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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 276


Chapter 276

Chapter 276: The Help of God, and Reflecting on one's actions

What's the meaning of this? That [Door] isn't a regular transfer gate! It's a dimensional transfer gate which connects to a different world. Is that what all of thismeans?

I guess a magic artifact as absurd as that was possible for someone like Alerias Palerius whose forte was space-time magic. No, it's just me, an irregular, who had made it possible from something which was not.

「Touya-san? Are you okay?」(Pedro)

Having stopped talking, Pedro calls out to me.

「Ah, no, everything is okay. I was just surprised that I dropped further away than I had initially thought...」(Touya)

「Dropped? Then, did Touya-san arrive here using transfer magic or something similar?」(Pedro)

「Yes. It looks like that...」(Touya)

I give a stiff reply to Sancho who's looking at me with worry. Putting that aside, it looks like there's magic in this world as well.

We part ways after I refuse his proposal to take me along to the royal capital. It's because I have a lot of possible means to travel and because I just want to think about what's happening right now.

After reminding me to come visit his store in the royal capital should I go there, I then send off the Crab Bus containing Sancho-san. That carriage then becomes more and more distant as time pass by.

Now then, what should I do?


I invoke the transfer magic, but it doesn't connect to anywhere I know. Eeh~...

H-How will I be able to return home...?

This is probably bad... The situation on the other side will turn into a huge uproar once they find out that my whereabouts are unknown...

Shortly after I have started to slightly panic, the smartphone in my breast pocket starts to ring. The words [Incoming: Kami-sama] are written on it once I've taken it out.

Ooooh! It's a help from god, literally!

「H-Hello, hello?!」(Touya)

『Ooh, my call came through. Touya-kun, are you safe?』(Kami)

「I'm fine and quite safe, but I'm panicking a little here...」(Touya)

『Ha-ha-ha. I've never expected for you to transfer to another world. I'll send someone to welcome you now, so do wait there for a moment.』(Kami)

Welcome me? Faster than when a question mark could appear and float above my head, an intense light suddenly gathers before me and then a certain person appearsfrom it with a flash.

「Good grief... You still make us worry like that ~noyo.」(Karen)


The one who has emerged from the light is Karen-nee-san, the Love Goddess. She'smaking an astonished face while putting her arms on her hips.

「It was terrible on the other side, you know? Kohaku-chan suddenly disappeared. You didn't pick up your phone, and we were wondering if something bad had happened to you. As for Yae-chan, she called me while sobbing.」(Karen)

Oops... I guess my magic power could no longer reach Kohaku's group to supply them. Naturally, it's inevitable that the others will wonder if something happened.

「Even myself and the other gods in Brunhild couldn't feel the existence of Touya-kun at all, so we understood that you had disappeared from that world ~noyo. With that, we then contacted the World God and asked him to look for you ~noyo.」(Karen)

「I've caused all of you a lot of trouble...」(Touya)

Concerning the time I've been here, I have thought that not even an hour haspassed, but apparently, it's been almost ten hours since I went through the transfer gate.

I can understand Yae's worry since she saw Kohaku disappear right in front of her eyes. She probably judged that I had ended up in an abnormal situation.

「And, how can I return to my former world? 」(Touya)

「You can use ’’Different Space Transition’’ for that, but the toll on you, Touya-kun, will still be large ~noyo. That's why we'll go to the divine Realm first, and then return to the original world from there ~noyo」(Karen)

Saying that going to the divine Realm will be easier than going to a different world surely sounded like a bad joke.

Well, both this and that world are missing their ’’World Barriers’’, so it's possible that going to a ’’world which can only be entered by gods’’ will be easier for me. Though it should've been absolutely impossible for other people.

Opening a [Gate] and step into the divine Realm where Kami-sama is waiting for me. He's sitting in the all too familiar 4.5 wide tatami room.

「I am sorry for causing you trouble...」 (Touya)

「No-no, it wasn't anything major. Other world transfers and the like are common after all.」(Kami)

It does appear so. The different worlds are full of people traveling to other worlds. Speaking of our world, traveling to other worlds is seen as being spirited away.

「In any case, you better return quickly and reassure everyone. We'll talk next time」(Kami)

「Yes. Excuse me then」(Touya)

Once again, I apologize to Kami-sama, after that, I open [Gate] and return with Karen-nee-san to the place I have transferred from, the top floor of the temple on Palerius island.

Upon arriving, I see Yae sitting in a seiza in front of the [Door] and the professor who's examining it. The knights serving the four representatives of this island aresurrounding them and watching the artifact from a distance.

「I'm back.」(Touya)

「T-Touya-dono...? Touya-dono!」(Yae)

Raising her voice, Yae stands up abruptly and comes to hug me tightly. Guho~. It can't be compared to Suu, in a lot of ways...

(Black: Fufufu. Enjoy the sensation while you can Touya. It's the calm before the storm.)

「W-worrying... I was worried... Kohaku vanished too, and the call didn't go through as well... I-I thought that you've returned to your former world... Uuuu~」(Yae)

I see, she was really worried about me, wasn't she? I hug the sobbing Yae close while gently brushing her silky hair.

「There's no way I would've left Yae and everyone else and gone off somewhere now, would I?」(Touya)

「*Sobs*... right...」(Yae)

「Sorry for interrupting the good mood you're having there, but there's one more person here who was also worried」(Regina)

Looking from the side, the professor is glaring at us with scornful eyes.

「I've made you worried. My bad.」(Touya)

「I have a feeling that your apology to me is different from your apology to Yae, given how you've said it in a monotonic way and such... Oh well, I'll buy it this time. So, you've found what found what kind of place this [Door] is connected to, haven't you?」(Regina)

「Aah, this is...」(Touya)

As I look onto mentor Central who's coming up on the stairs from the lower floors, I'm at a loss as to what explanation would be good for them.

Uumu. I wonder what explanation they will find acceptable.


「A different world...? You mean that [Door] leads to another kind of world...?」(Central)

Following mentor Central and the four representatives, the professor widens her eyes with astonishment upon hearing the truth. In the end, I've decided to tell the truth. Anyway, no one can activate the door except for me. Whether they will believe me or not will be a different matter.

「I suppose it may even be called the ’’Reverse World’’. It resembles our world, but it seems to be different in a lot of ways.」(Touya)

I've taken a photo of the map that Sancho-san showed me, so I then display the transcription I have made with [Drawing].

「So this is the place that Alerias Palerius-sama has been referring to as the ’’New World’’...」(Dient)

Dient murmurs in a tiny voice. This is perhaps a correct assumption. Though accurately speaking, it was probably the four disciples who inherited the research of Alerias Palerius, after he had died, who mentioned about transferring to different worlds and tried to use it in order to travel to a world without Frazes in it.

However, the aforementioned disciples didn't reach the genius Alerias Palerius' levelby a large margin. After all, they were unable to finish it, and thus their descendants arenow trapped on this island.

「Well then, the number of options you guys can take has now increased. Will you continue living on this island while fighting against behemoths the same as before? Will you undo the barrier, go live and get involved with the outside world? Will you let go of only those who want to go to the outside world? Or will you pass through the [Door] and travel to another world? 」(Touya)

The conference room is filled with silence. Regardless, I continue speaking.

「I've already told you this, but please consider that returning to this world will no longer be possible once you go to the other world. I'm only lucky to be able to return here, but it will be almost impossible for you to do so. The other side also doesn't understand our language, and their world affairs are unknown. I would like to ask you to give your answer after you yourselves have made a resolution about this 」(Touya)

Frankly speaking, it's a world that contains those double-headed lizards wandering about in the wilderness. It is, by no means, a safe world similar to the likes of modern Japan. I guess that it isn't on the same level as this world as well. It's probably safer there than in this world, primarily because Frazes may not go over there.

「We can't answer your question immediately.... May we have a few days to consider everything?」(Central)

「No problem. It's not like we're particularly in a hurry. Please discuss this mattercarefully.」(Touya)

I quietly nod towards what mentor Central said. She's also correct in a certain sensebecause their decision sensebecause their decision will affect the fates of those living on this island. It'll be better for them to discuss everything properly.

Let's go home for today then. I'm really worn-out.

Upon returning to Brunhild, everyone jostles me. I'm glad that you've been worried about me, but isn't this an exaggeration, everyone?

I summon Kohaku's group anew and apologize to them for suddenly sending them home. They must've been surprised by that event.

I also summon Snow, the snow rat I left in the care of Ropp and his newbie adventurer friends.

「I'm sorry. Now, go back to everyone.」(Touya)

Having snow hold onto something intended to be an apology for Ropp's group, I let him outside. He then quickly disappears into the darkness.

Hhhmmm. I guess I should prepare a tank of magic power for my personal use as a precaution to ensure that a similar situation just like what happened to me now won't happen again in the future. I wonder if I'll be able to prepare for it by doing something that will allow me to store my magic power, similar to a battery, which will serve as a backup supply when the need arises.

「Nevertheless, that [Door] leads to a different world, huh... From the story told by Touya-san, I believe I've already understood that worlds like that exist, but... 」(Yumina)

Still in her white pajamas, Yumina is rolling on top of my bed while muttering so.

It isn't just Yumina, all my other fiancees have invaded my bedroom. They called for a punishment for making them worry, but I naturally didn't have any intention of doing that. ...It's still early.

This bed is a specially ordered article, made with consideration for situations like these (the likes of which I wouldn't talk about), and is large enough so it'll be fine even if ten people are lying on it. This time, they have also brought one stuffed bear plushie but still, the area is still enough for all of us to occupy.

Frankly speaking, the bed alone is about 14 tatami units in size. However, I usually sleep on a personal bed placed next to it whenever I sleep by myself.

「Hey, Touya, how did the world on the other side feel like?」(Suu)

Suu comes clinging onto my back in her cute yellow pajamas. Her tension is high which might be caused by her stay over here...

「Hmmm, I didn't stay there for a long time, you see, and I couldn't continue to sightsee that much. I thought that everyone might be worrying about me, so I believed that I had to return quickly.」(Touya)

「Just so you know, everyone did worry.」(Linzie)

「We're... worried...」(Sakura)

Both Linzie and Sakura gaze at me as if they're blaming me a little bit. I've already apologized time and time again, so I'd like for them to forgive me already though...

「When Kohaku vanished right before my eyes, I thought that my heart would stop... 」(Yae)

「Me too. I didn't know what to do when I received a call from Yae.」(Elzie)

「Still, we're glad that you've returned safely.」(Hilda)

Apparently, it wasn't just Yae who was worried who was worried that time, but also both Elzie and Hilda. That situation is outside of my expectations though.

「Even so, Touya-sama.... You've managed to properly return here to our world from that other world, haven't you? Weren't you unable to even use [Gate]?」(Luu)

「Aah... Yep, about that, how do I say it...?」 (Touya)

「... You're still hiding something from us, aren't you?」(Rin)

The glint in Rin's eyes shines as she looks toward me because of my hesitation to answer Luu's question.

Mm-mm-mm. Should I tell them about that now? It's not like I'm forbidden to talk about it, and it's painful to keep on hiding that stuff from them.

So I've decided to tell everyone my greatest secret. About what kind of existence I'm in the process of becoming, about how I arrived in this world, and about Kami-sama.

At first, they think that I am merely joking but then, they gradually start talking less. By the end of the story, their faces are filled with amazement while expressing exaggerated sighs.

「I don't even know from where I should start retorting.」(Elzie)

Elzie speaks in complete bewilderment.

「So our darling is, in addition to someone from another world, is also a part of Kami-sama's family... This is the first time in my long life that I am so surprised」(Rin)

「Still, a lot of things can now be understood.」(Luu)

Luu nods to what Rin has just said, being the first one to consent. I somehow feel complicated for them to accept me with the story I've just told them.

「In other words, your elder sisters are...」(Yumina)

「They are divine beings. However, it looks like they're prohibited from using their godly powers since they're in the lower ranks.」(Touya)

「Now that I think about it, this country is quite outrageous, isn't it...? Jokes aside, it's still not invincible. 」(Rin)

Rin breathes out a sigh for who knows how many times already.

「Well, it goes without saying that Touya-san is our important husband no matter what kind of person he may be. That's still a fact.」(Yumina)

Everyone lightly nods after Yumina puts it all together in that manner. Seriously though, the fiancees of our household have that much of courage within them.

Even though I'm glad for their acceptance, I also end up feeling somewhat embarrassed, so I hurriedly climb into the futon in the corner of the bed, calming down.

Although I can hear the laughs and giggles of the girls, I'm going to pretend that I don't and decide to sleep.

I'll be going to Kami-sama's place tomorrow as well and express my gratitude for today. I guess I'll have to bring him some sort of present.

According to Karen-nee-san, it looks like I'll be able to go to that world if I learn the divine skill of ’’Different Space Transition’’, but it's likely impossible to do so for now. And even if I could, I should still prepare the tank for my magic power first so that there won't be any problems anymore in the future.

While I think about those matters, drowsiness creeps in, and I begin my trip to the world of dreams.


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