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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 33


Jammerg55 here, I had meant to get this out a few days ago but I’ve been studying for tests and couldn’t get it finished til today. Some of you may have noticed but the chapters are getting longer. That won’t really matter however as they’re nothing that we can’t get out every week. Anyways Enjoy!

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Chapter 33: Gauntlets and Goth Loli

「U—n…I give up……」

Elise had a difficult face as she looked troubled. At the dining room table was the presence of a woman, who stared longingly at her favorite gauntlets. However, it was the fist portion that had been damaged. It happened during the fight with the demon yesterday. The demon who had a body of stone, a gargoyle. The gang of thieves had accurately manipulated dark attribute magic summoned it. With the appearance of stone, we were surrounded by many of them, we fought hard. In any case, they were tough, swords didn’t work. Magic only had a marginal effect, arrows didn’t do any damage. The only thing that did any effective damage was Elsie’s blunt force. Part way through Lindsey used 「Explosion」and「Bubble Bomb」and blew them up using explosive magic. From the gaps I used 「Paralyze」 arts and rendered some of them immobile. After capturing the thieves and magician we sent them to the Guards at the Royal Capital. Although we completed the guild’s request, Elsie’s favorite gauntlets were in this pitiful state.

「We’ll have to buy some new ones……」 「Then we should? I could repair them using 「modeling」however I wouldn’t be able to restore the integrity of the metal;I think it would just break again.」 「Until now, these have been the ones most compatible with me.」

Elsie talked disappointingly. Well, it’s sad when your favorite things break.

「What do you want to do? Go over to 「Kumaya’s Armor Shop」and buy some new ones?」 「I already went. The they won’t get the same type of gauntlet in stock for 5 days they said.」

That’s pretty long. Well, even if you were to say gauntlets, gauntlets made for a full suit of armor are different than heavy plated gauntlets meant to hit things with, there just isn’t any great demand for them. Elise fights with her fists Taijutsu style, in this world it would be called 「Arms warrior」they seem to be in the minority in this country. On the contrary, in Misumido there seem to be quite a few of them. The part human part beast has excellent physical strength. I’ve somehow come to understand that.

「Touya, take me to the Royal Capital. I can’t wait for 5 days!」

So hasty. But I don’t really mind. When you compare Lindsey to Elise, she’s more of a “do it as the thought arises” kind of person. If Elsie were to strike a stone bridge, she would run over it before it broke apart. It was that kind of feeling.

「If it’s the Capital then it’s「Belukuto」I think……. Which reminds me the「Herculean Gauntlets」are endowed with magic.」

「Belkuto」is the shop that I bought the all attribute magic coat with that outrageous endowment that reduced all attribute magic attacks.

「Herculean Gauntlets?」 「If I remember correctly… they gave some kind of enhancement to physical strength.」 「What is that, I’m interested」

Elise’s eyes glittered as we stood up, she grasped my hand and pulled me toward the backyard.

「Alright let’s go! Let’s go now! Yes we’re departing!」 「Quick!? Do you have money!?」 「I just withdrew some from the guild a little while ago so it’s fine!」

She really starts to move the moment she thinks of something! While being dragged, this girl really needs to settle down a little, is what I thought to myself.

「Hello, Welcome to 「Belkuto」」

I met the same oneesan who I had met last time I had come here. Unlike last time I didn’t need to show my badge. Do you remember me? If so that’s amazing. Even though Elsie was standing beside me, she was recognized as my guest and was not asked to show her badge. That person was looking nervously around unexpectedly luxurious store. You should probably close your mouth…….

「How can we help you today?」 「U—m, are the 「Herculean Gauntlets」that I saw before still here?」 「I apologize. That item has already been sold……」

Well shoot, how disappointing. Elsie who was beside me let out an ‘Eh?’. Well, enchanted armor, unlike my coat wouldn’t remain unsold.

「Are you looking for gloves?」 「Yes. However, we’re looking for direct combat gauntlets.」

If you think about it, it’s probably something that would be classified as a weapon, but it’s still a kind of armor. It wouldn’t be unusual to find some in an armor shop. I mean it’s pretty obvious.

「Direct combat gauntlets is it? What kind of magical enchantments would you like to see on them?」 「There are others with magical enchantments? Can I see them?」 「Certainly. This way please」

The oneesan led us to a corner in the gallery. It was the place where I had found my coat. The employee oneesan took out two sets of decorated gauntlets and arranged them on the counter. One pair was a metallic green, they had a beautiful streamline design. As for the other pair, they were red and gold, and they had and angled design.

This pair can avoid things like arrow attacks, they have wind attribute enchantment. Unfortunately they cannot avoid long distance magic attacks, they do have high magic defense however.

The employee picks up the metallic green gauntlets and explains. It can avert long distance physical attacks? They can’t avoid magical attacks but, instead they have high magical defense, so even if it were to hit the damage would be minimal?

「And with these, they accumulate magic and increase the destructive power of the blow. It takes time to accumulate magic, however because of they are enchanted these gauntlets will never be destroyed.」

This time she picked up the red and gold gauntlets and explained. Contrary to the metallic green ones, it has a higher attack value? Is it something like the attack accumulation like in a game? Do you get the defensive ones or the offensive ones? It’s a difficult question. If it were me, I would pick the metallic green ones and increase my defense. However, if it was Elsie, who had confidence, then she would probably pick the red and gold ones.

「I’ll take them both」 「Eh!?」

I turn in surprise, I shifted my gaze to the two pairs of gauntlets to Elise beside me.

「You’re going to buy them both?」 「They can be used on both hands. One of the right and one on the left, why not just equip them both?」 「What about the other set?」 「Leave those in reserve, of course. There might be a chance that one of them breaks like the last pair.」

Certainly, as long as they’re used for direct attacks then that kind of thing might happen. However, when I point out that they would go on the opposite hands she replied, no problem. To begin with, when using fists there is no such thing as only right or left-handed style. It would be something like a switch-hitter like in boxing.

「Very well. Please equip them and tell me if there is something wrong. We will adjust them」 「N, it’s fine」

Elsie equipped both sets in sequential order and confirmed there were no problems.

「The green ones are 14 gold coins, the red and gold are 17 gold coins.」

That totals 31 gold coins. 3.1 million yen? It’s as expensive as usual……No they’re enchanted so that’s actually cheap? Every time my sense of money’s value warps.

「………..Touya」 「What?」 「…Loan me 1 gold coin. I didn’t bring enough」 「Check in advance……」

I took out one gold coin from my wallet and handed it to Elsie. Three white gold coins and one gold coin were presented to the employee and the bill was paid. The two sets of gauntlets were accepted and placed in the bag, which was a little bulky. Men being in charge of luggage carrying was the same in every world it seems…….

「Thank you very much. We await your return to our store next time.」

The employee showed us out of「Berukuto」and we left.

「It’s the royal capital after all. There are nice things lined up here. They’re expensive though.」

Elsie who was walking besides me was in a good mood. Well, we got what we came for, so it can’t be helped to float a little? But, for gauntlets are pretty heavy…… Should we slip into an alley, use gate and get back to the hotel quickly?

「Elsie, in that alley――」

Elsie who had been walking beside me, was nowhere to be seen.


I looked around the area in a panic, in the very back Elsie was standing in front of a shop. She was watching something in the window. What could it be? I doubled back, I took a look at what Elsie was staring at, this is? It was a black jacket with white frills. The chest area had a large ribbon tie. And the miniskirt had a 3-step black frill with lace. It’s what you would call goth loli, but seems a little different. Elsie continued to stare at the window.

「……Do you want it?」 「He? Haua!? To-Touya!?」

She stepped back from be who had suddenly called out to, her face was red as she shouted. That is it, that reaction?

「A, um, th- this is! Right, Lindsey! I thought that this would look good on Lindsey! These clothes would look good on her wouldn’t they? Unlike me!」

Elise vomits a string of words. Hee, an older sister that thinks of her younger sister.

「But if Lindsey would look good in them, then Elsie would look good in them too.」 「Na……!」

Elsie blushes, her mouth flaps open and closed. Like I said what is it, that reaction? You’re being suspicious.

「What are you saying? You can’t compare me to Lindsey……」 「Is that so? You’re both cute, you’re twins so that can’t be」 「Cu…Cute…!? I mean, what are you saying!」

Dosuu! Elsie’s fist buries itself in my side, Guu! That’s considerably painful you know!

「Well…I mean…I think Elsie would look good in these clothes too……」

I hold my side, enduring the pain as I explained. Huh, a greasy sweat came out?

「Even if someone like me were to put them on, they wouldn’t look good on me…」 「That’s not true」 「You don’t have to be careful for my sake. I understand myself the best」 「No, like I said……」

「I’m not like those well-matched type……」 「Ah-mou! You’ll understand if you put them on! I’m having you try them on!」 「Eh? Wa-! Touya!?」

I pulled the stubbornly obstinate woman by the hand and forcibly entered the shop. I had the employee oneesan bring out the clothes that were exhibited, and pushed them along with Elsie into the fitting room.

「Wa-! What are you doing!?」 「Come come, get changed」

The fitting room curtain closed, and I moved to a corner of the shop. I killed time by looking at belts and accessories displayed. After a while, the curtain to the fitting room opened timidly.


There was a different than usual Elsie. The goth loli cloths match the long silver hair and looked very good. See, it’s just like I said isn’t it? A girl so well matched is hard to come by.

「See, I don’t look good in them. It’s just like I said isn’t it……」 「Ha!? What are you saying?」

With absolutely no confidence she lowers her head and looks down, I exclaimed in amazement. How exactly do you come to that conclusion? She still won’t admit it, this girl!

「It looks absurdly good on you! Doesn’t it employee?」 「Yes, it looks very good on you. It’s fantastic, customer」

The employee oneesan praised Elsie along with me. There should be a mirror in the fitting room, didn’t she look at her own figure, this girl?


While blusing, she picks up her skirt and pirouettes slowly. Yep, it looks good after all. Cute. Alright. I call the employee.

「Excuse me, can I have these clothes?」 「Eh?」

Elsie stood dumbfounded as I paid the employee. Three silver coins? That’s not very much….

「Wa- wait Touya!? I don’t intend to buy these you know!?」 「You’re mistaken. I’m going to buy these. It’s a present to Elsie」

These clothes suit you so well, do you really think I would leave without buying them? I want everyone else to see. I accepted the paper bag and handed it to Elsie. These were clothes bought that were meant to be worn. After exiting the shop Elsie looks down shyly and expresses her gratitude.

「Thank you……」 「Alright, let’s head home quickly and show everyone else」 「Eh!? Wa- that’s a little embarrassing.」

I took the dressed up Elsie and began to run.

When everyone was shown the new clothes, everyone said that they looked good on her. It’s like that after all. I hadn’t been mistaken when I saw them. It’s just, when everyone learned that it was me who paid for them, for some reason everyone else had complicated expressions and furthermore next time I would have to buy everyone else clothes too. ……How did it turn out like this?

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