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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 235


Chapter 235

Chapter 235: The King's Children, and the Analysis

I'd told everyone about myself before coming to this world.

About living in a country called Japan on Earth, about being a student, and about how it's impossible to return to that world anymore.

It seemed that because of what happened with the Frazes, everyone was able to understand somehow about the existence of [Different worlds] that were different from their own.

「So that's how it was.... I had a hunch that Touya-san was outside the norm」(Yumina)

「For you to come from a different world, I could've never... I'm surprised」(Yae)

Yumina and Yae took a big breath and expressed their surprise.

「Rather, does it mean that Karen-san and Moroha-san are...」(Linzie)

「Yeah, they aren't my sisters by blood. However, there's no mistake that they're my family here. Though honestly speaking, there are still others whom I regard the same」(Touya)

I honestly answered Linzie's question. There seemed to be a lot of gods who could be counted as my relatives after I had awakened my divine power and become someone who's somewhat a dependant of Kami-sama.

For the time being, I will hide the matters about Kami-sama and about my sisters being low-class gods. The gods may be troubled if they get relied on, and that information is private, to begin with. Let's talk about this after getting their permission.

Though I was more anxious about them believing the matters about the gods rather than the matter about different worlds or some similar. As I saw during the case with Her Eminence the Pope, it would've been a one-shot hit if I had Kami-sama to descend. However, how should I say this? It sounds dreadful to purposely call him just for that.

「Then, are those bicycles and gun technologies from your former world?」(Luu)

「Yup. They are normal things there. Ah, no. Guns aren't that numerous in the country where I lived though」(Touya)

I'd corrected myself to prevent any misunderstanding with Luu from developing because I didn't want her to think that firing that weapon was an everyday occurrence.

「Well, even if you came from a different world, it still doesn't mean that anything has changed ~right?」(Rin)

「You're right. It doesn't change the fact that we love Touya-sama」(Hilda)

「Rather, it makes me a little angry that you didn't say it earlier」(Elzie)

Rin, Hilda, Elzie came saying that one by one. I couldn't feel from their expressions that they were confused or were holding back. I guess the expression they are showing is them thinking that it doesn't matter that I'm a human from a different world.

「Touya is Touya ~ja. I am happy you told us ~you know?」(Suu)

「Hm, I as well」(Sakura)

「Thank you. Suu, Sakura」(Touya)

I was glad that they could accept me. I've honestly thought that they might pull away even if they weren't going to hate me. A person from different world might not be different from an alien in here. I'd been thinking what I should do if they held an image of me being similar to an invader that came from a different world all because of the matters with the Frazes...


Our bodies completely stiffened due to the sudden yell raised by the little doctor. Uaa, I was surprised!

「A visitor from a different world! Technology, culture, knowledge, and history that have yet not been seen! Can there be anything more exciting than that! No! There can't be! Touya-kun, marry me!」(Professor Regina)

「「「「「「「「「Not allowed!」」」」」」」」」

Wow. All of my fiancees didn't allow Professor's proposal. Everyone surrounded me as if trying to protect me. It's a little scary because after all, we're told that the number of brides wouldn't increase anymore....

「Then, I'm fine being a mistress. We can't make a child anyway. How about it?」(Regina)

「「「「「「「「「Then it's good」」」」」」」」」

「Are you really fine with that?!」(Touya)

I ended up retorting unintentionally. Huh!? Isn't it that the legal wife usually dislikes the husband having a mistress!?

「The reason for the number of brides Touya-san will have to no longer increase is to eliminate any unnecessary problems because it would've been troublesome if the royal families or nobles from other countries persistently insisted on [you receiving our daughter]」(Yumina)

「There's also the problem with the succession of the throne when the children are born unless an unquestionable line is being drawn between the queen and the mistress」(Rin)

Even when I'd heard Yumina and Rin's story, I ended up thinking ’’Isn't it strange?’’. It must be because I wasn't still familiar with the system of polygamy.

Oh well, this was far better than to have the situation become a catfight between the legal wife and the mistress like [This person is only mine! Don't approach him, you thieving cat!] but... I felt somewhat lonely. Though it meant that they understood that the desire to monopolize and love wasn't the same.

「Alright, I even got the wives' permission, we are one family now! Ah, right-right, don't worry about the problem about the succession of the throne because all of your children are girls except for one」(Regina)


She just smoothly leaked out an unthinkable news just now! What do you mean by all of them are girls except for one!?

「W-what do you mean!?」(Yae)

「There isn't much to say anyway. A conversation like that happened when I was peeping into the future. [All of the 9 queens were able to have children, but only one of them is a prince]」(Regina)

...Seriously? Then, does this mean a prince will be born between me and one of the 9 wives, and the rest will be princesses? It's like she has deprived us of enjoying the future...

So there will be at least eight daughters... Huh, I kinda feel like a terrible disaster will happen. Won't I be able to just stay at home and relax as a father?

Of course, there might be a second boy that would be born in the future further than what the professor had seen, but I wondered about having ten children. As expected. There's just going to be too many of them. No, even having nine children is too many already.

It'd been said that Tokugawa Ieyasu had 16 children, and a person like Cao Cao had as many as 25 sons. Though they didn't come close to Tokugawa Ienari who had even more than 50 children.

Incidentally, this Shogun had the longest term of being in the office even among the successive Shoguns, but it had also been said that having made too many children played a role in the decline of the finance of the Shogunate. The collapse of the Shogunate had started from that time as well. He must've been a guy who's said to have too much of a good thing.

「Fuun... However this might be something amazing, isn't it?」(Rin)

「What do you mean, Rin-san?」(Hilda)

「Isn't it good? If the child is a daughter, then won't she become a bride eventually? Think about it for a moment. She will be a princess of the country, so the possibility of her partner being the prince of another country is considerably high. Thus, doesn't that mean that the lineage of Touya will be succeeded by the members of those royal families?」(Rin)

「I see... Our family may have a lot of relatives. In the future, the grandchildren of Touya-sama will be able to become the kings of each country... Certainly, this is...」(Hilda)

Rin and Hilda were having some kind of talk, but I'd decided to pretend not to hear it. They are not even born yet, so I don't even want to hear about marrying any of my daughters.

「At any case, we've already become family, so teach me the knowledge from that other world! Hurry-hurry-hurry! What are those tall buildings!? What's the meaning of those street lights that have those three shining colors!? Does that running iron box move with magic!?」(Regina)

「Wait-wait-wait! I can't answer if you ask all of them at the same time. There is also stuff that I don't understand even if they exist. For instance, those tall buildings are multi-floored buildings. The three color street lights are traffic lights. Finally, the running iron box is called the train. However, I don't know how those are made or even their structure」(Touya)

From the way the professor approached me with bloodshot eyes, I honestly answered her while faltering. Probably, the level of questions this person wanted to hear was impossible for me.

「I see.... Muuu. If only there's only a way to obtain information about that world!」(Regina)

The professor sighed in such a way as if she's showing regret while looking at the cityscapes projected in the air. ...Ah.

「If it's information, I think I can obtain it. I should be able to get it from the net. Professor may be able to understand the other things that are difficult even for me. However, you know...」(Touya)

「W-what do you mean!? If there is a method to get information, tell me about it!」(Regina)

Still, I was still hesitating whether giving information from Earth to the doctor was a good thing. It would've been troublesome if she made an atomic bomb or something else with the information she had obtained bit by bit. Won't the union of magic and science be considerably dangerous?

「The knowledge of Earth has many dangerous fields. Two world wars have already happened in our world, and it's being said the world will be destroyed if another one happens. I'm thinking whether it's a good thing to teach you a knowledge like that」(Touya)

That Einstein had left these words behind.

「I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones」(Touya)

The world would certainly be destroyed if the third world war happened. It's a message that contained this kind of warning.

「I see... That fear is justified. An event like that may certainly happen. ... Then, why not teach us something from the cultural aspect? Like the myths and stories of that world」(Regina)

「That's right. Then everyone is here as well, shall we watch some movies?」(Touya)


If it's about stories from Earth, then the ones that are too fictional in nature shouldn't be good. It will end up becoming fantasy after all.

In that case, how about something from history? Maybe something like The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, King Arthur or maybe even Chūshingura?

Or maybe a soap opera of some sorts from the modern era in order for them to understand the age where I've come from.

The movies I'd played before resembled this world very much because I was covering up any conversation about the other world at that time, but now that I'd confessed the matters about the other world to them, there's already nothing to worry with regards to those.

If I want them to understand Japan, should I really display this work here to them then? This movie Born in Katsushika Shibamata, I guess.

I operated the smartphone play the intended movie.


I showed them a mix of several japanese and western movies after that. It seemed they had understood Earth to some extent thanks to those.

「In the end, it's really bothering me, but is the thing which Touya-kun carries something that everyone in the other world possesses?」(Regina)

The professor pointed at the smartphone and asked. It seemed she liked it very much.Come to think of it, did these came up in the movie I've shown them a little while ago?

「This one which I'm carrying is something that's already quite different from the ones in my former world since I've added various [Enchant] spells in it after coming here. Originally, it's a telecommunication device used to exchange information, capable of recording images and doing other different things」(Touya)

「Umm. Can I be allowed to analyze it even if it's only a little? I'm thinking whether it will be convenient if I construct a device similar to it and distribute those to everyone or not」(Regina)

Fumu. Won't it be convenient if everybody carries one for themselves as a means for communication? We may be able to do something without relying on electromagnetic waves if we combine it with magic. Actually, the professor had already made a similar communication device for the frame gears. If it's the professor, won't she also be able to replace electrical power with magic power?

It's most likely though that only this smartphone will be able to connect to Earth's internet. Shall I have her make a sample as a trial?

「Then, can I borrow it for a bit?」(Regina)

The professor received my smartphone and started concentrating magic power on her hand that's holding that smartphone. Oi-oi, what is that?

「Analysis 《Solution separation》」(Regina)

A soft light flew out of the professor's palm. Is this... a nonattribute magic?

「Fumu... Houhou. I see. I understand the structure. It's possible to manufacture thiswith the materials of this world as well. The problem is...」(Regina)

I checked the smartphone's operation and confirmed there was no problem with it when I had received the smartphone back from the professor who has started grumbling and muttering something.

I was curious about the magic from before, so I'd decided to try it out as well.


Wow! What is that? Things similar to disassembled drawings of the smartphone are floating inside my head, and I understand where and what are the things inside it. Honestly speaking, I feel refreshed for knowing what purpose those parts exist for.

Ah, So it can also analyze the material, huh? Alkali Aluminium silicate...say, what is this?

In case of the professor, has those data been translated into the language of this world?

So it's a magic to analyze the structure of something, huh...? If I use it on a human being, won't I most likely understand everything up until its internal organs very clearly like an MRI? I feel like it would've been the most convenient magic for a physician to use, but to be frank, I don't think he would want to see the internal organs...

「Ummu! I will manage someway or another! It may be impossible exactly to build it exactly the same, but this will become a convenient magic tool! Rosetta, give me a hand! Let's go to [Workshop]!」(Regina)

「Ha. I don't mind, but I can't follow that order because Professor doesn't have the right to order me anymore, so unless master gives me permission...」(Rosetta)

「Haaa? Ah that's right. Touya-kun, may I borrow Rosetta?」(Regina)

I don't mind. Then, both of them jumped out of the room right after I gave the permission. It seemed Rosetta was somewhat impatient to go.

「Both of them will likely shut themselves and not come out for several days」(Shesca)

「She hasn't changed. It will likely be crueler than when she's in her original body. Her current body has a more exceptionally endurance power」(Liora)

Shesca and Liora sighed while seeing the two leaving.

I don't want them to overdo it though, but will they be alright? If we can mass-produce the smartphones, it will surely become convenient in a considerable number of ways, but I'm getting a little scared when I have a hunch that she might try to attach some strange functions to it.

Finally, Shesca frankly uttered to me when I'd revealed those thoughts of mine while she pointed at the smartphone that I was holding in my hand.

「It's master who's recklessly adding strange functions onto it」(Shesca)

She's quite right.


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