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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 225


Chapter 225

Arc 24: The King is Busy in Many Ways

Chapter 225: Spring, Earth, Wind and Fire

It's Spring.

The countries having four seasons and those that don't are dotted throughout this world chaotically, so they don't really enjoy the change of season that much.

Conversely speaking though, it means that there are people who enjoy it. Those from Ishen are the most extreme. Around 70% of the citizens of Brunhild came from Ishen so it's natural for them to have that disposition strongly ingrained in them. I'm also being especially grateful for Brunhild having four seasons.

And then, along the road leading to the castle town from the castle is the avenue of sakura trees transplanted from Ishen as an experiment. The time they bloom in all their splendor will leave only one thing to do. That's to have a feast.

By nature, adventurers love festivals. As such, drinking and singing groups have come under the Sakura trees in a blink of an eye. Well, they aren't causing any problems in particular, so I've decided to overlook the amount of uproar this time. It seems that the townspeople are also being drawn to the cherry blossom festival (Hanami) and are enjoying it. Of course, I'll have those who go too far in fooling around or running amok reflect inside the pig cell for a day.

Then, any place where people gather will naturally cause food stands to appear. One could say that Brunhild is at the height of the cherry blossom festival.

Of course, there's no way we also won't join on that festival. The young sakura trees which Julio-san has been growing in the courtyard and the ones which I've also transplanted from Ishen are in full bloom as well. Sakura petals are rapidly fluttering into the castle canals, making the view impossible to describe.

I've then prepared a speech just right after the east-west alliance meeting was over.

It would have been fine if I could've invited the Kings of Ferzen and Lail as well even though they aren't our allies, but as expected, it would likely be impossible today or from henceforth. Therefore, I didn't invite them.

Nevertheless, the lineup for a banquet or something of sorts is already way too magnificent with the representative from the nine countries of Brunhild, Belfast, Regulus, Reefrees, Rynie, Misumido, Ramisshu, Restia and Rodomea present.

The dining table set in the courtyard has the masterpieces achieved by the kitchen troops led by Clair-san cramped up.

As a delegate, I hold a cup and take the lead.

「Then, I pray for everyone further development and greater happiness... Kanpai!」(Touya)


The sake in the hands of everyone is refreshments I received before from Ieyasu-san in Ishen. Mine is just juice though. Well, that's because I'm still a minor.

The people from the knight order of our household are also participating in the banquet in turns. Their seats have been separated from the rulers though. Of course, I forbid the people who will be on duty after their turn to drink alcohol.

Several knights from each country, with the exception of those guarding their own rulers, are participating in the banquet too. However, I've had the people drinking liquor remove their weapons. I won't let anything happen in front of my eyes though.

「However, it was hard to believe until a while ago that this sight is possible」(Zephirus)

「You're totally right. Belfast and Regulus knights are drinking together. Misumido beastkins and Ramisshu templars are sharing food from the same plate. Good gracious, way too many intense changes happened since we've met Touya-dono that I've ended up not knowing what should be considered normal」(Trystwin)

The place where the Emperor of Regulus and the King of Belfast are talking is also where their two daughters are sitting next to them.

「This is normal for Touya-san, father. Birthplace, social position, race or country are trivial and nothing for him」(Yumina)

「Touya-sama mediates between everyone, bringing happiness to them. Anyway, that's the reason we're his fiancees!」(Luu)

The two fathers smile wryly to what both Yumina and Luu have said. I've felt embarrassed, so at least keep it only until there, please...

「Touya-dono! Could you take out some frame units here? I want to have a little match against the knight king!」(Jamca)

In response to the request of the Beast King of Misumido, I've installed several frame units and large monitors in the courtyard for the sake of having competitions. All frame units have the same settings, so victory or defeat will purely be decided by their skills. Oh well, it depends on the weapon of choice too.

The tournament among the knights has started in a blink of an eye with each one of them starting to show off their skills. It seems people from other countries have also gotten quite accustomed to piloting. Well, it's only natural after being thrown into those extreme battles against Frazes, I guess.

People asking for a one-on-one spar with Moroha-nee-san, who was drinking at that time, has started to appear. The ones issuing a challenge are the knights from other countries. They want to fight against our strongest swordsman as people who wield swords same as her. Seeing that, our knights smile wryly and send sympathetic looks. Their pillar, which they call their self-confidence, will be broken. Poor guys.

On the other hand, the female knights are being indoctrinated by Karen-neesan for some reason. I dare say it's probably about matters relating to love and nothing else besides that.

They are probably joining on the love consultation, but... Huh? Say, isn't that the Knight Commander of Rodomea, Limitt-san? She has a terrifyingly serious face, and she's eagerly listening to what Karen-nee-san says...There must be a person she likes, most likely.

The statewide governor doesn't drink sake similar to me. Including the Pope of Ramisshu, I wonder if both of them are non-drinkers.

「I desire music when I look at the beautiful flowers. Come to think of it, your Majesty. Is there no orchestra in this country?」(Audrey)

The Statewide Governor of Rodomea asks while looking at the sakura petals falling down in a dance.

「There is no orchestra. Even if there was, I don't think they would have a lot of business, you know? We don't really party that much」(Touya)

In any case, we don't have the concept of nobility or anything similar here. Unlike Belfast or Regulus, there are no people whom I can or be called dukes or counts. I suppose I should think of these titles eventually.

Either way, it's just useless to employ an orchestra... Ah, but isn't it possible if it's music?

I open [Gate] and pull the piano into the courtyard. The statewide governor is surprised at the black object that has suddenly appeared.

「Waah! Are you going to play something for us?!」(Linzie)

「Oh, I love Touya's piano ~ja! What song are you going to play ~ja?」(Suu)

Linzie and Suu rush up to me when I sit down on the piano bench. I then confirm the tune by pressing the keyboard once or twice. From its appearance, the statewide governor seems to also have understood that this is a musical instrument.

Suu sits next to me, quietly looking. That's right... Hmm then, there's one tune that I present to them.

I start to play quietly. Then, everyone's eyes turn toward me when the melody flows as if it's matching the sakura petals

[Greeting of Love]. Composed by the English composer Edward Elgar, it's a piece that was considered to be sent to his fiancee.

His fiancee was 8 years older than him, she had a different religion and social position. They still have gotten married though despite the strong objection from their relatives. It's a tune that has such episode.

It's being said that he was the one who had created the [Pomp and Circumstance March], which can be called the second national anthem of Britain. Speaking for me though, I like the [Greeting of Love] more than that march.

I received applause from the surroundings when the short performance ended. Suu has suddenly jumped to me, but I've managed to somehow catch her. Dangerous. Was she that overcome with emotions?

「This is amazing. The performance was great too, but this musical instrument is wonderful... Touya-sama, what is this?」(Elias)

「It's called a ’’Piano’’. It's a musical instrument that produces different sounds by having its keyboard played」(Touya)

I smile and explain to the Pope of Ramisshu who's looking at the piano. I see. When one speaks of churches, there are hymns or something similar to those, right? I lower Suu to the ground and ask the pope.

「Is there any accompaniment for the church hymns in Ramisshu?」(Touya)

「If it's simple instruments, we have them. They can't make such diverse sounds individually like this one does though」(Elias)

「Then I will present one to you. I think a musician can easily handle the task of playing it」(Touya)

「Is that true?!」(Elias)

Well, I can do it if I apply just a little bit of magic enchanting after duplicating it in [Workshop] after all. Sorry but it's troublesome to go as far as teaching how to play it, so pardon me.


「Ha? What's the matter, Sakura?」(Touya)

Sakura is standing next to the Piano way before I knew she's here. Kohaku is following under her feet.

「I'll also sing. Play [that]」(Sakura)

「Eh? By [That], you mean that one I taught you the other day? However, I don't think it's suitable for this season though because it has the meaning of [September] in it」(Touya)

「It's fine. Play it」(Sakura)

You're quite pushy when it comes to songs! That piece is quite difficult, it is...

By all means, this is where I at least want to add brass instrument or drums, but it can't be helped. After all, it's originally a disco music.

I invoke the no-attribute magic [Speaker]. Two magic formations, a big one and a small one, floating in the air. The small one, which is about 10 centimeter in diameter, stands between Sakura's mouth and the piano.

I, having corrected my posture on the chair, start playing in a higher tempo. The sound of the piano resounds through [Speaker] magic formation, lightly decreasing the quality of the prelude tune. Since it's the tune which you can easily get into, the body will start to move naturally, and you begin to enjoy it. Sakura swings her body from side to side as well.

Sakura faces the small magic formation and starts singing. It's not her usual light voice because it's a voice that looks like it's echoing from her abdomen.

The bodies of everyone who are listening start swinging from side to side as if being pulled by something. They shouldn't have understood the meaning of the lyrics since it's in English, but it seems music has no borders even in another world. That group with a name of [Earth, Wind, and Fire] seems to have come with me to another world.

It has become a hook, and a soulful singing voice that couldn't be imagined from the usual Sakura echoes. Oh my god, I am also getting more and more into it. How fun.

Everybody starts to sing out loud matching Sakura, who's singing the lyrics, even though they don't understand the words. Clapping that matches the song naturally arises too. Everyone in high spirits rides on Sakura's voice. A vortex of wild enthusiasm surrounds everyone similar to a live venue.

Then, applause and cheers greater than before rain down on us when the tune ends. Sakura looks slightly delightful.

「That's a wonderful voice! Who's this person?」(Elias)

「She is our songstress~」(Touya)

When I answer the Pope of Ramisshu, Sakura returns to her usual expressionless face, bows slightly and then instantly hides herself behind my back. She's shy in front of strangers, but I don't understand how she can do something that lets her stand out like that. I can see that she's a little bashful too.

「Y-your majesty!」(Spica)

Hm? Spica-san from our knights runs to our location. She stands out very much due to her being a dark elf. No, it could also be due to her being a beautiful woman.

「What's that matter?」(Touya)

「Thaaat...! Sakura-sama has lost her memory, right?!」(Spica)

「Yeah. Why are you asking?」(Touya)

While staring at Sakura-sama hiding behind me, Spica-san starts to talk.

「Are you Farne-sama...?」(Spica)


Spica-san drops her shoulders having looked at Sakura become speechless. Why?

「Who is this Farne-sama?」(Touya)

「A~ah. I'm sorry. She's the lady whom I've served in the Demon Country Zenoasu. Farnese Forneus-sama. She's a person who likes to sing... Sakura-sama's voice has sounded the same as hers just now. Due to that, unintentionally.... I 'm really sorry. It's impossible .... Farne-sama is no longer in this world... Even though her face, as well as the hair color, are different and yet...」(Spica)

I understand that the woman Farne was a very important person to Spica-san, who's laughing with a lonely vibe, due to what she has said. The death of that person and Spica-san leaving Zenoasu, I wonder, is there any relation here?

「I've remembered Farne-sama while watching this flower that has the same name as Sakura-sama. The hair of that person had such a beautiful pale pink color too」(Spica)

Spica-san's eyes are chasing after sakura petals dancing with the wind, yearning for the person who has left far away.

Is that so? She misunderstood because she had heard a singing voice that sounded similar to Farne's voice in a place like this... hey, Hmmm?

「......Wait a minute. [pale pink]? Did this Farne-sama have a pale pink hair?」(Touya)

「Thats right... Is there something wrong?」(Spica)

「No, but you just said Sakura has a ’’different hair color’’」(Touya)

「Yes. I've somehow mistaken it for Sakura-sama's beautiful black colored hair」(Spica)

What's going on? Does Sakura's hair look black to Spica-san? Pale pink and Sakura color, there's a difference in how you pronounce them, but both of them can be called a pale pink.

Is there some kind power at work here? Is it a magic which warps the recognition of the face, hair color and so on?

However, it doesn't look like Sakura is using magic though....

「What's does that mean...?」(Touya)

「Hey... Is there something...?」(Spica)

Spica dubiously looks at my expressions. I ignore that and call out to Suu who is next to me.

「Suu. Say, what's the color of Sakura's hair like?」(Touya)

「? Isn't it sakura color? She has the same color as this flower. Touya named her because of that, right?」(Suu)

(ED: For those who didn't understand this part, Touya can see Sakura's hair color as pale pink similar to the color of a cherry blossom leaf, but some people, most likely only people from the demon country, can only see Sakura's hair color as black. This led to him speculating that some sort of magic is at work here.)

「?! Ah, p-perhaps...! Your majesty! Didn't Sakura-sama have a medal of some sorts?!」(Spica)

Spica-san asks that. Did she remember something due to Suu's answer?

Medal, you say? The one which has been stuck to Sakura when I saved her, that silver.......

「...This one?」(Sakura)

Sakura takes out a silver medal measuring approximately 10 centimeters in diameter hanging on a string from her chest.

「...That, c...can you... remove it... please?...」(Spica)

Spica-san calls out to Sakura in a longing voice. Although she bends her head to one side and not understand the purpose, Sakura obediently takes off the medal from her neck after my encouragement.


Large drops of tears start flowing from Spica-san's eyes endlessly. Kneeling before Sakura and reaching to her hand like it's important to her, she pressed it against her forehead.

Large teardrops start flowing from Spica-san's eyes endlessly. She, having kneeled before Sakura and reached to Sakura's hand as if that's important to her, pressed the medal against her forehead.

「Farne-sama.... There's no mistake... This person is Farnese Forneus-sama. Alive... You are alive...」(Spica)


Spica-san continues to shed tears in front of Sakura who's looking puzzled as usual.


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