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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 228


Chapter 228

Chapter 228: An Attack, and the Second Ruler-class

「Whatever words of gratitude I say will never be enough.... Thank very much for saving my daughter」(Fiana)

「Please don't mind it. I just did something that was natural」(Touya)

I told Sakura's mother, Fiana-san, who kept bowing since a little while ago to not worry about it.

Her health looked terrible, so I cast [Recovery] and [Refresh] magics on her which had considerably improved her complexion.

Though the most effective means of recovery was the smile of her daughter sitting next to her, no doubt about that.

「You've rescued my daughter as well, words of gratitude are not enough. On behalf of my daughter, I thank you」(Swella)

The one bowing similarly was a dark elf woman sitting on a chair in the guest room. She was Spica-san's mother, Swella-san.

She had brown skin, silver hair, and long ears, and she looked too young more than anything else even if her appearance was similar to Spica-san... I could only see her and Spica-san sitting next to her as sisters.

Both elves and dark elves were the species with long lives after all. Her growth process didn't stop unlike in Rin's case. How old could she be....... Even though I was interested to hear what her age was , I wasn't that stupid as to ask her that.

Her husband, Spica-san's father, seemed to be absent, and Kohaku, Sakura's mother, Sakura herself, Spica-san's mother, Spica-san herself, and I were having tea at this place right now.

「I've never thought that there's a person who can cure demon stiffness disease...」(Swella)

「The pathogen is being researched in our country. If we are somehow able to make a specific medicine of some sorts, I will pass it to your country」(Touya)

「Thank you very much again and again」(Swella)

Swella-san bowed down her head.

Flora had said that she might be able to make an analeptic from the skin which had fallen off from Spica-san. There were demonkins in our country even if their numbers were few. It wouldn't be funny if they contracted it one day.

Now then. Leaving that aside as well, let's get straight to the point.

「Then as you see. Sakura... Farne hopes that we can ask Fiana-san to come to Brunhild with us if that's alright with you...」(Touya)

「Me, you say?」(Fiana)

FIana-san widely opened her eyes, being surprised at my proposal.

「I've already inquired regarding most of the circumstances. Pardon me for being impolite, but Sakura is definitely not the only one who may be attacked again if she stays here. I'm not threatening you, but on the contrary, I can't say that it's impossible for you, who's her blood relative, to not be targeted as well. For the time being, Sakura is being considered dead. I think it's safe but...」(Touya)

I believed the people of this mansion were allies, but I didn't know where from an information leak would come from. Well, even if word went out, it wouldn't likely be so easy for those people who want to harm Sakura and her mother to put their hands on those two in Brunhild. The name of our country was considerably famous too because of activities, not limited to Fraze and Dragon extermination.

Fiana-san asked Sakura with an expression that seemed uneasy.

「Is that what you want to do?」(Fiana)

「Yes. Brunhild is a magnificent country. Everyone gets along with each other and lives peacefully regardless of race. I am sure mother will like it too. I'm sure of it」(Sakura)

「Is that so 」(Fiana)

Fiana-san smiled at her daughter who had clearly declared that. She then turned to me and started talking.

「Is there anything I may be able to help with in that country?」(Fiana)

「Are you good at something?」(Touya)

「Let me see... I'm a bit good with sewing and embroidery. Also, I was teaching children back when I was in Ferzen a long time ago...」(Fiana)

Hee, so Fiana-san was from Ferzen, huh? If she had taught lessons to students, she might just be the right person.

「As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of making a teaching facility for the sake of the children in our country. You will really help me if you can work there. If that's okay with you」(Touya)

「I think it will be all right unless it's a specialized education...」(Fiana)

「Well, I'm thinking of subjects like reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and morality. The set-up will be like that, I suppose? Of course, I intend to increase the number of teaching staff as well」(Touya)

「I think I'll somehow manage if that's the case」(Fiana)

A school was necessary after all. I was grateful if Fiana-san would become a teacher over there.

「However, your majesty. Up until now, both I and my daughter have been relying on his majesty the demon king who's the father of this girl. If we plan to part away from his patronage, I think we need to properly explain that we want to leave this country.」(Fiana)

「Ah~... that's right. As I've feared...」(Touya)

「Besides, that person will surely be happy too if he knows that Farne is alive. It looked like he had wanted to go wild when he heard that she has died」(Fiana)

Fummm. Was he really that worried about his daughter in the end? If it was me, I would've attacked Yuuron though.

「Is it possible to meet his majesty the demon king?」(Touya)

I tried asking Swella-san who's sitting next to Spica-san.

「I can ask my husband when he comes back, but I believe it's probably all right though」(Swella)

The one Swella-san called a husband, Spica-san's father, seemed to be the guard of his majesty the demon king. Apparently, they'd been together since childhood and they had a friendly relationship, so he would probably allow us to meet.

Well, I am more or less a king of a country even if it's small, so I don't think I will be turned away at the door.

「Hmm then, what should I do? I will return once to Brunhild...」(Touya)

The moment I started talking, a massive sound echoed across, greatly shaking the ground. It sounded like an impact of something big falling down since the glasses in the room trembled while cracking.

「What's that?! An earthquake?!」

While we analyzed the situation at that time of the sudden occurrence, the door forcefully opened a maid of the Frenel house rushed inside.

「M-madam! T-the castle... Pandemonium!!」

I, having dashed to the garden, rised with [Fly]. Under the cloudy sky, I saw the royal castle of the Demon Kingdom of Zenoasu, Pandemonium, towering over its surroundings while drawing a mysterious curve. A fire was rising over it.

The right tower is collapsing. What in the world is going on!?

『Kohaku, protect everyone. I will go to the castle and look at the circumstances』

『By your will. Please be careful』

I sent a message to Kohaku by telepathy and flew toward the castle without stopping.

I looked at the castle from the sky. Smoke was rising up from everywhere, and corpses were rolling all over the place. Apparently, all of them were Zenoasu knights or palace guards.

I got off to the ground and tried searching for people who were still breathing, but not a single person was alive. Is this what they call ’’heaps of corpses’’?

Inside Pandemonium, I kept running in the direction where the corpses of the demonkins were lying down.This was a one-sided massacre. Every and each one had their hearts pierced.


A startled scream. I run to the place where I heard it from. In an area that opened up like a courtyard, there was a person surrounded by many demonkin knights.

Its body was being covered with sharp angle crystals with the exception of part from the forehead to the navel, it's a [Human Type].

It had red eyes and crystallized hair that's standing up.

「A ruler-class...!!」

This timing at this location, are you kidding me......?

Unlike the ruler-class I saw before, its chest wasn't inflated. Its body somehow felt muscular. Is that a male ruler-class?

Why in such place...! The perception board... Ah, I see, there is no guild in Zenoasu....!

I looked from the front and could see that guy laughing. He, facing the knights in front of him while still laughing, unleashed his sharp right arm which had expanded like a sharp spear. It's moving to kill the guards. I must stop it ...!


A shocking sound reverberated as an invisible shield stopped the crystal spear. The smile on his face vanished as he looked at me.

「#im*@[email protected][email protected][email protected]?」 (TL: Was this one right now yours (imanohaohmaieka?)?)

「...I don't understand what you are saying. Speak using the language of this world」(Touya)

The male ruler-class kicked the earth and approached me in an instant. He's fast! However...


I turned around the ruler-class with an instant movement spell which I'd memorized.

「Then afterward... [Power Rise]!!」(Touya)

I increased my power as I kicked his back. The ruler-class had been blown off like a bullet and he crashed into a wall in the courtyard as the wall rattled and collapsed.

The debris had immediately been scattered, and the ruler-class, who became dirty with soil, stood up. It didn't work, I guess.

「*[email protected]€un#@、o×[email protected]〒e」 (TL: you're fun, Omae)

「As I've said, I don't understand what you are saying」(Touya)

The ruler-class suddenly stabbed the head of a dead body that was close to him with its right arm spear. After that, he immediately pulled its hand back. Then, something budded from the head of the corpse. It grew up in no time, blooming into a beautiful crystal flower. However, that flower immediately crumbled as well, and an almond-shaped object hung from the center of that flower. Is that... a seed... a fruit?

The ruler-class picked that off and threw into his mouth, chewing it with crunching sounds and swallowing down.

「+no#dom¥o÷tu々ku=rik%@ene△eto€ik〆en*[email protected]

He then crushed a place around his throat with his left hand. What is he doing?

「#t€o、@、@......Ah~, this one? 」

「You spoke...」(Touya)

「Oh, did it connect? Can you understand the words of this great me?」(Ruler-class)

The ruler-class turned his red eyes toward me while grinning and smiling.

「You, you are not bad. A guy who is worthy of killing. Fascinating」(Ruler-class)

「You're... a ruler-class. How did you come here?」(Touya)

「Ah? Ain't it always done by wrenching open the seam in the barrier? However, I plan on killing all of those guys here before the [Backlash] happens. Well, I ain't really minding it since it has gotten real interesting」(Ruler-Class)

What's this [Backlash] he's talking about? As if ignoring my questions, the male ruler-class transformEd his spear-shaped right arm into a thinly-shaped sword. I, having seen that, pulled Brynhildr from my waist as well and switched it to blade mode.

「Are you also looking for the [King] core?」(Touya)

「O ~yo. This great me, Gira, will receive the [King] core after I finish killing all those standing on the way. I ain't allowing anyone to obstruct me. Therefore─────die」(Gira)

I dodged Gira who came jumping with the sword by a paper-thin gap. Moroha-nee-san is faster. I made a half-turn in my spot and slashed at him, but he managed to catch the blade with his left hand. A blade that could easily cut the scales of a dragon could not cut through a crystal blade.

「Gun mode!」(Touya)

As I quickly transformed the sword and escaped from his restraint, I aimed at Gira's chest, shooting all six bullets made from crystal material from point-blank range. I [Reloaded] immediately, and fired all bullets towards the head this time.

Gira, who was blown off and made to do a somersault, smiled while falling.

「Hahahaha! That's great, really great! It has been a long time since I got fired up! I'll return this gift of yours, so receive it!」(Gira)

He, having said so, pointed his left-hand fingers toward me, and five bullet-like objects were shot out, flying towards me. I was able to dodge up four of them, but I missed dodging the last one. It deeply pierced my left shoulder.

Damn it! I probably should've avoided them with [Teleport].

Gira immediately regenerated his left-hand fingers and came slashing.


I evaded him with instant movement and moved to the top of the castle roof. I then recovered my shoulder wound with recovery magic in the gap while he's searching around the vicinity due to him having lost sight of me.

At the same time when that guy found me, I took a huge hammer made of crystal material out from my [Storage].

I raised it overhead and leaped up from the roof.


I, having increased the weight of the hammer, flung a single blow with tremendous weight against Gira.



Gira crossed both his hands to guard against my attack, and the hammer got pushed to the side. An impact to the extent of making the ground cave-in landed on the surface, whirling up earth and sand into the sky. What a guy.

I released [Gravity] in the hammer and jumped to the side. Both of Gira's arms cracked and were in a condition that looked like they're going to snap at any moment, but they managed to regenerate in an instant. Damn it, this fellow is also a Fraze.

「You bastard. You really did it now, did you? To think the hands of this great me would break. It seems it won't go well if I ain't becoming serious」(Gira)

Along with the cracking sound of glass shattering, the space to the left and right of Gira broke, and cricket-type lower-classes appeared. Is this guy capable of calling other Frazes!?

He caught those two cricket-types with both his hands and started taking them in with crushing sounds. Was it okay to even call it fusion? Both of Gira's arms had become like a locust-type alien that came out in a particular live-action program. Of course, his arms were bigger than that in the program and their appearance didn't become similar to a pair of scissors.

The light started gathering inside the two cores of the lower-classes that now existed inside a huge almond-shaped thing. Don't tell me, this is...!



I immediately deployed a big reflection barrier in front of me in a 45-degree angle.

Without pausing, a torrent of light emitted by both Gira's arms cane flying towards me, but it hit the barrier and changed direction, flying into the sky.


I strengthened the barrier with magic power so that it wouldn't break. The duration of that attack didn't even last ten seconds, but it felt absurdly long.

「You bastard...Who are you?」(Gira)

「Mochizuki Touya. I am the enemy of you Frazes. Better remember that」(Touya)

Both lower-classes rattled and broke, falling from both Gira's hands. The laughter he had on his face until a while ago disappeared.

Suddenly, his figure shook a little.

「Damn! Is the [Backlash] happening already? It was exciting, but I guess this is it. Touya, was it? I'll surely kill you the next time I see you」(Gira)

I didn't know why, but he's probably being made to return outside the barrier. Like broken TV image, Gira's figure became a blur.

Damn it! If he escapes like that, it would look like he's one step ahead of me which is unpleasant.



He then fell down with quite a lot of force. Kukukuk, you idiot. As long as you're walking on the ground, even you bastard can't go against slip!


I laughed through my nose and looked down at the falling Gira with all my strength as if I was making fun of him.

「Y-you bastard!!」(Gira)

He, who threw himself towards me, vanished like a smoke, leaving behind nothing but the broken lower-classes.


I took a deep breath. I am ti-i-red.... This may be the first time that I've consumed that much magic power. He was a terrifying guy. It might have been dangerous if I didn't have [Teleport].

I, having looked around, caught the sight of the knights who were seeking an explanation whether I was a suspicious person.

「Ah~... I'm Sovereign King of Brunhild, Mochizuki Touya. May I have an audience with his majesty, the demon king of Zenoasu?」(Touya)

It wouldn't be a problem even if it's impossible. Somehow, I was tired in a lot of different ways, so I didn't mind even if he sent a word tomorrow...... I would much rather want to fall down somewhere now.


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