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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 5


Translator/editor Kirihito

Stoic and op mc, just the way I like it

     #5 Twins and the end of the day

When I entered the back alley, I advanced through a small narrow path. There were four men and women quarrelling at the end of the path.

On one side there are two men, facing them are two girls. The men are ugly looking, while both of the girls are quite cute.

Are both of the men around the same age as me? I wonder by how much. Even so, those two girls look very similar…or should I say completely identical. Are they twins? Despite the difference in expression, the long and short haircut and they both have identical silver hair colour.

Although both of them have a roughly similar upper body clothes of a jacket decorated in black and a white blouse. For the lower body the girl with the long hair is wearing a culottes style knee socks. As for the girl with the short hair she is wearing black tights under a flared skirt.

[This isn’t what you promised! The price should have been one piece of gold coin!]

The short haired girl raised her voice towards the men. The men on the other hand are grinning and smiling with belittling looks. One of the men had something that looks like deer antlers (note: horn later for some reason) made of glass shining and glittering.

[What the hell are you saying? I certainly said I’ll buy this crystal antler for one piece of gold coin, however, on the account that it’s not damaged. Take a look, there’s a damaged part here right? So it’s only worth this much. Here, take this silver coin]

The silver coin rolls to the girl’s feet with a clink.

[For such a small scratch, you won’t pay for the damaged item! from the beginning you……!]

The long haired girl glares at the men with a frustrated look while the short haired girl who is hiding behind her was biting her lips in regret.

[……that’s enough. We don’t need the money anymore. I’ll have you return that horn]

The long haired girl starts to act and moves forward. Clenches both fists, which is equipped with mismatched gauntlets.

[Sorry, can’t do that. This already belongs to us. We have no intention of handing it to y───]

[Sorry to interrupt while you’re busy. can I have a moment?]

I suddenly call out and everyone present turned their glances towards me. The girls stare at me blankly, the men’s eyes moves to my direction and immediately turns serious.

[Haahh? Who the hell are you? Do you have any business with us?]

[Ah, nope, the business I have is with that girl over there]

[eh? me?]

I ignore the men who are staring at me threateningly and I call out to the girl with the long hair.

[Will you sell your horn to me for a piece of gold coin?]

For a short while the girl stays absentminded after hearing what I said. Before long she seemed to understand my proposal and answers with a smile.

[I’ll set it!]

[You lot, what kind of nonsense are you talking about! This is already ou────]

The moment when the man lifts the crystal horn overhead, it made a loud sound, shatters into pieces and scatters everywhere. The stone I threw magnificently hit the mark.

[Wa…! ? What the hell did you do?!]

[Because that is already mine, I can do whatever I want. ah, because I have already paid the money.

[You bastard!]

One of the men pulled out a knife from his pocket and lunges at me. While watching the strike, I dodge the attack completely. For some reason I was confident that I could avoid the attack from the beginning. The opponent’s movement and the knife’s trajectory, I could see it.

Is this the effect of the physical strengthening ability that God gave me? I bend my body downwards and swipe at the man’s feet. Without holding back I drive a fist into the man’s body that fell on this back.



The man falls unconscious where he lay.

When I turned around, the other man was fighting with the long haired girl. The man swings his axe but the decisive blow lacked in power and was blocked by the long haired girl’s gauntlet. Finally, the long haired girl delivers a lightning fast straight punch into the man’s face. The man’s eyes turn white and with a thud collapse to the ground.

If the battle was going to be decided this quickly, then breaking the crystal horn probably would’ve been unnecessary….I thought the quarrel would end if I were to remove the cause. I wanted to look cool in front of a girl for a little, but I feel like an idiot and immediately regret it, well, can’t be helped. I take out a piece of gold coin from my wallet and hand it to the long haired girl.

[Here, one gold coin]

[Are okay with that? Even though you helped us…]

[There’s no doubt it was me who broke it to pieces. It doesn’t matter so take it]

[Then…don’t mind at all]

After saying so, the long haired girl receives the gold coin with the gauntlet equipped on her hand.

[Thank you for your help. I’m Elsie Shilueska and this is my younger twin sister Lindsey Shilueska] . (note: again not good with names)

[…Thank you very much]

The short haired girl behind the long haired girl bows her head with a small smile.

So they were twins after all. The long haired girl is Elsie and the short haired girl is Lindsey.  Okay, I remember it. However, I can’t tell with only the hairstyle and clothes.

[I’m Mochiuzki Touya. Oh and Touya is the first name okay]

[Hmm. So the name and surname are reversed.  Are you from Ishen?]

[Ah…well, something like that]

I answered the same way to Mika-san from the inn who had a similar reaction. Oh, what kind of country is Ishen anyway? I’m very interested already.

[Is that so, Touya did you only just come into this town too?

While drinking fruit juice Elise suddenly asked. Come into this town, or rather into this world would be the right question.

After that we came back to the inn [Silver Moon]. Because they were looking for an inn, I brought them together with me. Seeing me bring more guests, Mika-san was overjoyed. She’s a very easy to understand person.

Just like that, the three of us decided to eat. We eat Mika-san’s dinner while talking about various things. After eating I finish drinking my tea.

We also came here because of those men’s request to deliver the crystal horn. We had to suffer because of that. Although I thought there was something suspicious about it.

[…That’s why I objected and said let’s stop….Onee-chan, because you didn’t listen to me…]

The younger sister Lindsey glares at the older sister Elsie with criticism. So this is where the trusty younger sister has a firm hold on the reckless older sister. Elsie is the fearless type, while Lindsey looks like the shy type in front of strangers.

[Why did you take a request from those two?]

I’ll try to hear what they thought about this problem. To think they had a business with those clearly suspicious fellows. Is what I thought.

[Just from a slight connection. Before we defeated the crystal dear to take the horn somehow a word came that someone wanted it so I thought it was just at the right time. But it was no good. I thought so, you will certainly get caught in trouble if you don’t properly receive a quest from the guild.

Elsie breathes a sigh while casting down her eyes.

[Lindsey, let’s use this chance to register in the guild]

[I think that’s a good idea….safety first. Let’s go register tomorrow]

The guild. If I’m not mistaken like in games, is that where they mediate work to employees like in the hello work offices? (note: hello work I think is a work agency in japan) There are various requests where you will receive money if you complete them

[Tomorrow if it’s okay, can I come along? I want to register in the guild too.

[That’s good. If it’s like that then let’s go together]

[kay….Le’ts go together]

Both of them gladly agreed. If I register in the guild and receive a job I can earn money to some extent. It might be possible to have a stable livelihood in this world.

That same day I separated from those two people and returned to my room. Finally the day comes to an end.  A lot happened didn’t it?

Came to a different world, sold my clothes, stayed in an inn, helped a girl and fought. What a day.

For now I memo today’s event in the smartphone as a diary. While I’m at it I check the information sites and read the various events posted. Oh, the giants win. Eh, that band is going to disband…Too bad.

Stopping at a good place I turn off the power and slip into the bed. I’ll to go the guild and register tomorrow. I wonder what kind of place it is.… sleepiness takes over while thinking about it. *Snore*.


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