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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 41


Jammerg55 here;Chapter 2/10.

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Smartphone Chapter 41: Village of Eldo, and the Black Dragon

The village was in flames. People were running about trying to escape. There was a black dragon in the sky raining down fireballs. Powerful limbs, a long tail and a large pair of wings extending from the back. In its eyes danced the red light from the flames and darkness night from the scene. It seems to be enjoying the situation.

「Make rescuing the villagers top priority! Carry people out that can’t move!」

Garun-san shouts. The demi-human guard soldiers, instantly started helping people that had knocked down by a fallen pillar or helped the injured that were unable to walk.

「We’ll also help with the rescue! Don’t let any remain in need of aid!」

Lyon-san shouts an order and the Belfast escort also participate in the villagers’ rescue.

「Now then, we need to get that dragon away from the village」

Even now that dragon calmly hangs in the sky and separates from the village. In that moment Garun-san and Lyon-san go and help collect the villagers. Up until here is as planned. They also have the duty of guarding Olga-san. We can’t fight the dragon here and fall. Also that guy is flying in the sky. Our weapons won’t reach it from here. Lindsey and I, who can use magic, should do something about it.

「Oh Light drill, Sacred Shining Spear, Shining Javelin!」

A bolt of light rips through the dark sky. However, the black dragon quickly evades it in the air, and then shoots a fireball at us.

「ku 「Boost」!」

I use body strengthening magic to protect against it. The explosion happens at that point and sparks pour down around me. It’s bad. If we keep fighting here the damage will just increase further.

「Kohaku!」 『As you wish』

In response to my call, Kohaku returns to his normal size.

「Lindsey! Get on!」 「Ye – s…!」

I sat straddled on Kohaku’s back and drew Lindsey on as well and made her sit behind me. And then we dashed out of the village toward the south. Looking over my shoulder behind us, the black dragon shoots a fireball toward me. I who was riding Kohaku, while running through the woods, dodged right and left splendidly. Good, follow me. The reason I brought Lindsey is, because it was flying in the air making Lindsey and I the only ones who could fight it. We somehow have to do something about those wings between the two of us. It all starts from there. The woods widen into a large pasture belt. The view is good and there is nothing to obscure the line of sight. If it’s here then there’s nothing to worry about getting damage. Although it’s going to be considerably painful for our bodies……


The dragon roars. Kohaku growls threateningly when hearing it.

『Bastard……you’ve insulted my master……?! You’re just a flying lizard!』 「Eh!? Kohaku you can understand him!?」

I asked, in surprise, while getting off of Kohaku’s back, he interpreted the Dragon’s words.

『「You’ve interrupted my pleasure with the insects. I’ll split your body in 8 and eat it,」? It’s just a brat who can’t even speak properly……! This is why I hate the《Aoitei》 tribe!』(TN:《蒼帝》roughly translates into blue emperor)

Kohaku aims his anger the black dragon who was suspended in the sky.

「Pleasure…? It thinks that attacking the village is just a game? What a selfish guy」

If it was to get food to live, or in retaliation for defiling a sanctuary I would be able to understand. If so I would just teach it a lesson and drive it away, but I don’t think it would end with that. . However, that guy was just attacking people for the simple reason of pleasure it seems. If that’s the case then I won’t hold back either.

「Lindsey, I’m going to knock that guy down. Then cut off his wings. 「Understood, desu」

Lindsey says it a small nod. I concentrate magic, and activate a no-attribute spell.


The magic which developed around me was something like a launch pad tower aiming toward the dragon. First 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 8, and then double one after another and then when they had exceeded more than 1000 I used another spell.

「Oh Light Drill, sacred shining spear, Shining Javelin」

The next moment, a collective 128 light spears were launched collectively at the black dragon. I can’t use a high rank spell yet, but in terms of magic I won’t be beaten. I can’t use a bazooka but I can if it’s a machine gun.


Though the black dragon tries to approach and evade the blast. It was unable to escape 128 spears. Many of them hit the body and it hit the ground while bleeding. However, it fixes its pose immediately and unfurls its wings and starts to ascend again. But, Lindsey doesn’t allow it.

「Come forth water, cool and clear katana blade, Aqua Cutter」

The black dragon disregards the blade of compressed water flying towards. Supa! The right black dragon’s right wing is chopped off.


Hurts don’t it? The dragon let out a particularly loud roar, the dragon tries to fly away again. However, it only ascended a little bit and then fell right back down. Good, now it can’t fly again. The red eyes of the black dragon glint with pure hatred, it opens its mouth. It was a different motion from the fireballs from just a moment ago. Somehow this seems bad. I jump, dragging Lindsey, to the side with 「Boost」by kicking the ground with my strengthened legs. Goooooooooooo! From the black dragon’s mouth a jet of flame like from a flame thrower, the area is dyed bright red. That guy, it can use fire breath? We can’t get close to a dragon that keeps blowing flames out so easily. Lindsey did try to use Aqua cutter once again but its power was reduced by the wall of flames made from the breath, it didn’t do any damage. And, a shadow falls down onto the dragon from overhead


What had fallen was Yae’s sword that dropped right into the dragon’s right eye.


Elise puts her whole strength and flys toward and explodes into the dragon’s now horizontal belly.


「That hurt! That guy’s too hard!」 「It’s worse than that crystal demon we fought before. I’d rather it not be a repeat of that battle」

While Yae and Elsie were complaining they made some distance from the dragon. Anger can be seen in the one good eye and then it continuously spouts flame at the two girls.

「tou!?」 「Evade it degozaru!」

The two people withdraw in a panic from that spot. The wall of explosive flame and the flame in the vicinity begin to shine brightly. While the dragon pays attention to the two girls, I pull out my katana and draw near to the dragon, jump up and to take the off dragon’s head.


Using boost to strengthen the blow, the katana made a shrill metallic sound and broke.


What hardness! I should have aimed for the remaining eye like Yae had huh? The black dragon stares at me with the red eye and raises its gooseneck and opens its mouth and made a pose to breath. Ah, that’s bad. While thinking that a knife flew out from somewhere, piereced and stuck into the dragon’s left eye. With both eyes crushed was it from the pain? The neck waved right and left breathing flame as it did so.


Using that chance to remove the friction of its feet, the body looses its balance and falls down sideways. Dangerous dangerous. Slip magic is really useful. Although it’s useless in the sky. But, if that knife hadn’t flown it would have been dangerous. Was it Yae? It saved me. Huh? But Yae was on this side just now…the knife few from the opposite direction? …Well who cares? The dragon let out a roar of angar.. This katana is broken. As expected of a dragon. Is there a way to increase the penetration any further? Then……

「Yae, Elise! Buy time! Lindsey build a wall of ice in my direction! Kohaku, protect Lindsey!」

Lindsey concentrates and uses a magic spell at my request.

「Come forth Ice, Ice wall of eternity, Ice Wall」

In front of me a huge thick wall of ice appears before me. It’s beautiful transparent ice. This is more than enough.


I held my hand to the ice and transform it. Changing the structure of a created item isn’t that difficult. Magical ice is different than normal ice because it is difficult to melt, but it’s not as if it can’t be made. After a few seconds, there was a big lens made of ice. It had a proper foundation so it wouldn’t just fall down.


Small magic circles appeared one after another and projected the lens forward. 1… 2… 4… 16… 32… 64… 128… 256… 512!

「Drill oh light, Shining sacred spear, Shining Javelin!」

The 512 spears of light were sucked into the lens were concentrated into a single point, then used Modeling again to adjust the focal length to the black dragon.

「Eat this!!!」

Then next moment, a noise that can’t even be properly described resounded and a hole had opened in the black dragon’s chest. It falls just like that and causes the ground to tremor The blood that gushes from the open wound dyes the ground profusely red.

「we did it」 「You did it, Touya-dono!」

Elsie and Yae run up excitedly and Lindsey came up riding on Kohaku.

「That was brilliant」 『As expected of my master. Took care of it with a big smash』

The fighting had ended, everyone let out a sigh of relief and then the ice lens suddenly shatters. Uo that startled me. There was a black shadow that fell on the ground. We all looked up and saw a second dragon against the backdrop of the moon.

「Na…! There was one more……!?」

Moreover, it was even larger than the black dragon that had just fallen. It had white hair growing out of its red scales on from the back of its head to the tip of its tail. It had was long and fat, the tail was long as well. Just when we though a second raid had started, we were puzzled when the red dragon began to speak.

『I have no intention of fighting. My brother seems to have troubled you. I apologize.』 「You can talk!?」 「I am red dragon that supervises this sanctuary. I came to bring the one that was running wild back. It seems I was too late.」

Sadness floats from somewhere within the golden eyes of the red dragon that shut quietly. Is that so, he came to bring him back…. If he had been a bit faster we might have gotten support from him as well…. It was an indescribably difficult mood, Kohaku approaches the view of the red dragon.

『Red dragon. Or should I say ≪Aoitei≫. You should at least educate your own properly』 『What……? This presence……could it be… are you ≪Byakko≫sama!? Why are you there……!?』

The red dragon expressed his surprise. I didn’t understand and looked at Kohaku. Is he inexpertly important, this one?

『I see… The black dragon had been knocked down by ≪Byakko≫sama huh? Then it’s no wonder if the black dragon had been knocked out…』 『Do not misunderstand. It was my master who defeated him, this Touya-sama. This happened because this brat insulted my master. It was obvious repayment.』

『What…!? ≪Byakko≫sama’s master!? It’s a human!?』

Once again it raises its voice in astonishment, its golden eyes met mine. After a short while the red dragon lands and quietly bows his head.

『For this exceedingly rudeness, I beg of your pardon…. For what happened with the single black dragon. I humbly request of your warmhearted……』 「Aa- I understand the reason so it’s fine. But explain to the others so that this shall never happen again」 『Ha. Without fail. I will return to the sanctuary immediately, and proclaim it to everyone. No then please excuse me』

The red dragon stood up, once more bowed its head, flapped its wings, slowly rose into the air, passed overhead once and then flew toward the south.

『Seriously a bother. This is why ≪Aoitei≫ are ……』

While grumbling Kohaku returns to his smaller size with a [pon]. He’s on pretty bad terms with the ≪Aoitei≫ isn’t he. Well being「diamonds cutting diamonds」 it really can’t be helped. Huh? (TN: Idiom meaning equal in strength and toughness without equal) When I looked around the other 3 were sitting on the ground.

「What’s wrong girls?」 「What do you mean what’s wrong……I wasn’t able to move……」

Elsie said in a hoarse voice. Aa, it was the same as the time when Yumina summoned Kohaku huh? That red dragon was probably a considerably high dragon. Those golden eyes, they were probably demon eyes.

「Touya-san…were you alright?」 「Completely. It was nothing」 「It kind of feels like unfair treatment – degozaru yo……」

Even if you say that. It’s probably the god effect. That reminds me there was certainly the feeling of fear but not so much that it made me weak in the knees. While thinking about it, I used recovery magic on everyone.

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