who is part of fairy tribe, which is good at magic, nothing bad should happen, is it not. Ah, I feel bad for Pola, but it will be house-sitting. I say this to the teddy and it kicks the floor, and expresses anger with its whole body. This「Program」is amazing.

「Ok, then without further ado…」 「Wait, Wait! You want to infiltrate in the middle of the day? Won`t it be better to wait until night?」

I enthusiastically stand up and then, Elsie says something reasonable. Oh that’s right. At night, there will be few people, and it will harder to find us under the cover of darkness. As infiltration was postponed for the night, we decided to rest for a moment.

Well, I, using the 「Gate」, returned to Yae’s home to notify about Omohue-san and Shigetaro-san safety, then returned to the mansion in Belfast and notified Rime-san that we will be staying for one night and there were a lot of things to do. Supplies like alcohol and foods, arrows and oil, which I received from Oedo, were placed in 「Storage」, as I was requested to transport them to the fort. Well, it is good thing because I am not particularly tired. Uchitake-san also properly paid me with money. I received a splendid amount. Maybe I should really create a delivery company… While I was doing all these things, the night came.

「So, Tsubaki-san, please remember a place in Tsutsujigasaki`s mansion. A place with as few people a possible would be good.」 「I understand.」

I grasp both Tsubaki-san’s hands, while she closed her eyes. During the time with Yae, I was also a little tense, and to do this with completely unknown woman made me also tense… What I mean is, regardless of knowing her or having a relationship, just the fact that I was holding a woman’s hand, my body become tense, the look in the eyes of the girls is somehow scary!

I don`t understand it, but I should hurry up. For the sake of my body.


I concentrate magic and touch Tsubaki-san’s forehead. Tsubaki-san is tall, and we’re almost the same height, compared to the time with Yae, there is no need to bend down. The image of the large one-story house, surrounded by multiple hazy moats and castle town, comes to mind`s eye. This is Takeda`s army stronghold, Tsutsuchigasaki.


I separated from Tsubaki-san, the door of light, leading to the inside of castle`s tower is created.

「Well, we are going. Kohaku, if anything happens, I will contact you.」 《I understand.》

Kohaku and I, even being separated a considerable distance, can still talk to each other. If something happens here, I think, I can rush back immediately.

Through open 「Gate」, first Rin, then Tsubaki-san, and finally I went in.

Coming out of the 「Gate」, above the moonless night sky only the stars twinkle. On the side of dense and luxurious forest, in far away the light of the torch is slightly visible. Perhaps it the Tsutsujigasaki`s mansion it seems.

We will sneak in over there…

First of all, to see the state of things and 「Long Sense」 development, the sense of vision is expanded. On the moat, surrounding the center, there are several bridges;naturally the castle gates are closed.

In front of the gate, wearing helmets and armor with muscular arms, holding the spears, are several guys, standing on guard of the gate.

Continuing further, past the gate, when I expanded the sight further, there was the white wall, that stretch like a maze, beside which was a waterfall.


I summon the gate of light immediately, to go through there. However, I`m not going thought it the door of light, there is only a step in front of the gate.


I try to pass through the gate once more, as I thought, I cannot go through it, but only simply fall through it.

「What is going on?」

Not understanding, I tilt my head. Something like this has never happened before.

「A barrier charm. It’s probably to ward against 「Gate」’s teleportation」 「Barrier?」

Rin says while looking at me. That reminds me Duke Orutorinde said something like that. Invasion from「Gate」could be prevented by a barrier. This is what he meant.

「It was probably made by Kanjo. If it’s just me I can probably go in by myself, pretending to be Kousaka’s attendant and destroy the charm.」

Tsubaki-san says so and starts toward the mansion but Rin with arms folded stopped her.

「Don’t do that. If the barrier is broken then the possibility of becoming exposed to the person in question would be high. Even if he didn’t know who actually broke it, it would make him very cautious」 「Alright, what should we do?」

Tsubaki-san asks Rin. We can only do that after all.

「Rin. Let’s use the magic you used to make your wings disappear and invade that way. With my and Rin’s bodies invisible, we follow tsubaki-san and go through the gate. If it’s that then it’ll be fine right?」 「Not make invisible bend the light……well, it’s fine. You stand still」

Just as told, I stood in front of Rin. She holds a hand out in front of me and creates a magic circle below our feet and begins to chant.

「Misinterpreted light, bending guidance, invisible」

Rin recites the spell, and from our feet the circle raises up and passes through our bodies. At the top of our head it quietly disappears.


Tsubaki-san says in a surprised voice. Eh, we’ve already disappeared? But I can see my own arm and body, and I can see Rin you know?

「Rin. This magic doesn’t work on us?」 「Isn’t it obvious? If you couldn’t see your own body wouldn’t it be inconvenient?」 「Aa, I can hear your voices」

Tsubaki-san sounds somewhat relieved. It appears she can’t see us after all. Smiling from ear to ear, Rin gets up behind Tsubaki-san and suddenly rubs her chest with both hands.

「Fuhiyaaaaaa!?」 「Hey Touya~, don’t do that just because she can’t see you~」 「To- Touya-san!?」 「No! It’s Rin! I’ve been standing in front of you the whole time!」

I shake one of the trees nearby to make my presence known. But even if Tsubaki-san can’t see us, she should still be able to tell that the sensation behind her is not me!?

「Ya…aa, wa- that much……annn!」 「Mumuu, there’s more than I expected……Are you the thin type? This is actually kind of……」 「Knock it off already!」 「Aita!?」

I gave a considerably strong chop to Rin’s head, who wouldn’t stop rubbing her breasts. What is this 612 year old doing. Think about the situation!

Rin crouches on the ground clutching her head, the beat red Tsubaki-san retreats a little holding her chest. See? She’s started to develop her sense of caution. I spoke to relieve Tsubaki-san.

「Are you alright? The smack seems to be effective」 「On the ass?」 「Stop talking already!」

To Rin’s joke Tsubaki-san withdraws even further. Will we be able to infiltrate like this? Forget a little, I’m now completely insecure

「I am Kousaka-sama’s attendant. I would like to pass」 「Certainly. Please wait a moment」

Tsubaki-san shows a pass she has and the two guards slowly open the gate. There is no service entrence here. Between the open doors Rin and I quickly slip inside. After a little while Tsubaki-san comes through and the gate closes. Fuu. The infiltration was somehow a success.

「By the way Rin. This transparency magic, the barrier doesn’t nullify it?」 「The barrier does have a small interference on all magic but 「invisible」cast on us directly isn’t really effected by it at all. It can’t interfere with it. Because it can’t interfere, 「Gate」from within the barrier is possible」

I see. It’s because「Gate」 is something that interferes with the destination? If that’s the case we should go to the dungeon and rescue Takeda’s three remaining kings with 「Gate」If it comes to a fight, then they would be reassuring allies. I propose that to Tsubaki-san and she agrees immediately.

「The dungeon is this way」

We started following Tsubaki-san and ran through the moonless darkness.


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