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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 50


Jammerg55  here, BONUS CHAPTER, I originally hadn’t intend on doing this but due to the contents and the fact that this is a good chapter, that goes well with the last chapter, I felt that it was alright to add, and because the regular chapter had been delayed for the 12 Days of Christmas project. Anyways Enjoy!

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Arc 7: Daily Life Chapter 50: Title Acquisition, and Bicycles.

Several days after returning from Misumido, we headed over to the Capital guild to receive our quest reward. Similar to the guild in Leaflet, we looked over at the noisy request board and submitted our cards. As it was a direct request from an individual, the confirmation from the Royal Palace had been received by the guild. We presented our cards to the counter oneesan, who then stamped each card with magic.

「Thank you for your hard work. Because of this request the guild rank has risen for everyone. Congratulations.」

When we looked at the cards handed back to us other than Yumina’s green card everyone else a ranked up to blue. Black >>Purple>>Green>>Blue>>Red>>Silver>>Gold, we’re right at the middle of the levels, and then being the first rate adventurer class red color was only one step away.

「The reward is 10 white gold coins」

The counter oneesan says and displays 10 white gold coins on top of the counter. This one coin doesn’t really look like it’s worth 1 million yen…… But 10 million huh…that’s too much to carry. Well, considering it was the carrying out the duty of the country left and right it’s an appropriate recompense. Even still it was only possible because of being able to use 「Gate」. Well it could be considered an extra allowance. Each of us placed 2 in our wallets and then tried to leave the guild.

「Aa, please wait a moment. There was a report from a person in the royal palace, is this the party of Mochizuki Touya-sama that you defeated a black dragon?」 「We certainly defeated it…… but if you were to demand evidence it would be a problem」

I didn’t want to show the gun made from dragon’s horn very much and the remainder of the horn is still at the residence. But because it doesn’t look like a horn any more it would be questionable for them to accept it.

「No I just wanted to confirm if you were the person in question. Because it eas guaranteed by a person in the Royal Palace no proof is required. As proof of subjugation of a dragon I present the title of「Dragonslayer」on behalf of the guild.」

「If you present this, you can get discounts from Arms, Armor, Furniture shops and inns. Please use them」

I see, there is a privilege that comes with this? This is most welcome. The title of dragon slayer was presented to everyone in the 5 person party. Well, if you were to subjugate a dragon with say a 1000 person party and try to say that everyone is a dragon slayer then there is no way they would consent. You would just happily accept it. After leaving the guild, everyone wants to go shopping for clothing or whatever, I was the only one that headed for home. But before that there’s something that I need to buy. Etto, blacksmith…

Because my luggage had increased… I used 「Gate」to return to the house’s garden, Julio-san, who had been tending the flowerbed, was surprised. I did something bad.

「Master, what is this?」

The thing that I’m holding is that unusual? Julio-san had stopped tending the flowerbed and asked.

This is steel and rubber, and this here is a little leather. I can make a bicycle with this I think. 「Bicycle?」 「It’s a vehicle. If it comes it can be ridden pretty quickly when ridden」 「Ha……?」

Julio-san gave an appropriate answer with the feeling that he didn’t understand. Well, it can’t be helped. For the time being, from the tire part…… Ah, first is should make it from the pump? I easily made a pump with 「Modeling」and the butler Lyme-san confirmed that air came out of it properly.

「Master, His Highness the Duke Orutolinde has come……what should we do?」 「Hey. What is that?」 The two had the same reaction as Julio-san. And then I gave a similar response that I gave to Julio-san. To which the same blank stares as Julio-san came in reply of my answer.

「And, to what do we owe the pleasure of his highness the duke here?」 「Well, this time I just came to express my gratitude for the request. That letter mirror. Could I get one of those?」 「A gate mirror? Why?」 「Well, my wife. She wants one so she can send letters often to her distant mother so she can converse more often」

The duke says that while embarrassed. While thinking of it. I had Lyme-san go to my room and pull out a gate mirror set I made in Misumido 「Enchanted」with「Gate」. For confirmation I put one sheet of paper through, it seems to be working fine.

「Just so you know, please keep this a secret. I don’t it being seen by someone strange」 「Aa, on that point it is alright. My wife and wife’s mother will definitely keep it a secret.」

Because the opportunity arose, I asked him to take Sue my souvenir that I bought in Misumido. It was a silver hair ornament and it would be great if she was pleased.

「By the way this bicycle? how long will it take?」 「It’s the first time I’m making it so about 30 minutes? It might take a bit longer for corrections though」 「I see. Well then would you allow me to watch until it is completed?」

This person is free I wonder…… Well whatever, for the moment let’s complete the tire. I began to transform the rubber with 「Modeling」to change it into the tire tube.

「Alright, for the moment it’s complete」 「I see, this is a bicycle」

The duke and Lyme-san both look at the competed bicycle, and Julio who was also interested looked at it. What I made was the general one-speed mama bicycle. It was easy to make but there was a proper basket and carrier rack. I didn’t put a light or key for crime prevention or night time riding because it was a pain. I straddle the saddle made of leather and began to work the pedals. Oo- everyone exclaimed. Un, it’s working fine. I rode the circumference of the garden and then applied the brakes and stopped. Great, the brakes seem to be working fine.

「Touya-dono! Can I ride this as well!?」 「Anyone can ride this. Even children from my country could ride this. However at first everyone falls down many times and if you don’t practice you won’t be able to ride…… wanna give it a try?」 「Of course!」

Seriously!? What a uselessly curious person. The Duke straddled the bicycle and tried to mimic me and began to pedal but panicked and splendidly fell off. I knew it. Lyme-san hurried over to help him up and then he once again began to petal but fell once more. When I was a kid, I fell down just like that. However, when I was eventually able to ride I was extremely happy. For myself, just how long did it take to learn how to ride properly? I don’t really remember. I searched the net for a method to ride a bicycle in a day and used the site for advice. It would be great if he could ride it. The duke fell over and over, I left the riding-falling duke to the hands of Lyme-san and made a second bicycle. When he’s able to ride, he would definitely pester me to make one for him. Before long, the second bicycle, then because Sue would definitely want one as well, I made one for children with training wheels that could be removed. Before long that was completed as well and just when I things to do suddenly went away the practice had come to an end and the duke was riding up to me. He’s riding he’s riding.

「Yea! I did it! Hahahahaha!」

While laughing the duke rode around freely manipulating the bicycle. His splendid clothes and face were completely muddy, but he only able to express utter joy as he rode around and around. It’s a mysteriously freeing feeling to be able to ride a bicycle.

「Eh, what is that?」 「What is that degozaru !?」 「…A vehicle……?」 「Uncle!?」

The four girls that had come home from shopping saw the duke that was laughing while riding the bicycle around in circles, it looked very strange. Well, it made me draw back a little. After a while the duke put on the breaks and what I had expected, jumped from the dukes mouth.

「Touya-dono! Please give me this bicycle!」 「I thought you were going to say that. I’ve already made Sue’s too. Aa, could you at least cover the cost of the materials?」

I pointed behind me at the two bicycles that were ready. 「As expected of Touya-dono!」he said and straddled over his own bicycle with glee. I sent Sue’s bicycle to the Duke’s House’s garden with 「Gate」 and the duke said he wanted to return on his bicycle. Tentatively, I warned him to not rush out onto the road, to watch for carriages and people, not to look away while riding. I feel like an elementary school teacher. The duke departed accompanying a wagon in good humor. My my, I’m beat. But, given the duke’s character, he’ll probably brag about it to the King…… Then the King will definitely want one. Should I make one more for the time being? While I was seeing the duke off, Elsie who had tried to ride the bike had fallen on the ground in grand fashion.

「Ouch……that’s actually pretty difficult」 「Well then, me next!」 「…Then me!」 「Touya-san, could you make one more?」

Wa- you guys wanna ride too? I mean Lindsey and Yumina are in skirts so go change. So with the support of Lyme-san we spent the rest of the time teaching the girls how to ride and in the end everyone wanted one, and I got stuck making one for the employees as well. I’d run out of materials so I needed to go and purchase more. I hadn’t intended to start a bicycle ship you know. With this it would be easier to go shopping it think…. Well it’ll be painful until they learn to ride it. That day in the bath echos of 「It stings?!」could be heard many times. Ah I could have used recovery magic. But in this case the small abrasions were medals of Honor for their effort.

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