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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 229


Chapter 229

Chapter 229: The Demon King and Doting Father


The door opens with a bang and His Majesty the Demon King of the Demon Kingdom of Zenoasu, Zelgadi Von Zenoasu, raises a voice of joy after seeing the figure of Sakura sitting next to Fiana-san in the living room of the Frenel house.

Although he spreads his arms to try and hug his daughter, Sakura avoids him with all her strength, and he ends up thrusting onto the sofa with his head up.


「Scary... and dirty」(Sakura)

Ah~.....I guess, she doesn't want to be hugged by a soggy person full of tears and dripping nose.

Sakura, as if she's getting away from her father, swiftly hides behind me, who has entered right after the demon king.

「Brunhild sovereign king! I deeply thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving Farnese, but I have problem with you flirting in front of her parent!」(Zelgadi)

「We are not flirting!」 (Touya)

Honestly speaking, I am fed up with that demon king rattling while thrusting his finger. What's with this doting parent?

He has king horns growing from under his bright red hair, a pale skin, pointy ears, and he wears a black mantle embroidered with golden threads. This person is Sakura's father as well His Majesty the Demon King of Zenoasu.

After the fight with the Fraze ruler-class, Gira, I've met-up with his majesty the demon king to explain the current circumstances and reported the matters about Sakura. I've also met Sirius-san, house head of the Frenel family, Spica-san father as well as the guard of his majesty the demon king.

The moment I've finished talking about Sakura and explaining everything from the details of the battle up up to now, his majesty the demon king immediately rushed out from Pandemonium. Now what's with that speed of his? I had a hard time chasing after him. As one would expect, I didn't think about trying to stop him since I would have to go as far as to use [Boost] or [Accel]. Besides, I also know his destination.

And, that's how he has jumped into the Frenel house.

Both Spica-san and Swella-san were too surprised to move toward the demon king who has suddenly entered.

「Now-now, please calm down, your majesty」(Dark Elf)

「Muu... Is Sirius siding with the sovereign king?」(Zelgadi)

「His Majesty the Sovereign King, or rather, with Farnese-sama, that is」(Sirius)

A young dark elf appears from behind me. He's Spica-san's father, Sirius-san. He has a dark brown skin and a beautiful silver long hair tied behind in a single knot. As expected of this race, he's too young... Well, even his majesty the demon king looks to be in his 20s as well. Does the demon king's tribe has long lives too? Then, does this mean Sakura will stop aging after she becomes an adult to some extent?

「In addition to that, His Majesty the Sovereign King has not only saved Farnese-sama, but has also saved my daughter and our country as well. Doesn't Your Majesty recognize that?」(Sirius)


His Majesty the Demon King shows a sour face and falls silent. Will it be alright with that person as the demon king? This country, that is...

Fiana-san moves to the front of His Majesty the Demon King, bends her knee and starts speaking.

「I have something to tell his majesty. Farnese is already an adult, she can decide for herself. Our daughter wishes to return to the Brunhild Sovereign King's side, and even I'm considering the idea of going along with her. I'm deeply thankful for his majesty's hospitality and favor we've received, but I heartily ask you to please permit our request」(Fiana)

His majesty the demon king absentmindedly opens his mouth due to the sudden declaration of farewell and freezes in his place. However, his face trembles and his consciousness returns before long.

「Wa-wa-wa-wait a minute! Are you saying that both Farnese and Fiana are going to Brunhild!? Not allowed! I won't permit that!」(Zelgadi)

「However, your majesty. I am not your majesty's wife. My life is my own」(Fiana)

「Thaaat!... I know that but...!」(Zelgadi)

His majesty falters at the cold declaration of Fiana-san who has stood up. Uoo... Scary... It makes me remember the strong words of my mother. It's just an appearance, but Fiana-san appears to be the older one here.

「T-then I will welcome you as my queen! Both the first and the second queens are no longer here, so as a legal wife...」(Zelgadi)

「I will decline」(Fiana)

「An immediate answer?!」(Zelgadi)

She completely cuts down the demon king's proposal with a sweet smile. Scary. Why is this mother this strong...? Isn't she way too straight with the king of the whole country...

I don't feel like anyone will be able to defy this person when she becomes a teacher at the school. In a sense, I might have obtained an outstanding talent.

「If his majesty and I get married, Farnese will have to become the demon king. This is what neither me nor my daughter wishes for」(Fiana)

「Gu... However, that shouldn't change the fact that Farnese is my daughter as well...」(Zelgadi)

「Yes. That is so. Therefore, please come and meet your daughter. In Brunhild」(Fiana)


His Majesty the Demon King has been blocked by Fiana-san's words as she widely smiles. Yet before long, he breathes out deeply, slowly turns around, walks up to where I'm standing and deeply bows his head. It seems he's somewhat broken. He has been told by those things after all...

「Please take care of my daughter」(Zelgadi)

Here, he's not the king of a whole country, but a father who is worried about his own daughter. I must adequately answer him back.

「I understand. Leave the two of them to me...」(Touya)

I was about to say ’’Please’’ when His Majesty the Demon King, having raised his head, gripped my shoulders and looked through me. He stares at me with a glare that looks like he's about to kill people. Scary!

「I won't forgive you if you make my daughter unhappy. Do go get that... ?」(Zelgadi)

Eh, what is this? Am I being threatened?

Sakura, who's behind me, suddenly shows up, faces the demon king and talks to him.

「I will be happy if I can be with King-sama. I've gotten the permission of Linzie and the rest, so I'll become one of King-sama's brides the same as with everyone. Also, demon king, you are annoying」(Sakura)


「Ara-ara. I'm looking forward to seeing the face of my grandchild」(Fiana)

Wait a minute!? Why is this development happening again!? Or better yet, what does she mean that she has gotten the permission of everyone!? Hey the bride alliance! Aren't your preparations too quick!?

His majesty the demon king collapses on his knees in contrast with Fiana-san who is happily smiling.

「annoy...annoying... Farnese said ’’annoying’’...」(Zelgadi)

Is the shock you've received that grand?

Leaving aside the demon king who is no longer useful, I turn around to face Sirius-san who's Spica-san's father.

「As a matter of fact though, Spica-san has already entered the knight order of my country...」(Touya)

Spica-san moves in front of Sirius-san as I've said that.

「Father. I will go to Brunhild and I'll surely protect Farnese-sama this time. I swear this on the honor of the Frenel house and the shield, for sure...」(Spica)

「I understand. You walk your own way. We pray for your happiness no matter how far you go」(Sirius)


Sirius-san hugs his daughter who's filled with tears. They can only be seen as lovers embracing each other when seen from outside since they look like they're about the same age.

He seems to a very understanding father. On the other hand... I turn my eyes to the other father who doesn't seem to be back yet.

「...Annoying? I am not annoying, am I? After all, in here, am I not your father? It's only natural to be worried. Normal. Yup, it's normal...」(Zelgadi)

I've decided in my heart not to look at His Majesty the Demon King, who has started muttering something, and to make sure not to become like him.


「Then, were you able to find out who's the mastermind that that tried to kill Sakura... Farne?」(Touya)

「No. It's irritating to admit, but we weren't been able to catch his tail. I would tear him apart if I find him」(Zelgadi)

As Sakura clings to my arm, his majesty the demon king replies to me while the corner of his mouth twitches.

「With all due respect, it's my opinion that it was the act of people who would've been troubled if you had Sakura... Farne become the demon king......」(Touya)

「I realize what the sovereign king wants to say. I guess you're probably implying that either one of my sons has schemed it, but it's not」(Zelgadi)


The demon king corrects his acute posture on the sofa, and crosses his arms. Even though his body has turned to me, his gaze still shifts towards Sakura from time to time.

「First, speaking about the First Prince Falon, this guy has a single-minded personality if I'm to describe him in a good way. On the other hand, he's not smart if I'm to describe him in a bad way. By all means, a thought similar to an assassination wouldn't have occurred to him due to his personality that dislikes unfairness. Even if someone tempts him for an assassination, he'll cut that guy down on the contrary」(Zelgadi)

「What about the second prince?」(Touya)

「The second prince, Fares, is too cowardly. He's a guy that will think that it will be fine not to become the demon king rather than doing something outrageous as an assassination. There are only books, books and more books in that guy's head. He has the personality of avoiding troublesome things as much as possible」(initially)

What an extremely sharp evaluation towards his own sons. It's widely different from Sakura. I've poked my nose here, and a blunt answer has come back stating that [I can't be affectionate towards my sons even if it's somewhat enjoyable. My daughter is the one who's absolutely more lovely].

As for the His Majesty the Demon King, he had probably wanted to officially declare Sakura to be the next demon king when her king horns appeared, but Fiana-san didn't permit it. In the first place, Sakura didn't have an intention like that, and it can't be helped since it was obvious that it would've grown into something troublesome.

Oh well, it has already become something troublesome either way though...

「Then, who is the mastermind?」(Touya)

「It might be the house of the first queen who has passed away, the Ribuck house, or it might be the house of the second queen who has died as well, the Arnos house. Of course, there's the possibility that it has been the work of nobles associated with those houses」(Zelgadi)

If the prince whom they support become the demon king, it will become advantageous for them in a lot of aspects. They are certainly suspicious.

「Then, which of the princes is currently closer to the position of the demon king?」(Touya)

「I don't know. Both of them have the same magic power. This state goes up or down by some impetus each day」 (Zelgadi)

Hmmm, this is getting more and more troublesome.

「Which one do you consider to have made contact with Yuuron?」(Touya)

「I also don't know about that. The faction of the first prince, the Ribuck house, is the frontier count protecting our borders with Yuuron. It probably won't be impossible for them to try and make connections. The faction of the second prince, the Arnos house, is a house consisting of large merchants. Our country doesn't deal with foreign countries, but it's not like we don't have any intermediaries though. It feels possible to make a deal if that connection between fellow merchants is being used」(Demon King)

It means that both of them are rather suspicious. How troublesome. Wouldn't it be easier if I could take her eminence the pope here and ask them in front of her magic eye that can see through all lies if ever they have employed assassins from Yuuron?

I feel like it's an excellent idea, but bringing the representative of a whole country for something like this is a bit... I can't take everyone I suspect to the Ramisshu Holy Kingdom as well.

I wonder though if there's a lie detector or something similar inside [Warehouse]. It won't be an evidence even if there is one though...

Judging from Sakura's memories that I've seen, those were certainly assassins from Yuuron. However, Yuuron has been utterly destroyed, and I probably won't be able to trace them there.

Will they quiet down if we officially announce that Sakura won't become the demon king? No, it's not like they will do so. They may move to crush the other prince, and it may create a third faction, the [Farnese faction], unless we do it skillfully. It will become more and more dangerous for Sakura herself if that happens.

I want to return back to Brunhild after thoroughly cutting off that anxiety with the future in mind... Now, what can be done about this?


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