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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 258


Chapter 258

Arc 26: What can be done for tomorrow

Chapter 258: The Prize Capsule, and the Third

「So, due to those reasons, this is a new product」(Touya)

「Ho-hou. What on earth is that thing? It looks like there's something inside of it...」(Alba)

An unfamiliar object has been placed in front of Alba-san's Strand Company branch store in Brunhild.

The upper part consists of a large box containing something inside while the lower part consists of a gap for inserting money inside, a rotating handle and a hole where the user takes the item coming from the box.

This is an object referred to as a ’’Capsule Toy’’.

「I suppose I should call it a ’’Lottery-style Toy Purchase Machine’’, I think? Anyway, please try it out」(Touya)

As I talk to him, Alba-san puts inside the gap-shaped like a coin slot a bronze coin and turns the handle, producing a clattering sound. Afterward, a round cylindrical object about 10 cm in diameter drops down to the hole serving as the exit of the contents from the box above.

「What's this?」(Alba)

「Please open it」(Touya)

Alba-san unfastens the cover made of leather which is locked with a cord, and a miniature Frame Gear then shows up from inside of it. It's a ’’Chevalier’’ figurine, thoroughly made from hardened rubber up to the tiniest details.

「Hoo! This product is done quite nicely! But if that's how that object works, won't it also be fine to just sell them the usual way? 」(Alba)

「The content of those objects is not just ’’Chevaliers’’. I have other, different items inside of those capsules. Here's the list」(Touya)

Alba-san looks at the list I've given him and becomes a bit surprised as to how many items are inside those said capsules. Yet he still doesn't seem to understand how that lottery works even now.

「Ehm. As expected. That box still means something else... What if we can also sell each of those items inside the stores? 」(Alba)

「Let me see. For example, let's say Alba-san wants a Night Baron from that list. You'll be able to buy it for a bronze coin if the store sells it, won't you? But if you put it inside that box, then...」(Touya)

「...! That's right! It won't necessarily come out on the first try! Then you need to turn it again and again... I see! You're saying that ’’we will be able to earn that much!’’ 」(Alba)

It's a commodity which stirs up the user's gambling spirit, but it's cheap enough for it not require that much money. Moreover, if someone brings ten of those cylinders to the shop, they will be able to exchange them for a bronze coin, thus making it possible to refill and recycle those commodities.

I open [Storage] and take out one more similar looking capsule toy lottery box.

「And this one here has items that have a higher class than the previous one. Each turn costs a copper coin, making this new one ten times the price of the previous one, but the articles it gives out are made of metal which are of very good quality」(Touya)

The so-called toy for children and for adults. Oh well, it won't be a problem even if an adult or a child uses both lotteries.

(ED: Kujibiki Tokushou?)

Alba-san tries to turn the handle of the second one as well. The prize that came out is a ’’Blue Moon’’, the frame of the Vice-Commander Norun-san.

In comparison to the one made from hardened rubber, this one is slightly bigger in size, so it will look good even as an ornament due to it being thick and heavy.

By the way, the line-up is divided into:

Types of Frame Gears: Gerhilde (Elzie's frame) Schwertleite (Yae's Frame) Siegrune (Hilda's frame) Ortlinde (Suu's frame) Helmwige (Linzie's frame) Grimgerde (Rin's frame) Shining Count (Commander's frame) Night Baron (Vice-Commander's frame) Blue Moon (Vice Commander's frame) Chevalier (Regular Soldier's frame) Dragoon (End's frame) A set of every kind of weapons.

And types of magic beasts:

Black Dragon Wyvern Sunora Wolf Mithril Golem Scorpinas Demon Lord Blood Crab Wood Golem King Ape Small magic beasts (In assortment)

The reason I've added those monster types is that I've considered that rival characters might be necessary and that people might say ’’What, it's the Chevalier again’’ when they open up the cylinders if we just include frame gears.

Oh well, the chances to get each of the figurines are somewhat different, only getting frame gears as a prize can happen though.

This time, I take out one more stand from [Storage] and, to be honest, this one is the main attraction. This one is even bigger than the previous two and doesn't contain magic beasts inside it.

「This one doesn't require you to put money in to turn the handle. Rather, this one is for giving out freebies when someone spends a certain amount of money on goods in Alba-san's store. For that reason, the materials used for the items of this lottery box are the bones of magic beasts. They are quite sophisticated due to their colorful designs. In addition, I've also managed to make their arms and legs mobile.」(Touya)

Those are the so-called ’’action figurines’’, and they're super-extraordinary items which can reproduce even the transformations of Linzie's frame. I've manufactured them using the bones of magic beasts whose material properties are identical to plastic.

「When you say ’’a certain amount’’, do you mean as much as a silver coin?」(Alba)

「Nn~, well, I wonder about that. To be honest, I'm somewhat an amateur when it comes to the money spent on shopping, so you can change the amount on your side」(Touya)

For him to say ’’a silver coin’’, that's about 10, 000 yen, right? Well, after all, those prizes are freebies a customer gets for shopping.

The manufacturing process shouldn't be that difficult. Mobile figurines require a certain amount of skill to make, but it also looks like there's a dwarven craftsman working as Alba-san's intermediary. intermediary. Therefore, everything will probably be alright.

Right after installing a bronze coin vending machine inside the store (because there's a possibility that the prizes will be stolen if we leave the vending machine outside the store, as one would expect), children have immediately flocked around it and started turning the handle. Oh, a Dragoon figurine came up. That one is considered to be a rare item.

「This is certainly... Being able to save on the labor costs for professionals... if we alternate the content... 」(Alba)

It seems that Alba-san's is making a lot of calculations in his head while looking at the children turning the clattering handle.

I pass the metallic mold for figurines to Alba-san and leave the store.

As I continue walking through the main street of the castle town, there's something happening up ahead that's making a lot of noise.

I try to peek through the gaps between the onlookers, and I can see that an arrest is taking place.

「Pin him down! It's an arrest!」(???)

Four knights are subduing two violent men. Having quickly tied up their hands behind their back with a rope, three knights then take the men away.

「Sorry for the inconvenience. It's alright now」(???)

The remaining knight calls out to the surrounding citizens in order to relieve them. Oya? If I'm not mistaken, this person is...

「Ya. Thanks for your hard work」(Touya)

「N? H-hello there, Your Majesty」(Lance)

The knight with short blond hair tries to kneel on his spot. Lance Tempest, a young newcomer knight born in the Knight Kingdom Restia.

「Ooh, it's fine already. Stand up. Stand up. I've already told you guys that this sort of behavior is unnecessary unless on formal occasions. It's very troublesome」(Touya)


The young Lance stands up, looking perplexed. I guess this sort of knightly behavior is imprinted in guys like him who were born in the knight kingdom, so it can't be helped.

「So, has something happened here?」(Touya)

「Yes. There has been a harassment towards a female shop assistant at the restaurant. We then mobilized after the child of the waitress rushed to the station」(Lance)

I see. So they've se*ually harassed the waitress-san, huh? Let's have them firmly reflect on what they've done even if it isn't a grave crime.

Still, the scene of the knights arresting those hoodlums using ropes sure looks like a historical play despite the fact that using something similar to handcuffs is more convenient than ropes. There have to be arm chains, arm shackles or anything similar in this world.

「...Shall I make it then?」(Touya)


Right here in this spot, I take out a steel ingot from [Storage] and start transforming it into a handcuff as described in the net. O~to, I also have to craft the keys. In a few minutes, I complete a pair of dull shining handcuffs.

「Your Majesty, what's this?」(Lance)

「Those are handcuffs. They're lighter and easier to carry than arm shackles. Can you bring out your hands a hands a little?」(Touya)

I put the handcuffs on both of Lance's hands that he has presented. Those cuffs then momentarily restrain him.

「Th-this is amazing. ...Moreover, they're tough」(Lance)

Lance tries to put strength into his arms to tear off the cuffs. As expected though, they aren't budging. Not even inch. However, they easily come off after I take out a key, insert it into a keyhole and twist it.

「I'll give them to you, so use them instead of ropes to make arrests. Afterward, let's make those cuffs a standard equipment for patrol knights. Be careful, you won't be able to open them if you lose the key. Ah, a spare... I will give you a reserve key as well」(Touya)

「Yes! 」(Lance)

Stiff, so stiff. If I'm not mistaken, the captain of the patrol knights is Logan, right? I will have to speak to him and decide on the fine details afterward.

「Have you gotten used to living in here?」(Touya)

「Yes. Everything that I see and hear in this country is unusually stimulating. It's a wonderful country, and it's flourishing because everyone is being kind to others」(Lance)

I'm glad that he can speak like that. As I thought. It makes me glad when people coming from other places are praising this country.

「Ara? If it isn't Touya-san. Ah, Lance-san is here too」(Mika)

The one who happened to pass by is the Brunhild branch owner of the [Silver Moon] inn, Mika-san. She's carrying lots of purchased goods in her hands. I wonder, did she go out shopping?

「It's been awhile, alright. Have you been well? Are you eating properly?」(Mika)

「I do, you know. I'm healthy as well」(Touya)

I reflectively end up smiling towards the girl who's the same as always. That reminds me, I haven't eaten in [Silver Moon] lately.

「Mi-Mika-dono! That kind of conduct toward His Majesty is...」(Lance)

「Ahh, it's fine, it's fine. Mika-san and I are long-standing acquaintances, even more so than with Elzie and the others. It's not a problem 」(Touya)

I calm down Lance who's panicking. Speaking of acquaintances longer than Mika-san, there's probably no one but Zanack-san from [Fashion King Zanack], but the difference between them is only of a few hours.

「So Mika-san is acquainted with our Lance here, right?」(Touya)

「Yep. Lately, he has been visiting, like, every day. He's our frequent customer, you know?」

「Y-Ah-That! Mika-san's cooking is marvelous, so I always end up having my legs unconsciously take me there! It might be because her cooking has a flavor no one gets tired of, or maybe because of the warm homely flavor of her dishes!」(Lance)

Lance suddenly stands upright and becomes talkative as if he's in a hurry. His face is red for some reason. Oya? Is that, perhaps, because of that?

「In other words, Lance has totally become a captive 」(Touya)

「Wha~! Y-Your Majesty, wh-wh-what're !」(Lance)

「... I'm talking about Mika-san's cooking」(Touya)

「! It's exactly as you've said! 」(Lance)

So amusing. Mika-san tilts her head, not quite understanding the situation understanding the situation though.

「Mika-san. It must be tough walking around while carrying this heavy luggage. Lance, would you help her bring her luggage back to [Silver Moon]?」

「Ara. It would be helpful」(Mika)

「Yes... Yes! Please leave it to me!」(Lance)

While still having a red face, Lance receives the luggage from Mika-san and goes to accompany her. I then see them off while lightly waving my hand.

If I'm not mistaken, Mika-san is 20 years old, and Lance is 22. I feel their age are just right, but Lance-kun, Mika-san's father is a muscular red-bearded giant. Will you really be able to confront him?

「Their relationship is becoming a considerably fascinating matter, you know ~noyo」(Karen)

「Uwa~to?! You surprised me!!」(Touya)

Before I knew it, Karen-nee-san was already standing next to me, floating a grin which exposed her interest in it. Why are you here?!

「Fu-fu-fu. As long as there's affection, I'll be there. As long as there's love, I'll be there as well. This is the love goddess, Mochizuki Karen ~nanoyo! 」

(TL: partially a pun, Karen's title is 恋愛神, which consists of 恋 (like/love), 愛 (love/passion) and 神(god). So she iterates those interpretations of ’’love’’ like in old animes)

Although nee-san points at me after making a sparkling pose, I just stare at her with scorn.

「... an onlooker, maybe? 」(Karen)

「You could say that!」(Touya)

You will get kicked by a horse eventually. Well, as her name of the ’’love goddess’’ implies, it looks like people who come to her for advice are becoming couples one at a time.

While it's natural, there are still those who break up after starting a relationship, and if someone's love is hopeless, she also persuades those people to give up. According to Karen-nee-san, giving up seems to be a part of love as well.

「Please, don't meddle too much, okay?」(Touya)

「How rude~. I've no intention of giving out any advice for someone's love unless they themselves come to me for consultation ~noyo. Fundamentally, love is a feeling that opens up naturally ~nanoyo 」(Karen)

What she says sounds plausible, but I'm very doubtful as to how serious she is to that statement of hers.

Basically, she isn't a person who restrains herself.

「By the way, why did you come to a place like this? Don't tell me you're the one who hooked up those two?」(Touya)

「Oh yeah. There's something bothering me ~noyo. I've sensed a small amount of divinity to the south-east from here ~noyo」(Karen)


By any chance, is it the subordinate god?! Although I can sense divinity, I still can't sense minute amounts of it like Karen-nee-san or Moroha-nee-san do.

「Is that the subordinate god...」(Touya)

「Nope, it's different ~noyo. This divinity clearly belongs to a lower-class god like us ~nanoyo. Although I thought it was impossible...」(Karen)

Eh? What are you saying? I can strongly sense a bad premonition.

「It looks like a third one has descended ~nanoyo」(Karen)

Please give me a break. What kind of god is it this time...?


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