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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 281


Chapter 281

Chapter 281: The Personal Machine, and the Pregnancy

Three days have passed since the time of my return from the Reverse World.

After I had give various souvenirs to everyone, the professor and Rin stopped coming out from ’’Laboratory’’, and Linzie and Fam withdrew themselves to the library.

For whatever said reasons, there's only Rosetta and Monica in the garage now. The mini-robots are here as well though.

The two of them are holding a robot each in front, gazing at them.

「So these guys are similar to golems, huh」(Rosetta)

’’What's wrong?’’ The robots tilt their heads as if asking this question. As soon as they are let go onto the floor, those chibi break into a restless run toward the frame,which is being assembled, exclaiming ’’Finally!’’

「The shape of my frame gear has turned out to be something amazing, hasn't it?」(Yumina)

Standing next to me, Yumina looks up at her frame.

The machine, that is being built right now in front of us, is a Frame Gear with about 60% of its armor shining in a silver color.

「Have you already thought of a name for this machine?」(Touya)

「I have. It's Brunnhilde」(Yumina)

Brunnhilde, a Frame Gear specialized in sniping warfare. It's a frame made with long distance sniping as its primary means of attack in mind. Its silver armor, which serves as a protective coloring, is capable of camouflaging the frame into the surrounding landscape. This frame is highly recommended for covert mission.

「Brunnhilde... Shouldn't it be me who's supposed to use the frame that's namedafter the country?」(Touya)

「Aah. Well. That's because the names for everyone's frames originally come from the names of nine war maidens. Perhaps I could say that this name was the only one remaining. It's fine not to mind the names of Brunnhilde and Brunhild that much」(Yumina)

Originally, the names have been taken from the nine valkyries, who made an appearance in ’’Der Ring des Nibelungen’’, a musical opera of Richard Wagner.

(TL: english names provided by the author)


Yumina's frame, a long range specialist adept in sniping warfare

Main color: Silver


Elzie's frame, a melee specialist adept in hand-to-hand assault warfare

Main color: Red


Suu's frame, an armed type specialist adept in defensive warfare

Main color: Gold


Luu's frame, an interchangeable type specialist adept in guerilla warfare

Main color: Green


Yae's frame, a lightweight type melee specialist adept in sword warfare


Linzie's frame, a variable frame type specialist adept in aerial warfare

Main color: Blue


Hilda's frame, a heavyweight type melee specialist adept in sword warfare

Main color: Orange


Rin's frame, a bombardment type specialist adept in heavy weapons warfare

Main color: Black


Sakura's frame, a support type specialist adept in group support warfare

Main color: White

The know-how, that has been obtained during the creation of those frame, will be incorporated into my personal frame, that's next in line for production.

Honestly, it's not as if I can't fight by myself, but fighting either in a frame gear or not is still tiresome when I am up against an advanced class or something similar.Furthermore, it's fine if I fight by myself right now, but the possibility of multiple advanced classes simultaneously appearing is not zero, when the day the world barrier becomes so frail that the frazes will then be able to easily tear through it comes.

It's for that reason why building a personal machine for myself is not a waste. Besides, even I want to have my own personal frame.

「Speaking of Brunnhilde, it's equipped with a sniper rifle for long-range shooting and four constantly flying swords, Fragarach, for middle-range interception. It's also possible to conduct covert operations with this frame due to its armor having a ’’Stealth’’ function. Though there's this little side-effect wherein the armor, which is capable of changing its coloration, looks gaudy in normal situations」(Touya)

「It does stand out, doesn't it...?」(Yumina)

「Well, we won't be able to make the best use of the special functions of the armor if we completely change the base color of the frame, so it can't really be helped. You'll get used to it eventually」(Touya)

It will just stand out before the battle happens. Once the battle starts, it will cease to stand out thanks to its stealth function

「Speaking of which, the world on the other side has something similar to frame gears as well, right?」(Yumina)

「Rather than saying that they're similar to frame gears, they are more like those mini-robots. They move according to the orders given by their human owners, making them similar to summoned beasts, I suppose. Apparently, there are some those that possess peculiar, magic-like abilities」(Touya)

「I want to see them too」(Yumina)

「I'll eventually construct a dimensional gate there so that everyone can come and go to that world. When that time comes, I'll show you around the city there」(Touya)

「It's a promise, okay?」(Yumina)

As Yumina smiles, she entwines herself around my arm.

Though in order for that to happen, I have to procure a plot of land to establish a dimensional gate in that world. I guess I will have to go there a couple more times.

=== === === === === === === ===

「Well then, the matter with Palerius island is proceeding smoothly. Once the first stage is done, our country will also send a merchant ship... Aah, we've been bested!」(Cloud)

The King of Rynie stands up and hits his forehead with his hand.

At the baseball stadium, loud cheers resound due to a double hit from a Regulus player. It's a friendly match after the conclusion of the meeting of the East-West Alliance. The next game is between the Knight Kingdom of Restia and the Regulus Empire.

The King of Rynie is apparently rooting for the team of Restia, whose king is a close friend.

As for the king of Restia himself, brother-in-law Reinhardt is at the baseball benchright now together with his team as their manager. The female camp of the Ramisshu Pope and the Statewide Governor of Rodomea is being energetically entertained by my fiancees at the castle, so they aren't here.

「You're too naive. Regulus won't be jostled by something that can be seen through so easily. As expected, can we really suppress them during this inning?」(Trystwin)

「No-no, it's about what will happen next. Their pitcher's speed still hasn't dropped, you see」(Rig)

The Kings of Belfast and Referees, who are of the same age group, are folding their arms while laughing fearlessly. Hey, you guys, that's an devilish kind of laugh.

In contrast to those two, the King of Rynie is supporting Restia. Is that because hehas been defeated?

Those two have become quite good friends.

「Matches like these are the places where where we vent our stress and where the citizens enjoy themselves. It's just as what Touya-dono has said. A cultural exchange via sport is a good thing」(Jamca)

Says the Beast King of Misumido, who's sitting next to me in VIP seats of the baseball stadium. Though he does it without turning away from the game. His snow leopard ears are twitching.

「It's not just baseball itself, there are still a lot more other games. That's right! It might be interesting if there's an event similar to the Olympic games」(Touya)

「Olympic... what's that?」(Jamca)

「Well, it's some sort of event that happens every several years where teams throughout the world are gathered and play various games. These games are then divided into several days. During that event, the best player in the world is decided. For example, the best baseball team in the world」(Touya)

「Hoo! The best in the world, huh? Sounds good. It's looks interesting」(Jamca)

Well, the world right now is still too chaotic for an Olympic event to be implemented.

Many countries are still not ready for this, as I suspect. The number of people, whoare still in poverty, hasn't disappeared yet, and the damage done by magic beasts is still present as ever. Also, there are regions where thieves run rampart or where there are suspicious dark religious sects.

With the destruction of both Yuuron and Sandora, an opportunity for large-scale war became non existent, but small-time criminals, that had been suppressed by those counties in a certain sense, now ended up with the chance to do as they pleased.

The assassins, that had been employed by Yuuron, turned into thieves and robbers, and the slave traders of Sandora become swindlers or turned to the black market for income.

The ones, who are supposed to manage those people are, as expected, each of the nations present since it's their duty.

In a certain meaning, it can be said that I just merely spread the problemthroughout the world. Well, that may be the case, so I plan on giving my full cooperation if some of those bad people become powerful.

「That reminds me, Touya-dono taught us about Karae... no, Curry and Rice just the other day, right? It was delicious. Even our country would like to spread it as well, but the rice can only be grown at Ishen right now. Is that right? 」(Jamca)

To begin with, Misumido already had a cuisine called Karae. Since they didn't have rice, they eat Karae by soaking a bun in it similar to how a soup is being eaten. Then, a miraculous collaboration was born once the rice coming from Ishen had been included into the mix. It became hugely famous when we passed it to Misumido and made it as the basis of Karae.

「I have an acquaintance among the feudal lords of Ishen, and I've asked him if it's possible to export rice to Misumido periodically. All that's left is us to invite a few farmers from Ishen and ask them to teach us how to cultivate rice even in Misumido, I suppose」(Jamca)

Misumido is basically a land which is hotter than Brunhild, but it doesn't mean that it's unsuitable for raising for raising rice. The country has the Great River Gau for the water it needs. If I am to assume the possible problems, I guess it will be insect damage caused by locusts since the Great Forest Sea is nearby or injuries caused by magic beasts.

Oh well. That can happen in any piece of land, and professional farmers should know more about that stuff than someone like me. Worst case scenario, I think I can ask Kousuke-oji-san. In the first place, He's the Agriculture God.

Ishen too should be able to somehow manage a certain level of export. It's also said that Iesasu-san has managed to settle at the heart of the country after the incident with the Monkey... no, with Hideyoshi.

This fall, our country may be able to harvest rice as well, and it's somethingpleasant.

Oh? A three-out-change, huh?

Speaking of the team of Restia, they are the more offensive team of the two.

Originally, it's a country that has a lot of excellent knights, so their kinetic vision is good, making their on-base percentage high. However, it doesn't mean that they have heavy hitters, called as Power Hitters. Instead of scoring large points with a bang, theyprefer to score points that they are certain of.

As for Regulus, they have a team that comes out as balanced between both offense and defense, so their players are abundant. They have a lineup that looks like they can match any kind of opposing team.

I feel bad for the king of Rynie, but the Regulus team appears to be superior.

The audience is filled with a large amount of excitement as well. While that may be natural, the audience consists mostly of the people from Brunhild, and each of them is cheering for the team they prefer.

This world has a very little amount of amusement, so their main objective is to see and enjoy the game itself rather than to see their ’’favorite team win’’.

That's why the audience thanks the players for showing a good game and sends off the winning team with an applause even if their favorite team loses.

As for the preferred players of the audience that lost, they don't jeer or throw things at other players that lost as well. Seeing an unsportsmanlike action like that won't be good for everyone.

Oh well. The players still have their main occupation as knights, and they aren't professionals who can earn income with just baseball alone. That's why it probably doesn't mean much for them to be defeated in this game. When I think of it that way, the match may not be that different from an amateur baseball game.

At any rate, there are not a lot of things to say if people can enjoy themselves here.

The moment I thought of that, the Suu's figure appears to be running toward this VIP seats, that are being enclosed with strengthened glass.

What's up with her? She seems to be hurrying a lot.

She pushes aside the knights guarding this place, opens the door to the box seats and shouts in a loud voice while facing me.

「Touya! A child has appeared!」(Suu)

Gatatan! The kings inside the box stand up and turn to and turn to me.

Eh? Hey~, Wait?! Yumina said that the time for Suu's Sekihan hasn't arrived yet or something like that. Say, I haven't even laid a hand on her to begin with! Not yet!

「Hey~, calm down, Suu. When you've said a ’’child’’... whose child is it?」(Touya)

... It's not mine, right? It's impossible.

「It's Father's and Mother's child! I got a younger brother or sister!」(Suu)

Aah! It's theirs.... Fuuuu. She was in hurry despite knowing what could...

(Black: This part has been deliberately left incomplete by the author.)

I breathe out a sigh of relief while the King of Belfast steps up to where Suu is.

「Suu, is that true? The child is Al's right? 」(Trystwin)

「It's true! Raul-sensei said so!」(Suu)

Doctor Raul, who's the master of healing arts at the royal palace, huh? Then there's no mistake. It looks like Suu heard the news and ran here through the gate mirrors from her home in Belfast.

It means that the King of Belfast will get a new niece or nephew. If that child is going to be male, then he's going to be chief vassal who will support Prince Yamato, the next king.

Nevertheless, a child of the Duke Ortlinde... as I feared. It's probably thanks to ’’that’’ item.

(Black: Touya is kinda afraid of the ’’item’’ he has lent to the Duke of Ortlinde some time ago. Be afraid Touya. Be very afraid of your children. Mwahahaha!)

Some time ago, I've received an artifact belonging to the royal family of Elfrau as thanks for defeating the Sunora Wolf, a behemoth that appeared in their kingdom. It's called the ’’Blessing of Life’’.

It's said that it makes it easier for women to become pregnant if they are wearing it, so I lent that item to Duke Ortlinde as a test run because it sounded like a fake. Still... it turned out to be the real deal now, didn't it?

Anyhow, I have to return everyone home after the game so I can't leave this place as of the moment. For the time being, I send the King of Belfast, Suu, and the king's guards to the residence of Duke Ortlinde through a ’’Gate’’.

As for the ’’Blessing of Life’’, I've sent a message to the Duke, so that they can just return it by handing it over to Suu.

Yep. Now the vision of the future, that the professor has talked about, is becoming more authentic, I suppose. Nine children... No, it's possible that there will be more than that...

Oh well! Anyone, who already has nine brides, must be resolute at this point in time. At least, to have a child with each of them is...

Marrying at the age of 18 means that I'll be a parent to nine children by the age of 19... No, it will be at least several more years for Suu. Then I guess it's eight children then? I don't feel like it changes things that much.

Umumumumu. It feels as if a considerable amount of resolution more than what's necessary for fighting frazes is required. Thinking back on it, having a lot of childrenindeed a great deal. No, well, it doesn't mean that I will be doing it with eight people at the same time, Suu excluded.

... . no way, right?


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