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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 45


Jammerg55 here chapter 6 of 10. Polaroids, bears and faries, oh my! just kidding –sort of, maybe. Anways Enjoy!

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Chapter 45: Polaroid, and the Fairy Master

Upon reaching the noise at the hall entrance, there were the Beast King-heika and Olga-san as well as Yumina and the other girls. Olga-san is wrapped in a gorgeous party dress from the Kingdom of Belfast, Yumina and the others are wearing a native Indian Sarii like dresses. Elsie’s is red, Lindsey’s is blue, Yae’s is Purple and Yumina’s is pink, and although each is a different color, they all match nicely. Kohaku is following along beside them.

「Oo, Touya-dono. Don’t they look just splendidly? It wouldn’t be strange to say they were Misumido nobles, you know?」 「Yes, I see……」

The Beast King-heika grinds broadly while looking at me. I wonder what it is, not being used to this makes me embarrassed. And toward Olga-san, clad in a dress, Lyon-san’s eyes were stolen. Arara? Olga-san’s hair has several hair ornaments that were shining. Hohou, might this be a sign of hope?

「It suits you, Touya-san. It’s fantastic」 「Un, perfect isn’t it?」 「…it has it’s own charm」 「It is cool, Touya-dono」

Everyone looks at me and praises me. You’re making me blush.

「Everyone looks wonderful as well. Ah, can I take a picture?」

I took out the smartphone and opened the camera app. I took a stance and pushed the shutter button and it flashed. Although it was nothing special for us, everyone was surprised by the flash, the Misumido soldiers, who had been leaning against the wall, placed their hands on their swords. Crap, the flash was bad wasn’t it?

「What was that just now?」

The Beast King-heika looked at the smartphone in my hand. I should probably give an excuse.

「Excuse me, this is my no-attribute magic. It records and preserves images of the scene.」 「? I don’t really understand……」

I showed the Beast King-heika the image I just filmed. There the 4 girls were shown.

「Hou! Instant drawing magic? I’ve heard there is a magician that lives in the Lifuresu Empire. Can you take it out?」

Hee, the Empire has someone that can use the same kind of magic? Apparently I won’t have to bother explaining a photograph.

「I can. If there is some paper to transcribe it to」

The Beast King-heika had some paper brought forward, and while looking at the image I activated「Drawing」and transcribed it. Then, the 4 girls appeared on the paper instantly. It looked like an old black-and-white photo.

「Oo! That’s amazing! Touya-dono, can you draw me as well?」 「Yes I can」

If the person themselves is here, it’s possible to use「Drawing」without the camera. The photo of the Beast King-heika striking a pose? He was utterly thrilled. But, it started a commotion. Shortly thereafter, Alba-san wanted his family’s photo and then I was assailed by “me too” one after the other and ended up stuck making photos. Because each piece took about 10 seconds that wasn’t the problem, but there were many subjects that had trouble deciding this or that pose and it ended up taking a long time. I became a living Polaroid camera. Honestly it was exhausting. Throwing himself into the confusion, Lyon-san asked if he could get a 2-shot with Olga-san. Of course I transcribed it. But it was more like a Print Club booth rather than a Polaroid. After completing all the requests, I went out of the hall to rest. I sank down onto a sofa that had been setup. Compared to the hall it’s calm and quiet. While staring off into space up the corridor, something strange crossed the corridor further on ahead.


A strange voice unintentionally slips out. From far down the hall came the unsteady footsteps of that walking thing. In short it’s a bear. Well, there are demi-human bear’s because this is the sub-human country. I even saw some in the hall just now. However this was a stuffed bear that was walking there. It’s about 50cm tall? It looked like a stuffed teddy bear in every regard…. But why is a stuffed animal walking unsteadily down the hall?……I wonder if I’m just tired. And, the walking bear stops directly in front of me and looks my way, Crap, our eyes met.

Ji———–Ji——————- Ji——————————- Ji—————————————-

Something like this happened before, this situation. N? It waved its hands and beckoned me……. Follow me is it saying? What should I do……? I decided to follow it after all. If it looks dangerous I’ll use 「Accel」and run away with everything I’ve got. I follow the unsteady teddy until we come to a room down the hall. The bear can’t reach the knob. While jumping the teddy dexterously turns the knob and opens the door. Again it beckons me while going inside. Go inside huh? The moonlight streamed through a window into the poorly lit room. It was a wide room with furniture in an orderly arrangement.

「……Ara? What a strange guest you’ve brought with you, Pola」

I heard an unexpected voice and looked around in surprise. Then, in front of the window, there was a girl sitting on a red sofa, alone. She looks about Yumina and Alma’s age? She has twin tails and golden eyes with white hair. She was wearing black shoes and a frilly black dress and she had nothing but black Goth Loli clothes from head to toe. Normally I would be paying attention to that, however I was drawn to the things on her back. They glittered in the moonlight, a thin, translucent feather. Not a bird’s wing nor a butterfly’s, they extended from the back. Could she be from the fairy family? [image=””]

「And? Who are you?」 「Ah, I am Touya. Mochidzuki Touya. My given name is Touya」 「Are you from Ishien?」

Enough with that question already. Though I say that, because it looks like that I couldn’t say anything back.

「I see, you came to today’s party, that is to say, the dragon killing?」 「Dragon killing you say…… Well yeah. You are?」 「Ara, I’m sorry. Excuse the late introduction. I am the Chief of the fairy family, Rin. This is Pola」

The Chief of the fairy family!? This girl is!? She looks at me, too surprised to even speak, and laughs softly.

「Even though I look like this I’ve lived a long time you know? The Fairy family is long lived after all.」 「You’re older!? I mean about how old?……」

For a moment, I worried about whether it was impolite to as a woman her age but Rin didn’t seem to worry about it and gave it some thought.

「I wonder how old…? I’m pretty sure it’s over 600.」 「600!?」 「It’s a pain so I’ll go with 612」

Well, “I’ll go with” you say…. The girl in front of me is 600 years over or…… no never mind, it’s a different world. If it’s that age then it’s understandable that she would be the Chief of the Fairy family.

「Do fairy’s grow slowly?」 「……No. When fairies reach a certain age they stop growing. Just like a normal human they stop growing somewhere between the late teens and early twenty’s but, in my case, I stopped growing early」

She puckered her lips in dissatisfaction and muttered. Apparently she is displeased with her body. She doesn’t really look much different than Yumina. To comfort Rin, Pola pats her head.

「By the way, about Pola…… Is it perhaps a summoned beast?」 「No. It is a 100% authentic teddy bear. It’s just that with my no-attribute magic 「Program」that it is able to move」 「Program?」

Program, as in a computer? Could it be that this bear, is a robot?

「The no-attribute magic「Program」is a magic that can embed a set of instructions to inorganic objects. For example……」

Tatata, and she drew a chair that had been left in the room up in front of me. Rin holds out her hand, magic was being concentrated and a magic circle appeared underneath the chair.

「Program begin/Movement : move forward 2 meters/Activation : When someone sits down/Program End」

The magic circle disappeared under the chair. Then Rin sat in the chair and then the teddy slowly walked forward and stopped after about 2 meters.

「I forgot to set the speed. Well, by doing this you can have built-in magic」

I see. Certainly, you can’t say it’s not a「Program」. You can’t input data however, you can automate an object? Couldn’t this be extremely useful!?

「If you were to order Pola to「Fly」would you be able to embed the instruction?」 「That wouldn’t be possible. It doesn’t have that kind of power. 「Program」 is only able to embed simple commands. But, if it was the model of a bird, it could be made to fly」

I see, I see. So there is a restriction. Even still it’s useful, this magic.

「I’ll try it out a bit」 「Eh?」

Magic is concentrated on the chair. A magic formation appears on the floor 「Program」 preparation is complete.

「Program Begin/Movement: 5 meters, at the speed when someone walks, backwards/Activation: When someone sits down/Program End」

After the magic circle disappeared, I sit to experiment. Then, it retreats about 5 meters a little quickly. Yes, I can use this.

「You…… what did you just do?」

Rin’s eyes crackle and looked at me.

「What do you mean what…「Program」?」 「What is that in the form of a question…? I mean you can use「Program」as well?」 「Um, Ah- looks like it」

Rin casts a dubious glance at me.


……It was the same thing that happened with Pola. Is it the like pet like owner thing?…or is it something else? After a moment, she exhales and crosses her arms.

I have many questions for you, but I’ll stop for now…… There’s a human that Pola is interested in, brought here and made a program, it sure is interesting the thing that came. Not since Charlotte has something like this been found] 「Charlotte?」

I react to the familiar name. Could it really be that Charlotte-san?

「My sole apprentice. If I remember correctly she serves the Kingdom of Belfast as court magician」

It’s that Charlotte-san after all. Wait…that would mean…….

「Ah! The demon master with the training from hell who forced magic to be used until she collapsed, forcibly recovered her magic, and then forced her to use magic until she collapsed again!?」 「A#!?」 (TLN:# is sign sometimes seen in manga/anime to indicate anger or irritation)

Scary scary. Stop staring at me so much. I didn’t say that. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.

「……Well, it’s fine. I’ll beat Charlotte someday. Touya, you’re magic talent is wonderful. What attributes can you use besides no-attribute?」 「All of them」 「………I won’t be surprised any longer」

For a while Rin thought while sighing and slowly turned her golden eyes towards me, then opened her palms and slapped them together.

「――I’ve decided. You, become my disciple」 「Ha?」

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