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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 39


[ Previous Chapter | Table of Contents | Next Chapter ] Translator: Kirihito TLC/ED: Jammerg55 # 39 Great River Gau and Accessories

「It’s a lie……this is a river? This is a sea right……」

As far as the eye can see is water, water, water. Land can be seen faintly beyond the horizon. It’s that, it resembles the feeling when I saw Hokkaido from Cape Oma of Aomori that I went to in my childhood. If we assume that, is there an area at least the same as Tsugaru Strait….? Six days after we departed, we finally arrive in Canaan, the southernmost town of Belfast Kingdom. From here we are to board a ship and head for the town of Langley of the Misumido Kingdom on the opposite bank. However, as might be expected of the town that connects Belfast with Misumido, there’s a lot of demi-humans in the middle of the town. Beginning with demi-humans such as dogs and cats, a winged person with the wings of a bird growing from their back, a horned person with horns on their forehead, there’s ones with scales on parts of their body, there’s also ones like demi-dragon’s with thick tails. It appears that demi-humans and humans seem to be able to get along peacefully in this town somehow. When we arrived on the riverbank (although nothing but the harbor could be seen) there were various ships floating there. However, most of them are small-sized ships, among them were also medium sized ships and there doesn’t seem to be any large-sized ships. It looks like a sailing ship but, most of the things standing don’t look like sails, it gives the image of a simple sailing boat. Because a person that can use wind attribute magic can get on in any ship, if you want to arrive at the opposite bank in two hours, it seems this kind of ship is enough. We will entrust the carriages from here and use a ship to cross over to the Misumido side. Similarly, It seems carriages have also been prepared on the other side. I leave the boarding procedures to the people of Misumido, Olga-san and Garun-san, not far from the ship we’re going to board, I get a view of the stalls opening on the street.

「Ah, handicrafts are sold there」 「This one…have various silk goods sold here」

Alma and Yumina beside me murmurs while looking at the merchandise being sold. It’s because this is Belfast’s last town. It can’t be help that there’s many souvenir shops.

「Oh? Touya-san, that……」 「Nn?」

From Yumina’s line of site is a stall with accessories such as brooches, rings and necklaces lined up, in front of it is Lyon-san who looks worried with a troubled face. He should’ve gone to send a letter to the Royal palace if I’m correct. Lyon-san seems to be hesitating on which accessory to buy. But, those are for women right? …ah, I see. So that was it is.

「Lyon-san, Is it a souvenir for your family?」 「eh? uh, Touya-dono!?, no, what, er~ mo, it’s for my mother…that’s right! right it’s for mother, I was thinking of what I should buy for her……」 「Heeー」

It can be seen through his splendidly flustered manner that the one he’s giving a present to is not his mother. Well, let’s give him a warriors mercy and not plunge in too deeply.

「There’s a lot of accessories being sold huh. That’s right. Alma choose one. It’ll be my present to remember Belfast」 「Is it okay!?」

Alma gladly picks one brooch from the middle of the lined up accessories. It’s a grapevine shaped brooch and fitted in the place of the fruits are amethysts. A fox and grapes…….that reminds me of a fairy tail.

「That suits you nicely, Alma」 「Ehehe, thank you very much」

I pay the the money to the vendor while looking at Alma who’s laughing happily. And, from here Lyon-san probably decided to get information he needed to know.

「I wonder if Olga-san will like brooches like these?」 「Nnー, onee-chan likes designs with flowers. Especially this, she loves flowers like these Eriusu flowers, she buys them often」 (note: katakana ‘eriusu’no idea what it is in english)

And while saying that, Alma points at one hair ornament lined up on the stall. It was coloured with a flower like cherry blossoms, it looks simple but it was a beautiful hair ornament. Lyon-san’s expression becomes joyful from those words. It was that afterall.

「Then, I’ll go with this. Lyon-san should return to the ship earlier too. We’re going to depart soon」 「Ah, yes. I’ll return immediately」

We leave that spot and when I look back after a while, Lyon-san buys the Eriusu hair ornament from the vendor, I can see from the distance that he received it wrapped up.

「That was splendid, Touya-san」

I received praise from Yumina. Was I found out? Although the younger sister of his sweetheart doesn’t seem to have noticed.

「It is just, I had also wanted a present from there」 「……Sorry」 「Well, If I receive a ring on the 4th finger of my left hand sooner or later, I’ll be satisfied with that」

With a face overflowing with a smile Yumina comes and clings on my arm. Should I have bought an accessory….? The penalty is too huge. While thinking about that, we returned to our boarding ship.

「We arrived here in no time ne」 「It’s because one way is just two hours de gozaru na」

While Elsie and Yae says so, they get off the ship carrying a box containing a full-length mirror we’re giving to the King. Also followed by Alma and Yumina carrying the luggage, Kohaku also gets off, last is me to get off the ship carrying Lindsey.

「…Sorry, Touya-san……」 「It’s fine, it’s fine. Don’t mind it」

Lindsey got seasick about one hour after boarding the ship. From reading books inside the ship…. I attempted [Recovery] just to try it but it didn’t seem to have an effect. I think this is also an abnormal state. Why is that? She’s okay on the shaking carriage, but not good on the swaying ship. Well, I also know someone who doesn’t get sick on a car but gets sick in a ship, is it similar to something like this? We looked around the town of Langley after we diembark. This is already the demi-human country Misumido Kingdom. It only took two hours to cross over with the ship, although there aren’t any real sudden changes, there are a lot more demi-humans than humans in Canaan compared to the nearby town Belfast. There are merchants opening stalls in the same way as the other side, but most were demi-humans. Overflowing with various races. It’s amazing.

「The town is bigger than I thought」 「…Is it because this place is still close to Belfast?」

Lindsey gives a small reply from my murmur. When we advance according to Olga-san’s leading while observing the town, in the town of Canaan, three carriages, similar to the carriages we left, were parked in there.

「What shall we do, Touya-san. If Lindsey-san’s condition is bad, shall we rest for today then depart tomorrow?」

Ol’ga calls out anxiously.

「Aaah, mou, I’m alright, desu. I’ve become a little better when I got off the ship」

Lindsey climbs off my back. And, Elsie laughs with a sususu…comes closer, then says to her younger sister.

「It’s okay to get piggybacked some more, Lindsey~」 「, onee-chan, wh- what are you saying!? Are you saying!?」

Lindsey raises her voice in defiance. Though I don’t know even if she doesn’t turn this way, her ears are bright red. Well, being piggybacked continuously is embarrassing as well.

「Well then, let’s leave in one hour. I will go send a letter to His majesty, the Beast King in the meantime」 「Ah, th, then I will also follow. Since I don’t know what is there!」 「Yes. Then Lyon-dono too」

Those two begin to walk together with their laughter slipping out. Somehow this makes you have a pleasant feeling. I can somewhat start to understand the feeling of someone who lives as a matchmaker for marriage interviews.

「Touya-dono, shortly from here there won’t be any large towns, I think you should buy the necessary things now」

Says Garun-san the wolf demi-human guard captain of Misumido, so we each decided to go shopping and meet here one hour later. Bringing Kohaku along, I bought emergency rations and small things including the tea-leaves with Yumina from the street stalls…….Nn? I sharpen my senses while looking around in the vicinity. ……Was it my imagination?

「Did something happen?」

Yumina called out to my strange behaviour.

「No…It felt like there was someone watching us….Seems it was my imagination] 「Wasn’t it because they saw something unusual like Kohaku-chan?」

White tigers in the Misumido kingdom are regarded as sacred beings. You can’t kill them and you can’t capture them either. Supposing If I was taking Kohaku along with a chain attached to his neck I would be criticised. In the end, it must be understood that Kohaku is following out of his own free-will. What a pain.

《No, master. Someone was surely watching our actions. Not me, but Master and everyone. But now that presence has been completely erased》

I look around the vicinity once more from Kohaku’s telepathic communication. I wonder who that was. Just in case we better be careful. After that I bought about ten of a fruit (Appearance is like a pear, colour is orange and the smell of apples) I’ve never seen before and came back to where everyone was.

Everyone was already at the carriage, it seems I was the last one.

「Now that everyone is here. Well then let’s depart」

When Olga-san say so , the escort soldiers began boarding the carriages on the front and back. With us in the middle carriage. Elsie and Yae goes to sit in the coach seat, and when everyone else was going to get in a passenger car, I found the hair ornament that’s decorated with flowers that look like cherry blossoms in Olga-san’s hair.

「Ara, that hair ornament is wonderful. It really suits you」 「Eh? I, I see, thank you very much」

Yumina catches sight of the hair ornament quickly and praises it, Ol’ga laughs with some slight embarrassment. Lyon-san must’ve given it when they went to go alone. You did it.

「I also want to receive a hair ornament like that from a person in my heart. I think that it is admirable of gentlemen to give such a present as an indication of their feelings. Naturally, If it was expressed in their attitude like giving an embrace is better than nothing……」 「Who knows, let’s depart!」

Since the turn of affairs of the conversation has become strange, I got into the passenger’s seat quickly. She may unexpectedly be the type to hold a grudge. Alma was the only one I gave a present to indeed, it was bad that I didn’t give anything to Yuminaー…. (note: yandere incoming) Having said that, it is probably unlikely that I can give an embrace as substitute. I have have to think of something……wait, this time it might turn out badly if I only give a present to Yumina. It will probably be bad if it was mistaken as a present to a lover. If I also give it to the three other girls, I wonder if it won’t worsen if I give them as a form of appreciation. I use [Modeling] to make a present to give to four people, I begun to check the latest accessories with the image search of the smartphone when I boarded the passenger carriage.

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