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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 40


Jammerg55 here, this was originally Kirihito’s chapter but he had some things that took his time so I went and finished translating this chapter. Anways Enjoy!

On the tenth day of Christmas RTD gave to me, 10 chapters of I’m in another world with a smartphone.

Translator: Kirihito/Jammerg55 Editor: Jammerg55

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Chapter 40: The Jungle and Invasion Threat

Soon after leaving the town Langley, the landscape changed completely. There’s so much green unlike Belfast. The three carriages advance inside a forest that you could call a jungle. I feel like I can understand the meaning that there are more magical beasts in Misumido than in Belfast. This forest is probably the ideal habitat for magical beasts. Sometimes, you can hear the unknown howling of animals but, it seems this is an everyday occurrence in this country. The magical beasts seems to be numerous but, the damage to human settlements seems to be none. That means that the prey for the magical beasts is abundant in the this forest. They couldn’t be bothered won’t expressively descend on human settlements to devastate their fields to eat. However, the villagers who enter the forest to hunt game, seem to unluckily end up encountering magical beasts frequently. In this case, they become the trespassers, they will have to be prepared to be attacked. I wonder if it’s somehow unavoidable to have something like a bear repellant bell or something.

[It seems to be impossible we’ll arrive at Eldo village by nightfall]

From Olga-san’s words, on the highway leading to the capital from the town of Langley, there was a village of Eldo before leaving the forest when I checked using the map application. Certainly, it’ll be impossible to cover this distance by nightfall at this speed.

[Misumido was the result of many tribes gathering together, so it’s something like a colony so to speak. Each of the tribes still form villages or towns even now, if there are any clans friendly to each other, there are also clan that dislike each other. The ones who bring them together are the seven chieftains including His Majesty the King]

According to Olga-san’s explanation, there are seven chieftains of the seven major clans, they are the beast clan, winged clan, horned clan, dragon clan, tree clan, aquatic clan and the fairy clan. At this moment it seems the head of the beast clan, the beast king seems to have become the king of this country. Alhough the throne was tentatively a hereditary system, the other 6 patriarchs held strong authority. They’re something like influential nobles. It’s still a new nation so there are still many problems they say. Eventually the day grew long. It would be best to get preparations for camp ready before it got dark. This is all for today. The path was opened a little and the wagon was stopped and preparations for camp began. Gathering wood for fuel, there was a small range made of stone, I also participated and made vegetable soup (Minestrone) in a large pot. When it was completely dark, and night had come, there were many noises from the forest. There seems to be a lot of nocturnal beasts.

「It’s a little scary isn’t it?……」

While Yumina was drinking soup I made, she drew up close.

「As long as Kohaku is with us no normal beasts will approach us. He’ll understand immediately if it’s a demon beast. He’s bad with giant slimes and bugs though apparently」

I told Yumina what Kohaku told me telepathically. Then she lifts Kohaku in her arms and hugs him tight.

「Thank you, Kohaku-chan」 『Please be at ease, madam. You’ll be safe if I am here.』

As for others not to hear it, Kohaku spoke in a soft voice. At those words Yumina patted Kohaku’s head. Although the watch was changed several times to give people time to eat, the Belfast group were a little nervous because they were escorting in an unknown land.

「I should go get Yae and Elise soon. Kohaku, please take care of Yumina and Lindsey」 《As you wish》

I seperated from everyone around the fire, entered the carriage, used gate to the Belfast capital, Alfesu and returned home. When I appeared in the living room, Elsie and Yae were completely relaxed. Close by was, our super butler, Raimu-san.

「Aa, is it time already?」 「Stop moving around degozaru…. your hair isn’t dry yet degozaru」

That’s right. These two had just returned from the bath. I used 「Gate」 without others knowing about it…we decided on 30 minutes. I used magic and brought out some water, then heated it with hot stones in a tub, this was camouflage so they could take a normal bath at home. The reason there are two people at a time is so they can take baths in shifts.

「Hey, let’s hurry back while the others haven’t noticed us. Raimu-san did something happen today?」 「No, nothing in particular. Aa, Julio wants to grow vegetables in a corner of the garden, would that be alright?」

The kitchen garden huh? I want to eat some freshly harvested vegetables.

「Alright, I permit it. Please do as you like」 「Alright, I’ll do that」

Even still the maids Lapis-san nor Cecil-san seem to bee here. I wonder why that is. I asked Laimu-san about the two, Lapis-san was going to the market quickly in the morning and had already gone to bed, and Cecil-san had gone to the capital to meet a friend.

「If you have any orders please tell them」 「No, there was just something I’m worried about it. Come on, let’s go you two.」

I opened the gate, and came out inside the carriage. Somehow the situation is strange. The forest is noisy, various animals were crying nearby. This is definitely weird. What in the world is going on with all the crying? I dashed out from the carriage and joined everyone else. The guards had their swords drawn and were watching the area close by. What on earth is going to happen?

「Touya-san!」 「What happened!?」 「I don’t know. The forest animals are suddenly going berserk……」

Yumina let out a perplexed expression. Just then, the rabbit demi-human Rein-san, who beside me, suddenly lifted his head.

「Something big is coming………in the sky!」

Everyone looked up to the sky with Rein-san’s shout. A sudden gust rustled the treetops, overhead, high in the sky there was something big, that could be flying leisurely.

「A dragon……could it be, here!?」

Garun-san looking at the sky unconsciously said that. His eyes were wide with disbelief at the sight. A Dragon. That’s the thing flying in the sky?

「Why is there a dragon there……!?」 「What do you mean? Don’t things like that usually come here?」

Olga-san muttered while her voice trembles, her mouth was opened while embracing her frightened younger sister closely.

「Dragons normally live in the sanctuary at the center of this country. That being the dragon’s territory as long as no one enters there, or a dragon intrude out here then they won’t start acting violently. This is how we are supposed to have divided the living area ……「Did someone disturb the sanctuary!?」

At Olga-san’s words Garun-san spoke. Is this response of the dragons for someone invading the sanctuary? Isn’t this bad? Perhaps it’s retaliation. If our area had been ruined, then we might think about trying to repay the ones that did it. However, Olga-san shakes her head and rejects the idea.

「No, not necessarily. Once every several years, a young dragon appears in the village, and starts rampaging. Even if we were to repulse a dragon that had left the sanctuary, the other dragons would never retaliate. In this case they are the intruder. But still……」 「Is a dragon something you can even repulse?」

Garun responded to the question that I had posed.

「In the Royal Palace Warrior Corp……if there 100 warriors, then somehow. However if were to just half-heatedly attack then it would just make it angry.」

Misumido’s warrior corps are 100 members. To need all of them to somehow repulse it… is it that strong……? The line of thinking that the dragon running wild is a youngling. Even within the dragons there are naughty wild brats huh? Seriously a pain. This is nothing less than a natural disaster. I took out the smartphone, started the map application… search 「Dragon」 There many hits in the center of Misumido, is that area the sanctuary? And other than that the only other one was the one flying leisurely over us toward……

「Oi…that guy is heading straight toward Eldo village……!」 「What did you say!?」

Everyone shouted in surprise at what I had just said.

「What’s in Eldo village!?」 「It has a pasture belt extending to the south. Is it aiming for the animals!?」

I’m not sure if they’re sheep or cows but if it started attacking the animals it might leave the village alone, but Garun-san tore my naive thinking to shreds.

「Once a dragon has a taste it will keep attacking the same place. Also that guy sees both animals and us as feed. It may even have a preference right?」

At this rate the village is going to be annihilated……?! The range of a Smartphone remote magic attack has its limits. If it’s this far away it’s impossible.

「What shall we do? Our duty is to guard the ambassador. We cannot allow our ambassador to face such a dangerous situation……」

At Lyon-san’s words Garun-san clenched his teeth. For ones that serve the country orders from those above are absolute. Should they carelessly go toward the village and something were to happen to Olga-san, it wouldn’t just be a question about diplomatic relations. Even still just leaving half the guards here and sending the other half to rescue the village isn’t…… Even if I were to enchant the map app with Gate, for the transport point…if I don’t have the image of Eldo village firmly in my mind I can’t go there. What should we do……?

「Can we do nothing, Touya-dono…」 「Even if you ask that…….」

At Yae’s words I folded my arms, think. If it’s just us then we can certainly do something. We didn’t accept this as a order by the country but merely as a request from the guild. Furthermore it wasn’t a request to guard Olga-san. We’re to deliver the fake magic transport mirror to the King of Misumido…….

That’s it! It’s come down to this! I pulled from the carriage a full length mirror, and stood it against the body of the carriage.

「Touya-dono, this is?」

Lyon-san points dubiously in front of everyone. Everyone else similarly cocked their heads in puzzlement.

「Etto, this is called a 「Transportation Mirror」, there are 2 in per set. The other is in mirror is in the Belfast Royal Palace, and using this mirror it is possible to be transported there instantly. How about using this and using the Royal palace as shelter for Olga-san and Alma?」 「You brought this kind of thing……?」 「It was our job to deliver this to the King of Misumido. We have permission to use this in an emergency」

I lied on the fly while thinking it throught. I told them that this can only be used round trip once per day, it can’t transport many people, so I tried to appeal this thing’s safety. Mainly to the Misumido’s soldiers.

「I understand. We will use this and take temporary shelter in the Royal palace. And then everyone shall lead the villagers to safety……」 「Understood. Please, Touya-dono」

Garun-san nods at Olga-san’s decision.

「I understand. Then will Olga-san, Alma, and Yumina…and to see the other side, can I have Garun-san come with me?」

Garun-san leaked an insecure voice. While hearing that, I applied my hand to the mirror.


I activated the magic in a small voice that couldn’t be heard by those around me. I made the gate light appear several centimeters above the mirror. Thus giving the appearance of an enchantment, this time this method is fine. We haven’t arrived at the royal palace after all. First Yumina enters. Followed by Garun-san, Alma, Olga-san, and finally I go through last and close the gate. On the other side we appeared in Yumina’s room in the Royal palace in front of a full length mirror. They got it ready properly.

「This is……」 「The royal palace in Belfast. Then Yumina, Please explain things to His Majesty the King.」 「Yes…….Touya-san. Please take care……」

After entrusting it to Yumina, I called out to the blown-away slack-jawed Garun-san.

「Are you relieved with this, Garun-san? Then let’s return」 「Ah, yes. Let’s go!」

I repeated the fake enchantment and we went through. Upon returning it was clear that preparations for departure had already been completed.

「Alright everyone! The ambassador is safe! We will protect the villagers from the dragon, go toward Eldo!」

The Garun-san who had returned safely ordered and the demi-humans roared Ou! While looking at that I walked toward Lyon-san.

「What’s wrong Lyon-san? I don’t think it has the Belfast side will have to get involved but……」 「In this situation if we were to stick to 「this nothing to do with us」 then father would punch me hard with his flaming fist. We’re going too. His majesty would say the same」

Lyon-san so asserted firmly and apparently everyone had decided. Then it’s not a problem. I look at the map and see that the dragon has not arrived at the village yet. It wasn’t in a hurry. It was fortunate that this dragon wasn’t going very fast. At best wagon speed it would take an hour to reach the village. Unable to do anything but pray that this one hour would not prove fatal, I climbed into the carriage.

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