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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 46


Jammerg55 here, chapter 7/10. Things are finally starting to get rolling here in this series. In this chapter we come to realize that the MC is 15 because he’s really a chuuni at heart –just kidding. Guns, a gun, and a sword! Anyways Enjoy!

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Chapter #46: Gun Production, and a new Kind of Weapon

Yesterday I courteously refused the Chief of the Fairy clan, Rin’s, command to 「Become my disciple」. Who would want to study under a demonic master like you? I don’t have any strange inclinations. To begin with she was knocked out for a while. The party ended successfully and we returned to our assigned rooms and slept in soft beds. Although it was impossible to go to sleep for quite a while, we fell asleep without even knowing it, and the morning came. Now then, I have something that I want to try for a bit. I browsed some sites with my smartphone, the purpose was to draw something in particular with「Drawing」and transcribed it. Yep, it’s more or less come together. After eating a light breakfast, that had been delivered to the room, I left with a bunch of transcribed papers, along with Kohaku and headed toward Prime Minister Graz-san’s place. When expressing the need to go out, I was loaned a castle gate traffic permit medal. At the time I had been requested for a transcription using 「Drawing」. Apparently Graz-san wanted one too. And then I went over to Lyon-san’s place and handed over the Shougi set. By the way town of Leaflet was being revitalized by Shougi, I should ask him to advertise that fact to Alba-san.

「Ara, are you going out?」

We had finished our business in the castle, then as we head toward the castle gates to depart, we suddenly meet Yumina and Lindsey, who had both finished breakfast. It seems they were out for a morning walk in the courtyard.

「We’re going shopping around the castle. Want to go?」 「Of course」 「…Me too」

Although I thought about inviting Elsie and Yae too but, according to Lindsey, they were both training alongside Misumido’s warrior captains in the arena……It couldn’t be that the Beast King-heika was participating as well right? Three people plus alpha pass through the gate and come into the area around the castle. Let’s see, e-to, huh?

「…Where do they sell metal?」 「Metal is it?」 「Un, things like brass or copper or iron, things like that. It would be great if they sold ingots though」 「I’m not sure what an ingot is, but if you got a blacksmith they’ll probably sell you some」

I see. I search for a blacksmith on the smartphone. Just how many are there? Let’s just head toward the closest one. Advancing toward the east as shown on the map, the blacksmith is at the intersection. Kan kan, the strike of the hammer can be heard from inside the shop.

「Yo, welcome. Sharpening or reforging?」

I spoke with the shop employee who was standing in front. We had a pleasant exchange and I got Iron and Brass and two paperback books worth of paper. Just then I went into a furniture shop and bought a rubber board used for shoe soles.

「Now then, all that remains is gunpowder……?」

I tentatively searched for「gunpowder」and a hit easily popped up. Magic tool service shop…… Well it’s not like it isn’t a magic tool. Well anyway, I bought 3 bottles of gunpowder. With this I’ve completed collecting the materials?

「…What are you going to make……?」

Lindsey looks at the purchased items and asks with a puzzled look.

「A weapon, I’m going to try and create one」 「A weapon?」

As the two girls cock their heads in puzzlement they’re taken to a back alley and I use 「Gate」to return to the room in the castle. I grabbed a 1 meter long fragment of a dragon’s horn and again used 「Gate」to move to a forest near Misumido’s capital. If it’s here then the public won’t notice it. I put the bunch of papers on a stump and set an ingot on them so they wouldn’t just fly away.

「Alright, now the dragon’s horn goes……ah」

Crap. I can’t use it like this. It has to be cut into a smaller size. I wonder if there is anything to cut…… I mean there aren’t any normal tools that can cut this are there?

「Lindsey, sorry but can you cut this in to this size piece with magic?」 「Sure」

I specified from the edge to a specific point for the size I wanted.

「Come forth water, cool clear katana blade, Aqua cutter」

A sound suddenly resounds with a flash and the dragon’s horn is cut. Yea, Lindsey being here is a big help. The part that was cut off is considerably lighter than it looks. Although its light there is no doubt of its strength as it is far stronger than Iron. Otto, no time to be impressed. Shall we start? While playing a staring game with the bunch of papers, each part was being recorded one by one. It may look a little strange but all the parts are slowly coming together. Alright, let’s do it.


Slowly the horn is starting to take shape. The barrel, cylinder, hammer trigger… were being made, at the same time the grip was being from the board, then assemble it all at once. After 10 minutes, in my hands was the black luster of one rotary gun, it was a revolver. I tentatively used the Remington new army model as a reference but there weren’t may reviews for it. Well, the mood wasn’t going to change it think. Because I wanted to make it semi-automatic, I altered it to make it double action. I also altered the cylinder and the end result was a completely different thing. The design was cool looking so I just used it as reference. Grasping the gun, I confirmed the sensation. Un, not bad. It feels a little light. But the lightness isn’t bad I think.

「Now then, next should be the bullets」

I used the ingot and gunpowder and made 50 shells. For the moment this should be enough. Loading 6 shells into the cylinder… but before that.

「Enchant: Aport」

I imbued the gun with Aport magic. Furthermore…

「Program Start /Activation : Owner says「Reload」 /Action contents : When firing shells at high speed… 「Aport」within one meter radius the empty cartridges out of the cylinder and reload with new shells./End Program」

O-k, this is good. Loading every time is a pain. One could say it would be better to just make an automatic, but it’s just my preference, the revolver is way too cool. I once again load the shells, point the revolver toward the tree directly in front of me, and pull the trigger. Bang! the sound explodes and the bullet is launched. Oou, it had a greater impact than I imagined. The bullet… looks like it missed. I follow up with a second and a third bullet, I’m beginning to think the accuracy isn’t very high. Not even flying straight… a. I see, I didn’t make the riffling. Inside the barrel is a spiral groove. With this it gives the bullet precise gyroscopic precession, in effect making the bullet fly straight. I used modeling and made the riffling. After that, tried and shot the bullet again, this time it flew out straight. After shooting all the bullets, I confirmed the reloading.


At my word the 6 empty cartridges fell to the ground. And then 6 shells disappeared and were loaded into the cylinder again. I pulled the trigger and a bullet launched. Un, no problem.

「Did you complete it?」 「Un, well yeah. This is called a 「gun」. It’s for long distance fighting. It can be used in one hand and is stronger than a bow and arrow. 「…That’s amazing. It’s like a miniature cannon……」

Lindsey mutters while looking at the gun grasped in my hand. Well it does look roughly like a cannon from this world. Honestly a magician that uses 「Explosion」is sufficient in a group so it’s wasn’t used very much.

「The gun is finished, but I still have something I want to try」

While saying so, I removed all the bullets from the cylinder and left one in my hand.

「Enchant: Explosion」

I enchanted the bullet with explosion magic.

「Program start/Activation: Upon impact of the launched warhead/Action content: 「Explosion」activates in the center of the bullet/Program end」

I loaded the magic bullet in to the cylinder, and aimed it at the tree that had been using for practice. Dogoon! the explosion roars and the tree that had been shot blew apart. Explosion worked.

「Na……!」 「Hawawa…」

Lindsey and Yumina went weak in the knees and fell down. Alright, with this I can use chantless attack magic. Using 「enchant」and「program」on every bullet is a pain though. Well, it’s possible to do them all at once so I don’t really need to worry about it huh? Using rubber-coated metal bullets with 「Paralyze」takes the other party out without killing them. There is no more convenient weapon than this. (Well if the other party has a 「paralysis」charm then it won’t work though.) To ignore the attribute requirements and be able to use any magic is its strong point. Even Yumina who doesn’t have the fire attribute could use 「Explosion」

「Touya-san could you make me one of those guns too?」 「…I want one too, desu」 「Eh?」

When Yumina and Lindsey asked for them, I gave it some thought. For the two who had seen the demonstration it was understandable that the two rear guards want those kind of weapons, but I worried about it being too dangerous. Maybe it’s just overprotection. Well for starters, Yumina uses dangerous things like bows and Lindsey can slice and dice a dragon’s wing, it really is after the fact. Well I’ll just start off giving them rubber-coated 「Paralyze」 bullets for now.

「Alright, for the time being pick out the design you’d like」

The images results for various guns came up and I used 「Drawing」to make them come out. The two feasted their eyes on the view, and before long, Yumina chose a Colt M1860 Army and Lindsey chose the gun named S&W M36, it was a short barrel style S&W. Lindsey aside, Yumina’s was a bit too big for a girl’ hand I thought, but I’ll do something with the design. The insides weren’t any different than mine. Like the caliber. It was relatively roughly made…. Just to have bullets fly out you could just as well have a silver bullet gun…… well, there’s no reason to be so obsessed is there? They wanted to shoot the gun.

The dragon horn was further cut down for the girls’ guns and then handed the guns over to them. I did tentatively「Program」them so that only they would be able to fire them. I made about 100 rubber-coated, non-enchanted bullets and handed each of them half the bullets, and then they immediately started shooting them to get used to the sensation. Because of the dragon horn it’s lighter than a normal gun so they’re easy for girls to use. Now then, this where the real show starts. The gun to me is merely the foundation for my main weapon to be born.


A pieces of the dragon’s horn is cut once more and transformed into the shape of a gun once more. However, up until this point is the same, the difference is it has a shape of a gun but has a different purpose. There is a blade that extends from the underside of the muzzle and in front of the trigger guard. The grip gradually forms a curve and the form is an overall straight-line. It looks more like a dagger than a gun. The gun and knife combined. The blade is about 30 centimeters and is considerably thick. It was made to be pretty heavy.

「Program start/Activation: Owner states 「Blade Mode」「Gun mode」/Action content: Using 「Modeling」 the blade portion changes between dagger and long sword with high-velocity deformation./Program End」

Additionally I used 「program」to add the original reload function. I reloaded the bullets and pulled the trigger. The bullet destroyed the tree branch followed by the report of the gun. Good, there is no problem with the gun function.

「Blade Mode」

Reacting to my command, the 30 cm blade instantly transforms into an 80 cm sword. The blade thins about 2/3, the blade was thick to allow for the expansion. I wanted to show off with the long blade. It didn’t feel heavy in the slightest.

「Gun Mode」

The blade returns to the former short, thick style. Good, the transformation function works as well.

「That’s amazing, the sword can become a gun too?」 「Unlike the completely forward guards Elise and Yae, and you being completely rear guards, I thought it be best if I could do both」

I gave a prepared answer to Yumina’s question. Additionally, during the Beast King’s fight, there was a time where I wasn’t able to use magic so I thought I should find a way to deal with it is what I thought.

「…And, what is the name of that weapon?」 「That’s right…how about「Brynhild」?」

I answered while smiling wryly at Lindsey’s question. Rather than legendary weapon names like「Excalibur」or「Barumunk」, I preferred the name of the strongest weapon of my favorite retro game. It was really fun, that game. With my newly obtained weapons, with Brynhild in hand, remembering the fantasy world I yearned for in my childhood, I now wield that sword and feel a renewed sense of just how troubled my life is.

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