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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 230


Chapter 230

Arc 24: The King is Busy in Many Ways

Chapter 230: The Mastermind, and the School

One man gets out from a dark alley, arriving eventually at the meeting place. It's located in the business quarter of Zenoaskal, the royal capital of the Demon Kingdom of Zenoasu, in the corner of a rundown street with warehouses.

This warehouse used to be a possession of a great merchant family, but it ended up unattended after that family abandoned it. It's said that the reason why it's unsold is due to having quite some damage here and there, and that it'll also cost money to repair it..

A man wearing a black mantle with a hood wretches open a heavy door and goes inside a warehouse in which nobody would dare come close to.

Moonlight shines from the big hole in the ceiling of the deserted building which had nothing left in it.

Under the moonlight, the man found the other party he was looking for.

It's a man wearing a mask and black clothes.

「What's going on? Wasn't our arrangement not to meet again once the job had been done? Or you want me to employ you because of what has happened to Yuuron?」(Man A)

「...Isn't there another guy who's an obstacle?」(Man B)

The plump man, who came over, took off his hood and grinned, having heard the muffled voice of the masked man. He has bluish-white hair and a greasy face, which is past thirty years old and which is being said to be from the Mephisto tribe, that's glittering in the light.

「...Hou. I will be thankful if you guys erase the first prince, but what is the reward? Will it be the diversion of weapons through illegal channels like before?」(Man A)

Then, a voice belonging to someone else rings from behind the plump man who has said that.

「...I see. So that was the contents of the deal, right? This means that you've diverted weapons from Zenoasu through illegal channels to Yuuron, and you've requested compensation from a masked man in black clothes」(Zelgadi)

The plump man looks behind his back to the source of the voice that echoed inside the warehouse, having been overwhelmingly surprised. His eyes open even wider after seeing that the person standing there is someone that shouldn't be in here in the first place.

「Hi-his Majesty the Demon King!?」(Man A)

The figure standing at the entrance of the warehouse is undoubtedly the demon king of this country, Zelgadi Von Zenoasu.

Thereupon, I also cancel [Mirage], returning back to my original appearance from the masked man in black clothes.

「Naa, yo-you bastar...?!」(Man A)

「My bad, but I've asked him to trap you. Let me see. You. Aren't you Severus Arnos? It doesn't seem like your father knows anything about this. He only titled his neck when he saw the letter and the mask, not seemingly understanding anything」(Demon King)

That's right. In the end, I've hidden myself and placed the masks and the letters having the content [We need to talk about the previous work] as well as the address to this location into the private rooms of everyone whom we've considered to be suspicious. Of course, I had the house mice I've summoned to watch over it.

The majority didn't understand and have just tilted their heads or lashed out at people of their houses thinking that it's their pranks, but the one who behaved the most suspicious among all of them was this guy, Severus Arnos.

Only this guy hid the mask in the drawer of his desk as if he didn't want anyone to know about it, and quickly placed the letter in his pocket after reading it.

This man is the heir of the Arnos family, the merchant house which is the house of the mother of Fares, the second prince. In other words, he's the young brother of the second queen and an uncle to Fares. He's the man who will become the top of Arnos company one day.

「For you bastard to be the criminal. I certainly believe that your father, Arnos company's president, also feels disappointed」(Zelgadi)

「I-it's wrong, your majesty! For you to think I murdered the princess!」(Severus)

「Ooh? I didn't utter a single word about [Murder]. Moreover, why do you know about Farnese?」(Zelgadi)

Severus stopped moving as if his entire body froze. His tongue slipped. Only a small number of people know about Sakura, so the information about her murder shouldn't be known to him because he doesn't know about her.

Indeed, Severus will become the demon king's uncle if the second prince takes the throne. If he obtains a position as high as that which merchants don't normally reach, he may have the power to be able to intervene in governmental affairs. He is probably aiming for that but....

The bodyguard unit led by their commander Sirius-san rushes inside the warehouse. It's finally the time to pay the tribute.

「Arrest this guy. I should tear him to pieces in this place by all rights, but I still have things to ask of him」(Zelgadi)

「Haaa! Tighten the ropes!」(Sirius)

By Sirius-san orders, the stunned Severus didn't resist as he was being tied up. The soldiers then drag him away.

「With this, the case is now settled, isn't it?」(Touya)

「I'm worried when you say stupid things, Brunhild Sovereign King. It's the real thing from now on. First, we must officially announce the existence of Farnese in order to make the charges against that guy conclusive. However, we're already at the point wherein Fiana won't permit Farnese to become the demon king. In that case, her separation from the royal family must be simultaneously announced」(Zelgadi)

「Let me see, in other words...」(Touya)

「It will be the announcement of the engagement between His Majesty the Sovereign King and Farnese-sama」(Sirius)

Sirius-san cuts straight to the point. I guess that's right ~. Un, I understand.

It feels like avoiding in this situation is impossible...

▶︎Touya starts to run away!

▶︎However, he can't escape from the demon king!

That's how this situation feels like.

「Umm, you see here, I already have fiancees...」(Touya)

「nu......? Well, it's not something strange, you know? Even I had two. For a person who's worthy of being a king, one or two wives is...」(Zelgadi)

「Eight, I have eight fiancees」(Touya)


The eyes of His Majesty the Demon King filled with surprise immediately held still. He strongly grasped my shoulders and started making a speech while smiling stiffly. What is this? He's scary.

「Your majesty the sovereign king. Why don't we have a talk that's a li-i-ittle more detailed? Whatever, we'll finish by morning. We'll be having a long-term relationship from now on, so how about it? We can even do it while drinking sake」(Zelgadi)

Well, I've tried running away by saying that I'm a minor, but most countries treated 15 years old as adults although there were exceptions. I thought that it would be fine not to drink, but I was still getting involved with the demon king.

▶︎Touya tries to run away again!

▶︎However, it's absolutely impossible to escape from the demon king!



In the end, Sakura's existence has been officially announced together with her engagement to me.

Behind the scenes, the crime that Severus committed was brought to light. Because of this, the present head of the Arnos family, who is the grandfather of the second prince, has retired, and it has been decided that the house will be succeeded by the husband who married the youngest daughter.

Legally speaking, it was such a big crime that they couldn't have complained even if the whole family was punished. Despite that, they are still technically the blood relatives of the second prince, so their sentence has been reduced due to the second prince himself abandoning the right to succeed the throne.

The second prince wasn't interested in the position of the demon king from the start, and that, on the contrary, might've been what lead to Severus' impatience. Of course, it has been decided that Severus himself will vanish with the public guillotine.

I bring both Fiana-san and Sakura immediately to Brunhild. Honestly, it has been a long visit and please excuse me from being entwined with His Majesty the Demon King anymore. In the end, he was an overly talkative drunkard.

Yumina and the girls quickly accepted Sakura, and had somewhat relieved faces.

「With this, the nine brides have gathered. Therefore, it means that this number won't increase any further」(Elzie)

「I'm glad that a strange person didn't appear」(Yae)

「Who knows? You know there's probably the position of mistress even if there are only nine wives, right?...」(Rin)

I let the whispered talk between Elzie, Yae, and Rin pass by. Please stop putting up strange flags.

It seems that the Demon Kingdom of Zenoasu won't interact with foreign countries same as before, but they will dispatch people as temporary staff to Brunhild.

In comparison to the discrimination against demonkin that still remains in other countries, they will be able to work here in our country with a piece of mind. I'm just slightly worried whether His Majesty the Demon King will use it as an excuse to come along just to meet Sakura directly.


「First of all, I'm thinking about building the school here」(Touya)

「It's nice. It's close to town, and it looks just right for commuting」(Fiana)

I am guiding Fiana-san to the planned construction site of the school together with Naito-ossan, who's in charge of the construction, and Kougyoku as the bodyguard.

「We intend to start from a small school building, and continue extending it little by little. Fiana-sama is still the sole teacher of this school so a large number of people will be impossible, right?」(Naito)

「Well, I think I want to start with approximately 20 people first. I can manage somehow with that amount」(Fiana)

Naito-ossan responds to Fiana-san requests and keeps note of the small details. I hope the children will have more choices in the future with this.

However, when it comes to the schools being established, I want to do something regarding the other school as well.

The Adventurers School. It's a school where novice adventurers level can learn their skills. If I have to say it directly, this one is related to one's life and death, and I suppose I would like to do something about it quickly.

Taking this opportunity, I decided to show my face in the guild and consult with the guild master Rerisha-san.

I separate from Fiana-san's group and go towards the guild. The guild is crowded as usual. It seems that the dungeon capture is progressing even if it's only little by little. I enter the guild master's office, having been guided by the cat beastkin onee-san receptionist with whom I'm already familiar with.

Rerisha-san was pondering a little while I talk about the rough plan I've imagined, but she has eventually started to talk.

「I think it's not a bad idea. It's necessary to think about the subjects being taught a little more, but there are some merits in this proposal. It will decrease the number of beginners who die in vain, and veteran adventures who have already retired can once again play an active part」(Rerisha)

「 Moreover, if a person who has graduated from this school shows results, it will also be an advertisement in itself」(Touya)

「That's right. I think it's fine to overlook the high entrance fee as well, right? How about setting the training period to be from half a year to a year?」(Rerisha)

Rerisha-san puts her thoughts together while writing in a notepad. It seems a grand plan is already progressing in her head.

「In addition to that, it might be better to divide the levels according to age. One level will be for those in the 13 to 15 year-old bracket while another level will be for those who are 16 to 20 years of age. The remaining level will be for those who are older than 20 years. We should use different teaching methods different between those who have no life experience and for those who do」(Rerisha)

「I see. Definitely」(Touya)

I nod at what Rerisha-san's has said. I more or less intend to have the school be run mainly by the guild. I won't do anything beyond just giving out an idea. Therefore, teachers and instructors will be arranged by the guild.

I believe there will probably be only few people who consider becoming adventurers after passing 20 years old. For example, I cannot say with certainty that a knight won't become an adventurer after retiring from the Knight Order. That's because adventures are more likely to gain huge profits in one go.

「I understand. I will propose this draft at the next guild master's' meeting」(Rerishia)

「Thank you very much. If there are some facilities that will be necessary for its operation, I think Naito from our side will arrange them if you ask him」(Touya)

I honestly feel relieved, having felt an adequate response. There should be a lot of teaching materials which ought to be taught like the good ways of fighting against magic beasts, things that should be noted, being prepared, and basic adventurer skills.

Normally, they should learn those by themselves with experience, but adventurers will die if they make one wrong step. If they have a guide teaching them the know-how, that should become a considerably powerful weapon for them.

「By the way, as for Your Majesty the Sovereign King, it seems you've become engaged to the princess of the Demon Kingdom of Zenoasu」(Rerisha)

「Ugu, you are quick with information as usual...」(Touya)

Give me a break already. Oh well, information is the lifeline of the guild. There's probably a source of information who has slipped even inside Zenoasu.

「Then, I have a little request, you see」(Rerisha)

「What request?」(Touya)

In short, the content of Rerisha-san's request is that they would like to establish a branch of the adventurer's guild in Zenoasu as well. It seems she wants me to mediate it, but I end up feeling a little tired when I think that I will have to meet with His Majesty the Demon King again.

Certainly. I got stuck with fighting that Gira-guy without any serious preparations since there was no perception board in Zenoasu.

The Fraze attack won't avoid Zenoasu. It might be necessary to establish a branch of the guild there.

In the end, I've taken Rerisha-san's request, but I've decided to go again to Zenoasu at a later date.

I've taken Sakura along with Rerisha-san, so the matter with the guild was easily approved. So easy.

After that, His Majesty the Demon King was talking about various things with Sakura, but she cut him down by saying [Annoying].

I look at the depressed demon king, and I've felt a slight uneasiness for having a daughter in the future. I've started to think that this may be the figure of my future version...

I've tried to persuade Sakura whether she can be gentle to His Majesty the Demon King whenever possible, but she has just replied with a similar answer stating [What is there to do beyond that?]

Nuu, uua.


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