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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 53


Jammerg55 here, Happy belated new year. Anyways although I’m going back to school starting next week, I still intend on doing a chapter per week. It may be a day early or late but it should be fairly regular. Anyways enjoy!

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Chapter 53: The Visitors and the Bad News

「Yep, doesn’t that just look swell on you?」 「Do- does it really?」

Rene grasps the hem of her skirt as she pirouettes with her fresh maid uniform. The pendant she wears sways as she turns.

「That pendant is going to get in your way while you work so you should put it inside your clothes」 「Ah, ok. Got it Touya-niichan」

While it’s true that it might get in the way when she’s working, it’s more that it’s hidden so that shiny things don’t attract sticky fingers. Lyme-san was standing next to me staring straight at Rene.

「Rene. You are now an employee of this house. In front of customers it’s 「master」not「Touya-oniichan」」 「「Aa, etto, yes. Lyme-san」 「Very good. Your responsibility here is to support the Employees’ work here. For the time being you’ll work with Clair before breakfast and for everything else you’ll learn from Lapis」 「I got- I understand」

Rene answers firmly. Will it really be alright……. I’m a little worried.

「Well then, shall we go Rene-chan?」 「Un. I’m going now Touya-nii- master」 「Work hard~」

Cecil took Rene and left the dining room. Well, it would be best to learn little by little.

「I think it’s alright not to worry」 「I think so as well」

The twins gave their seals of approval over tea after breakfast. I had explained Rene’s employment details to everyone yesterday.

「She seems to be a strong child ~degozaru, she properly thinks for herself, that girl」

Yae says that as she stuffs breakfast into her face. You really eat well don’t you! Just how many croissants does that make? The dining room door opened with a click and Yumina entered. In her hand a single piece of paper fluttered.

「It’s from father. Touya-san, if you are available the palace requests your presence」

The letter had been sent through the letter gate mirror that was in Yumina’s room in the royal palace. If that letter had been brought on foot it would have taken about 30 minutes to arrive, it is the epitome of convenience.

「From the King? I wonder what he wants」 「Recently, Uncle has been bragging about his prided bicycle, wouldn’t it be about that?」

Yumina answers with a wry smile. Aa, he wants one for himself eh……. I’ll go make one to take with me. I also decided to take the opportunity to talk about Rene. I used 「Storage」in the garden, and took out the materials for a bicycle and made one. Because I had made so many, I could complete a bicycle in about 10 minutes. Then I placed it into 「Storage」This magic really is convenient.

「Well, I’m off」 「I will come with you」

Yumina says as she comes out into the garden. Well, if she doesn’t come with me then I really can’t walk around the castle alone.

「Aa, wait. I want to go too. I want to train with the General」

With the asymmetric pair of gauntlets hanging at her waist, Elise had come. She’s sparred with him so many times, it’s become something of an apprenticeship now. Well, this country has both a「Knight Squad」and the general「Army」organizations. I wonder how they’re different. I wonder if one is like a domestic guard against foreign invasions. Or something like the knight’s squad is meant as an escort for the King? I haven’t met to top person of the Kight’s squad yet. While thinking about that I opened the「Gate」

「Well, let’s see, Al, …I mean Duke Oltorinde you see, showed off this unusual vehicle, he said that Touya-dono was the one that made it. Could it~ you know, be possible to arrange for something like that for myself……?」

The King broached the subject with a suspicious attitude. I thought so. We were speaking in a small room in the Royal palace. Elsie had headed off toward the general’s place, and Yumina went the princess’s place, one on one.

「I thought as much, so I made and brought one」 「Oo! That’s most welcome! And, where is it!?」

Using「Storage」a magic circle appeared. I called out the bicycle.

「Touya-dono is as amazing as usual. This is different from「Gate」?」 「This is storage magic. It has a lot of different uses」

The King let out an amazed voice, and his eyes were glued to the bicycle. He looked at it from various angles, touching it as he went.

「Did the Duke let you ride?」 「Umu, but I couldn’t ride it. He said it takes practice but about how long will it take?」 「The Duke took about a day, our maids took about 3 hours. Well even if it takes a while you can probably learn it in about 3 days」

The King doesn’t seem that free. There’s no way he could just spend an entire day learning how to ride a bicycle. Even still, if he continues to practice, sooner or later he’ll be able to ride it. Now then, while the King was happily straddling his bicycle in a good mood, I think it’s time he hear what I have to say.

「Actually, I have something to ask of you, I need to consult you on something……」 「Hou? It’s pretty unusual for Touya-dono to ask for something」

With a slightly surprised face, I explained about Rene to the King. The King listened silent and after a short while opens his mouth and says solemnly.

「A crime is a crime. It will be necessary to have some compensation. However, considering the girl’s circumstances, there seem to be extenuating conditions. If you are willing to take responsibility for the girl and she can be reformed, then there will only be a large fine and a stern warning. However, there will be no second chance, please express that upon her strongly」

I felt relieved at the King’s words. I thought that he might possibly get angry, but at that time I just felt I had to do everything I could to protect Rene with all of my heart. However, it was remedied by the Kings consideration. Did something bad happen?

「Umu… It’s still necessary to understand」 「What is?」 「For there to be so many vagrant children, you see. We should have sent enough money to the orphanage from the palace. Could it possibly be…」

The King clapped his hands and a white masked person dropped from the ceiling soundlessly. Oo, that surprised me! Instant movement, I thought that it might be one of our maids, Cecil-san or Lapis-san, but Lapis-san has a hexagon and Cecil-san has an oval on the forehead. This intelligence member has a pentagon and is under His Majesty the King’s direct command, one of the 「Espion」members.

「Who is in charge of the orphanage management fund?」 「…I believe it was Baron Sebeku. For the last few years, there’ve been some strange rumors about him」 「Examine the money trail, if there is evidence of embezzlement, arrest him immediately」 「Ha」

Just as he appeared, he disappeared instantly back to the ceiling. He really is a ninja.

「Excuse me. It could be that the child that Touya-dono is protecting is one that we should have been the ones to originally protect her, it appears to be our fault. Please forgive us」

While saying that, the King bows to me. Indeed, it is possible that the man stole from the orphanage while managing it. And for that reason the orphanage itself did nothing while the children all became vagrants. There are those here after all. Arrogant people who selfishly take money that doesn’t belong to them.

「It’s hard, for His Majesty the King as well」 「You said it. I want to hurry up and quickly transfer this position to someone else and retire」

His Majesty the King grins broadly at me. Don’t imply that I’m getting married to Yumina. Even if I do marry her, I won’t take position you know. I have to do everything I can just so that I can grasp the position of master chef in the castle. Things like Garlic, Yams, soft-shell turtles… those things are here. I need to make arrangements immediately. (TLN: Your stomach is more important than girls?)

「I’m back」

Using「Gate」Yumina and I came out into the corridor of our house. Apparently Elsie had walked home after she finished training. A door opened and Lyme-san met us in the entrance hall.

「Welcome home, master」 「I’ve returned Lyme-san. Did it go well with Rene?」 「It appears that way. Aa, a guest has come for master」 「A guest?」

While talking to Lyme-san casually, I saw and heard the unsteady steps of something coming this way. It was 50cm long. It had a red and gray ribbon around its neck. It’s a teddy bear with lovely round eyes.


The bear reacted to its name being called and waived its right hand in greeting. I caught the unsteadily walking Pola and picked it up.

「Did you really come hear all by yourself?」 「There’s no way that could happen right? I came along too」

The parlor door opens and a gray haired twin-tail girl in a goth loli dress appeared.

「Rin!? Why are you here!?」

Well, other than Pola, its master Rin also came, it’s not really that mysterious at all.

「I came to research something. Well, I also came to punish Charlotte. But I already beat her though」

She really holds a grudge…… Even though she’s over 600 years she still hasn’t grown up…… Rin looked at me with exasperated eyes, and Yumina tugged at my sleeve.

「Touya-san? Who is this?」 「Aa, this is the first time you’ve met her isn’t it Yumina? This is the Chief of the fairy clan of Misumido, her name is Rin. Even though she looks like this she’s much older than us」 「Fairy clan…? But……」

Yumina looks at her doubtfully. Huh? That reminds me, shouldn’t there be wings on the back of a fairy? She didn’t chop them off did she?

「Aa, the wings are being hidden with optical magic. They stand out in this country after all」

Maybe it’s because the magic was released, the translucent wings gradually came into view. They glittered in the sunlight that was streaming from the window. Whether they’re from a Winged clan or the fairy clan, I wonder of those get in the way when they sleep.

「But why here? It’s amazing you knew where to find me though」 「I heard it from Charlotte. And I have something I want to ask you. Several months ago, it’s about the「Crystal Demon」that you defeated」 「……What?」

The Crystal Demon. It can’t be anything but that. It appeared in the underground ruins of the old royal capital, swords did nothing, magic was absorbed;the monster had a mysterious means of regeneration.

「One came out in Misumido. A Crystal Demon that is」

From the words that Rin had fired off, I felt an indescribable cold of surprise.

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