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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 54


Jammerg55 here, sorry for the delayed chapter. I’ve started to get my class schedule down so the chapters will go back to being regularly released. Thanks for waiting so patiently everyone.

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Chapter 54: Fraze and to Ishen

「The day before you guys returned, in the western end of Misumido a courier from a town called Release came. They reported strange phenomena that had over happened several days」 「Strange phenomena?」

Rin said while sitting on a chair in the living room while taking a cup of tea. Yumina and I were facing directly in front of her and Lindsey and Yae were sitting to the right and left. Pola was sitting demurely next to Rin.

「The ones who actually saw it were children from Release. In the forest in the middle of the air where there should have been nothing was a crack. It couldn’t be touched, but it was definitely there」

A crack in space……? What is that? Is it some kind of magic?

「Before long those children noticed the crack gradually growing each day. They hurried and told some adults and the village elders sent a message to the capital」

Rin returned her tea cup to its saucer. So that messenger reached the capital the day before we returned to Belfast?

「I listened to the story with interest, then I went along with a platoon of soldiers were sent to the village. But what they found was the village had already been annihilated. The crystal demon killed the villagers and had cut off the area. I fought hard along with the platoon, but we weren’t able to do anything. Swords wouldn’t work, magic was absorbed, even if something broke it would repair itself……It was truly a nightmare.

「It was the same as what we fought…. So, were you able to defeat it?」 「We managed somehow. We understood that physical damage caused by magic worked, so we threw a several ton rock at its head. When it destroyed it’s head, it didn’t self-repair again」

It was probably the red sphere in its head that was destroyed……Because that had been destroyed, the activity stopped. So was it the same as the demon we fought?

「We decided to investigate this monster, when we asked for Charlotte’s cooperation, I learned that there had been a similar monster here in Belfast. I was surprised that it had been defeated by none other than you」

Rin gazes at me with the smile of a demon. What is it, this feeling of being stared at by a snake? It makes me brake out in a cold sweat.

「I heard about it you know? You can use every no-attribute magic? Then it’s no wonder you can use「Program」」 「Aa-……What can I say, I’d hope you wouldn’t spread it around」

Charlotte-san talked huh? Well, she probably going to say it anyways. She was compelled by that demon master.

「From the surviving villagers, the crack that had shown up in space, the crystal demon came through the ripped space」

From the ripped space…? It didn’t revive like it did in the ruins for us? Rin took a sheet of paper from her pocket and placed it on the table. The demon that had been rendered had a different shape than the one that we had defeated The demon we had encountered had six long, slender feet and a head attacked to almond shaped body, the shape of a cricket, the one that Rin had drawn on the paper was almost the same shape of head but instead of the almond shaped body, it was long and had no visible feet. If what we fought was a cricket, then this is a snake. It had a body with a bent shape like a Japanese katana, a crystal snake. 「The one that we fought had a different shape. The one here had the shape of a cricket. It had stretched its long legs and attacked with them」 「This one extended part of its tail and stabbed people to death. Like a sharp edged sword」

It had a different shape. However, I was convinced that it was the same thing. If you were to compare it, a butterfly and a mantis are completely different but… it was the same「Insect」. It might be like that for these as well.

「…….Long ago, when I was still little, I heard from the family elders this story. From nowhere came a devil called 「Fraze」it was a devil with a translucent body, and that devil came to destroy the world… The story goes that the devil was invulnerable. After a while it just disappeared, and then as if nothing had happened the world returned to how it was before……」 「Was that 「Fraze」a crystal demon?」 「I do not know. The elders have already passed away, after all it was a story that I had heard when I was a child. Even then the last time the Fairy clan had associated with an outside tribe was millennia before that」

Could it be that that monster called a 「Fraze」appeared, where did it come from? Was it summoned by someone like a summoned beast? Why did it attack people? I had no answers to these questions. Though it’s a threat, it wasn’t possible to defeat it. You would have to defeat it again if it appeared. Furthermore, if there was a wire-puller then they would have to be brought down too.

「Well, even if we think about it by ourselves it’s no use huh? If possible I never want to meet another one of those. If we met another one then we would just defeat it」「I see. By the way, I will be staying here as Misumido’s ambassador instead of Olga-san」

Eh? Is that right? Poor Charlotte-san……

「I’ll be coming by now and again to play in the future. And Touya, can you use 「Gate」?」

Aa, this is bad. She found out. I even took the time for that small act to keep 「Gate」a secret, it might cause Misumido to be cautious. It might even cause mistrust. As if reading my heart, Rin gave a small smile.

「You don’t need to make that kind of face. I haven’t said anything to the Beast King or other clan elders so please be at ease. I’m nice to my relatives. 「Relative?」 「You’re going to be my apprentice aren’t you?」

Rin was grinning broadly while looking at me. Gununu. Isn’t this what you would call a threat? While I was hesitating Rin says.

「Fufu, I’m joking. I don’t want to force anyone to do anything they don’t want to」

Lies. You were at least half serious aren’t you? While I glare at Rin the living room door openes and Cecil-san and Rene-san enters with a teapot and snacks.

「I have brought a change of tea」

Rene speaks while looking nervously. She awkwardly places the platter with snacks on the table and pours tea into the empty tea cups. Cecil-san watches over her with a smile.

「Please excush me」

She bit her tongue. The pair bowed and left the room. It was fine, I guess. Though I think it was a good first try.

「You’re employing a considerably young child. She doesn’t seem accustomed to serving, is she a new face?」 「I employed her recently. There are some faults, but I would appreciate if you would over look them」

While saying that I bring the cup that had tea poured into it. Mu, it’s a little hot, and the flavor is a little strong. It’s not something that Cecil-san or Lapis-san would make. But it’s no anything to worry about.

「By the way, going back to what I asked earlier. You can use「Gate」can you not?」 「I can use it. The only difficult part is I can’t go somewhere that I’ve never been before」「You know the no-attribute magic「Recall」do you not? It’s a magic that can be used to read the memories of others. If you them together then you should be able to go to wherever the other person has been」

It was that kind of magic…? But you really know about it. Almost everyone from the fairy family is able to use no-attribute magic, so I guess it’s natural?

「If you use that magic and 「Gate」, there is somewhere that I want to take you. At that place are a set of ancient ruins, there is something that I want to obtain」 「I don’t really get it……where do you intend on going?」 「Far to the east, on the eastern edge. To God’s country Ishen」 「Ishen?」

I reflexively looked at Yae. Yae who I had looked at was surprised as well. A country similar to Japan from my original world, Ishen. Ever since I came to this world I had been extremely interested in it. I can go to that country?

「This girl was born in Ishen was she not? If you read this girl’s mind then you can use 「Gate」then you can go to Ishen」 「Wait-degozaru! Read the mid, mine-degozaru!?」 「Please do not worry. 「Recall」can only be used to view what is permitted, if it not permitted then it cannot be read」

Yae was silent as she had an indescribably worried look on her face. Well, there is something everyone has that they don’t want to be seen. I couldn’t say it would be it’s alright, it would be worried too. I thought that as if our positions were reversed.

「No-attribute magic「Recall」is used to touch the others mind, from there the other person recalls the memories from within and exchanges them. The form of contact is mouth to mouth」 「「「「Ueee!!!!?」」」」 「I’m joking」

At Rin’s words everyone fell down. Don’t smile like that, you do-S goth loli girl! She’s just messing with us!

「Ok ok, you two stand and face each other. Then hold both hands」

Being pulled by Rin, I stand face to face with Yae. Then just like that we grip each other’s hands. They’re soft……. She’s always holding a sword, but they’re this soft. This is bad, it’s making me nervous!?]

「Aa……」 「Hau…!」

I looked up at Yae and our eyes met. I saw that she had a madly blushing face as she looked at me. Don’t look at me with that face! It’s going to make me even more embarrassed!

「Ok, close your eyes you two. Yae, in your mind think of Ishen’s scenery. Think of a place as clearly of that place. If there is a place that is kind of vague then the「Gate」then might open in a place that just looks similar. Then touch your foreheads together and use「Recall」」

Then just as Rin instructed, I concentrated magic and touched my forehead to Yae’s. There was a fluffy nice smell, it made it a little difficult to concentrate, I somehow managed to retain the concentration and activated the magic.


An image flowed into my head. A large tree…… a camphor tree? There is something at a base……this is a shrine? I could see a small shrine. To either side was a Korean looking dog. It was a small shrine in the forest? Is this one of Yae’s memories of Ishen?

「I see it」

With eyes open, Yae and I look at each other. I felt a little strange, it felt like a common memory that I remembered. It was as if it was a spot that I had been to many times.

「Nn!」 「-To!」

Yumina coughs unnaturally, and I release Yae’s hands. Having being watched the either time it made me embarrassed to hold hands. We turned away from each other in embarrassment.

「If you saw Ishen then I would like you to open「gate」Would you please?

Ku, I said stop that grinning already! I imagined the place that I had just seen once more… and opened 「Gate」 After passing through the gate, passing through the light we came out in the forest. Under the big camphor tree, there was the Shrine archway and small shrine with the Korean dongs. It was definitely the same scenery as what was in Yae’s memory.

「There is no mistake. This is my birthplace, Ishen-degozaru. We’re in a grove that is just off of my parent’s house, inside the protected forest.

After Yae had exited the gate, she looks around and declared so. In the far outskirts of the east, the far eastern country, God’s country Ishen. We had set our feet there.

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