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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 42


Jammerg55 here Here we can see the great heart (vanity) of our MC Chapter 3/10

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Smartphone Chapter 42: Dragon’s Horn and the Guardian

「Aa-, I’m beat」

I threw my body on to a grassy spot and slept with my arms and legs sprawled out. The sun that rose in the eastern sky is dazzling. Is it already morning? After taking out the black dragon, we made an effort and rolled it up to the village. Lindsey put out the fire using water magic on the surrounding areas, Elsie and Yae searched the village and the area for the injured, and I tended to the wounded with recovery magic. (By the way I realized afterwards that I could have done everyone all at once if I had searched for 「wounded person」in the map app and healed them all at once) Fortunately there no casualties, however the village was nearly annihilated. It was extensively damaged….

「Touya-dono, are you here?」 「Aa, Lyon-san, thanks for your efforts」

Lyon-san walked up to where I had been sleeping. From somewhere the good smell of emergency rice was being boiled.

「But, for just for people to kill a dragon……. I’ve surpassed surprise straight into shock」 「It wasn’t very strong and was a young dragon it seems. It was probably because of that?」

I shake away the things I heard from the red dragon and respond to Lyon-san’s question. Then the wolf commander Garun-san also came.

「Oo, Touya-dono. What do you want to do about the dragon?」 「What do you mean, do with?」 「Well, what that many materials. If you were to sell them it would go for a hefty price. But just how would you carry it……?」 「Sell it? The dragon’s corpse?」

From the dragon’s scales to their claws, horns, fangs, even bones were materials used in weapons and armor. The meat was delicious as a food, and its considered a luxury item that is never sold. So, that right belonged to those of use that defeated it but, everyone entrusted the decision to me, is what they told me. Un, lets see…….

「Well the, I present that to this village. I hope it will be of some use for reviving the village」 「The dragon!? All of it!?」 「Touya-dono, do you really understand? They are extremely valuable materials you know? In terms of money it would be foolish to say it was worth 10 King gold coins!?」

10 King gold coins… No less than 100 million yen!? That really is a waste after all, but when I started to think about it again, my thoughts started to reflect in the faces of the villagers. Ah, so it’s become like this, might as well…

「……If it can benefit this village then I could ask for nothing more. Please make use of this」

Without saying, just kidding, after all this, I answered to the two with cramped faces.

「……I wish to express our gratitude on behalf of Misumido. Thank you, Touya-dono」 「Ha-…. It’s just as father said, you’re a person with a great heart. I bow my head to you」

The looked at me with a looks of thanks and respect but… it’s just a display of vanity, yeah……. I hope the others will forgive me…… With the fake transportation mirror, Olga-san, Alma and Yumina came back. First Olga-san gave her expression of gratitude. The dragon was defeated, the village had been saved, and there were no casualties because the guards escorted the people to safety. They were exhausted and were taking catnaps around the wagon. Honestly, I want to go to sleep already. Those feelings were interrupted by an elderly demi-human with a walking stick who came up to us.

「I am the village chief Solumu. For the efforts of defeating the dragon who was attacking the village, additionally helping greatly with the revival of the village……thank you very much.」

I wonder what’s to become of the dragon’s remains. It really is a waste after all…… But the village became like this, these people will have a very difficult time hereafter… It can’t be helped. The village chief had some of the villagers bring something. It was a conical piece about 1 meter in length that was black……this is?

「This is one of that dragon’s horns. Please at least except this」 「Eh, but……」 「Several of your weapons were damaged weren’t they? With this horn, it could be the material for a new weapon, or you could sell it and buy a new weapon.」

Indeed. Thank shall we accept it? I took the horn from the village chief and was surprised at how light it is. This has a hardness far greater than iron steel they say. I finally understand how that huge dragon can fly. The only things that were harder than this were Crimson Ore, Mythril, or Orichalcum. I took the horn for the time being and departed from the village chief-san. I’m honestly so tired I can barely hang on. I finally reached our wagon at last, inside Elsie, Lindsey, and Yae were asleep. I can’t possibly sleep in the wagon together with them, I lay down on the grass alongside the wagon.

「Touya-san, have a blanket」

Yumina was there with a blanket. Nice timing. While fighting my closing eyelids I thanked her and wrapped in the blanket. It’s warm. I’m done. And I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

When I woke up I saw the sky backgrounded face of Yumina. I was still a bit absent-minded. I stared into Yumina’s face.

「Are you awake?」

There is a soft sensation under my head. Huh? Um this is a lap pillow… isn’t it? I rolled around on the ground and escaped from it. Wai- When did that happen? I stood up suddenly and the villagers and guards who had already gotten up were looking at me while grinning. Uwaa……! That’s embarrassing. To rest my head on a girl’s lap in public. It would be a lie if I said I didn’t like it, however it’s still extremely embarrassing!

「Ara, you’ve awakened」 「… you certainly slept well」 「It looked like it felt comfortable」

*freeze* There was a chill behind my back, I turn around slowly. The three girls had radiant smiles and were standing there quietly. Even though their faces were very kind and they were smiling, their eyes weren’t laughing. Ah, ara……? Don’t they look kind of angry…?

「Um~…Did something happen……?」 「「「Not really?」」」

No, that’s a lie isn’t it? So why are you making those sulky faces?

「Yeah yeah, let’s leave it at that. Rock paper scissors is a sacred game. No grudges right?」 「I know…」 「…muu…」 「It’s extremely disappointing」

Yumina claps her hands together and the three people look away, they’ve become obedient……did you girls have some kind of match?

「Touya-dono, please prepare for departure soon. It is necessary to report about the village to the capital」

Olga-san and Garun-san had come and told us we needed to depart. Because of the strange mode, it was fortunate that I had to go to the wagon. The glances from behind worried me but I pretended not to notice.

《Kohaku, did something happen while I was asleep?》 Kohaku had been at the wagon apparently and I asked him with telepathy what had happened. Maybe he knows something.

《Haa, well… what can I say… um… it was a woman’s battle…》 《 ? 》

I don’t really get it but everyone except Yumina whas in a bad mood. I need to do something don’t I…… I thought of something and headed over to the village chief’s house, and negotiated for and received 「that」

I was relieved when the three girl’s moods had finally gotten better in the shaking wagon. On Elsie’s, Lindsey’s, Yae’s and Yumina’s arms silver bracelets shined. I got from the village chief-san’s house (I paid for them properly) several items made with 「modeling」from silverware. And I gave it to all of them as a present as thanks. Although they were surprised at first, they received them with pleasure. The bracelets slid around on the arm when you looked at them. Apparently they were pleased with them. However the occasional grinning is a bit disgusting.

「Olga-san, how much longer until the capital?」 「After about a little more than 2 days til the capital of Beluju. There are villages along the way, it might be good for Touya-san to procure some weapons.」

Yeah, I see. According to Garun-san, if I wanted a weapon made from the dragon’s horn, the Capital is the best it seems. But it means I would be swordless until then. I can go only-magic in a fight but it seems discouraging. N, wait a sec, with 「Modeling」can’t I just make my own? Well, it would be a big loss if I failed….

「For the time being its only two days, even without a weapon I can manage with magic」

To buy a band aid weapon for a mere two days sounds silly. There would be much better weapons in the capital. So I answered that way and Olga-san remembering something, pulled something, wrapped in cloth, out of her own bag.

「Ah, that reminds me, the village chief gave this to me」

What Olga-san had handed over was a single knife. The blade was about 20 cm, singled edged black knife that had been warped.

「This is?」 「? It was stuck in the dragon’s eye…. Is it not Touya-san’s?」

Eh? Then Elise…no? There’s no way it would be Lindsey’s. Eh, then just whose knife is this? I mean, was there someone there? Someone had been at the scene that helped me out? Well they did tentatively help me so they don’t appear to be an enemy…

《Kohaku. At that time was there someone other than us there?》 《Yes. I certainly felt a presence in the trees above. Two people perhaps…. They didn’t express any anger towards us so I thought they were from the village.》

I confirmed it through telepathy with Kohaku. It seems that someone was definitely observing our fight with the dragon. Just why did they do that? That reminds me, in the town of Langley there was a sign that someone had been looking at Yumina. Even if I think about it I don’t know. I examined the knife but there wasn’t anything particular that I could find about it. I put it away for the time being. It was inconvenient without a sheath. Even still just who on earth……?

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