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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 52


Jammerg55 here, my my time sure does fly. It’s hard to believe that this year is already over. Anyways, as this will probably be the last chapter for the year unless someone has one scheduled at a minute to midnight or something on behalf of the entire staff I want to wish everyone a safe and happy new year. Anyways, Enjoy!

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Chapter 52: The New Employee and the Pendant

Once you wiped her face, Rene was actually pretty cute.

「Hey hey, niichan. What are you gonna feed me?」

But she spoke like that. For the time being, it would probably to give her something heavy to eat right of the bat so, I bought seafood soup and gave a cup to her. Rene accepts it timidly and begins to drink it a little at a time. She seems to be sensitive to heat. I was concerned that she would drink it all at once so it’s just right.

「Wait here a moment」

Having Rene, wait there, I went right into the guild with my recently regained wallet presented my guild card and took out some money. There really wasn’t much in (the wallet). I thought about going into some shops but with how Rene looked I decided against it. In the end we ate some kabobs from another stall in the plaza on a nearby bench.

「It’s not going to run away, so eat it slowly」 「N」

She was really that hungry huh? She slurps and chews her kabobs like a little piggy in to her bottomless pit known as her stomach. She would give Yae a run for her money…….

「Rene , where do you live?」 「Where ever. I’ve slept in the park as well as in the back alleys. I stayed in a proper in with my father before but……」 「Your father is?」 「One year ago, he didn’t come back from a demon beast subjugation. He was an adventurer……」

I see……. He was done in by a demon beast. It wasn’t uncommon for the tables to turn on an adventurer taking on a subjugation request. And because of that many would be treated as simply missing.

「Your mother? Or do you have any relatives?」 「My mother died right after I was born. I don’t about any relatives. Father didn’t really talk about them」

After finishing her kabob, she wipes her grubby hands on her equally grubby trousers. So because her father went away she’s been left all alone. It’s amazing that she’s been able to survive the last year.

「After father went away, I traveled with an old woman in town who taught me how to pickpocket. I knew it was a bad thing but because I was so hungry it couldn’t be helped……」

You taught her too much, old lady. But thanks to that Rene was able to survive. Well… what should I do with this kid? She has neither parents nor relatives. Even if I were to take her to an orphanage she’s already a criminal……. When I heard her story I realized she only stole when she was really desperate so it might be possible to overlook this somehow…… There seem to be quite a few children like that around here. Even if they didn’t steal they would probably just die a dog’s death. These children are desperate to survive, I understand that. But that doesn’t make thievery alright…… Maybe she could get employment from somewhere…… as if. If I were to just leave here like this then she would just go back to pickpocketing again. Then she’ll probably get caught…… ……If I were to be called naïve then it wouldn’t be wrong, but it can’t be helped. If I can help her then that’s what I want to do.

「……Rene , would want to come and work at my house?」 「Eh?」 「You wouldn’t have to worry about a place to live or food to eat. But, I’ll have you work properly. If you can do that then I will pay you correspondingly. How about it?」 「Eh? Eh? You’re going to give me work? Really?」

Rene stares at me with a shocked expression. Even while I was surprised at myself for saying so, she stares at me with sparkling eyes in expectation.

「However, it is upon the condition that you never pickpocket again If you break that then I can’t give you any work」 「Ye- yeah! I’ll never use it again! I promise!」

I patted Rene on the head lightly as she nods. I wonder if she has the same ability as Yumina but I do think she’s a good kid, Rene is. Alright, with that settled lets go home. I could have used 「Gate」to return however I wanted her to learn the way by foot.

「Huh, isn’t it this way」 「My house is this way. In the West District」 「The West District!?」

Rene, who had been facing the East District, turns around and looks at me surprised. Is it really that surprising? I take Rene out of the South District and enter the West District. The residential district gradually begins to expand along the way and heads up a slight slope up the hill. It would be easy if this weren’t here.

「Could it be… Touya-niichan is a noble?」 「I’m not a noble. But there were several things that happened」(not yet anyways, bwahahaha)

Because of how insecure from feeling so out of place, Rene asks me this. If I were a noble then rather than living in the outer district I would live in the inner district, but that isn’t absolute. There are things like nobles of low standing, impoverished aristocrats as well as rich merchants living here. As we finish climbing the slope the red roof of my home comes into view. Upon seeing that, Rene looks back at me with a dumbfounded look on her face.

「Th- this is Touya-niichan’s house!?」 「That’s right, Ah, Tom-san, good work」 「Oh, it’s unusual for master to come through the front door isn’t it?」

While smiling the guard Tom-san says. Well, I usually move using 「Gate」so it can’t be helped that he says that. I enter the premises from the service entrance next to the gate. Then walk along the pavement into the garden, then when I open the door, just there in the garden were Lapis-san and Cecil-san cleaning the entrance hall.

「Ara, master? Welcome home. It’s unusual to come back through the door isn’t it?」 「Welcome home~ Araa? Who is this~?」

Cecil-san stares hard at Rene for a little bit. Maybe because she was shy, Rene hides in my shadow.

「This girl is Rene. She will be working here starting today so please get along. Hey Rene. Introduce yourself.」 「Uu……Rene. Pleased to meet you……」

What is it, it feels like I’ve borrowed a cat. Is she nervous? Well, if I were suddenly brought to a strange place like this then I might feel the same.

「Where is Lyme-san?」 「He took tea to Yumina-sama in the living room」

I took Rene and went into the living room. I made her sit on a chair and explained the situation to Lyme-san. While silently listening, Yumina stared at Rene. I bet she’s looking at her with her disposition. After a short while Yumina lets out a small smile. See? She’s not a bad kid. Upon seeing that with a sidelong glance, Lyme-san opens his mouth.

「I see I understand the situation. However, it would cause problems if work was only done half-heartedly. Your name is Rene?」 「Y- yes」 「Do you truly wish to work here? Things like failing, or causing us employees problems is not what I am worried about. Can you promise to learn from it and not run away?」

Lyme-san gives Rene a piercing stare. I wonder if it’s too severe for a child less than 10 years old. But this was an atmosphere that did not allow me to intervene so I stayed quiet.

「…… Un. I, want to work. I want to be here with Touya-oniichan」

Rene looks Lyme-san straight in the eye when she says this. Upon seeing that the butler abruptly loosens his expression and smiles.

「Cecil, take Rene to the bathroom. Wash every nook and cranny」 「Ye~s. Come here Rene-chan. It’s bath time~」 「Eh? Eh?」

Cecil-san drags Rene and goes to the bath.

「Lapis go buy some appropriate clothes for that child. Aa, order a custom-designed maid uniform」 「Yes. Master, I will be borrowing the bicycle」

Lapis-san hurried off. By the way, she and Cecil-san learned to ride in a few hours. As expected of the garden guards.

「When she gets out of the bath, give her some of my clothes. The size is probably wrong but it’s just until Lapis-san gets back」

Yumina says that and stands. I wonder if she’s going to carry some clothes to the dressing room. Yumina leaves the room and I recline in the chair with nothing to do. Then Lyme-san brings some tea and places it on the table before long.

「Should I have sent her to an orphanage after all? Was it just needless meddling?」 「It was what Rene decided I think. Right now I believe that if master can save a single girl from poverty than it is enough」

Un, that’s right. It was as I expected. Because I wanted it to be so it was made so. That is all. As expected from the former king’s care person. He’s good. Even still, what Rene did was a crime. It is necessary to have compensation. Should I go and ask? The King. ……N? The dotabatadotabata steps of running come down the corridor. BAN! And the door bursts open and Rene who is just wearing a bath towel to cover her body comes in holding the tiger cub and holds it out to me. (Surprise! No picture though)

「To- Touya-niican! A tiger! A tiger’s here!」

Kohaku wore a bored expression as he looked at her. Yeah, I understand your pain.

『Master……what is this girl?』 「!? It spoke—!?」

My my how noisy. I mean put some clothes on. Shameless. This house is becoming more and more lively… huh? There was something hanging from Rene’s neck. A pendant?

「Rene, what is that pendant?」 「This? It was a memento of my mother that my father gave to me. I’ve always had it」 「Can I see it for a little bit?」

Rene places the pendant in my hand and then is kidnapped back to the bathroom by Cecil-san who had rolled up sleeves. She sure is taking care of her. I look at the pendant that I had obtained. This, is gold……. I think it’s quite valuable. It has the motif of a reversed triangle with a jewel in the center with unfurled wings. Emerald, no demon stone, its Wind demon stone. On the back…… is a crest?

「Lyme-san… this crest, do you know it?」 「A griffon and shield, and a pair swords and a laurel tree…… I don’t recall anything like that……」 「If this is a memento then could this be proof of Rene’s birth?」 「I can’t say anything as to that. It may belong to Rene’s parents or even their parents」

I see, it could simply be something passed down through the generations huh? But for something as expensive as this was passed down, instead of reporting it wouldn’t you just sell it? With Rene’s father not being here the truth will remain shrouded in mystery huh…….

「At the very least, that doesn’t belong to any noble in Belfast. Although crests with griffons are often seen in the Teikoku……」

Teikoku. The Regulus Teikoku in the East huh? They don’t have a very good relationship with Belfast…. It could be that Rene’s father was an impoverished aristocrat from the Teikoku. In any event, it would probably be best not to act openly. When I become acquainted with someone from there then I will ask about it.

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