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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 36


translator: Kirihito Editor: Jammerg55

Sorry for the lateness guys. Anyways we have new translators I think? Who is helping smartphone. cbt2 for blade and soul starts on Friday and the EU servers will be open hurray. So I’m gonna be even more busy. Luckily like I said we have new translators i think?. Anyways here’s ch 36.

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#36 Butler and servant employment

The day when we move to the capital arrived. We say goodbye to the people who we were indebt to, Mika and Dolan-san of [Silvermoon], Aeru-san of [Parent], Zanuck-san of [Fashion King Zanuck], Balal-san of [Weapon Shop Kumachi] and left the town of Leaflet.

The town I lived in the first time I came to this world. There are many different feelings. Even though I can come back anytime I want with [Gate], it’s still deeply emotional.

Dolan-san said something about making this town the town of shougi. Because the King is enthusiastic about it as well, that aim might unexpectedly work.

I handed papers which is printed with designs of various clothes as a farewell gift to Zanuck-san. Clothes like the Nurse uniform or sailor uniforms might come out soon. ……it’s not like I recommended them, Zanuck-san got really into it.

As for Aeru-san of [Parent] I gave her recipes for sweets and a few handy tools with [Modeling] to make those. Ice server, round, heart and star-shaped cutter as well as a torte cutter. I’ll come to eat again when her new work is done.

Similarly, I gave Mika-san a kitchen knife, peeler, juice squeezer, grater, and various cooking recipes. With this, the destructive power of [Silvermoon’s] meals will further increase.

When I parted from everybody and came back to the capital, several carriages stopped in front of the house and brought in furniture. When we appeared in the garden, Yumina, who was ordering the furniture movers around, noticed us and ran to greet us.

[Touya-san, good timing. There is a butler who wishes to be employed here, would you come meet with him?]

[eh? now?]

From the terrace of the mansion when I was surprised, An old man with white hair and mustache which is hardened from head to toe with a black formal uniform approached. What’s this? where have I seen him before…ah, when I got this house, it was this person that brought the money and the inventory.

[Pleasure of meeting you for the first time…no, should I say the second time. I am called Rime. Pleased to make your acquaintance.]

Rime-san bows his head deeply. He’s probably in his late-60’s? Unlike his movements which gives a youthful impression.

[Jiiya is the person who served father as a butler for many years. There are no problems for him to become the butler] (note: Jiiya is like Jii when Sue calls her butler)


Does that mean he took care of the king? It seems we’ve pulled in a person of outrageous class!

[Why has such a person also, come to something like ours…… ]

[Nay, I cannot win against aging, at this time I have handed that role to my son. At that time the princess has given me an invitation. I think that it is not a bad idea to serve the savior of my younger brother for the remaining of my life.

[……Younger brother?]

[He is called Reim. He serves His Imperial Highness Duke Ortholinde]

[Ah!, Reim-san from Sue’s place!]

I see, I thought he looks similar to someone but, it was Reim-san. Two brothers also serving the King brothers. A butler brothers.

[How about it? Can we hire him?]

[No, we don’t have any objections but……. Is that okay? Aren’t there other places with better treatment?……]

[No, I wish to be of service here. Pleasure of working with you from now on.]

Rime-san bows once more. Because there aren’t any reason to decline, we entrust the management of the house and the supervision of the employees to him. We decided to leave all management responsibilities to him.

[Well then there is something I would like, danna-sama] (Note: master of the house)

[Stop with the danna-sama!?]

[No, now that I am employed here, the master and servants relation must be made clearly defined. Therefore danna-sama, there are some capable people that I wish to employ, can you meet them?]

I wanted the master to stop but somehow it was futile. He was dead set on it. This person is a pro butler. Anyway, Rime-sam left the mansion at a quick pace to the people he brought along. He’s fast….

[We found a good butler haven’t we]

Elsie went inside the mansion with her bagge. Lindsey and Yae followed, Yumina begins ordering the furniture that is being brought in.

I also head to my room, after putting down my own luggage I decided to help carrying them in.

My room is tentatively the most spacious on the second floor, but there is nothing other than the bed and closet, there is nothing. Or rather, there’s a bed but no futon(duvet/comforter). Furniture like a cabinet, desk, chair and bookshelves should be brought in today. Naturally a futon as well.

Huh? I noticed just now but, with [Modelling] couldn’t I just make things like chairs and dressers? Even if we don’t have to pay large amount of money……. No, I would have to make them for everybody. Pardon me from that. That’s troublesome. I say the result is alright.

Which one will help me with unloading. I’ll probably be troubled with only the heavy furniture. Apart from me there isn’t any other manpower in the house. I have show my reliable side sometimes. (note: confused, thought they had helpers)

And so, while thinking that Elsie used [Boost] and casually carried the heavy furniture. Huh? Am I unneeded…?

Kuu, I’m not beaten yet. It’s the man’s pride when it comes to this. Likewise I too use [Boost] and begin carrying the furniture with the same momentum.

We decided to gather on the terrace to rest and have tea together after moving the furniture.

For now we finished carrying the furniture to our rooms and the main rooms, such as the living room, kitchen and parlour, etc. I only arrange the clothes and books that I’ve brought afterwards.

I had a competition with Elsie who used [Boost] to carry the competition but the victory went to Elsie. [Boost] is a non-attribute magic that raises one’s physical ability by several times. However using the same magic, in the end it is still tied to one’s original physical abilities.

Losing to a girl in physical strength is a really pitiful story…Should I train a little more….

I mean, I don’t equal Elsie in physical strength, neither in magical knowledge and discipline with Lindsey, neither with Yae’s swordplay or Yumina’s archery and etiquette……not good, it’s getting depressing.

[Things have finally settled down]

[There are still various small things that is not good if we don’t buy……]

[……That is, let’s buy them all together little by little]

[That’s so, let’s stop here for today.]

Certainly, we’re still short on the small things. All kinds of things like everyday goods, tableware and detergent. In addition a bath tub…Ah, Is our cleaning tools also insufficient? Things like buckets and cleaning cloths, we haven’t even brought one or two. We don’t have garbage bins either. There are a lot of things we can’t do without huh.

Everyone gathered to discuss what is needed and we put them down on a list. We will go buy it all together later. With that sense, when everyone was giving their opinion, Rime-san came and brought along several men and women from the gate.

[Master, these are the ones that I spoke to you about earlier de gozaimasu. Everyone’s background are properly secure, would you please employ them]

It’s still hard to get used to the danna-sama……. Can’t we get him to change that somehow? When called something like danna-sama, it makes me feel old. I think it won’t suit me for at least after about another 10 years….

[I have come from the maid guild, I am called Lapis. Pleasure to work with you]

[Likewise I have come from the maid guild, I am called Cecil ~, Pleasure to work with you~]

Two people wearing maid clothes bow their heads in front of me. Lapis-san is the one with a bob cut black hair with a diligent atmosphere and the light brown haired one with the sweetly smiling face is Cecil-san. Both are around 20 years old. The two of them are dressed in a maid outfit, on the head is the standard hair band called white brim.

Even so, there’s such a thing like a maid guild…. They say all crimes including theft are caused by housemaids, they are given strict background check and training, it seems maids authorised by the guild are convenient.

I’m told they will do the cleaning and management of the house under Rime-san.

[I am the gardener Julio. This is my wife Claire]

[I’m Claire. The cook]

Next to greet us was a married couple in their late twenties.

A young man with blonde hair and a seemingly good natured attitude, the woman also looks good natured with red hair. They both look easy going.

It seems Julio-san is the son of Rime-san’s friend. He will take care of managing the garden from flower grooming to the kitchen garden. The wife Claire-san is the exclusive cook who will prepare our meals.

It seems she was trained by apprenticeship to be able to make anything served to the nobles in the capital until now. Next time, shall I show her the recipe collection that I gave Mika-san.

[I’m Thomas. Former heavy infantryman of the kingdom]

[I’m Huck. Former light cavalry of the kingdom]

Ooh, heavy and light. The figure is the same as well. Both are around the 50’s. It seems both of them are recently retired knights of the kingdom so Rime-san called out to them. It seems they’ll alternate with the security and gate keeping. Because they are going to be watching the gate at night, I wonder if they are going to do a shift rotation system?

If it that’s the case isn’t it going to be going to be difficult with only two people? Should I employ one or two more people. Well, I’ll leave that area to Rime-sam.

Even so, Thomas and Huck…Tom and Huck huh. I have no doubt that they were mischievous brats in their childhood.

There weren’t any particular dissatisfaction, so I employed them as Rime-san said.

[Thomas and Huck has their home in the capital so they will commute here. I and the other four would like to live here, will that be alright?]

I accepted Rime-san’s proposal. There are a lot of rooms so there’s aren’t any problems at all.

Since Julio-san and Claire-san are a couple, it would have been good for them to stay in one room, it was decided that they would stay in separate rooms. If it was in my old world they would have been given a house/room apart from the main house. I want you value the time you have as a couple.

I give allowance to each of them and ask them to buy all the necessary things. I handed separate money to Lapis-san and Claire-san, I asked Lapis-san to buy the general stuff in the list from earlier and Claire-san to buy the food and the cooking utensils.

Soon everyone else went shopping however, Rime-san wanted to do inspection so he went into the mansion. Since he’s going to start working here, he says he wants to check everything, even up to the most trivial places, himself. I really bow my head to him.

[Things are somehow settling down huh]

Even though I’m not used to the house yet, it increased by seven servants. Is the money going to be alright? I have the money from the king so we should be alright for awhile.

Well, there’s no point worrying about it.

[There’s no problem if we leave it to Jiyaa. He hasn’t been serving otou-sama since childhood for nothing.]

[I never thought that we would unexpectedly hire the person taking care of the king]

[I wonder if it’s because they expect much from Touya-san]

Yumina naturally says with a face while drinking tea. That’s even more pressure though…….

[……But it wouldn’t be possible for just us to manage this anyways……I am grateful for a capable butler to come, desu]

Lindsey murmurs while giving cookies which was lined up on the table to Kohaku who is resting his head on top of her knees. Certainly right. He’s going to take care of us in various ways from now on.

Nn? I heard the sound of a carriage that stopped at the gate. Is it Lapis-san and everyone that came back? Did they use a carriage because there was too much baggage?

While thinking that, Rime-san came towards us from inside the mansion.

[Danna-sama, His Highness Duke Ortholinde and young lady Sue has come]

[Eh? The Duke and Sue?] This is the mansion’s first official visitors. Now, I wonder what business for?

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