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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 227


Chapter 227

Arc 24: The King is Busy in Many Ways

Chapter 227: Memories, and a Reunion with Mother

I am being chased. A man wearing a mask and black clothes (or maybe it's a woman, I am not sure) brandishes the curved sword from his waist and cuts my back with a single stroke.

I've fallen because of the shock to my back, but even so, my right leg is mowed down horizontally as I'm about to try and stand up to continue escape. The cut from the knee downwards makes me fall down. I put up my right arm trying to defend against the blade that he swings down again and my arm is cut from my wrist up and falls down. Fresh bright red blood splashes in the back alley, dyeing my field of vision.

I'll die. I'll be killed. I don't want to. I don't want to die. I need to escape away to a place where these guys can't follow me. I must escape from here. If I don't want to die, I must escape.

The moment she thinks of that, Sakura instantly mutters the words that pop into her head.

(ED: This is a flashback of Sakura's memories due to [Recall]. Touya is experiencing Sakura's memories, and the pronoun ’’I’’ is referring to Sakura up until before this point. At this point of the flashback, Touya is now referring to Sakura in a third person view. Think of it like a flashback in some anime. In the first part, Touya is ’’inside’’ Sakura while she's having those experience. In this part, Touya is no longer ’’inside’’ Sakura, but he's now looking at Sakura from the sidelines, having a body of his own as he is watching. This whole flashback is somewhere along those lines.)


At the next moment, Sakura falls down into the water. She struggles with her limbs without understanding what has happened, but she can't do anything. Her body cannot oppose the current. Her breath is breaking up, and so, Sakura's consciousness fades away due to the pain and those injuries.


I, who is holding both of Sakura's hands and who has invoked [Recall] after touching foreheads, experience her memories and open my eyes afterward.

「I see. So was it like that?」(Touya)

「...I remember. I am...Farnese...Farnese Forneus.... That day, I was attacked along with Spica-san. Then I...」(Sakura)

Sakura spins her words as if she's confirming her own memories.

I have a rough idea why Sakura was in Ishen. Probably, she has unconsciously awaked her no-attribute magic from the fear of being attacked. The word [Teleport] is probably a way to transfer the same way as its name implies. By using that magic, she has transferred to Ishen and has fallen into a river. Have her horns disappeared for some time due to her exhausting her magic power?

「Your memories... have they returned?」(Spica)

Spica-san timidly calls out to Sakura.

「It's still vague but...I know. About Spica, and my mother. I've remembered. Various things」(Touya)


Spica-san sheds tears like a waterfall. Sakura, who saw that, make a tiny smile, but I, who's holding her hands, have understood that she's shivering slightly.

「Sakura... Is it possible that you are scared?」(Touya)

「Hm...A little... Because I didn't want to remember that I was about to be killed」(Sakura)

She stiffly smiles with a slightly pale face. It's understandable. I've ended up making her clearly recall her memories of when she was about to be killed. She doesn't have amnesia, but those are memories she would've wanted to forget.

「It's alright. I'll strike down every single one of those guys who will try to hurt Sakura. You don't need to be afraid anymore」(Touya)

I gently pat Sakura's head like that and tell her to be at peace. It may not be a trauma that can be easily wiped off, but I want to somehow do something about it.

「Hmm... If it's King-sama, I feel safe...」(Sakura)

Sakura faintly smiles and comes clinging tightly to me.

U-umm, Sakura-san? If you do something like that, you see, Spica-san, who's sitting in front of us, will show me a face that I can't describe in any way, so I would like it if you could possibly restrain yourself, but...

Haa! I can feel gazes on me!

I look at the door of the room after hearing a sound of it opening, and I can see the faces of eight girls lined up vertically from the little open gap. Hiiii! What kind of totem pole is that!?

『The ninth one, right...?』

The ones whose voices have muttered uniformly are my fiancees. Wait, stop that. Don't turn your faces as if you're shocked, saying [Aaaah......] or something!


「[Teleport] is a magic which is hard to handle even among transfer magic. Frankly speaking, I think the ease of use of [Gate] is better」(Rin)

Rin explains while drinking tea,

「How exactly is it difficult to handle?」(Touya)

「First of all, you move to a [Location] you recall in your mind with [Gate], but to move with [Teleport], you must know the parameters of its [Direction] and [Distance], you see. You can't transfer to a location if it has another object on it, and only the practitioner can become the target of this magic to begin with. Though it's possible to transfer together if you hold hands, but doesn't it mean that only two additional people can move at most?」(Rin)

「Then, when Sakura transferred to Ishen...」(Touya)

「I suppose that the [Direction] was random, and she jumped as far as her magic power allowed her to, exhausting itself completely. It's just a good thing that the place she had jumped to wasn't above the sea」(Rin)

I see. That could've happened too. There are a lot of dangerous places like the sea, the crater of a volcano, or a bottomless swamp. I guess it's possible to transfer to those kinds of places without grasping the exact distance and direction.

「Speaking in reverse, [Teleport] may be more convenient if the target is within view. You can move instantly since it's not necessary to pass through something like a [Gate]. Isn't it possible to use it as a way to do surprise attack?」(Rin)

I see. It will be an [Instant movement]. Or rather, it might be the way on how it was supposed to be used.

Shall I try it for a bit?


I transfer from the chair to the corner of the room. Oh, the uncomfortable feeling due to the sudden change in a field of view is horrible. It seems it will be difficult to use this spell for battles if I don't get used to it. There is no particular burden on the body. I guess continuous use is also possible.

「...our husband is as absurd as ever. I'm already used to it though」(Rin)

Rin, who saw me easily trying to do an instantaneous movement, sighs. Oh well, I've also gotten accustomed to such reaction.

「Can Sakura-sa... Farne-san use [Teleport]?」(Linzie)

「’’Sakura’’ is fine. I probably can't right now since I don't understand how to use magic power」(Sakura)

Sakura answer Linzie's question. I see, Sakura doesn't understand how to use the magic itself. It looks she was able to use it because she lost herself when she was attacked. As a result of the unexpected invocation, her life has been saved. I think she'll be able to use it in no time if she practices a little though.

「If she has merely awakened no-attribute magic, it means she can't grasp its sensation skillfully. It'll be a failure even if you put your fighting spirit into it during the invocation, and it'll be a success after you invoke it in a certain way. Sooner or later, you'll be able to create your own secret method on how to activate it though」(Elzie)

Elzie interrupts while picking cookies. Apparently, she has also struggled a lot until she has learned how to use [Boost].

「Then, what are you going to do? Will Sakura-san return to Zenoasu?」(Luu)

Luu gets to the heart of the matter. I guess that's right. It's up to what Sakura feels after all. At any rate, she's the princess of Zenoasu even if she's an illegitimate child. Furthermore, there's also the case of her being the successor to the throne, isn't it? I have a feeling it won't be exposed if we keep silent about it and if she remains here.

She probably would like to see her mother despite whatever choice she makes.

「...I want to live in this country more than to remain in Zenoasu. If it's possible, I want to live here together with my mother and Spica」(Sakura)

「I-I also feel the same as Farne-sama. I want to work as a knight in this country as I've been doing till now. In any case, older brother will succeed my parent's house, so there are no problems at all!」(Spica)

Spica-san stands up due to what Sakura has said, and declares her intention.

However, we should proceed in a logical manner. At the very least, I suppose we have to give explanations to the parents of Spica-san's house. His Majesty the demon king... how about him? If he and Sakura's mother are not particularly married, do I not need his permission to take her with us?

After that... the thing about the assassins from Yuuron is still stuck in my mind.

It's only a hypothesis though, but I'm thinking if someone didn't make a deal with Yuuron. The subject of that deal is Sakura's assassination. Instead, shouldn't have something been passed to Yuuron? I don't know whether it was money or information though. If it's neither of those, I don't understand the meaning of the involvement of Yuuron. Still, Zenoasu supposedly doesn't do transactions with foreign countries. It's supposed to be in a state of national seclusion.

Considering all of this concludes that the party, who has tried to kill Sakura, is most likely from Zenoasu. Furthermore, it has to be someone with a considerable position too.

The most suspicious ones are the those who don't want Sakura to be recognized as the princess of Zenoasu and distance her from the position of the demon king, the first and the second princes but...

「Sakura doesn't want to succeed the title of the demon king, right?」(Touya)

「I have no intention to. I don't want it even if heaven and earth topple over」(Sakura)

If she insists that strongly, I wonder if she won't be targeted anymore. No. On the contrary, isn't it more dangerous? It may be safer if she continues pretending to be dead than to show herself. There's a possibility that the princes' aids will be moving even without their explicit permission or them knowing about it.

「Either way, it is necessary to go to Zenoasu at least once... or rather, to Sakura's mother. In other words, to Spica-san's family house. The Frenel house」(Touya)

「That's right. I think it's better to consult with Fiana-sama first on what to do from now on」(Spica)

Spica-san says that as well. Shall we go and meet Sakura's mother at once?

The members are me, Sakura along with Spica-san, and Kohaku which we've taken for communication.

I receive the memory for the location of the house of Spica-san's parents in the royal capital of Zenoasu from her and open [Gate].

Spica-san passes through the [Gate] first. We, consisting of Sakura, Kohaku and I, transfer at the same time after her.

We appear at the entrance hall of the mansion after passing through [Gate]. This place is the house of Spica-san's parents, the Frenel house. It may be bad if Sakura is seen outside, so we have transferred directly inside the mansion.

A large painting decorates the front stairs where a red carpet extends to. In between a man and a woman are three young boys standing, and one young girl sitting down on a chair. Is that a family portrait? In that case, is that girl Spica-san? Her face certainly looks similar.

「How nostalgic.... I remember it. I've lived here」(Sakura)

Sakura mutters in a small voice. That's natural. Her memories have returned back to her. It also seems that they are getting clearer than before.

Suddenly, Sakura, who was looking around, began running with all her might to the right corridor.

「Aaa, Farne-samaaa?」(Spica)

Spica-san follows her in panic. Kohaku and I didn't really get it as well, but we've started running nonetheless.

A young maid with a washing basket, having seen us running through the corridor and passing by, was standing still with rounded eyes.

「F-Farne-samaaaa!? And, young ladyyy!? Eh!? Eeeeeh!?」

Sakura ignores the surprised maid, stops in front of a certain room and vigorously opens its door.We, having caught up with Sakura, peek inside the room from over her shoulders. What we see is a big bed placed in front of a white curtain, where light is gently shining, with a woman raising her upper body from it and looking towards here. Is she about 30 years old? Her pure white hair and pale face give that fleeting impression. This person most likely is...


「Moth-er... Mother!」(Sakura)

Sakura runs straight to her mother and jumps into her chest. She then hugs her mother while sobbing exhaustedly.

「No way... Are you really Farne? You are alive... Are you really alive...!」(Fiana)


「Fiana-sama. This person is really Farne-sama. She has survived. She has been saved by the Sovereign King of Brunhild standing here」(Spica)

Hearing Spica-san's voice, the mother hugged her daughter while shedding tears too. Was she convinced her daughter had truly come back?

The daughter, whom she had thought was dead, came back. Her joy is probably immeasurable. It will probably be bad to disturb them.

We've decided to watch over the two for a while.

「And, who are you?」

I've ended up being carefully watched by the maid as a suspicious person though. Well, of course I would be.


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