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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 49


Jammerg55 here, This is the end of my contribution to the 12 days of Christmas. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and there is still more to come. Chapter 10/10.

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Chapter 49: Return Home, and the Happening

For the time being, Lyon-san and his group of soldiers are being were being stationed here it seems. If for anything, after this there was a lot of work that needed to be done and work would stagnate if there were no people from Belfast for the formalities. As being Yumina’s guards, it would be best to return to Belfast, one solder piped up but Yumina flatly refused it. Under the pretext, do your own work. While in reality, we were going to use 「Gate」to return in an instant, if they were to come it would be a problem. While leaving I gave Lyon-san a letter gate mirror (I just named it) set. Even if they’re far apart you would be able to send correspondence every day. If you were to hand one to Olga-san they could contact each other even after returning to Belfast. Upon handing it over Lyon-san had very high tension. Honestly, I pulled back a little. The Beast King-heika, Prime Minister Graz-san, Olga-san and Warrior Chief bid their farewells. I wanted to bid Rin and Pola farewell but they were absent. It’s unfortunate but it can’t be helped. After leaving the castle, I purchased souvenirs for Sue and the employees at the residence and collected all the luggage. All that remains is to open the 「Gate」and return to Belfast……

「Sorry, I forgot a souvenir」

I refused the invitation from everyone and while in town I mingled with people and then while hiding myself, I opened the map app and searched for the pair. N-to, that roof over there, huh? Using 「Boost」I moved up on the roof in an instant and appeared before the pair.

「!?」 「Fuwa!? Aa, master?~ Don’t surprise me like that~」

The pair wearing masks were Lapis-san and Cecil-san. They’re our maids, but they’re really under direct control of Yumina’s Father His Majesty the King of Belfast. The girls had forcibly asked Lyme-san to be employed and honestly, I thought I wouldn’t need to pay them a salary, but they do their work as maids well so it’s fine. Well, I won’t be paying their salaries for the last 10 days though. I’d like them to file a claim with the king about that charge.

「After this we’re using 「Gate」 to return home. I thought it best to send you two home first」

They’ve been observing me this entire time so 「Gate」 had probably already been exposed. I spoke as if the two already knew of it.

「Hoee? To Belfast~?」 「Certainly if we were to remain here it would take us 10 days to return as well right…? It would certainly be a cause of doubt for the Princess.」 「That what I thought so I came here」

I opened 「Gate」while smiling wryly. I brought the two through the light and we were already in the Belfast mansion living room.

「Welcome home」

Nearby was my butler Lyme-san who was slightly surprised at our sudden appearance, he quickly composed himself and began speaking.

「I’m back, Lyme-san」 「I’m home~」 「Excuse me, master already found out about us」 「I see that」

Lapis-san states the obvious to which Lyme-san on the other hand can only smile wryly to. For the time being I had the pair change into their maid uniforms, and they couldn’t exactly do it here so they went to the changing room. While the pair head that direction Lyme-san bowed his head.

「I apologize. Those two had been ordered here by the King his Majesty……」 「Well, I understand being worried about his daughter, there wasn’t any harm so it’s fine. Lyme-san couldn’t really refuse right?」

Betrayal of the master of the house! Is not what I had intended. I wasn’t in that kind of mood either. Well if it had been at the threat of my life or had it been a great loss then it would be a different story, but this time I don’t think they had been ordered to do that this time. Instead shouldn’t it be that the number of guards has increased……nope impossible.

「Well, I’m tentatively keeping it a secret from Yumina and the others」

After that, I returned to the others to return home once more, and asked them to act as if I was returning for the first time.

「So- slow! What were you doing?」

I opened「Gate」on the roof top in Misumido and while returning to everyone, Elsie complained angrily. I glossed it over with something convenient, and in an alley with no others, I once again opened 「Gate」 Upon returning to the living room of our home, Lyme-san was waiting for us with head bowed.

「Welcome home」

When Lapis-san and Cecil-san hear Lyme-san’s second greeting, the door opens and the pair come in in their maid uniforms.

「Everyone, welcome home」 「Welcome home」 「I’m home. Lapis-san, Cecil-san」

We nonchalantly greet each other. Everyone returns to their own room, and apparently head off to the bath to get rid of the travel fatigue. I guess I’ll get in later. Before that I handed souvenir’s over to everyone. I gave a tiepin and cuff links to Lyme-san and off shade tea cups to Lapis-san and Cecil-san. Although the two said they could not receive it, because not handing them over looks strange, I forcibly made them take them. For Julio-san and Clair-san I bought a straw-hat and cookbook. And, a married couples tea set. I gave decorated knives to the guard duo Tom and Huck respectively. I’ll give Sue her souvenir at a later date. I fell onto my bed in my room spread eagle. But that was tiring. While being from physical fatigue, it was unexpectedly mentally taxing to travel around an unknown land. Well, when I think about it this world is an unknown land. But there are many ideas that come to me as a result of the trip. For instance, would it be possible to send something enchanted with 「Gate」over to Ishen, and then go over there… Why not try and build and program an automatic carriage? But first I should try and build a bicycle. It would stand out. After that I could program the map app to have an auto-target function. I thought of the many things I could do. After that, how about a automated Pola? Maybe I can build something like that. A penguin or cat stuffed animal……fua…….I’m sleepy……….

……Oya? Bad. Did I fall asleep for a little while? I’m more tired than I thought. Falling asleep without changing huh? I feel heavy. I should head over to for a bath and relax in the hot water. I took a pair of spare underwear, a bath towel from the dresser and headed toward the first floor bathroom. Our bathtub is big enough that 5 or 6 adults could sit in it. It’s a bit big of a bathroom. Everyone else is a girl so they usually get in together, I get to hog it all to myself. With Lyme-san and myself being the only men, it’s inevitable. I don’t feel like getting in with Lyme-san.

「Well, it’s one of the joys of luxury you might say」

While in good humor I reach the bathroom and open the dressing room with a gatcha.

「「「「Eh?」」」」 「……….Huh?」

……Etto, right in front of me were Elsie, Lindsey, Yae and Yumina, all in their underwear. Elsie and Lindsey’s were a matching off-shade pastel with small ribbons in different colors. Elsie’s is pink, Lindsey’s is blue. They were the side tie string type. Next to them was Yae, who wore a loin cloth and chest binding. Is that the standard in Ishen? It was a dazzling pure white. The bleached cloth of the chest binding had just started to loosen but it had loosened in a big way. The last one was Yumina, they weren’t showy but they were expensive looking frilly with lace white underwear, hers also had a side tie string like Elsie’s did. That might be the most general type in this world………there was only a short moment to ponder this. I hadn’t used I don’t remember having used「Acell」

「「「「Kya——————!!!!?」」」」 「Wa——————–!!!?」

When everyone screamed I finally returned to myself, it was a terribly loud scream after all. Did I just stare with wild abandon at them!? Watery eyed Elsie shot toward me with her fist. Umm Elsie-san that doesn’t have 「Boost」 does it? I received a terrible impact on the side of my head, I passed out.

「We certainly forgot to lock the door to the dressing room, for that we were wrong but!」 「You should have been more careful degozaru」

I am surrounded by four people, in the seiza position. From a while ago they’ve been preaching at me non-stop.

「I was sure that you girls had already finished……」

Apparently after everyone went to their rooms they all fell asleep. When they awoke they hurried to the bathroom and ended up gathering, and had just take off their clothing when I had come. What a bad……Well, it wasn’t really was it?

「Did you reflect?」 「Eh? Ah, yes!」

Lindsey stares at me with her scornful eyes. Because she’s usually obedient, there is a strange compulsion.

「I would have liked if you had taken the proper steps first properly……」

Steps you say, Yumina-san. Don’t say such unnecessary thing while blushing. Well I had been more careful I could have avoided, but it’s true that I did deliberately look at them. But I’m in no position to make excuses…… After that they continued to preach at me, it was long after midnight that I was finally liberated. That night, I was completely unable to sleep. Every time I closed my eyes I saw them……It hurt, but it was a nice day!

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