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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 248


Chapter 248

Chapter 248: Everything [So far] and [From now on]

The [King] of the frazes was apparently in a death-like state. [She], whose name I didn't know, was probably unaware of the events that were happening. In the end, the ambitious ones who were seeking and couldn't give up on her power looked like shameful stalkers to me.

As such, I somehow had a feeling that the outcome would've been different even if she sacrificed herself to save the other worlds. Though she should've discussed the matter more with the ruler-class rather than leaving the issue as it was.

[She] had more or less selected a successor [King] when she left the world of the frazes due to End's advice. Unfortunately though, [She] was too excellent. This was why the frazes divided into two groups when [She] had disappeared: those who abided the successor and those who didn't. The ones who didn't abide had found [The method to cross over to other worlds] that [She] had originally thought of and chased after [Her].

Apparently, there were geniuses among the ruler-class, but there's no one who's on the same level as [Her]. It seemed all of the ruler-class were not of the same mind and had their own factions.

Regarding Rize, I could definitely say that she wasn't going to interfere with any side. She's moving along with End, but she didn't lend a helping hand to either End or her fellow frazes. However, some ruler-class considered Rize a [Betrayer]...

How brazen of those who didn't abide the [King]'s successor to be saying something so shameful. Which one of them really was the traitor?

Somehow I felt that the frazes were just kids who couldn't become independent from their parents.

If they keep on depending on someone forever... I see. So this is what Kousaka-san have mentioned before, right?

If Brunhild also ends up relying on me, they may end up making the same mistakes that the frazes are doing.

It's not just my country. It's everyone's country. I made that pledge from the bottom of my heart to never forget that.


Dragoon that's standing a bit away from town while bathing in the morning sun was sparkling and shining. I returned that unit that I'd taken care of back to End.

On that subject, the reason the perception board didn't react to Rize was that it simply wasn't configured to react to a ruler-class. I thought about measuring the wavelength and recording the pattern of the ruler-class using this occasion, but it seemed that the ruler-class could erase this wavelength that all of the frazes could emit if they felt like it.

Or rather, they usually kept it in this erased state when they didn't want to affect their colleagues or subordinates. So they seemed to possess a stealth function of sorts... Either way, it just meant that Rize wouldn't get caught by the perception board because she moved independently from other Frazes. Nevertheless, I thought that it was possible to ask her to do the unreasonable action of letting me record her wavelength in order to determine when other ruler-classes would appear, but I was denied. Damn it.

I called out to End who's looking at the dragon knight.

「What are you going to do from now on?」(Touya)

「For the time being, I'll hunt down the frazes that will appear in this world as usual. At least until [She] departs from this world」(End)

I wonder, when will that happen? However, even if this world was to be saved, there's a possibility that the same thing would happen in the next world.

Nobody knew which world the[King] would go to next. I was thinking [She] herself didn't know that either. In order for End to protect her from shadows, he would probably continue chasing after [Her].

I would like to defeat all frazes here in this world if possible the world that they might attack next could be my former world.

It wasn't like I didn't understand End's feelings either. If I had been forced to choose between the world and those that were important to me, my old self might not know which one to choose. But now I believed I would choose those who were important to me, no matter what other sacrifices I would've made or how many unrelated people I would've dragged into my troubles. I might not look back.

If someone were to tell me that everybody would die if I didn't cut [King]'s core here, I would've cut it no matter what End would've said.

I would've done the same thing as he would if our positions were reversed. We were probably comrades similar to each other.

End boarded the cockpit of the frame gear while Rize, covered with a hood, rode on its right hand. He dropped the tires down from its heel, shifting the dragon knight to high mobility mode.

「Then Touya, see you again」(End)


The dragon knight started to move as if sliding on the surface of the earth, leaving a trail of cloud dust behind him. In a blink of an eye, it became smaller and smaller, until it can no longer be seen.

「I see you've come here」(Yumina)

「Eh? Aah, is it you, Yumina?」(Touya)

Yumina and Kohaku were already here when I'd turned around. Yesterday, I told everybody about End and his companions. Everybody was equally surprised, but our policy toward the future didn't change still. We were going to thoroughly resist the frazes if they came attacking us.

Yumina came to my side and stared at the dragon knight becoming smaller at a distance.

「If...Touya-san went back to his former world, then......」(Yumina)

「What's with you? Saying something so sudden」(Touya)

「I've been thinking about it. If I cannot live together with Touya-san, I've wondered if there's any reason for me to continue living. Also, I would've probably chosen to follow Touya-san without hesitation if there's a method to do so」(Yumina)

I wonder, is she talking about End and [Her]? Those two who were determined to live together had chosen to cross over the worlds. It's just bad luck that what they did trigger a whole lot of tragedies, but even if I returned to my original world, I guess I would've probably searched for a method to cross over to other worlds in order to meet Yumina and others once again.

If I said [I am looking for a method to go to another world] in the world over there, they would've probably doubted my sanity. However, it didn't really matter what they would think. Be it occult or a suspicious religion, I would've clung to it if there's even the slightest possibility.

There's no point in living if I couldn't live with Yumina and the girls.

I placed my hand on Yumina shoulders standing next to me and gently pulled her.

「It's alright. I won't go anywhere. Even if I get blown to another world, I'll absolutely return to all of you. For that much, I earnestly ask Kami-sama」(Touya)

「Kami-sama, you say? It's nice if he listened to your wish」(Yumina)

Did she think of it as a joke? Yumina made a small smile.

I want to protect this smile. I want them to forever be on my side. I want to walk the future with them. For the sake of that, I will do my utmost.

I was thinking so from the bottom of my heart while embracing her shoulders.


「Ah, Touya-sama」(Luu)

We happened to pass by in front of the training ground, and Luu, sitting on the bench, noticed us and waved her hand. She's wearing light clothes for training, and she's carrying two small wooden swords. Elsie was sitting next to her in the same way while wiping off the sweat on her face with the towel she had on her shoulder.

Yae and Hilda were having an intense exchange in the training grounds. Those two remarkably increased their skills after being taught by Moroha-neesan. They were probably nearing the master level already.

Surrounding those two at a distance were everybody from knights order who chased the two girls with their eyes.

As we approached the pair on the bench, Elzie shifted her gaze and spoke, sounding displeased.

「What's with you? Were you together since morning?」(Elzie)

「Yeah, somewhat. Huh? Are you sulking?」(Touya)

「I-its not like I am s-sulking」(Elzie)

Elzie wiped her face with the towel again while having a red face. As usual, she's easy to understand. I guess this is also a cute side of her.

「The rest?」(Touya)

「Linzie and Rin were taken by the professor. Aren't they in Babylon right now? She said something about adjustments for their personal frame gears. Ah, Rosetta has also said that she will do a little tweaking even to my Gerhilde」(Elzie)

「For Gerhilde? What are they planning to do?」(Touya)

「I don't know. They've said something about combining the red and blue frames」(Elzie)

Oi-Oi. Are they are even planning on doing a symmetrical docking sequence? As expected. I think it's impossible though, but I also think this union will be different.

「I want my frame gear to be built as soon as possible too」(Luu)

「Now, now. It looks like they'll make a high-performance frame later on, so just look forward to it」(Touya)

Smiling wryly, I comforted Luu who's slightly sulking. I also didn't have one for myself yet as well. Or rather, my would probably be the very last one, because I could fight against a strong opponent like an advanced-class fraze even without using a frame gear. ...Well, the main star was someone who usually appeared last.

I bragged that fact to myself when Sakura, Spika-san, and Suu then came out from the castle.


「Suu. Did you come today this morning?」(Touya)

I caught Suu who had rushed over to hug me. Suu, from her own room in the house of her parents in Belfast, was coming here using the transfer room in the castle. She usually came in the afternoon though.

「Yup. As Touya's wife, I can't afford to neglect my bridal training ~nou. I'll be staying here all the day today! I've also received father's permission to stay here ~na. Touya, let's sleep together today!」(Touya)

「Eeeeee? I wonder about that!」(Touya)

Hearing those words, all my fiancees around me showed scornful eyes all at once.

Up until now, Suu slept in Yumina's room together with her when she stayed here. Then why did she mention this matter today?

「Why not ~ja? Does Touya hate sleeping together with me?」(Suu)

「Nope, I don't hate it, but it is still too early. Or rather, or how should I put this? My reputation will go worse...」(Touya)

「Reputation? We're just simply going to sleep together, right?」(Suu)

Suu tilted her head in puzzlement with pure eyes not understanding what she had said. No, I understand it clearly what Suu thought about and what I thought about were different. But of course, it doesn't mean I will do anything ~you know!?

An unpleasant sweat started to flow, so I gazed at Yumina on my side asking for her help.

Did she notice that? Yumina then sweetly grinned and talked with Suu while smiling.

「Look here, Suu. Sharing a bed just between an unmarried man and a woman with social position is not good for their reputation」(Yumina)

「Is that true, Yumina-ane-sama?」(Suu)

「That's right. Therefore, how about we all sleep together including Touya-san? There won't be any problems if that's the case」(Yumina)

「Coooooooooooome agaiiiiiin?!」(Touya)

What are you suddenly saying, Yumina-san!? There'll be a problem no matter how you think about it!!

「Waiit! What are you saying!? This is obviously not good!」(Touya)

「Why? Won't we just simply sleep in the same bed? There won't be any problems with it, right? Or are you planning on doing [Something]?」(Yumina)


I couldn't say anything against Yumina who counterattacked with a smile. Certainly, it wasn't a problem if it's just sleeping......right?

「Wai-wait a minute, Yumina! By saying everyone, are we also included?!」(Elzie)

「Isn't it natural? Or is Elzie-san going to be the only one who will sleep in a separate room?」(Yumina)

「Mugugu.... In that case, it will look as if I've been defeated... However...uuu~」(Elzie)

「I don't particularly mind though」(Sakura)

She said with a feeling ’’isn't that really okay?’’ Although she did that like she didn't mind it, her face was red, and her eyes were swimming. Spika-san next to her was frowning as if she's troubled.

「I-I am also cool with it! Touya-samaa! Let's sleep together, muguu!」(Luu)

「You voice is so loud!」(Touya)

I quickly covered in panic Luu's mouth who had almost raised her voice. What is with this flow!? Why the heck is this happening!? Somebody, please help me! Help me!

Did my prayer reach someone? A ringtone played from the smartphone inside my pocket. I quickly grabbed this chance to get away from all of this. It's from guild master Rerisha-san.

「Yes, hello?」(Touya)

『I'm sorry for bothering you. To tell you the truth, the frontier guild of Lail Kingdom has observed a sign that a group of more than a thousand frazes will appear soon. An advanced-class doesn't seem to be included, but there are a lot of them. I've also heard that the time for their appearance is in three hours』(Rerisha)

「Three hours!? So fast again...」(Touya)

Up until now, there's always a day of leeway before they appeared no matter how fast their appearance was, but... Was this also the effect of something happening to the world barrier?

『This is a situation wherein they can't take refuge or send assistance, so we can only request the help from His Majesty the Sovereign King... Of course, I already have permission from the King of Lail』(Relisha)

「I understand. Please send me an e-mail containing the detailed position of the appearance. I'll also dispatch our knight order」(Touya)

『Thank you in advance』(Rerisha)

I hang up the phone. Everyone, who was making a fuss about sleeping together until a little while ago, now falls into silence due to my appearance and turns their gaze toward me. It seemed the matter from a while ago had been settled. It's ironic though that the god of salvation turned out to be the Fraze.

I gathered all the knights who were training in groups and conveyed the situation.

「The Kingdom of Lail has sensed the appearance of a few thousand frazes in a remote frontier. They'll appear in about three hours. The Brunhild Knight Order will head to Lail Kingdom right now for the subjugation. Get in touch with anyone who's not busy. One hour later, finish all of your preparations and gather in front of knight order dormitory!」(Touya)


All of the knights dashed out and scattered. They took off their armors in order for them to call back their colleague who was outside.

As for me, I needed to call the knight commander Rain-san and the vice-commanders Nicola-san and Norun-san by phone and tell them the situation. After that, I must also ask Baba-jiisan and Yamagata-ossan to guard the castle. I must hurry up.

「It's terrible」(Touya)

「Good grief ~. Oh well. This is also to protect the world. Let's do it」(Yumina)

Yumina said something out of character and stared at the sky.

There were a lot of things that happened after I came to this world. Frankly speaking, I thought this world harsher to live in than my previous world.

Even so, I love this world where everyone important to me lives in. Therefore, I'll keep on fighting to protect it. It's just that.

「Alright. Shall we go then?」(Touya)

Everybody nodded.

I came to this world having only my smartphone at hand. Right now, however, I had a bunch of trusted allies.

A lot of things will also happen from now on. However, I'll be able to surpass those challenges without fail if I'm with everyone. I'm sure of that.

Being convinced, I then opened a [Gate] to Babylon.


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