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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 47


Jammerg55 here, chapter 8/10, time an exciting chase and a surprise –well not for everyone.

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Smartphone Chapter 47: Ultra Spicy, and a White Mask.

After the testing and 「programing」experiment, I tested the durability of the blade mode. Though I made and combined the parts the component’s I didn’t use 「Modeling」on were basically one piece and integrated with and had the toughness of the dragon’s horn. I was able to easily cut down a large tree. I wasn’t able to experience this with a normal katana. After that we returned to the area around the castle, I bought 3 leather knife sheaths, and I bought one large scabbard… and transformed them using 「modeling」to make a holster for the guns. It’s difficult to walk around with it as it is. I bought three special waist pouches for bullets, because we’re in town there isn’t the fear of being attacked by a demon beast, although I had only given them rubber-coated 「Paralyze」 bullets. I had shells other than the rubber-coated bullets. If by chance I happen to be right next to Yumina when she needs to reload, she might possibly end up with some of my bullets…. I realized this and once again 「Programed」everyone’s gun. 「Bullet in the range that the speaker desires」「Reload」 it came to be. Originally 「Aport」was meant to be used like this. For the remaining bullets what should I enchant them with? Lindsey had used 「Explosion」at the ruins of the former capital but, the blast had been big enough to blow a mountain of rubble away making it extremely difficult to manipulate. If it’s 「Fire ignition」maybe… upon impact a fireball hits the target…this is a bit much too I think. Well, for human targets 「Paralyze」should be enough, even if they have a ward the rubber-coated bullets should cause considerable damage. I’ll take time thinking about it later.

「We’ve come to the capital, so why don’t we go eat something?」 「That’s nice. I want to eat the local specialties of this country」 「…if I remember correctly「Karae」is the famous dish here」

「Curry」huh? You want eat with a theme huh? There was a stall selling it nearby, so let’s take a look. On the signboard read 「Beef Karae」「Chicken Karae」「Pork cutlet Karae」as well as other things. Huh, this smell is…… Yumina ordered Beef Karae, Lindsey ordered chicken karae, and I ordered pork cutlet karae…(For some reason Kohaku refused to eat it) and it was finally carried from the stall to the table where we were seated. This color, this smell……it’s curry after all isn’t it? There’s no rice so there was no curry rice.

「Um you, know this is……」

Probably spicy, is what I wanted to say, but the two girls had already shoved some into their mouths.


Gata! They stand and cover their mouths, their eyes began to tear up. Yep it’s spicy after all. I’d have been glad if it was a bit sweet. From their appearance it was considerably spicy. The girls swiped the pitcher of water and began to drink cups of it as fast as they could. While looking at the scene I took a bite of my own but, it was pretty spicy. I was used to eating this, but for the two who it was their first time it had a mighty impact.

「It had terrible tashte……」 「My tongue is burning……」

Was it so hot that they couldn’t articulate properly? Behind the Karae cart was a cart which sold fruit juice to get rid of the burning sensation.

「It’s not bad once you get used to it」 「Touya-shan you’ve eaten Karae before?」 「Ah- I’ve eaten something that looks like it」

Yumina’s articulation was still vague when she asked. Lindsey was drinking juice with ice in it and enjoying the pleasant sensation, while looking around. Which reminds me, there aren’t many spicy foods in this world. Places like Belfast prefer sweet foods I think…….N? While thinking about that, I felt the glance of someone and looked in that direction. Nn? This feeling…… it was the same one as before……

《Master. Someone is looking at us. It’s probably the ones that followed us before?》

Kohaku spoke to me through telepathy. I thought so.

《Those that had been watching us in the town of Langley huh…… Alright, I’ll go and pay my respects. Do you know where they are?》 《On the roof of the tallest building to master’s right》

While giving the impression that I hadn’t noticed I give the impression that I’m looking in the sky above that building. There certainly were three figures on the rooftop. It was considerably far though.

「I guess I should tentatively ready myself. 「Reload」」

I had loaded Brynhild with「Paralyze」rubber-coated bullets.


It might be surprising for other people to see me suddenly reloading but explanations can wait for later.

《Kohaku protect these two》 《Please take care》

Alright, let’s go.


I used body strengthening magic on myself and jumped. Just like that I jumped from building to building sideways and jumped over the rooftops as I went. I dashed from roof top to roof top and at last reached the mysterious group that had been observing from above.

「Yo」 「「!」」

The two that had been observing use were surprised at my light greeting, I think. I said I think because I can’t see their expressions. The pair were wearing identical black outfits, and the little bit I could see under the robe were black clothes as well. And under the hood was a white mask that hid their faces. There were strange patterns drawn on the forehead. I thought they were both identical but one had a hexagon and the other had an oval pattern.

「Etto, do you understand me? I was hoping you would tell me who you ar―e」

Suddenly, the person with the hexagon throws a small tube at their feet. It created a terrible flash.


When my eyes recovered from the flash there was no one there. They ran away? Not gonna happen. I took out the smartphone and searched for 「Suspicious masked people」. There they are. They ran up the back alley to the north. I can still catch up to them.

「Accelerated boost!」

Super-accelerated by magic, I ran along the rooftops. The scenery blew by extremely fast, and before I knew it I saw the backs of the two as they ran in the back alley, I was able to catch them from the roof. I took a roundabout path and jumped down in front of them.


Well they’re masked so I think they’re surprised. However the hexagon instantly shoves their hand in their chest top like before to try and take out a tube. Otto, not this time!(TLN: Otto means woops but woops is just so plain so I’m leaving it)

Without hesitation, I pulled out the gunblade Brynhild aimed at the masked person trying to take out the tube and pulled the trigger. The hexagon crumbled with the tort of the gun. Apparently they don’t have a paralysis charm. While I looked at the hexagon that had fallen, the oval one looks from me to the hexagon at a loss of what to do and not missing that chance another gun report resounded in the alley again.

「Now then. What to do.」

I used 「modeling」made some wire and attached them to a wall in the back on the alley. It’s fine to unmask them but 「Paralyze」only keeps them from moving but they remain conscious. It would be the worst if it was something like「It’s against the family’s law to remain alive after having my face seen」or「You’ve seen my face so I will definitely kill you」

「I’ll remove the paralysis now, so stay quiet, k?」

Looking into the eyes of the pair, I concentrated magic while speaking


The masked persons were wrapped in a soft light. With this the paralysis should have disappeared from the pair. Now then, it would be nice if they were to say something.

「And, who are you guys? Why were you observing us?」 「………………」

Umumu, the right to remain silent huh? Was the wire digging into them painful? The hexagon person stirred. No, they might have been trying something to escape. That flash from before or something to rust the wire was troublesome. Did they have tools as a precaution? I put my hand on the chest of the hexagon.


The hexagon gave a lovely shout, munyon, and the sensation of something soft met my hand. Once I understood what it was, my whole body broke out in a cold sweat.

「Wo-, wo- you’re a woman!?」

The hexagon give a slight nod. I took my hand away quickly but the soft sensation still remained on it. This is bad. I think my face is read. Huh, but that voice……didn’t I hear it from somewhere……..? At that moment, where my hand had just hit? The hexagon patterned mask made a tap as it fell to the ground. From beneath, emerged the face of a woman I know.

「Eh!? Lapis-san?」

While blushing, the maid, that should have been in the Belfast Capital, gave a small nod again.

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