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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 24


Jammerg55 here, Ok so I’m feeling pretty good so I’ll keep on releasing until I fall asleep at my keyboard. Enjoy the start of a new arc!

Arc 4: Members of the Royal Family

Chapter 24: The Demi-human Country, and the Attempted Assassination of the King

After several days, I finished copying the wall painting of the underground ruins. Using a useful non-attribute magic「Drawing」it transferred exactly what I saw to the paper, it was transcribed by magic. It was a copy machine. I didn’t use a pen and write it, the characters appeared on the surface, exactly as it would if it were a copier. While looking at the smartphone screen, it copied to the paper. This magic is just good to me as if I’d gotten a printer from the outside. I tested this by printing out several cake recipes, I took them over to Aeru who was more than delighted. It’s just for the materials I had to use “Search” to locate several times. It had calculated the weight using the 100 yen coin in my pocket as the base measurement. Hurry up and notice more quickly, Me. Well then, should we go deliver it to the Capital? I thought about calling everyone together but the mood usually falls when going to see the Duke, so I decided to go by myself. Its times like these I feel the difference of the nobles. There weren’t any nobles in my former world. No, strictly speaking there might have been some you know. Gathering the copied documents, a “Gate” was opened. I went through the door, and ended up in front of the Dukes house.

「Ah, excuse me」

The guard was surprised at my sudden appearance. Actually every time I come they’re surprised to be honest. I wish they would get used to it, from the looks of it it’s still going to be a while. Huh? The front gates are opening, a carriage is coming outside? Is the timing bad?

「Touya-dono!? I’m grateful! Please get in!」 「Eh? Wait…Eh!? What’s going on!?」

The carriage door opened and came out, the Duke grabbed my arm and pulled me onto the carriage. What what!?

「Well, I didn’t image that Touya-dono would be here at this moment…! God himself probably sent you. I’m very grateful.」

In his excitement while looking at me, the Duke raised his hands in prayer. I had certainly been sent here by god. But I don’t think he would have sent me here like this. What in the heck happened?

「What exactly happened?」

I asked the Duke, who wiped the sweat of his brow, and opened his mouth in a strained voice.

「My elder brother has been poisoned」

…..What did he just say? When the Duke says “elder brother” he means the King… right? Regicide as it were?

「Fortunately we were able to deal with it Early on and he is holding out. However…」

Squeezing both hands together, as if looking for an option in those hands, as his voice trembled. They tried to kill his elder brother, that’s obviously something to worry about.

「Do you have any ideas about the criminal?」 「……There is one person that I can think of. However, there isn’t any proof. You remember don’t you, when Suu was attacked? It’s probably the same perpetrator is what I think.」 「But why the King? Do you think some other country tried to assassinate him…?」 「If it were that it would be more comprehensible…」

With a single sigh the Duke lifted his face. An unpleasant expression appeared on his face.

「Our Belfast Kingdom is surrounded by 3 countries. In the west is the Rifurisu Koukoku (meaning Empire), in the east is the Merisha Mountain range which beyond is the Regulus Teikoku (it also means Empire) and to the south is the Great Gau River, which boarders the Misumido Kingdom. We’ve had a long relationship with the Rifurisu Empire for many years and have many friendly connections.」


「Since the war with the Teikoku from 20 years ago, there is a tentative non-aggression pact between us, honestly it’s difficult to say that we’re getting along amiably. It wouldn’t be strange even if it invades again. And there’s the Misumido Kingdom to the south, now that is an enigma.」 「Enigma?」 「In the middle of the war against the Teikoku 20 years ago, a newly founded nation arose. We made an alliance with this new country and the empire was restrained and we tried to create new trade with them. However, there are nobles who oppose that.」 「Why is that?」

If it wasn’t known when the Teikoku was going to invade, then wouldn’t it be prudent to simply have more allies?

「Misumido is a country of demi-humans. Many demi-humans live together, demi-humans rule the country. Those are reasons that the old nobles don’t like.」 「…What is that?」

Because you don’t like something, it makes it OK to obstruct the nation’s best interests? Furthermore demi-humans aren’t bad people. Some of them might be unwilling to listen but giving them 100 steps will make it easier to understand. Demi-humans properly understand things, I’ve met Alma who was a very good kid. 「Once the demi-humans were treated lower than animals, they were objects of contempt. They were thought of as a vile barbaric race. However, when our father’s era came, laws regarding recognition were enacted. Those manners gradually went out of use. In fact, there are demi-humans that are walking normally around the castle, upright without any kind of discrimination. But, there are still those backward thinking old nobles that refuse to admit that are still around.」 「Discrimination is it?」 「That’s right. Why should we have to ally with a vile demi-human’s filthy country? Shouldn’t we instead conquer them, and turn them into a vassal state? Elder brother can’t do anything except obstruct them.」

I see. So the old nobles are pulling the strings this time. But is that really required to go that far? Those were feelings that I had. To have your own King killed. Wouldn’t the King’s death cause you more problems?

「If my elder brother dies, the throne moves to Princess Yumina who is his only daughter. Perhaps, that noble wants their own son to marry the princess, and approach the family as a bridegroom. With that in mind they tried to kidnap Sue, then use that as material to blackmail with, the person they were trying to get to was not myself but probably my elder brother.」

If you value your niece’s life, do not deal with Misumido. It’s the princess of a country, the guard is probably pretty severe. Therefore, they target Sue instead. Then they try and push their luck and have their son be engaged to her instead. But what guilt they must feel. If they were exposed even by mistake then it’s a one way trip to the headman’s ax. The historical drama of some villain’s head suspended pops into my mind somehow.

「And? What exactly should I do?」 「I wish for you to cure my brother. Using the same magic you did with Ellen.」

The abnormal state recovery magic “Recovery.” That huh? Certainly, poisons and other afflictions can be removed. Did the Duke invite me with this in mind? I consented. While doing so, the Duke’s carriage crosses the drawbridge and reaches the King’s castle at last. I was hurriedly brought into the castle by the Duke, the red carpet was spread out and the all doors opened to meet us. The stairs expanded downward in a gentle curve to the right and left. In the middle was a gorgeous chandelier which glittering stars shined and the same glittering could be seen on the ceiling. Is that Demon stone light? Running the long stairs with the Duke along came a single man as we were passing each other.

「Well well isn’t it the His Highness the Duke, It’s been a while since we’ve spoken.」(We meet again) 「……Earl Balsa…!」

The Duke with a glance like a glare looked at the Earl who was right in front of us. The man had a thin neck, flashy clothing and was slightly overweight. He looked like a toad. A broad grin spread across his face and looked at us. (tln: it actually translates to “Earl baldy”, but here he is using it as an insult so it translates into “toad” which fits him perfectly.)

「Please rest assured. The ones that threatened His Majesty’s life have already been caught.」 「What did you say?」 「It was the ambassador from the Misumido Kingdom. It was the wine that the King drank. That wine was what the Misumido Kingdom ambassador had presented.」 「That’s absurd……」

The Duke was surprised by that fact, and it showed on his face that he didn’t believe it. If that were to be true, both countries would be forced to ditch their relations. No war wouldn’t be out of the question. But, there’s something not right. It’s all too convenient.

「The ambassador is being restrained in another room. That demi-human did something that outrageous. We’ll send Misumido back their head……」 「That won’t happen! Everything is for elder brother to decide! We’ll have the ambassador stay in that room for a little while only!」 「Is that so? For the demi-human to receive such an undeserving vote of confidence…. So shall it be. However, should anything happen to His Majesty, the other nobles won’t be able to stop the public you know? They’ll probably demand the same thing.」

Earl Balsa expressed a repulsive smile. It’s this guy? The old noble who discriminates against demi-humans and opposes the King’s policies? No, could he be the one that poisoned the King as well…… With one look at the Duke who was glaring at this toad, that deduction was not mistaken it seems. This bastard is the criminal.

「Well then with this. It seems it will be getting busy around here after this.」

The toad had said and was beginning to descend the long flight of stairs. It will become busy? Because the King dies? The toad sent the Duke off with a hand as the Dukes hand trembled as he grasped it. Alright, time for a little punishment for toadie.


The toad missed a step and fell mightily down the stairs. He didn’t stop until he reached the bottom. He was then thrown on to the floor.


Before long the toad calmly got up, tottered and began to walk. The surrounding maids and knight guards were trembling trying to hold in their laughter. Che. He didn’t die. The Duke who’d heard my tongue click asked.


I who remained silent raised my thumb and replied with a smile. The Duke gave an amazed expression and returned a similar smile thereafter.

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