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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 3


Translator Tsunami Sakura Infinatus

TLC Black Assassin

Editors Clueless Panda & Barrel

This is Tsunami. A few days ago my computer was infected with a virus that corrupted and destroyed about 1.3 terabyte of data on both of my SSD’s. Most of it was my entire anime collection and games, but most importantly chapter 4 of Smartphone was lost so I have to re-translate it. I’ll try and get started on TLing it again but i have lots of torrenting to do and this week is Finals for the class i teach and I have lots of grading to do still.

PS Final Fantasy XIV is creeping back into my life and is taking over my life lvl 50 white mage Shiro Infinatus

This is Panda. I talked with Cyro and he agreed to allowing hosting of works from amateur writers. If anyone is interested, can you contact me at [email protected]? If needed, we can talk about donations and proofreaders.

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Chapter 3: A Change of Clothes and Ten Gold Coins.

 Three hours after I met Zanakku-san. I was jolted and rocked, and finally the carriage arrived at refuretto. The town’s guard-like soldier salutes, asks a light question, and then promptly allows us to enter. From the soldier’s attitude Zanakku-san seems to be considerably famous. The wagon rattles as we enter the town. Every time we advanced on the old-fashioned stone pavement, the box-shaped body shook repeatedly. Before long shops start to line up, the carriage stopped in front of a one shop when we entered the crowded main street.

「Well, please come down. Let’s arrange your clothes here.」

Zanakku-san said that, and I get off the carriage. There was a thread and needle logo signboard on the shop, under that i see letters and notice this is bad.

「I can’t read it……」

The letters on the signboard can’t be read. Isn’t this considerably unpalatable. I can talk but cannot read letters… Well, because its possible to have a conversation i can have somebody teach me… I have to study. Zanakku-san lead me into the store’s interior and several store clerks greet us.

「Welcome home, owner」

For a moment I am surprised by the store clerks’ words.

「Owner?」 「This is my shop. Leaving that aside, before we change your clothes. Hey, somebody choose clothes that suit him!」

Zanakku-san urged me into the dressing room (Not a curtain to divide the room, but an actual room) and pushed me into it. And then several clothes were brought. To change clothes, i take off the jacket of the blazer, remove the necktie and take off my shirt. I wore a black t-shirt under that but then the look in Zanakku-san eyes changed again.

「!? You, are you going to sell those under clothes!」

A bandit.

In the end, Zanakku-san made me sell everything i have. Everything from socks to shoes. When told to even sell my trunks, i honestly felt tired.(Maybe dejected is better?) I don’t understand your feeling, but i wish you understood mine. Clothes and shoes are prepared instead, it is easy to move in and altogether robust, I had no complains. Its not flashy and the thick feeling is wonderful. This won’t stand out.

「So, how much are you going to sell your clothes to me. Of course, you can’t attach money to the weight of thread, but is there an amount desired?」 「Even if you say so…. Because I don’t know the market price, i can’t say anything. It should be very expensive but…actually, I’m penniless.」 「Is that so…that is unfortunate. Okay, then about 10 pieces of gold coins.」

I can only nod as I don’t know the value of 10 gold coins.

「So, with that」 「Is that so! Then here」

I’m handed 10 gold coins. Its about the size of a 500 yen coin, with something like a lion carved bas-relief. This is my entire fortune. Lets try to use it carefully.

「By the way, does this town not have something like an inn? I want to secure a place to sleep before the sun goes down.」 「There is an inn in front of the road on the right hand go down one house. 『The silver moon』 if you look upwards towards the signboard you’ll soon understand.」

Even if i locate the signboard I can’t read it… Well i can ask a person to see where to go. Because words can be comprehended.

「I understand. Then here」 「Oh. If you obtain unusual clothes again bring them to me」

I bid farewell to Zanakku-san as i go out. The sun is still high. I took out the smartphone from the inside pocket, I turn on the power and it is before 2pm.

「I thought about it in the carriage, but…does this match the time…?」

Well, from the position of the sun, i don’t think it is out of sync in a big way. Suddenly realizing, I make up my mind and launch the map application. Then a map of the whole town is displayed, present locations and even the full name of the stops were displayed. With this I’ll never get lost. The inn 『The Silver Moon』is properly displayed. However….

「This billboard….『Fashion King Zanakku』…was what was written」

I began walking towards the inn while feeling that Zanakku-san’s naming sense is a bit disappointing.

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