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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 34


Jammerg55 here, Already half way through my semester at college. Japanese 3 is easy but Kanji is as hard as ever, why is it always the most useful ones have a lot of parts??? Anyways Enjoy!

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Chatper 34: Receiving a Title and People of the Royal Palace

「It’s from father. He would like for you to read this and then he would like for you to come to the royal palace.」

It was a letter that had arrived at the “The Silver Moon” by swift horse. After looking at it, Yumina said to me. I have a bad feeling about this, but I can’t just ignore it.

「Why now again?」 「As remuneration for solving that last event, Touya-sama is to be given a title (of nobility).」 「「「A title!?」」」

Elsie and the others shouted in surprise. It’s that after all? That’s right they did say something like that. As I am the tentative fiancé of Princess Yumina, I need to have a title of moderate position. The fiancé (apparent) that is me has yet to be formally announced, it seems, and until then it seems some appearances need to be put in order, or so they say.

「Can I refuse?」 「You can still refuse, however in that case, they need to receive a formal reason as to why you refuse in person.」 「「「Refuse!?」」」

The surprised girls shouted again. You girls are noisy.

「Even if you put aside the marriage, you shouldn’t decline the title! It’s such a waste!」

Elise expressed her honest opinion. But you know, having a title means I would become part of the nobility wouldn’t it? I don’t think it would suit me.

「…To become nobility means to serve the country. It would mean being obligated to govern territory and have responsibilities.」

Lindsey who was patting Kohaku’s head muttered quietly. Yep, it’s a bother after all. Let’s refuse it.

「And, what do you say when you refuse – degozaru?」 「U-n, something like being an adventurer suits me better」

It sounds like a lie even to my, but that was the only thing I could think of. Because I wanted to avoid the parents’ resentment, I thought that best to say. That in and of itself is pretty confusing.

「I think that will be fine. Father does not wish to force it either.」 「Well then, let’s go」

Apparently he wanted Elsie and the others to come to the capital as well. Not as attendants to the awards ceremony, merely as an expression of gratitude to those who were looking after his daughter. At first the three refused in fear, but because it’s certainly useful to be acquainted with the King

「What do you want to do Kohaku? Stay here and watch the house?」 『Me? If master says then I will stay……』 「「「「No」」」」

Oh, rejected by the girl’s group.

「We can’t possibly leave Kohaku here」 「It’s so sad, desu」 「Isn’t he our companion too degozaru?」 「I will look after Kohaku-chan, please, Touya-san」

Kohaku is really popular. I’m so jealous. I must admit that his fluffiness knows no enemy, might as well take him with us. I immediately open the Gate and go into Yumina’s room in the Royal Palace. Even though I said Yumina’s Room, it wasn’t a bedroom or a room for relaxation, this room was for receiving guests. I had gotten permission from the king to use this room for when I needed to use Gate, in advance. When we came out of the room, the knights looked at us with suspicion, but their attitude change after seeing Yumina. After Walking for a while, Yumina opens the door at the end of the corridor, inside we found His Majesty the King, General Leon, and Olga-san the Misumido ambassador enjoying a cup of tea inside

「Father!」 「Oh, Yumina?」

After seeing Yumina, the King rushed from his chair and hugged his daughter

「You look happy, that’s great!」 「Because I was by Touya-san’s side there is no way I wouldn’t be happy.」

Like I said, saying that is embarrassing… While blushing from Yumina’s statement, I was called by the King.

「It has been a while, Touya-dono」 「Thank you」 「Are those behind you your companions? No need to be so formal, please raise your heads」

I turn around in response to the kings voice, and the other 3 were already doing a dogeza. You girls, it was the same reaction with Sue. But it didn’t happen with Yumina. Well, that’s probably because Yumina was the one who came home with me, shocking……


Before I knew it Olga-san had come close-by. Dazzling fox ears and tail as always. I started to wander which one well feels better Kohaku or her, a rude thought floated in my mind.

「I wish to express my deep gratitude in this matter. You are the savior of His Majesty the King’s life, at the same time the savior of our Misumido Kingdom. If you ever wish to visit my country then you will be welcomed.」

Olga-san bows deeply. No, I don’t want to impose on the country. I don’t want to standout.

「Is Alma doing well?」 「Aa, she is. If I had known that Touya-dono was going to be here, then I would have brought her here.」

The disappointedly laughing face of Olga-san froze for a moment. Looking for the cause, she was looking at Kohaku, who we had brought with us.

「… Touya dono, this child is?」 「Oh, it is a tiger cub I am keeping, he is called Kohaku. Kohaku, say hi」 『Gau』

I agreed beforehand, with Kohaku would pretend to be a tiger cub. Explaining about a talking tiger would be bothersome. While looking at Kohaku, Olga-san tilted her head suspiciously.

「Is something wrong?」 「Aa, well, in my Misumido Kingdom the white tiger is God’s familiar, it is sacred. The white tigers are divine beasts in the family called 『Byakko』」

Well, to say nothing of the family it’s the person himself… Oh yeah Yumina did say something about him being the king of beasts… Will it be alright if we take Kohaku to Misumido Kingdom I wonder? I was suddenly I was slapped on the back. It’s the general. Does he not know how to communicate with someone unless he hits them?

「Long time no see, Touya dono! I never though you would be the princess’s husband! You are really very interesting! How about I train you personally?」 「I am not the husband yet, I decline.」

I feel that my body would break if I were to train with this person. He’s someone that slaps your back in lieu of a greeting. He’s not a bad person though. Oh? At the general’s waist hung brownish gauntlets. It wasn’t a clumsy display, rather it had the mood of a legendary hero.

「General … that is?」 「Hmm? Oh, there will be a military training later. I use a gauntlet since I am a melee fighter … you didn’t hear about me? I am known as “Flame Fist Leon”?」

Unfortunately, I didn’t know. I also hadn’t heard a single thing about it either. But different from my blank stare to the general, on my side there was someone who showed an excessive reaction.

「Oh, I know you! They say one person destroyed a large group of bandits in Merishia mountains, they say he had flame fists! Also, he had a fight to the death against a stone golem too!」 「Oh, you’re very knowledgeable! Are you also a melee fighter? A female melee fighter is rare!」

The general looked at the excited Elsie’s waste at the streamlined right and the asymmetric left gauntlets, and laughed happily.

「How about it? Do you want to participate in training after this?」 「I can participate!?」

Elise nod with a big smile. She is happy to be able learn techniques from him. While looking at them the King called to me.

「By the way, Touya-dono, about the title…」 「I am honored by the offer but……」

I feel bad for the King however, I’m still going to decline it after all. I have no intention of becoming a noble right now.

「Well I thought you were going to say that. As the savior of the King, it would look bad if I did not offer you something as a reward. Of course, if you really wanted to accept it, then it would be better than nothing.」

You’re the king after all, I’m sure there were other things you could have done. I began to look at the King with pity a little when all of a sudden ban and the door burst open and someone flew into the room.

「I heard that Touya-san was here!」

Who was it but Charlotte-san. Her appearance from the last time I saw here was too different, for a moment I didn’t know who it was. The Jade-color hair was disheveled, there were deeper shadows under her eyes from the last time I saw her. She walked toward me at a frightening pace with bloodshot eyes behind the glasses. Scary. What is this, it’s scary! As to keep me from running away, she held my coat with one hand and presented several glasses and silver coins with the other.

「Excuse me! These glasses! Can I have two more, or 3 more pairs? I taught you “transfer”the other day didn’t I? Didn’t I?!!」 「Eh!? Well, I was certainly helped the other day! But, why!?」

Although I was considerably scared of Charlotte’s ghastly appearance, I asked the question.

「Why? I can’t keep up with the decipherment at all! There is a limit to what I can do alone! Impossible! It’s impossible! No matter how much I decipher, and decipher, it never ends! How much you think there is?! How much you think there is?!」

Why twice!? Though she kept talking to me with misplaced anger, and I was going to do that for her!? Since it was scary to argue with her, I obediently took the glass and silver coins, and I used modeling and enchantment, and made three more pairs of translation glasses.

「Thank you!」

As Charlotte’s business was concluded, she snatched the just completed glasses and ran out of the room just as she had entered.

「Just in case, you need to maintain yourself properly, Charlotte. If it were to spread to the Teikoku then it would be a problem.」 「Understood!」

She cheerfully answered the king, and went away like a wind. What was that?

「Charlotte is really troublesome. After she got that tool, she shut herself up in her laboratory, her body will break sooner or later. If it stays like this we’ll have to ask Touya-dono to use Recovery again」

It seems that I’ve unintentionally invented the hikikomori. The “when they’re obsessed with something, everything else disappears”type.

「…Just now…… That was Charlotte the court magician?」

Lindsey muttered while looking at the door. Well I can understand her feeling. She didn’t look as one of the best magicians in the kingdom.

「I wanted to talk about the magic …too bad」 「Oh, I wouldn’t bother. If you were to say that to Charlotte-dono right now she’ll lecture you for half a a day about ancient sprit’s of the dead magic, and have to help with experiments. Why not wait till she’s settled down.」

The general shakes his head. Surely, anything we were to say right now wouldn’t reach her.

「Well, time to prepare for future ceremony. You will need to choose a suitable clothes, Touya-dono」

The King clapped twice and two maids appeared from the back door. Well, it’s a troublesome.

「Lindsey and Yae what would you like to do? Wait here?」 「I will go to watch my sister’s training.」 「I will join you as well degozaru.」

Okay, Everyone besides Yumina wants to go train? Kohaku is being left with Yumina it seems, shall we go and get changed quickly? I was guided by a housemaid to the back room to change my clothes.

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