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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 48


Jammerg55 here, well people were nearly to the end of our 12 days of Christmas, We hope you’re all enjoying this as much as we did. Anyways Enjoy Chapter 9/10

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Chapter 48: The Maids’ Circumstances, and the Summit.

「We are 「Esupion」. Intelligence officers under the direct command of His Majesty the King of Belfast」 「His Majesty the King?」 「Yes. We were assigned as protection for the Princess」

It makes sense coming from Lapis-san’s explanation. Being the Princess of the country I thought it was an extremely noninterference policy, but it’s that huh? Protect Yumina from the shadows? Well I did hear some noises from the ceiling in「The Silver Moon」……. I thought it was just some rats but it was probably Lapis’ group. 「Esupion」is something like a garden watchmen or spy?

「Are you two the only guards?」 「No~. There are several others~. They’re all girls though~」

The other housemaid responds to that question and Cecil-san removes her mask and shows a tensionless smile. They’re all girls? Well if they’re sneaking around in the walls, I need to think about privacy and changing, that would be more preferable.

「I mean, the entire time? Since Belfast?」 「It’s our duty after all」 「Which reminds me, when I went back with 「Gate」to the house you two weren’t there. And, that was a conspiracy with Lyme-san?」 「That’s right~」

They successfully fooled me huh? I really want to hear if the story about belonging to the housemaid guild is true. It was a necessary skill for going undercover… almost all of the 「Esupion」girls were members.

「Ah, then could it be that when we were fighting against the black dragon the one that threw the knife was…」 「That was Cecil. She’s a knife throwing expert」 「Ehehehe~ It’s not that great」

Cecil-san blushes when looked at. This fluffy person huh…? You really can’t judge a person by their attitude.

「What do you plan to do hereafter?」 「We’ll keep guarding Yumina-sama from the shadows…but, master we have one request……」

Lapis-san hesitates to speak while looking at me. Will you stop with the master bit please…….

「Please keep our identity a secret from the princess please……」

Aa, protecting from the shadows while having your identity exposed is certainly bad huh?

「If the fact that we’re protecting the princess is exposed~ the princess will be angry at the King you know~」

That reason huh…? Well, it would be like telling your daughter you trust her, sending her off, but not actually trusting her at all. Well, it’s not a difficult thing to keep it a secret. For the time being, I separate from the pair, and return to Yumina. I told the circumstances to Kohaku via telepathy but, lied to Yumina and Lindsey saying 「They got away」Actually, they did get away using that flash powder. The girls let out a mysterious face, I somehow deceive them, and then we returned to the castle that day.

The next day, for the purpose of ally conference between Belfast and Misumido, the two Kings met. Because it was the summit, there was a bit of a dispute as to who was going to go where. In the end, the Belfast king come to Misumido, at the same time was transported in full view of the conference room. In the conference on our side was Lyon-san, my group and the knights that had come from Belfast, on Misumido’s side was, the Beast King-heika and Prime Minister Graz-san, along with sever of the warrior squad, the wolf demi-human Garun-san. Upon the mirror I opened 「Gate」, from within, the His Majesty the king and his younger brother Duke Olutorinde. No one was able to hide their surprise at the fact that two people came through the mirror, of course that was only a moment, and as a matter of course the kings of each respective country met each other.

「Welcome to Misumido, King of Belfast」 「We wish to express our gratitude for inviting us, King of Misumido」

Each shakes the others hand. With this it because a discussion between countries and we being outsiders left the room. I excuse myself into the corridor. Only wishes that the conference goes well remain. And coming from the hallway came the unsteady steps of the walking teddy bear, Pola along with Rin. And as usual wearing those black goth loli clothes.

「It looks as if the King of Belfast has come」 「Un, just now. They’re in the middle of the conference right now」

While pointing at the door with guards standing to the right or left of the door, Rin responds.

「And, have any desire to become my apprentice?」 「I already said I don’t wanna」

Since that time Rin had persistently tried to get me to become an apprentice. In the end she said I should become a temporary apprentice. Wait, isn’t that below an apprentice? The nearby Pola gestured 「Come here!」in invitation.

「Even still Pola is so lively even though it’s just a teddy….It’s as if he’s alive」 「That because I gave him that kind of program. For almost 200 years it’s don’t various things on its own. Even a human will cry if they get hurt, you’d get angry if you were made fun of would you?」

200 years huh? The countless accumulated programs naturally gave birth to this? If I were to make a human looking doll with 「Modeling」and gave it a 「Program」wouldn’t it be something like a mock android? Is what I thought but… it’ll take 200 years…. I can’t just copy Pola’s「Program」you know. After staring it doubtingly, Pola stepped back a little. It was also 「Programed」to do this as well.

「By the way, Pola has been running for 200 years but it doesn’t look even the least bit old. Did you remake it?」 「No. I used my no-attribute magic「Protection」on it. It gives some objects a degree of protection. Regardless if it’s dirt, deterioration, or bugs, Pola will be unaffected.」

Protection magic huh? But for it to remain in this state for 200 years is amazing. If you were to put it on clothes then they wouldn’t need washing. If you were to put it on the body then you wouldn’t need a bath but……I think something would end. Even if there wasn’t any dirt, it gives the feeling of renewal.

「I mean, Rin can use several no-attribute magic spells. 「Protection」and 「Program」, as well as the one from Charlotte-san 「Transfer」 as well? 「The fairy clan’s aptitude for no attribute magic is high. Instead it would be better to say that there aren’t any of the fairy clan that can’t use no-attribute magic. Even still I can only use 4.」

It could be called good if a person could only use a single no-attribute magic but to be able to use four? That’s amazing. Well, I’m in no position to say that? The one remaining no-attribute magic of Rin’s interests me.

「Touya-dono. The King of Belfast is calling. This way」

The door to the conference room is open and from within appear the face of the Prime Minister Graz-san. I enter as summoned and the two kings look at me.

「Touya-dono. The talks ended without delay, thank you.」 「That’s great」

I felt relived at the King of Belfast’s words. With this my work is almost complete.

「Well then, we shall return to Belfast. I’ll leave the rest to you. King of Misumido, excuse us」

After the light farewell, I secretly used 「Gate」and the two people disappeared into the mirror again. After the two people had left, I rushed into action after I had finished making arrangements. I took out a hammer in the presence of everyone, and smashed the mirror to pieces.

「To- Touya-dono!? Just what are you…!?」 「Aa- it’s alright. Please watch」

I turned my back on Graz-san and concentrated on the heap of broken mirror parts and wooden crates and used magic.


The broken mirror and wooden crate transformed into a pair of small oblong mirrors. About 2 cm in width and 15 cm in length. Then I secretly enchanted one of them with 「Gate」

「This mirror here will be connected with the one in Belfast. Hereafter, when there is something of importance then insert a letter here and it will be received there. (Snail e-mail) Ah, of course, if you were wondering if this is a genuine article you can send a document to through to the other side. 「Indeed. What would otherwise take 20 days to report would be reported in an instant? That is certainly convenient. We shall have both countries use these very much.

When the Beast King-heika received the small mirror, he smiled. My job ends with this. Alright then, shall we go home? Even though I received it, I haven’t lived in it at all. I want to slow down for a little after this.

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