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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 43


Jammerg55 here;Here we get to see our favorite MC in it’s natural OP habitat. Anyways enjoy! I know I did. Chapter 4/10

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Chapter 43: The Capital of Misumido and the Beast King Match

「Haa―……so it’s like this―……」 We arrived in the capital Bellju, the instant I saw the white palace, I unconsciously said that. It looks like that, the Taj Mahal from India. It was a great mausoleum built by the emperor completely out of marble. 「Crown Palace」is what the white building meant. Well, it had that similar feeling but, there several parts that were considerably different. Compared to the adobe streets and ramparts, the white palace really stuck-out. It was something like mixing the palace in India with the world of Arabian Nights (Aladdin for Disney fans) When compared do a street in Belfast, the streets weren’t quite as developed for wagons. Even still, it still wouldn’t be beat with the vigor of the people.. Various races were coming and going, moving around vibrantly. There were many cultures mixed which showed an improvement. It could be thought of as the face of the capital. We queued up in front of a high building and crossed a bridge to the palace. We rode along the waterway and were made to drive around to enter the palace grounds above. We got off the wagon, Olga-san, us 5, and then Garun-san and Rion-san, 8 in all, walked in the palace garden and leered at it from the pavement. Small birds played in the beautiful garden, there were trees planted at equal intervals, and there were squirrels looking down, from above, at us. We ascended a lone flight of stairs and entered the palace. Bright sunlight poured down from the ceiling, that coupled with the white marble shined dazzlingly. We walked through the center of the courtyard, and along the corridor stood columns that ran the length far into the interior, up until a large decorated door. Gigigigigi, the door groaned as it was pried ajar by the guards who opened it. The red carpet extended, was met by streams of light at different times of the day, to the left and right. There were various people queuing up. Everyone wore splendid clothing, the elderly statesmen of the country were horned and winged races it seems. Thus further in still, sitting on the throne, on a raised dais, was the king of this country. Beast King Jamka Bulau Misumido. A snow leopard demi-human it seems. He looked to be in his early 50’s. He had white hair and a white beard, he had a powerful and overpowering feeling as the king. There was an indescribable power coming from the sharp pair of eyes that felt like a trick of the light somewhere. Then every one of us knelt and bowed our heads. 「Your Majesty the King…Olga Strand has returned from the Kingdom of Belfast」 「Umu, it was arduous wasn’t it?」

The Beast King nods quietly. Continuing on to Garun-san and Lyon-san who were behind Olga-san.

「I am pleased with Garun, as well as Belfast’s knight’s guard for safety accomplishing their duty」 「「Ha-ha!」」

Then the Beast King slowly gazed toward us, while narrowing his eyes he showed a small smile.

「You are the ones that the King of Belfast had dispatched? Along the way, a dragon that had been attacking Held’s village was defeated. Is this true?」 「Yes. It is exactly as you say. I, along with 4 others, exterminated a black dragon who was attacking the village.」

Having answered the Beast King’s question with a firm attitude, Yumina stood quietly.

「……And you are?」

There was no straining at this meeting, at the girl that gazes at him, upon the Beast King’s face arose suspicion.

「I apologize for the late introduction. I am the King of Belfast’s Kingdom, Toristowin Elnes Belfast’s daughter, Yumina Elnea Belfast」

That caused a stir. Well of course, a princess of a country just happened to appear. Olga-san and Rion-san knew the circumstances, Garun-san on the other hand was supprised.

「My word… Why is the princess of Belfast here in our country?」 「To my country, an alliance with Misumido carries that great of an importance. Here is a letter from my father. Please confirm it.」

While saying that and pulled a letter out of her chest pocket. Just when did she get that? Aa, when we took temporary shelter in the forest in Belfast? An aide comes and reverently receives the letter and hands it to the King on the throne. The king opened the seal and looked over the letter, then the King of Misumido looked at Yumina and smiled.

「Indeed……. Alright I understand. I will think upon the contents positively, I will give a reply soon. Please stay here, along with your companions, in the palace.」

While handing the letter to the aide, the Beast King spoke quietly towards us.

「And, that’s all that needs to be for the formal stuff. There is one thing that interests me that I would like to ask one question however……」

The Beast King looks at Kohaku who is at my side. Well, you would be interested, normally.

「Is that byakko simply following you?」 「Yes. It is the servant of Touya-dono here」 『Gao』

Kohaku gives a short bark as affirmation. The Byakko were sacred to those in Misumido. Regardless of what they thought about the servant part, there was no collar nor chain so no one said anything about it. The Beast King quietly watched Kohaku and the after a short time looked directly at me.

「……I see. Accompanied by a byakko and defeating a dragon? Fufufu, it’s been a long time since my blood has boiled. Well, Touya was it? How about a match with me?」 「Ha?」

I let out a stupid voice because the question was so sudden. All the elderly statesmen sighed in resignation in unison. What’s up with that?

Behind the Royal Palace there was a wide arena. It was just like a Roman Coliseum. This country really is multicultural. I was brought here, to have a match against the Beast King. What in the heck is going on?

「Please excuse us, Touya-dono. His Majesty, The Beast King, when seeing someone that is strong cannot stand idly by. Honestly it troubles us as well.」

So said Graz-san in apology who was the Prime Minister of the country. It was a winged person who had gray wings. He was in his late forties? His robe was the same gray color as his wings and had a mustache.

「I think that he needs to have a bitter painful experience here. Please give it your all」 「Wait wait wait. It’s your King isn’t it? Is that ok like this?」

I looked at Graz-san with amazement. Then Graz-san, while looking at the people nearby started make complaints.

「It’s fine, please go all out. What does the King thing of the current state of affairs? He regularly participates in training sessions with the warrior squadron and knocks them all out!」 「Just the other day ‘I thought up a new weapon!’ he said and went right over to the blacksmith! Then everything that had been planned had to be postponed, do you know what I’ve been through?!」 「’I want to hold a gladiator tournament’ he says. Just where do you think we’ll get the budget for that!? Nee!?」

……It seems that the Misumido’s elder statesmen are having a hard time too. He’s a strange king isn’t he? Well, I think that Belfast’s king is pretty strange too. For the time being, I take my wooden sword and head toward the center of the arena. My companions and Misumido’s elder statesmen were in the auditorium as well as Misumido’s commander class warrior squadron. His Majesty, the Beast King, held a wooden sword in one hand and a wooden shield in the other. It hindered my movements so I for that reason I declined the shield.

「The match will continue until either the blows become fatal or until one acknowledges defeat. Magic is acceptable however magic directly aimed at the body is prohibited. Is this acceptable?」

There is a dark skinned person in the corner serving as umpire for the Beast King and I, and explains to us both at the same time. No direct attack magic, huh? What should I do? The bitter elder statesman group said, don’t go easy.

「Umm…Are we really going to do this?」 「Fufufu, No need to go easy. Think of this as actual combat and do whatever tricks you’ve got, try your best to defeat me!」

The Beast King laughs happily. This is bad, he’s serious. He has muscles that would make you think he wasn’t in his 50’s, he’s likely training himself. It can’t be helped. He said so himself. Let’s go with the intent of actual combat? After that the umpire raises his right hand high, looks towards me, then towards the Beast King and then drops it mightily.

「Well then, begin」 「Slip」 「Nuo!?」

Sute-n! the Beast King-heika skipped grandly. In that instant I used the opening closed the distance and pointed the wooden sword at His Majesty’s neck.

「Yes, it’s decided right?」 「Wa- wa- wait a moment! That doesn’t count does it!? What was that just now!?」 「That was my non-attribute magic「Slip」. All magic besides attack magic was allowed.」 「No no no! That’s no good! There’s the question of the spirit of the match even before that!」

The Beast King-heika was spouting about the conclusion that he couldn’t accept. Well, it’s not like I don’t understand your feelings. But in fact, if this were a true battle it would be most effective. Not for those flying in the sky though.

「Just once more! This time no magic!」 「E-…What should we do? Prime Ministers-?」

I called out to Prime Minister Graz-san. For a moment he didn’t understand and then “Ah” a smile spread across his face in understanding.

「Yes I see. Well anymore and it will be troubling because it will start to interfere with affairs of state.」 「Gu- Graz! Don’t say that, just a little longer. Just a little!?」 「Even if you say that」

The Beast King-heika ran upto the Prime Minister and started to argue. Saying things like 「I’ll do it properly!」and「I won’t skip out anymore」. Even still the elder statesmen group gave their conditions one by one and before long His Majesty’s shoulders were slumped. The king had accepted the various conditions placed by the Prime ministers group, did I do something bad……?

「Touya-dono-. Please excuse us but His Majesty would like one more match!」

With the backdrop of the happy-looking Graz-san’s voice who was very pleased, the Beast King-heika stood before me once again. Ah, is he a little angry?

「That magic is off limits this time, ok!?」 「Understood」

Starting once more. The umpire dropped his right hand.


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