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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 274


Chapter 274

Arc 27: The Reverse World

Chapter 274: The Mentor, and the Central Temple

Today is the day before the last day of the appointed two weeks since our meeting with representative Dient.

Honestly speaking, I am monitoring Dient's surroundings and the envoys that have been sent to the other capitals almost all the time thanks to Kougyoku's dependants keeping an eye on both parties. Thus I am mostly aware of how the situation there ischanging.

It looks like the northern representative is the conservative time, but he seems to have settled down due to the objective that has been proposed by Central who resides in the temple. That person has proposed to meet us and decide their course of action afterward. Rather than saying that they believe my story, they probably want to hear it directly from me instead.

It'll be helpful if they don't oppose it right from the start. Let's talk first and then decide.

I've already reported to the representatives of the East-West Alliance about our visit to Palerius island and contact with the Islanders. Though our allies mainly have nothing to do with this matter, so to speak, since the countries who will mainly aim to become the trader partners are Paluf, Elfrau and Hanock. Still, I've made the necessary preparations just in case because it would've been troubling if a country annoys the Islanders of Palerius island in some way.

The contents of the trade for the negotiation this time isn't even beneficial to any country in the first place. It only amounts to increasing the number of trade routes by one. That's why it won't be a problem even if the Islanders refuse to establish trade with other countries. Nonetheless, raw materials from behemoths are still considered valuable commodities.


「Still, the legacy of grandpa Palerius, huh? I am a bit... no, extremely interested」(Regina)

「He was your acquaintance, right?」(Touya)

「I guess you could say that. He was quite an eccentric person, mind you. The artifact of future vision, from which I've discovered you boy, is based on the theory of grandpa Palerius as well」(Regina)

He must've been quite a substantially eccentric grandpa for him to be regarded as such by this oddball professor.

「Touya-kun, may I ask you to take me along to that Palerius island as well? I may understand something if we have them show us this thing they call ’’legacy’’」(Regina)

「Yep, it's not a problem, but... You won't do something unnecessary, will you? Absolutely? This situation is already delicate enough as it is」(Touya)

「I get it-I get it. I understand how delicate this situation is. Please have more faith in your lover」(Regina)

「Who are you calling lover?」(Touya)

While we are having this discussion in a garage of the [Hangar], Monica then callsout to us from above the crane.

「Hey, you! Get away from here if you ain't gonna help! I can't concentrate!」(Monica)

「Oops, sorry about that. Shall I then check up on the driving systems?」(Regina)

「It's already done. The invocation formula for the song magic hasn't been completely uploaded yet, so I'll leave what's left to you 」(Monica)


The professor, using a different crane from the one Monica is on, goes and boardsthe cockpit of a frame gear stationed in that garage. The machine has a cherry blossom color with a tinge of white. It's Rossweisse, a support-type frame gear for group battles made exclusively for Sakura.

The trumpet-looking horns belonging to a gramophone are extending from its back onto both shoulders. Now that I've taken a good look at them, they really look like cannons. Naturally, those things are not cannons, but equipment to amplify Sakura's song magic. Though it looks like those horns can be used offensively by generating extremely high-pressure sound waves in addition to its normal function. Those trumpets have been made in a manner wherein they can be retracted by being rotated to the back from the shoulders of the frame gear. This is included to prevent those horns from being a hindrance whenever they aren't being used.

I then go out of the garage which has Rossweisse in it and enter the opposite one which contains a standing emerald-looking machine inside it.

Visible in its cockpit is Rosetta, with the mini-robots restlessly running around thefeet of the emerald machine and working as Rosetta's helpers.

This one is Waltraute, Luu's personal transformable frame gear for unconventional warfare.

It's a machine capable of using different kinds of equipment, depending on the circumstances. It can use close-quarters equipment, long-distance battle armaments, heavy weapons, or high maneuverability gear.

Its performance is naturally a bit lacking in comparison to the specialized machines of everyone. Therefore, it doesn't have the strength of specialists. Still, it has the strength of a superbly efficient jack-of-all-trades that's capable of responding to any type of situation it may find itself in.

Assuming the negations will go smoothly, it may be fine to test out those two frames while having them exterminate behemoths simultaneously. Well for once, that will be after the talks we'll be having with the other side tomorrow.


We transfer to the same place we've gone to two weeks ago, and there are dozens of armored knights lined up with Dient in the lead waiting for us just like last time.

I took along a hundred frame gears similar to last time as well.

「Good day to you, representative Dient. Now then, have you managed to talk to the other representatives?」(Touya)

I already know the answer to that question thanks to the reports of Kougyoku, but Istill talk to him while feigning ignorance.

「First of all, everyone wants to meet with you, Central-sama included. Moreover, we've also already decided on our reply to you. Although it'll be troublesome, may I humbly ask for you to come to the central temple of our island? 」(Dient)

「Central temple, huh? I understand. Let's go there using transfer magic then」(Touya)


I immediately move everyone in this place close to a hill on which the central temple is located. I've already completed collecting memories about the central temple and thefour capitals of this island from the Kougyoku's dependents, thus allowing me to use [Gate].

「T-this is...!」

「I-it's the central temple! In an instant...!」

The Knights of the southern capital are being noisy. They should've known from the other day that I can use transfer magic, but they probably never considered that they would experience it firsthand. Dient also looks a bit disturbed as he dispatches a messenger to the temple. The other representatives of the other capitals might'vegathered here, so we end up going to the center without a cinch. This development has already been predicted by the people in the center of the temple, or so it appears that way.

I send about half of the knights from the southern capital back home with [Gate]. After all, the other side might panic due to their knights suddenly disappearing from where they were.

Leaving behind Rain-san's group who are inside the frame gears, we head to the temple. I am going there with the professor, along with Yae and Kohaku as guards (only for the sake of appearances).

The little professor girl in white baggy robes is riding the enlarged Kohaku. You could've asked someone like Zanack for clothes that are suitable for your size.

The erected structure in front of us, albeit being called a temple, has the form of a round-shaped six-story tower. That's it, it feels like the leaning tower of Pisa that'sstanding straight. Still, this tower looks shorter than that tower.

Being guided by Dient, we ascend the main stone stairway and enter the temple. This place has the atmosphere of an old-fashioned stone-made castle. It really feels like an ancient castle.

Coming in between the guarding knights, we ascend to the second floor via a spiral staircase. As we open a massive, dignified door in the corridor there, a considerably spacious room spreads before our sight. This must be a conference room.

There are two men and two women at the roundtable placed in the middle of the room, and there are also several several knights that looked like guards waiting in the surrounding area.

The three people, who are wearing an armor similar to Dient's, consists of a young man, a senile old man, and a short young woman with red hair.

Judging by their appearance, those three are most likely the representatives of the other capitals.

The last remaining person is a woman clad in white robes and holding a cane made from a rough and bony tree. She has a pair of blue eyes and a waist-length chestnut colored hair that's a bit wavy. I guess she's in her late 20s. She looks older than the red-haired woman next to her, and she's also showing a tender-looking smile.

Yae and I enter the room followed by Kohaku with the professor riding on top of her. Everyone present was startled, but they managed to regain their composure when they'veunderstood that she's my summoned beast. Well, I guess it's natural to be startled when a tiger suddenly appears.

The woman in the white robes stands up and extends her arm to me.

「Greetings, Your Majesty The Sovereign King. My name is Central Palerius, the descendant of Alerias Palerius. I am the mentor of this island」(Central)

「I'm glad to meet you, Mentor Central. I am Mochizuki Touya」(Touya)

We did a handshake as we lightly introduced each other. This person is most probably the representative of this island.

Next, the three people behind her introduce themselves.

The aged man with gray hair is the representative of the Eastern Capital, Morgan East.

The brown-haired youth with a sharp look is the representative of the Northern Capital, Sagitta North.

Finally, the red-haired woman is the representative of the Western Capital, Milly West.

They are the four representatives if I include Dient South, huh? Hey, they have ’’East’’, ’’West’’, ’’South’’ and ’’North’’ splendidly attached to their names.

It might be a title of sorts from 5000 years ago that has become their family names.

After I sit down on a free seat at the round table, I once again explain to everyone what I've told to Dient first and foremost.

The things I talk about as I project the map in the air are matters regarding frazes, the current world affairs, the influence the barrier has on the considerably high rate of behemoths being born, and about the way to cancel that barrier.

「I've also said to Representative Dient that it's not a problem if you choose to dismiss this proposal. We've considered associating with the Islanders to be a good thing, but we wouldn't be forceful in any way. Of course, we will withdraw and stop any sort of interference with this island should you, the representatives, choose to dismiss our proposal」(Touya)

「Is it fine to ask two or three questions?」(Milly)

The red-haired woman, Representative Milly of the Western Capital, slightly raisesher hand. I then tell that she's welcome to do so.

「Should we sever our connection outside, may we interpret it in such a way that there won't be any interference from other countries?」(Milly)

「The barrier around this island is powerful. If I'm to speak honestly, other countries won't be able to arrive here by any possible means if not for the power of our Brunhild Dukedom. Therefore, there's no reason for you, the Islanders, to be alarmed」(Touya)

「Assuming that we tear down the barrier, is it possible that the other countries will invade our land?」(Milly)

「I suppose that it would be difficult to invade this island unless they'd attack with a massive fleet though... Even if we assume that they've managed to come to this island for argument's sake, they shouldn't be able to destroy the barriers of the capitals. It would also be impossible for a country to engage in a protracted invasion since this island has a lot of behemoths. Nevertheless, I still can't say that with absolute certainty」(Touya)

It would take a traitor, who would've sneaked inside and guided the invaders from within, for the capitals to fall. At that time, the number of number of behemoths would've dwindled due to the barrier being destroyed.

It's just a possibility though. Truth be told, this island didn't have that much of a value. The farmlands are few due to behemoths, and their production output is overwhelmingly low even if they've already reached the stage of being industrious. They should've had something akin to a mine, assuming that they had reached that stage, but to start an invasion in order to gain that mine is still something that I find doubtful...

The raw materials of behemoths are indeed fascinating, but acquiring them would've ended up with a lot of sacrifices.

Firstly, there's no country who has a surplus of national power or that grand of a fleet to even be able to invade this place. Though it would've been dangerous if Yuuron still exists to this day.

And then there's the Demon Kingdom Zenoasu, huh? Or rather, they will likely go toward Yuuron first if they begin to invade others.

Then for what do I seek diplomatic relations with this island which doesn't have any sort of value to others? I would like to believe that I didn't make a mistake, but the other countries wouldn't even have persisted to that extent. It's just as I've told them earlier it's fine to associate outside if they want to that's just the extent of my thoughts about this matter. That's because different cultures will be the stimuli that could possibly lead to a considerable cultural development.

Still, I think it isn't a bad proposition to the Islanders who couldn't live anywhere but in limited areas due to behemoths.

「I've heard that His Majesty The Sovereign King will exterminate the behemoths on this island for us if we remove the barrier. Is it really the truth?」(Morgan)

Representative Morgan of the Eastern Capital throws a question at me as well. I start to talk while gazing at the frame gear that became visible from the wooden window with opened stutters. That window isn't made of glass.

「Those frame gears are being used against the frazes. Behemoths are the most suitable practice partners, or rather, the best subjects to test the new models with. Naturally, we will humbly take their raw materials, but some part of them will be handed over to you. That's because we are asking you to allow us to act selfishly on your land」(Touya)

Fumu, Morgan becomes quiet in meditation on his chair. The one who raised her hand this time was the Mentor Central.

「Your Majesty has talked about erasing the barrier of this island, but what method are you proposing, may I ask? The barrier applied on this island by Alerias-sama is covering the island in its entirety. There exists an artifact in the basement of this temple,which is its pivotal point, but it has a multitude of barriers applied on it, ensuring that no one can either touch or destroy it」(Central)

So this is as I've expected, huh? I've already thought that the situation will be something like this, so I take out an artifact resembling a syringe we've used before from my pocket.

「This magic tool has magic inside it which nullifies the effects of artifacts. In other words, it's capable of tearing off magical enchantments completely. The barrier should lose all of its power and won't return to its former state ever again if this tool is used. Though this one is only a disposable, one-time use item」(Touya)

The small [Initialization] artifact, now laying on the table, catches everyone's gazes.

I gently hold it out to Mentor Central.

「I'm giving this one to you. Whether it's going to be used or not will depend on you」(Touya)

Thus far, I have only been telling them to erase the barrier which they believe is protecting them from outside threats. I've also understood that they are unable to decide right away. It might be difficult for them to process all to process all of the information I've told them and conclude right away.

Mentor Central is fixedly looking at the artifact.

「It's only a ’’what if’’ scenario, but would it be possible to ask Your Majesty to transfer only those people who desire to go out to the outside world if we leave the barrier intact? Will there be a country who can accept those who will leave this island?」(Central)

I see. This question came up, huh? She means that they will divide those who want to remain and those who want to leave.

「It's not like I can't do what you're saying, and there should be a country who's willing to accept them. However, I really won't recommend this approach. They won't be able to live in the same manner as they did here since they would have to start everything from scratch」(Touya)

The danger of being attacked by behemoths would've likely disappeared, but I think that it would be considerably tough for them to get by without any means of living, be it connections or goals to speak of. It will all the more be harder if they already havefamilies.

「Whichever way you decide to act upon won't matter since I've already passed toyou this [Initialization] artifact. The ones who will decide the fate of this island will be on your side. Destroy the barrier, or don't. It's my belief that we would like to respect the decision that you've chosen as much as possible. Please think about it carefully」(Touya)

「... Thank you very much. I think we will try to discuss this matter once again」(Central)

Having taken over the [Initialization] artifact in her hands, Mentor Central bows her head.

Let's entrust the other side on what to do from now on for the time being. We will cooperate if they decide to remove the barrier, and we won't interfere in any way if they say that they're okay as they are. I don't care even if they decide to remove it after several dozens of years. Well, I may not be able to help them out then if that's the case though.

Suddenly, the professor pulls the cuffs of my clothes. Oops, that's right. There's also that.

「There is one more question we would like to ask. May we?」(Touya)

「What may it be? Assuming we can answer it, please ask away」(Central)

「The legacy which is said to be left behind by the Sage of Time Alerias Palerius... the one called the [Door], I think? Is it possible for you to show this legacy to us?」(Touya)

「The [Door]? It's not a problem. We will show it to you as thanks for this artifact we've received it's not like we are particularly hiding that legacy anyway」(Central)

Mentor Central smiles, but the Northern Representative, Sagitta, opens his mouth, having heard this conversation of ours.

「Central-sama. I doubt that it's fine to bring outsiders to the [Gate] which should be called a legacy of Alerias-sama. If, by off chance, it gets destroyed... 」(Sagitta)

「We didn't even understand why it was made for all those 5000 years. More than that, what will they gain by destroying an unfinished object? I believe that His Majesty may understand something about the [Door] if we show it to him」(Central)

Sagitta keeps quiet due what Central has said. The professor and I can use magic capable of analyzing the structures of the objects in question. That magic is called[Analysis]. It's likely that I won't be able to comprehend it even after analyzing it, but the professor should be capable of understanding something.

「Please, follow us this way. The [Door] is placed on the top floor of the central temple」(Central)

We are then guided by Mentor Central and are now ascending the spiral staircase toward the top floor.

It was assumed that the [Door] would lead them to a new world. It may have some connection to how the world barrier may be restored. Or...


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