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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 44


Jammerg55 here, new, useful magic, and a stiff soldier is what the chapter should be called. The father’s name was orginially Oluba, but since I didn’t like that he is Alba. Anyways Enjoy 5/10

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Chapter 44: Acceleration magic and the Party

The instant the match began the Beast King plowed toward me. To keep from being caught I had to wrench my body and throw it out of the way. I momentarily leapt back and then it was my turn.

「Drill of light, Shining sacred spear, Shining……」 「Too Slow」

The Beast King thrust forward with his shield like a bullet and broke my pose. Ku, the chant was stopped? I struck the bokken without restraint and increased the distance once again. However, that move was read and he pursued with a piercing blow. Just when I thought that I had avoided the blow to the chest another came toward my neck. A two-step attack!? I twisted my neck out of the way, the tip of the sword nicks my ear. Dangerous! It’s not good for the side that loses the initiative. I have to attack!


Small magic circles developed on the ground, under my feet, one after the other.


Because of the sudden appearance of the magic circles, the Beast King’s pursuit came to a halt. Well, of course he would. But this was just a bluff to slow someone down, a cheat.


Utilizing body strengthening magic, I approached the Beast King with an explosive leap from the legs! Alright, I’ve got him! I was convinced of my victory.


The moment after the Beast King mutters that word, he disappears from view, and my sword cuts the empty space where he stood.


I feel a presence in the previously vacant apace behind me, and squat reflexively and then the Beats King’s bokken swipes where by head had just been. I roll away from that spot just has I was, then stand up straight. What was that just now!?

「You avoided that!? You’re good, Touya-toyara」 「That just now……Was that possibly a no-attribute magic?」 「That’s right. My own no-attribute magic「Accel」」

I thought so. Acceleration magic huh? I suddenly lost sight of him. It happened so quickly that for a moment I didn’t understand what had happened.

「What kind of magic is it?」 「Oh, it just increases the quickness of the body, that’s all it does. When you move your body you move through a magic barrier, but it uses a stupid quantity of magic so it can’t be used frequently. That speed is something that a normal human can’t react to, you did well in avoiding it.」

It seems to be purely acceleration magic. I wonder if it’s creates a magic barrier to protect the body from the effects of the sudden speed increase.

「I see, I understand. That’s some nice magic you got there」 「Isn’t it?」 「So, I’ll thankfully make use of it――Accel」

The acceleration magic activated. The next moment I had moved to the Beast King’s side and swung the sword at his side, but I was surprised to find that I’d missed my intended target. Huh? Did I miss the timing? I had intended to strike the body but ended up hitting the Beast King’s side instead. This is pretty difficult to handle if you aren’t used to it. Although I had relayed my intention to move, the actual movement shifted a little.

「Na……! You, just now…!」 「It’s surprisingly difficult. But I’ll hit next time.」

I approached the Beast King at super-high-velocity. The other party also used「Accel」and we violently exchanged blows while accelerating, evading, jumping back and striking each other again. Blows were exchanged as fast as lightning, the swords struck each other repeatedly. I was gradually becoming used the speed. Do thought processes increase as well? (Tln: Everybody was kung fu fighting…) For fighters to moving at the same acceleration, it was the same as a normal fight, to normal people however it would be difficult to watch. Furthermore, I have a method that will double the speed even further. From「accel」to…


Don! And the acceleration increase one step further. With acceleration magic, the legs are strengthened. The speed is so quick that it probably can’t be seen by normal eyes. However with the instantaneous 「Accel」the speed far exceeds that of normal 「Accel」


The next moment I move behind the Beast King and pressed the wooden sword closely against his neck.

「Checkmate」 「……I don’t know the meaning of that word but, it appears to be my loss」

With both arms raised and the Beast King-heika admitted his defeat. Upon the umpire seeing that the umpire raises his right hand.

「Victor, Mochizuki Touya-dono!」

At the umpires bark, an applause erupted from the arena in unison. Honestly, I thought there would be booing at the defeat of this country’s king but it seems that was just an imaginary fear.

「For you to be able to use「Accel」 as well. Somehow I had absolute faith in my own magic ability and became conceited. It’s important to remember that」 「No, well, hahaha」

I deceived him with a laugh. No-attribute magic is individual magic. So it’s almost inconceivable that the Beast King would have come up against someone with the same ability. It couldn’t be helped that the Beast King relaxed his guard. Even this time could be considered a foul. But I wasn’t able to make use of the six attribute magic. He kept interrupting the spell so I wasn’t able to use any of them. Usually the wizard is in the rear guard, so there wasn’t the need to activate spells seconds apart. Like with non-attribute magic with the chantless spells….

That evening the Royal Palace held a party. There were people like Misumido’s Statesmen, powerful nobles, important merchants etc who had come to congratulate Olga-san on her return and as welcome for the Princess of Belfast. It was not a true feast, there was no need to dress up formally, but because it was a special occasion they dressed up anyways. It was a black vest with plenty of white underneath. I had a long white robe and a navy blue belt rolled around my body again and again. I even wore a turban, imagine the appearance something like fairy tale’s Aladdin. The hall was a stand-up type of party and I enjoyed talking with everyone, it is a good meal.

「Hey, Touya-dono. They suit you, those clothes」

With Champagne in hand, the now armor-less Lyon-san approaches. Because of how the Baron usually is at home, I guess I’ve become used to this.

「I mean, wouldn’t it be better if I’d worn something like Lyon-san?……」

Whether or not the clothes suited me was a different matter. Well, if I had worn the same suit as Lyon-san then it would make me feel small, this is good in and of itself. To be compared to a good-looking person it would damage my glass heart.

「And, umm, where is Olga-dono?」 「I haven’t seen her…」

Lyon-san pretends to act casual. By the way, she being the guest of honor, has yet to make an appearance. Haven’t you arrived yet? I give the restlessly fidgeting knight, who was looking about the hall, a wry smile.


Along with the voice, a small fox suddenly appeared clinging to my waist with her ears twitching.

「Is that Alma?」

I petted the head of the little fox girl dressed in a lovely dress. Directly behind Alma stood a well built, radiant gentleman with a white moustache. The ears lay flat against his head and had some gray mixed in as well as having a long, fat tail. Ah, could it be…

「Pleased to meet you, I am Alma’s father Alba」

I thought so. Alma’s father stretched out his hand and grasped mine while looking at his child. The things that show age are the ears and age huh?

「Thanks, I’m Mochizuki Touya. Touya is my first name and Mochidzuki is my family name」 「You were born in Ishen?」

It’s been a while since I’ve heard that phrase.

「I- I’m Lyon Brits of the First Belfast Knight’s shquad!」

He bit his tongue, bit his tongue. While being a bit high-strung, he exchanged a handshake with Alba-san. Well, seeing that it’s Alma’s father it would mean that it’s Olga-san-s father as well, it’s not hard to understand.

「For guarding my daughters, thank you very much」 「N- no, it was my duty yafter all!」

He bit it his tongue again. Regardless the circumstances he’s a bit too high-strung isn’t he? I might as well send him a life raft, but would I speak to Alba-san about?

「What does Alba-san do?」 「I work in trade commerce. I stock various good items from Belfast.」

A trade merchant? It seems he’s receiving good treatment.

「Recently I managed to obtain something called 「Shogi」and I think it will sell well here. It is even said that His Majesty the King of Belfast is very pleased with it.」 「Eh? Shogi?」

When did it become like this? Apparently Olga-san had written about it in a letter and caused great interest.

「If it’s Shogi then I have one more set I can part with」 「Oh, really!? That would be most welcome. I wanted to see the real thing at least once」

If I recall correctly, I left the set we used on the way here in the wagon.

「Well then, I will deliver it tomorrow. I have some business to attend to, Lyon-san, can you deliver it to Alba-san’s house? Olga-san knows the rules so you can learn them from her」 「Eh!?Me!?」

Lyon-san started to shake suddenly and became quite confused.

「Lyon-san’s father is the well trusted general of His Majesty the King. He would be a fine Shogi partner.」 「Hou, that General Lyon!? Well well, please by all means come to our home and speak with us」

Alba-san shows a radiant smile as he talks to Lyon-san. As a possible marriage candidate for his daughter there shouldn’t be any problems with family linage. It would be good if Alba-san saw him in a favorable light. Well, as for marriage it depends on the two’s feelings, it might just be viewed as unwanted meddling.

「Ha! Well then that day, I look forward to it!」

Lyon-san stands straight up. He’s as stiff as always, this person. It’s alright isn’t it, while seriously worrying about the knight who was standing beside me, there was a sudden uproar in the hall. N? Did something happen?

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