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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 280


Chapter 280

Chapter 280: The Chief of the ’’Red Cats’’, and the Curse Removal

The eastern district of Alen, the capital of the Holy Kingdom Alentt, is an area where ordinary and impoverished citizens are living.

The sub-chief of the ’’Red Cats’’, Est-san, is now walking into that area as I and the two other girls, the ponytailed girl called Yuni and the long wavy-haired Yuri, follow along.

Different from the central district, the streets are somewhat rundown. I see worn-out people as we walk through the central street.

Eventually, we move away from the main street and enter a declining back alley. After turning around a corner, we reach a dead end.

The surroundings are packed with the walls of nearby buildings, with several big empty wooden boxes, one meter on each side, piled up at the dead end.

After going around those wooden boxes, there is a metal-made manhole-looking lid on the ground, which can't be seen from the opposite side.

「This is...」(Touya)

「It's an entrance to the underground tunnels that has existed in the royal capital since the olden days. There are a whole lot of these places more than anyone could expect in this city.」(Est)

Opening the lid, Est-san descends underground. I follow after her and descend via the staircase straight into an underground area that feels pleasantly cool. I thenimmediately emerge to a spacious passage.

「It looks just like dungeon...」(Touya)

The passage is bright despite being underground. About every ten meters, something shiny is hanging on the wall, hooked with strings.

Taking one in my hand, I discover that it's an object the size a cylindrical AAA battery, and it's made of glass with some sort of liquid and a stone inside it. It's this stone that dimly illuminates the surrounding areas.

「What's this?」(Touya)

「Eh? Don't you know what it is? That's a magic light stone. Doesn't the whole town use them?」(Yuni)

「... I've only arrived to the royal capital today. After all, I'm someone from a province.」(Touya)

So this is the magic light stone that the shopkeeper of the general store has talked about. Apparently, this ore produces light by reacting with water in some way. That's why it's only being mined at night time when it's raining.

In that case, the neon lights used in the signboards of the stores probably works with the same principle. It's likely that there's a finely grained magic light stone inside that long and narrow glass tube. That means that the light coming from that neon sign is produced by allowing water to pass through it.

This ore is something the Surface World doesn't have...

While being the target of Yuni's doubtful glance, I continue walking through the passage as we are being led by Est-san.

Turning around the corner of the passage, Est-san stops. She holds the handle of a short sword, and begins scraping the surface of the wall. It looks like her scraping hassome sort of rhythm to it... I'm still wondering about it when one part of the wall slides like a horizontal door, making a way for a new passage. A hidden door, huh?

As soon as we step into the new passage, two men who are standing next to the door, close it completely once again. Aha! So the sound earlier is the signal to open and close the door, right? They are being watchful.

Having advancing through the tunnel, we eventually arrive into a cavity where men in red bandanas are sitting in groups.

Upon looking at us, each of those men stand up. They then sit again after giving a silent bow. They are probably the members of ’’Red Cats’’ in the middle of their rest.

We proceed straight through the passage without changing directions and arrivebefore a heavy-looking iron door with a man in red armor standing in front of it. He is at least two meters tall in terms of height.

A giant human... no, this one isn't a human. It's a golem. It has the form of a Japanese warrior, but the joints and gaps in his armor are mechanical. Above all, its eyes are shining.

There are two large horns extending conspicuously from either side of its head. Those horns are similar to the ones on the large buffalo helmet presented to Fukushima Masanori by the military commander Kuroda Nagamasa from the warring states period.

「It's ’’Akagane’’, a golem of our sub-chief.」(Yuni)

Yuni softly murmurs as she turns to me. Even its name is Japanese-styled. I knew it. This Reverse World probably has a country similar to Ishen as well.

The red-armored warrior ’’Akagane’’ opens the heavy-looking door and guides us inside. He then closes it again after all of us have entered. That golem must be the gatekeeper here.

Behind the door is a spacious room with objects scattered around disorderly. On the ceiling is a glowing light source similar to a fluorescent lamp or something. That thing must be using magic light stones as well. The multiple tubes attached to the walls areapparently bringing in drinking water.

On top of the desk in the middle of the room, there's a telecommunication devicewith headphones attached to it and some scattered rough sketches of a house from somewhere. There are also things similar to a photograph. It's definitely surprising for me to see photographs in this world. This place must be a strategy command room.

What catches my attention even more is the girl who's slovenly sitting on a large chair in front of the desk and snoring sleepily and grandly while facing the ceiling.

「Who's this?」(Touya)

「... She's our chief, Nia-sama.」(Yuri)

Making a troubled face, Yuri, who has a long wavy hair, answers my question.

Your chief, you say...? So she's the leader of this chivalrous group, eeh~?

Back to the chief who continues to snore. Vice-chief Est briskly walks up to Nia and, along with a delightful sound, slaps her face.


Bataan! Both the chair and the chief sitting on it topple over. Nia then opens her half-asleep eyes and faces Est-san.

This girl, who seems to be the same age as me, has a long red hair in a twintail hairstyle. Wearing a red jacket and short pants, she has a rough appearance but the style of her clothing makes it easy for her to move.

「What was that for?! .... Hey, aren't you Est?」(Nia)

「 Don't sleep with a slovenly face! That appearance is not proper for a young lady, Nia.」(Est)

「Isn't it fine? It's not like anyone can see...」(Nia)

As she tries to object with a pouting mouth, Nia stops her gaze on me.

「Who is he? This guy is?」(Nia)

「He's a gentleman who may be capable of curing the professor's curse. I happened to see him on a street and took him with us. His name is Mochizuki Touya.」(Est)


Nia kicks away the chair with a bang and stands up.

「Are you saying that you really can cure her condition? You kinda have an unreliable air on you though...」(Nia)

「We won't know unless I see her personally.」(Touya)

Sorry for being unreliable. I lightly joke at Nia who's glaring at me with suspicion.

Oh well! I really won't know anything for sure without seeing the curse first.

「Well, that's fine. Anyway, come and examine the professor. I will say this in advance, you will pay if you dare do something strange. Got it?!」(Nia)

A smooth chop suddenly wedges into the parietal area on the pigtails of the girl who's glaring like a Yankee at me.

「Do you really understand the position we are in? Do you? We are the onesrequesting him to do the impossible, you know? Don't I always tell you to think first before you act?」(Est)

「That hurts~! It hurts~! I-I understand! I said I understand! Stop...」(Nia)

Smack! Smack! Vice-chief Est gives Nia a series of chops without reserve. As for the red-haired pigtailed girl, she's already in tears. I somehow have a difficult time understanding the power relationship between those two.

「Anyway, we would like you to examine her first. Come this way.」(Est)

Opening the door in the depths of the strategy room, we enter into a small passage where yet another iron door is in front of us. Yuni and Yuri remained in the previous room,so only Est-san, Nia, and I enter that room.

Inside the twelve tatami-wide room, someone is lying on the bed alongside the wall.

Next to it is a dog... no, a wolf? It's staring at us who have entered this room.

『Nia-dono, Est-dono, who might that person be?』

「It talked?!」(Touya)

The wolf talked in a far-reaching baritone voice of a man. Is that a summoned beast?!

「This is Mochizuki Touya-san. He may be able to undo the professor's curse. Touya-san, this is Fenrir. He's the professor's... he's a golem of the person who's currently suffering from a curse.」(Est)

「A golem?!」(Touya)

I'm surprised at Est-san's introduction. Is this wolf a golem? It looks like a genuine, living wolf in terms of its appearance... Say, are there also even talking golems in this world?!

『Is that so?! I am grateful for that. My master won't be able to leave on her journey if she doesn't wake up.』(Fenrir)

The wolf golem happily wags its tail. It's just like a real dog, having features up to that level.

「... Well, shall I take a look at this curse?」(Touya)

Although I'm also interested in the wolf golem, I still have to check the condition of the girl lying on the bed. In terms of age, she's probably about 20 years old. Even her seemingly long unkempt silver hair is tucked inside the futon. On the side table next to the bed are thick round spectacles. Those are probably hers. Since she's called a professor, she must be someone really famous.

Her flow of magic is normal. This curse doesn't seem to belong to the mental derangement category.

「So she has fallen into this lethargical state due to a cursed artifact, right?」(Touya)

『Aah, that's right. That curse is an effect placed in the jewel box that's in the possession of a noble. Apparently, anyone who opens that box becomes cursed』(Fenrir)

Fenrir answers my question.

「Do you still have this jewel box?」(Touya)

「We do. It's here.」(Est)

Est-san opens a drawer in the side table and takes out a jewel box adorned with lavish ornaments. The box is wrapped around with a string so that it won't open. That string is probably a safety measure.

Asking to leave the box on top of the table, I then invoke Analysis Magic.


Hm.... mm, it's enchanted with a ’’Lethargy’’ curse. It's a good thing that the curse is simple, but it might indeed be worrisome if I consider how limited the recovery techniques in this world are. Being a curse, this abnormal state will make the victim sleep until that person dies.

So the curse is set by reciting a keyword and pouring magic power into the box while it's closed, huh? Typical kind of anti-theft curse. So they're using curses instead of locks here, eh? It's probably the noble owner who has placed the curse in that box so... Well, I will be able to cancel it with ’’Recovery’’ if the level of the curse is only like this.

「Okay. I'll be able to undo her curses since it's not that severe.」(Touya)


While giving Nia, who looks at me reflexively, a sidelong glance, I concentrate my magic power on the girl lying on the bed.


The girl gets wrapped in a soft light, which slowly vanishes before long. The curse should've been removed with this, but...


『Master! It's me. Can you hear me?』(Fenrir)

「Uu? Fenrir? Sorry, just five more minutes...」

『Don't be half-asleep!』(Fenrir)


Fenrir wedges himself with a jumping bodypress from above the futon onto the girl who is trying to sleep again. It doesn't really matter right now, but I'm wondering just how much do golems weigh. A creaking sound caused by a very heavy weightreverberates. Her bones might have been broken with that lump of iron...

「Ooh! You did it! Not bad!」(Nia)

Saying this, Nia strongly pats my back. That hurts, you know! This woman must be the same as general Leon from Belfast. Besides, what's with this strength?

The professor, who has been awakened (it seems her name is Erka Patrasche), says that she's going to change her clothes, so the rest of us return to the strategy room.

Upon hearing that Professor Erka has awakened, Yuni and Yuri, who have beenwaiting for us, both gently put their hand to their chest in relief.

「We are really thankful for your help in this situation. It's about time we talk about the reward, but I wonder how much would suffice for you?」(Est)

「Hmmm... receiving the reward for solving the curse... Aah! Will I receive a big reward similar to the Duke of Ortlinde's or the King of Belfast's case? 」(Touya)


「Aah no, nevermind that.」(Touya)

I vaguely reply to Est-san. Accurately speaking though, a curse wasn't the cause for those two cases.

If I'm not mistaken, I received a sum of money and a medal, which secured my social standing, during the Duke's case;and a sum of money and a residence in the King's case.

As for receiving something this time, I'm kinda reluctant to ’’receive’’ something from a troupe of thieves.

「Well, there's nothing that I want right now... I will think of something and tell it to you on our next meeting I guess.」(Touya)

「However, we will move to our next destination away from here in a little while, you know? 」(Yuni)

「Eh? Is that so?」(Touya)

「Yep. We originally came here to repair my golem, so we built a small base in this area. Our true base of operations is located on the mountain to the north from the capital. Soon, that place will likely be leaked to the members of the knight order as well, so we have to run away.」(Nia)

Well, they are supposedly chivalrous thieves or whatnot, but that still doesn't change the fact that they are a group of criminals. It would get dangerous if they get caught. Apart from that, does Nia has her own golem as well?

「Just so you know, Professor Erka is a first-class golem engineer, and I'm currently asking her to repair my golem. As wide as the world may be, only someone like the professor, who's being hailed as the ’’Restoration Queen’’ or the ’’Instructor’’, can repair the ’’Crown’’. Even so, the professor is only capable of restoring a part of it when I asked her to, apparently.」(Nia)

I don't really understand what the ’’Crown’’ is, but it looks like this Chief asked Engineer Erka to repair her broken golem. Then, during their search for the necessary materials, the professor contacted the curse of that jewel box and fell into lethargy.

「Well, I can use Search Magic. I can easily look for you if ever I decide to meet you in person, so it'll still be alright for me.」(Touya)

「... Say, what sort of things can you look for with your magic?」(Est)

「I can only look for objects or people that I know of. That's why searching for Est-san's mother will be impossible for me even if you tell me to. It'll be another story thoughif you have a photo of her.」(Touya)

Be that as it may, the range of ’’Search’’ is limited as of the moment since the input of data in the map application isn't finished yet. It's limited only up to the outskirts of this capital. Though I believe that I will be able to fill the map in a few days if I summon a few thousand birds or so.

「Hey, you seem to be able to do a lot of stuff. How about joining the ’’Red Cats’’? 」(Nia)

「I refuse.」(Touya)

「What a quick reply. C'mon, isn't that fine? Ah, you'll also teach me magic. The one which can blow off my enemies with a ’’Dobabaan!*」(Nia)

Nia shakes my arm while she says says those. Damn! This one is annoying.

「Speaking of magic, you won't be able to learn it if you don't have an aptitude for any of its types. That's why there are people who can't learn it at all no matter what they do.」(Touya)

「Then, let's try and test if I have those ’’aptitudes’’. If I have none, then I'll give up.」(Nia)

「Maybe next time.」(Touya)

Seeing as magic isn't that developed in this world, I don't really know if it's fine to teach magic to a group of outlaws, even if they call themselves ’’chivalrous thieves’’.

「Eeh~, What's with that?! So stingy~! Teach us magic~! Magic~! It's not like you'll lose anything or what. ~Ow! That hurts!」(Nia)

A chop by Est-san is once again wedged into the crown of the fool, who's strongly pulling my hand.

「You don't really learn from what I've been telling you, do you? I'm talking about you acting in such a way that fits your position, don't you agree? It's because you act like this without any regard for the consequences that I'm the one stuck with repairing ’’Rouge’’.」(Est)

「I'll become even stronger if I can learn magic, won't I? If so, then I won't make that kind of blunder again. That's why, teach me magic, Touya!」(Nia)

Nia once again pulls my arm. As Est-san is about to prepare for another chop, the door behind us opens.

「All of you here are having an interesting conversation now, aren't you? I want to join in as well.」(Erka)

Turning toward the voice, I see the wolf-type golem Fenrir and engineer Erka who has been released from the curse. But is that really her?

Her appearance is too disappointing. She's wearing a white worn-out robe with her silver hair left unkempt. To make it worse, she's wearing bulky round glasses that looks like the bottom of milk bottles. I think her general look isn't bad. Isn't it better for her take more care of her appearance?

「Let me introduce myself once again. I'm Erka Patrasche. I work as a golem engineer. Thank you very much for helping me.」(Erka)

「I'm Mochizuki Touya. Please don't mind it.」(Touya)

Engineer Erka bows her head. To be honest, I just tagged along to satisfy my curiosity, so it is not a big deal.

「Well, I'm glad that you cured the professor. I wonder, will you now cure Rouge as well? 」(Nia)

「I've already said this before, right? Think before speaking... Stop saying as if that's what will happen after healing the professor」(Est)

「It hurts~?!」(Nia)

Once again Est-san's chop explodes. Just how many times have you hit her already?

Seeing the exchange between the two, Engineer Erka starts to talk.

「The amount of materials is still insufficient, you see. Amongst those, getting our hands on Orichalcum, which is also known as the divine gold, is a serious problem. Someone like the king of this country should have some, but...」(Erka)

「If he's a tyrant, we will snatch it without batting an eyelid」(Est)

「What's with that? Do we have to gather information as to where we can find thoseagain?」(Nia)

Badan! Nia falls prostate on top of the desk in the strategy room

「If Orichalcum is what you need, I have some」(Touya)

As I calmly speak out my thoughts, the prostrating Nia jumps from her desk and stares at me.

「You say that you have... divine gold?」(Nia)

「I do. Look」(Touya)

Opening ’’Storage’’, I then take out an Orichalcum ingot and place it on top of the desk. Engineer Erka takes it in her hands, takes out a pole-looking object from her pocket and begins examining the ingot by hitting it for some reason. Sancho-san had the same article with him as well. Is that a magic artifact that can identify the composition of metal ores?

「It's genuine. It's my first time seeing an Orichalcum having a purity this high. ... Could it be that you also have some Adamantine or Hihiirokane?」(Erka)

「Speaking of those two, I have them, but the amount is lower. Well, I have some at the least」(Touya)

Same as before, I take out Adamantine and Hihiirokane ingots from ’’Storage’’. Engineer Erka then confirms that they're the real thing with her examination.

「Touya-san, it may sound impolite, but how would you like to sell these to us? We'll pay a proper, reasonable price for them」(Est)

「No problem. It's nothing major if I sell this much」(Touya)

「Hey, whose rich noble's son are you...?」(Nia)

No, I'm a king. Without saying as much, I mislead her by laughing ambiguously.

「Anyway, I'll now be able to repair ’’Rouge’’ with this. If I have a day for it 」(Erka)

「I-It's terrible!」

The door being guarded by the armored warrior golem, Akagane, opens, and a single man enters inside the room. It's a youth with a red bandana. His breathing is rough, and he's sweating profusely. It looks like he ran toward here with all his might.

「The hideout in the northern mountains is under attack! Those guys from the Knight Order are heading toward that place in huge numbers...!」


「We have dispatched a messenger over there. Was he caught...?」(Est)

The expression on the standing Nia's face changed. It looks like the information about their stronghold she talked about was leaked.

「Damn! Rouge cannot be used... We should be able to rescue them with just Akagane... What should we do, Est?」(Nia)

「I wonder if we can make it in time or not, even if we return there right now... Our best option is to get away from here and abandon the other side, but... 」(Est)

「As if we can do that! The ’’Red Cats’’ do not abandon their comrades!」(Nia)

DANN! Nia strikes the desk. So she thinks of them as her comrades. She won't deserve the position as their chief if she doesn't think about them by this much as the bare minimum.

「Should I lend a hand?」(Touya)


Don't glare at me. Though I do understand where that's coming from.

「Map Display. The outskirts of the capital Alen」(Touya)



Looking at the map of the capital outskirts being projected in the air, Nia's group leaks out surprised voices.

Hmmm. As I feared. The places being displayed are only those that I've seen when I was coming here with ’’Fly’’. In case of the Surface World (the other side), it was Kami-sama who filled up the map for me. There is no way I can shamelessly ask for the same thing again. Can't be helped.

「I can use Transfer Magic, which allows me to instantly travel to the places I have been to, at least once. It's my first time in this capital, so I can't go to any place, exceptfor those currently being displayed on this map」(Touya)

「Transfer Magic...!? Are you saying that you can instantly teleport to the place if it's on this map? How many people can you take with you?」(Est)

「It's probably safe to say that I can take any number of people. I've also happened to transfer more than a hundred people at the same time」(Touya)

「Yuni! Go and immediately gather all members currently in here into the exit! Prepare for battle!」(Est)


Yuni reacts to the voice of Sub-Chief Est-san and starts running toward the passage leading from the entrance door and outside in hot haste.

「You really can do anything, don't you?... Are you not a ’’Crown’’ of the pseudo-human-types?」(Nia)


「A golem referred to as the ’’Crown Series’’. They are ancient machines, Legacy, who possess unique abilities, which are cut are cut out above the rest. It's one of the golems standing at the summit of this world」(Erka)

Engineer Erka gives me an explanation. So there are even golems like that here, huh? While I am admiring at this piece of info, Est-san follows up on that knowledge.

「As a matter of fact, Nia's golem, ’’Blood Rouge’’, is one of those ’’Crowns’’ as well, but it was rendered unmovable after the battle with another ’’Crown’’」(Est)

「A surprise attack disabled my golem... This ’’Purple’’ bastard! My golem won't easily go down next time」(Nia)

I don't really get it, but it looks like this issue she's talking about is a private quarrel.

I would like to take a look at this ’’Crown’’ thing for a bit, but now is not the time for doing that.

「Sub-chief! All members are assembled!」(Yuni)

Yuni forces her head through the door and shouts. Responding to her, Est-san faces the passage once again. There are two rows of ’’Red Cats’’ members that are lined up, arefacing this way and are waiting for orders.

「First division will be on standby here! Second division will go along with us to save our fortress! We will be moving to the immediate location via Transfer Magic, so make sure you are ready to start the battle immediately!」(Est)

『Haaa! !』

Having returned to the strategy room from the passage, Est-san motionlessly gazesat the projected map and points at a certain spot.

「Can you transfer us in this location of this northern mountain?」(Est)

「I can. Is the group over there and the ones here going to be the ones going with us?」(Touya)

Based on the discussion from before, it will be the guys from the second division along with Chief Nia, Subchief Est, Yuri, Yuni, Engineer Erka, and the golems Fenrir and Akagane, right?

「No, we will have both Professor and Fenrir remain here. Honestly speaking, I would also like for Nia to remain here as well, but...」(Est)

「I. will. absolutely. go.」(Nia)

Says Nia while breathing roughly and while tightly grasping her fists.

「I don't believe that you without your Rouge will be of any use though」(Est)

「So harsh?! I AM useful, ain't I?! I am reasonable strong, even without Rouge!」(Nia)

Are you really though? You look delicate. Oh well, it should be fine to lend a helping hand once things get dangerous, but I don't really want to be treated as a comrade to thieves.

Becoming a wanted man in the Reverse World is kinda... Even though it'll be fine to just go and escape to the Surface World, but gaining a negative reputation here is something that I don't want to happen. Guess I have no other choice but to ensure that I won't be recognized by other people.

Speaking of which, I also can't simply kill their opponents, who aren't even bad men to begin with. If only I could allow the members of ’’Red Cats’’ to escape the siege by skillfully maneuvering through the Knight Order... Hm, isn't that possible?

「Map display. Color the members of the Knight Order in blue, and the Red Cats in red」(Touya)


「Uoo! What are those markers?」(Nia)

Nia looked surprised at red and blue markers that appeared in the vicinity of the stronghold in the forest. The red dots are being encircled by a swarm of blue dots bit by bit.

「The blue ones are members Knight Order, and Red ones are ’’Red Cats’’. It looks like the battle has yet to start, but it seems the people in the fortress are being encircled. Should I do it then since the situation has become like this...?」(Touya)

「What are you talking about?」(Est)

I give a rough reply to Est-san.

「Say, is it okay to abandon this fortress if it ensures the safety of the people inside? In the first place, aren't you planning to eventually leave that area?」(Touya)

「Eh? Yeah, it will be bad if certain things become exposed one way or another, but we aren't too obsessed about it. What do you plan on doing?」(Est)

「I'm going to enter that place and directly transfer every member in there to here. After that, I'm wondering if it's fine to completely destroy that fortress」(Touya)

That will easily finish everything without fighting against the Knight Order. I wonder why I haven't thought about this method now? I must be having a predisposition to settle issues like this with a fight. Lately, I've been using nothing but brute force to settle the problems that come my way...

「Can you really do something like that?」(Est)

「That's easy. However, I want someone to come along with me and explain the situation to the people over there because I don't think they'll believe what I say. 」(Touya)

「I WILL GO!」(Nia)

Nia raises her hand first. I have no objections with the chief coming, but is this okay for the rest of them?

As I give a scattered look at Est-san, she breathes out a long, deep sigh and gives an order to the golem Akagane standing next to her.

「Akagane, go with Nia. I order you to guard this girl」(Est)

GIGI! The red-armored warrior nods. Is he different from Fenrir wherein unlike Fenrir, he can't speak? Or is he just reluctant to do so? Maybe it's just normal for golems not to speak.

Oh well, it's fine either way. Besides, it's better to hurry up if we want to settleeverything right away. It'll be troublesome to execute our plan once the battle starts.


From being next to Nia who's absentmindedly watching the spectacle in front of her, Akagane slowly and steadily goes through the opened ’’Gate’’ in the middle of the strategy room first. Is he being cautious in order to ascertain the safety of the gate? Following after behind the golem, Nia jumps into the door of light as well.

「Well then, we're going off now. We'll be sure to rescue everyone immediately」(Touya)

「Thank you very much」(Est)

I move through the gate while seeing off the bowing Est-san, and I find myself amidst the forest after that.

Nia is looking around restlessly, and so does Akagane. He keeps vigilance of the surroundings.

「Well then, which way is the direction to the fortress?」(Touya)

「Ah, aah. It's this way」(Nia)

We walk through the forest as Nia guides us. After advancing for a short while, Nia points at the mountain side.

「Look. It's over there, and it should be visible from here.」(Nia)


I could see nothing but mountain trees in the place Nia points at. Once I expand my senses with ’’Long Sense’’, I then notice that a fortress has certainly been built from what appeared to be logs, like a log-house, hidden in between the trees. Aah, so they are camouflaging the fortress in this manner, huh? It won't be noticed with just a mere glance.

Or rather, it should be invisible from a distance this far, normally speaking.

「Alright, I'll be able to jump there at once since I can now accurately see the place. Let's go 」(Touya)



Holding the arms of Nia and Akagane, I immediately teleport toward the room of the fortress built from logs and boards like a log-house.

(Black: The author really loves to repeat a lot of things, huh? It's not like readers have short-term memory loss, you know.)

The men in the surrounding area unsheathe their weapons due to our sudden appearance, but then they relaxed their guard once they notice someone they knew.

「Chief!? W-What are you doing here?!」

「Oh, ooh. Is everyone doing here?!」

「Oh, ooh. Is everyone safe?」

Although she is surprised at the sudden change in a scenery, Nia greets everyone present here. The members, who remained inside the fortress, come out to her one by one after hearing her voice.

「Gather everyone quickly. EVERYONE. We're escaping from here. This place will be abandoned」(Nia)

By the order of the chief, everyone jumps into the newly opened ’’Gate’’ one after another.

Excluding Nia and Akagane, they transfer into the hideout beneath the royal capital. Just in case, I confirm that there's no one left here besides us using my map app. In the meantime, the blue markers begin to approach this place.

「Oops. The Knights Order began to move. Shall we blow up this place before they get caught in whatever we're going to do? Nia and Akagane, return to Est-san. This is the part where we must separate」(Touya)

「’’Separate’’ you say? What's the meaning of this?」(Nia)

「I too have a lot things that I have to do, you see. And tomorrow, I have to return home. I'll ask for the reward for today the next time we meet, so I'll be counting on you at that time」(Touya)

There might come a time wherein I'll be asking them to lend me their strength. The ’’Red Cats’’ seem to be famous on this side, and giving them a favor is by no means a loss.

「... Got it. Thanks! You've helped us a lot! Next time we meet, I'll show you my golem. It's sooo cool, you know!」(Nia)

「That will be a pleasure. Then I'll also show you my Frame Gear, a giant golem that is being boarded and piloted by a person」(Touya)

「Hahaa! What the heck is that?」(Nia)

Nia laughed. She probably assumed that it was a joke. I should've been able to bring a unit to this world had I stored one in ’’Storage’’ beforehand. The frame gearwould've likely caused an uproar if it has been seen.

「See ya then. Teach me magic next time. Till we meet again, Touya」(Nia)

「Yeah. See you later. Give my regards to everyone」(Touya)

Nia and Akagane pass through the ’’Gate’’, getting transferred right away. Well then. Should I wrap things up in here? Though I feel that destroying this fortress is a waste.

I camouflage myself with ’’Invisible’’ and soar into the sky with ’’Fly’’. Watching over the now-deserted fortress below me, I then fire a flashy explosion magic.

「O fire burst forth, exploding blaze of purgatory. Mega explosion」(Touya)

A huge explosion is produced along with a thunderous roar, blowing the fortress to smithereens. It's not just the fortress though. A part of the mountain gets blown off as well. Did I overdo it?

The surrounding knights became noisy and swarmed the site of the demolished fortress. Well, there are no dead bodies there, so the fact that all members of the thieves group have already fled should be obvious.

=== === === === === ===

I've surely ended up taking quite a detour, eh? Still, that, in itself, has been a productive diversion from my original intention in this world.

A robot-like machine that old man Palerius wrote in his notebook. There's no mistake. It's a golem from this world.

The golems, which had been created in this world, crossed over from this worldthrough some unknown means. They then arrived at the other... to our world. It was during that time that old man Palerius had met them. Could it be that some sort of hint on how to traverse to other worlds might've been taught to him?

’’Golems capable of talking’’. It doesn't sound impossible. By my guess, it was probably a golem who repaired a world barrier.

It's said that golems, that are being called ’’Legacy’’, have peculiar magic-like abilities. Moreover, the types called ’’Crown’’ seem to possess even more outrageous abilities.

Assuming that it was a ’’Crown’’ who came to our world 5000 years ago and repaired the world barrier, then...

「Right now, it's nothing more than an assumption」(Touya)

It's now getting dark. For starters, I should do things I can do before the morning arrives.

I land down in the middle of the forest after distancing myself for a bit from the fortress and cancel ’’Invisible’’.

Opening up a summoning circle, I then call upon thousands of birds, who are under contract with me, and send them into the sky. They are summoned to supplement my map data and to find a suitable location that people in this world don't approach.

I have to find place where we can build a dimensional gate to this Reverse World. Though I think that the coverage of my search won't expand by a lot since it's only until the morning.

Even this forest might do the trick if I apply a barrier similar to the one on Palerius Island. However, it won't be safe from people who may try to examine this area whilethinking of anomaly produced by the barrier as some sort of problem. It will certainly be safer to construct it not close to a city but on a boundary between a man and the devil.

Having set loose the birds, I start soaring for the time being with ’’Fly’’ without thinking as to where I'm supposed to go. Eventually, the veil of darkness descends, and everything in the vicinity becomes gloomy.

It's a moonless night, but my field of view remains wide as it was. Is this also an effect to myself caused by my increased divinity?

Say, I can even see the light on the street to the opposite side of my field of view. Rather than saying that I ’’can see’’ those... Isn't it that I'm seeing too much?

「What's going on...?」 (Touya)

*Sparkle* A swirl of shining neon light being fired comes to my view. The light is shining everywhere, making it painful for my eyes. What the heck is this flashy city that I am looking at now? It could be mistaken by someone for an amusement park.

「Casi no... Casino? It is a Casino」(Touya)

The giant letters written on a signboard confirm my suspicions. It other words, it's a casino city.

Well then, what shall I do? I don't have experience in gambling. I'm minor, so of course it's natural. There aren't that many laws in this different world, so perhaps I should say that I didn't have a chance to simply try gambling.

It's not like I don't have no interest in it or anything. What I mean is that I have a huge interest in it.

I have a leeway in terms of money, and... everything is an experience, right?

「Alright, should I give it a try?!」(Touya)

With my chest swelling with expectations, I set foot in the casino city.

=== === === === === ===

「... Gambling sure is scary...」(Touya)

I've played various games until the morning, and I've ended up penniless in the end.

I definitely could've done something if I used magic, but it was impossible to behave sneakily in a place like that, as expected. The end result is the sorry state I am in right now.

Looks like I have no talent in gambling.

「I still managed to win that one time...」(Touya)

I waged a lot in order to regain my loss, and that chain of increasing my loss even further didn't stop.

’’Haa’’. I breathe out a sigh.

「In the meantime, I should probably return through the divine realm.... I have to give Kami-sama his souvenir」(Touya)

I then open a ’’Gate’’ to the divine realm in order to return to my former world.


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