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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 37


Jammerg55 here, playing catchup with ketchup, just kidding. This was translated by *someone* but that person’s name eludes me and i can’t seem to find them on my skype list so anyways it’s been edited for public consumption. Anyways Enjoy!

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translator: *someone* Editor: Jammerg55

Chapter 37: The Duke’s visit, and the Personal Request.

Lime-san comes and announce the arrival of visitors, shortly, the duke and Sue arrived to the terrace from the garden.

「Ya, congratulations on moving in. Take care for us from now on neighbors」

The duke laughs cheerfully. Even though he is saying neighbor we live in the outer ward, and he lives in the inner district, it is pretty far away. Well, it’s indeed closer when you compare the distance between the Capital and Leaflet.

「Long time no see, Sue」 「Good day, Yumina-neesama」

Yumina greets Sue. Oh right, those two are cousins. When I see the two of them lined up next to each other’s, same blonde hair, they really resemble each other, as expected. Though their personalities quite different.

「When I learned of the engagement between Yumina-neesama and Touya. I was really astonished」 「I am the most surprised you know??」

I can’t give up here. I still can’t comprehend this yet. As the two of them sit at the table on the terrace, Lime-san comes with tea for both. Truly first class butler.

「I was planning on a marriage between Touya-dono and Sue. But you beat me to it. Yumina and elder brother totally beat me」 「You were thinking suck a thing, Father? Well, if it’s Touya then I would be very pleased. Being together would be so much fun」 「Oh, I see. Then, will you also accept Sue along with Yumina, Touya-dono?」 「Okay, that enough. Please don’t get carried away, mou」

Although the Duke may be joking, the sparkle in Sue’s eyes when she looks at me is troubling. I’d like to avoid making things any more confusing.

「Well, shall I withdraw for today. But with that I have one favor to ask you today.」

What do you mean by “for today”? Ignoring my scornful stare the duke continues.

「To tell you the truth, this time, we have decided to form an alliance with Misumido kingdom. I believe that we need to establish a location for conference between kings, but….」

A country of beastkin, the king of the beasts who govern the kingdom to the south, Misumido. The fox tribe of beastkin, Olga and her sister Alma country. I see, so you want to conclude an alliance? What a relief.

「For both king to talk, the fact is one of them most go to the other royal capital, which involve a certain risk. There is a chance of interference from an opposing party, also they may get attacked by demon beasts in the middle of their trip. And so」 「Touya-san’s 「Gate」, Right?」 「As expected of Lindsey, right to the point」

The duke grinned and laughed as he drank tea. Yeah, certainly by using 「Gate」, they can move safely. However??

「But I can only use that magic to go to places I have already visited? You don’t mean??」

I have bad feeling… rather, more like a nasty conviction.

「That’s right. I would like you to go to the Misumido」

As I though…I get it. I really get it. In fact, it’s really convenient. I have to go there is the only limitation, without that I, I could establish my door to door delivery service company.

「How long does it take to travel to Misumido?」 「Well, let’s see, around 6 days using carriage….」

Oh? Is it shorter than I thought?

「Well, that’s to arrive at the Great River Gau, it’s another 4 days from there to Misudimo’s Capital? That’s if everything goes smoothly though.」

It will take 10 days…. It is unexpectedly tough…. Even though I just got a house, I will have to go for a trip without being able to live in it, what is up with that?

「I will make this request the guild, I will make a direct request to assign it you guys. Of course you will get a reward, and your guild rank will also increase. I don’t think it is a bad deal」

He’s already taken care of everything hasn’t he? Well, as a job class it’s rather easy isn’t it? I would also like to travel to other countries. It’s certainly not a bad idea. And I also, want to see what kind of place Misumido kingdom is.

「I understood, I will take the request. What about you guys?」

Everyone nod in agreement;it seems there is no objection.

「Much appreciated, because the ambassador needs to return to her country, she will guide you to Misumido’s Capital.」 「Olga-san is returning home? Then her younger sister Alma going back with her?」 「Well, the ambassador and her younger sister are coming with you guys, additionally you will be guarded with a group of knights, it was decided you all will be going to Misumido.」

I see. It is reassuring. According to what I learned so far, there is more nature in Misumido than Belfast, more like a jungle, and it seems there is many demon beasts too. Is that place like south America or Southeast Asia? I wonder what kind of place it will be. The country of beastkin that no one has seen yet, Misumido kingdom. We are going there.

「But…I wonder if it will be alright de gozaru?」 「Is there something wrong? Yae?」 「They will know that you can use「Gate」over there, de gozaru. It is a magic that can invade anyplace without anyone knowing de gozaru? Forget about being cautious, there is a fear that you will be assassinated as a dangerous person….」

「C’mon, don’t say a scary thing」

But, will they certainly have fears? I can’t prevent holding such suspicions or it piling up

「No, will it be not okay? I confirmed with Charlotte-dono, that there are places you can’t use「Gate」to travel to, Magical Barrier… you will not be able to go in the area inside the barrier. In that case, I don’t think there will be a need to be that cautious about it」

The duke easily overturns Yae anxiety.

「Is that right? Touya?」 「…this is the first time I knew about this」

After hearing my answer Elise looks at me with amazed eyes. No, well, I remember when I used 「Gate」, I didn’t know the effect or all the details!

「It seems even a small magic barrier can stop it. For example, if there is a small barrier around the Royal Capital, even though you can jump out from the castle town, you can’t warp back to the Royal Capital. By the way, except for Yumina’s room inside the castle, a barrier is already set up by Charlotte」

Whoa, she already made protection measure? Despite her appearance (being rude), indeed as expected of the court magician. She is not careless.

「…but if Touya san goes to any country, it is possible to send a large army with 「Gate」 to attack…from. As I though, it is better they don’t know about it. That’s my opinion」 「Hmm…certainly. Like the glasses which you gave to Charlotte dono, ask them to give you something to cast the magic 「Gate」 on it」

Indeed. I can ask them to use a full length mirror to be used in the talks, afterwards, they can break it to remove their anxiety of the other party If I create Mirror A and Mirror B that can be used to travel back and forth, and, with that as reason, perhaps it will be alright. Though one of the mirror need to be made after I arrive to the new location

「Then, shall we go with that? When is the departure?」 「Let me see?? How about after 3 days?」 「I understand」

Now, it appears we will be busy, as we must prepare for the long journey

「Lucky you, I wanted to go to Misumido’s castle city as well」

Sue bites her finger enviously. I hope she doesn’t say she wants to come with us. I am sorry, but I can’t handle anymore troubles.

「When I come back I can travel back there at any time, so next time I will take Sue with me」 「Really!!? As I thought Touya is really reliable!」

As leaning on the table, Sue turns toward me with a big smile on her face. Because she is happy so much, I properly must keep my promise with her. After in a meeting, we discussed the details of the trip to Misumido with the duke until the evening.

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